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Preview: C-drama Remake of All About Eve

I have a confession to make: I have never watched the classic K-drama All About Eve. And I don’t intend to anytime soon. I tried once, but the dated look and feel of it really wasn’t my cup of tea. I remain curious about the story, and why Jang Dong Gun is considered a Don Juan of the first order in that drama.

China is doing a remake of All About Eve. Normally this would hardly interest me, trendy modern C-dramas are also not my cup of tea. But for the fact that they cast Jang Hyuk as the leading male. Suddenly my interest is piqued to the umpteenth degree, because I will watch Jang Hyuk squat in a street corner and stare at mosquitoes. Yes, I will watch that man in anything (even if it sucks and I don’t end up finishing it).

The All About Eve C-drama remake has wrapped filming, and is scheduled to air come September (which is also when Jang Hyuk’s upcoming K-drama with Ha Ji Won, Secret Garden, is scheduled to air in Korean, meaning Jang Hyuk will have two dramas airing simultaneously in two countries, a rare feat indeed).

I’ve scrounged up every promotional picture I can find, and hereby present to you Falling in Love with a Female Anchor (the literal translation of the drama title, 愛上女主播, which was also the original Chinese translated title of All About Eve).

No Clue About The Story, So Imma Making This All Up:

(Zhu Dan and Cheryl Yang are competing for the job as the head anchor of the local news station, and Jang Hyuk is a former mob boss who has decided to be a legit citizen, so he bought this news station – how else do you explain that hairdo on Hyukie?)

(Office politics sucks, but its all okay if your boss looks like a broody Yakuza come to life)

(Your boss has a boohoo sob story with a clearly recently deceased first love that strangely looks like Chae Rim, and now he can’t bring himself to love another woman, until he finds himself needing to comfort you after you get into a bitch fight with Cheryl)

(You finally have your first solo broadcast, and you and Cheryl have made a tenuous truce – she can be the resident bitch and terrorize all the other newbies )

(But now you don’t have time for frivolous love affairs, especially with your boss – but how can you resist when this man hugs you like that)

(Jang Hyuk has successfully won his gal and run his news station, all in a day’s work)

Now for some BTS action:

(Apparently the director needs to demonstrate how to be sick and frail, and how to act solicitous and minster to the sickly)

(Whenever I see all the shiny lights and the tens of staff in the background, it totally makes a romantic scene seem so clinical and antiseptic all of a sudden, but eh, more Jang Hyuk, I’d take that any day!)

(Jang Hyuk really does know how to left hug and right embrace (a Chinese saying about man who has a woman on each arm), but I guess he has twice the hair as any normal man, hence he needs twice the ladies to balance it out)


All About Jang Hyuk — 14 Comments

  1. Well.

    That’s almost but not quite Song Il-gook hair he’s sporting there, isn’t it? But. I. Do. Not. Care.

    Sigh…great things DO come in small packages.


  2. I thought he said that he was dying to cut off his Chuno hair? Or was it his wife who was dying to tidy him up. Poor wifey. Are those *side-braids* they’ve done on him? Yikes. Guess the milk-every-last-drop Chinese couldn’t bear to make him part with his Mane of Pathos.

  3. HAHA!! Darn funny captions you’ve made up… i like! *still giggling*

    Aww, i love Cheryl Yang in the t-drama My Queen (hair envy! my hair can NEVER be like that, sighs) but i think i’ll give this c-drama a miss. Not my cup of tea… Jang Hyuk or not! I look forward to Secret Garden though, hehe.

    Ahh, the original All About Eve. It’s one of my favourite early kdramas! =) Back in those days when I dunno about file-sharing, youtube and whatnots, I watched All About Eve on telly when my local broadcaster showed it. Good times! A breath of fresh air away from Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart type of kdramas…

    But alas! The original kdrama is really a product of its time. Watching it now, it does feel dated (so i understand why you can’t finish it). Sigh! *shudders at Jang Dong Gun’s bad hair colour* But if you can get over that, I’m sure you’ll be captivated by the characters. This was THE show whereby I fell in love with Chae Rim (nevermind that Kim So Yeon’s bad girl character was more complex) and Jang Dong Gun.

    Oh the memories!

  4. “ang Hyuk is a former mob boss who has decided to be a legit citizen, so he bought this news station”
    for a second I thought, so they alter the character? 😛

    All about Eve is like first love for me…maybe it’s stupid, and you’d embarrassed to remember it, but you just can’t forget those memories..

    So Cheryl is the antagonist one? I thought she would be the lead ( aka Chae Rim’s character )..

  5. Aw, he looks so smexy even with that horrible hair. Suddenly the Successful Girl orange hair is starting to look better to me…

    Why would he cut his Chuno hair though?! That’s blasphemy!
    I liked his long Chuno locks especially when Dae-gil became angry and more deranged and started wearing it in that bun in the later episodes. Methinks I have strange taste.

  6. I think JH looks great here. He just oozes charisma and intensity. Yes, its a total fug hairdo (what is the over-under on that hair being hard and doesn’t move, or will sway with his body movement?), but I also don’t care. He’s our Dae Gil forever and ever. I agree with Kristal, why cut that hair? I just wish they hadn’t made the ends flip outward in a fey attempt at giving more body.

    • Oh how I miss Dae-gil!!
      Good thing I have my lovely Chuno dvds to keep me company at such times. 🙂

      I’ve never watched a Chinese drama so don’t know if I will be watching (especially since the original is not one of my faves) but the idea of a drama with him AND Ha Ji Won has me salivating a bit. That is just hottness overload!

  7. Thanks for the Jang Hyuk post!

    I’m not big about the AAE remake, but will check it out just for him. Ahhh… my Dae Gil!~~~

  8. Okay, that hair is abomination.

    I thought Jang Donggun was useless in AAE, so I’m more excited with Jang Hyuk’s interpretation of that role. I think he’s gonna be badass.

  9. Good effort Koala!

    ” (Office politics sucks, but its all okay if your boss looks like a broody Yakuza come to life)”

    hahaha, so funny.

    watching JH squat and stare at mosquitoes?? omo, you really nail life in China to a T!!! It is mosquitoes season now and they are having a party all around. hahaha.

    I wonder how many cans of hairspray did JH go thru doing this drama!!

    Do visit the Jang Hyuk thread on Soompi some time to chat!

  10. Hi ditdut and Qwenli

    Hey, I’m excited about this AAE remake. Even if it sucks, at least we know Jang Hyuk will be awesome in it. Already he’s mastered his hairdo and doesn’t allow it to overwhelm him.

    I think he used about 5 cans of hairspray each day, a can every few hours, and more on rainy days. ;-P

    @ Qwenli, I’ll visit Hyukie thread from time to time. You, o-cha, jill4675, samzz, and all the amazing JH-lovers do an amazing job of keeping the thread alive with news about JH (which is hard since he keeps working like a mad man and keeping us all busy with new projects).

    Keep up the good work!

    • ockoala – Thanks for your compliments, sometimes I wonder if anyone reads the thread but then I see lurkers popping up here and there. hahaha.

      Will continue to keep it up!

  11. Hi, all, please vote for Jang Hyuk at the Seoul Drama Awards.

    Voting is till Aug 26, you can vote 3 times a day. Once each time at the korean, japanese and english pages.

    phone number wise, just key 4 digits in the first box and another 4 in the second box. korean page’s additional first box shd contain 3 numbers.

    He probably wont win, but just want his ranking to be higher.


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