First Athena BTS Footage

Yeah, I know I promised to would take a step back from the Jang Hyuk or Jung Woo Sung posts, but the drama gods do as they will. Behold: the first meaty (6 minutes worth!) behind-the-scenes footage of the Athena shoot in Italy.

I guess I’m kinda off the hook, because Su Ae is given plenty of screen time, and Cha Seung Won pops up a few times. Luckily, I barely glimpsed Lee Ji Ah so the world is still at equilibrium.

Have some pretty shots for the road, from Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won‘s upcoming cell phone campaign.


First Athena BTS Footage — 2 Comments

  1. Some AM musings. I wonder if that moustache & goatee are all his or if he got some help from the prop department. Most korean guys I know have a hard time growing facial hair unless its wispy scraggly kind. Not Poirot impressive but impressive nonetheless if its all his.

  2. @ nycgrl

    I haven’t wondered about the origin of his facial hair (whether its natural or artificial) but you definitely pose a good question. I have a feeling it’s real, but probably takes longer to grow than a non-Asian going for that look. Most Asian guys veer from near-hairless to mild-to-medium amount of body hair, period.

    Sigh, somehow it works on him, whether he intends for it to convey sleazy, skeevy, or creepy. I support you, CSW, and your right to ugly facial hair!

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