Athena (Photo Update II)

As much as I love Jung Woo Sung, I have a niggling sensation that Cha Seung Won might steal the show in Athena. Not that My I Lub You will lose his dashing luster next to the man with the smirky sensuality. More that Cha Seung Won’s villainous character and a sure to be bravura performance may make him more memorable in the end.

And I have absolutely zero problem with that. Just because I love Jung Woo Sung doesn’t mean I want his male co-stars to fail just so they can’t steal his luster. Man has to Bring It if he wants to go mano-a-mano with Cha Seung Won (and even Kim Min Jong). Just saying. Doesn’t hurt that I completely adore Cha Seung Won and Kim Min Jong (ahhhmazing actors, both of them, and sexy in their own way).

Oh, and some Lee Ji Ah pictures got released as well. Have some, and don’t grouse at me for my sentiment that I hope her character gets offed as early as possible. And I’m already bitter that she gets to have Jung Woo Sung’s arms around her shoulder. Grrrrr.


Athena (Photo Update II) — 7 Comments

  1. Pretty much the only reason I so desperately wait for the new releases on Mon/Tues is CSW. He’s the only in my eyes so I rewind his scenes over and over, and I get seriously cranky when he’s not on screen. I’m disliking Lee Jia as well (she’s so sulky and is severely lacking a range of facial expressions)! And well, after I saw those youtube videos of her rubbing herself all over my CSW, I went bats*** crazy! hahahaha~ Off with her head!!!

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