A Slice Of Pie

Does anyone need a reason to enjoy a slice of Pie? Of course not! Now go have a picspam lollapalooza of Chun Jung Myung. I have loved him in everything he has done (not the drama or movie, but him, just him). His face may look boyish, but hidden in those depths is a real soulful man.

Thoughtful Pie

Sitting Pie

Manly Pie

Rustic Pie

Moody Pie

Broody Pie

Sporty Pie

Buff Pie


A Slice Of Pie — 14 Comments

  1. OMG. I’ll take a slice of everything please but extra slices of thoughtful pie, broody pie and buff pie. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. Squeeee!!

  2. Omo!! It’s (your) PIE!!!!! *squeels n promptly faints in excitement at this picspam*

    I was so captivated by him in Cinderella’s Sister that I went to search for What’s Up, Fox to watch. Gosh!!! *red-faced* And now I’ve Goodbye Solo on hold to watch, when I’m in the mood for something sombre n weep-inducing (based on reviews I’ve read so far)…. *dreamy sighs* 😉

    P/S: Btw, I’ve been a lurker on this blog so far (great job ockoala! I enjoyed reading ur posts!!)… but i just HAD to post something when I saw this post! Hurhur. =)

  3. Hi blue_star – thanks for delurking and saying Hi! I’m love to hear more from you in the future. You have good taste in enjoying Pie. 😀

    @ everyone – it’s a free for all, and the Pie slices are unlimited. Each Pie can be savored by multiple people, and second helpings are more than welcome! If there was indeed one slice of Pie per person, I fear there might be bloodshed and a mutiny. Thankfully I inhabit a universe where Pie constantly multiplies and is in ample supply!

  4. that was yummy. thank you, ockoala!
    i fell in love with him after watching his performance in cinderella unni. it wasn’t a good drama, and i didn’t always love his character, but god he is SO cute!!

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