Playful Kiss Teaser Video

The teaser video is out for Playful Kiss, the upcoming MBC drama manga adaptation. Plus I found two additional individual posters for the drama. All I can say is: my expectations are on a see-saw of emotion. One minute it’s excited elation, the next is dejected distaste.

Right now, it’s feeling pretty low, solely because as much as I find Kim Hyun Joong an Adonis in his face and physique (me likely and me grabby if me sees him), he does not connect with the camera (whether still or moving).

The promotional picture above, he looks morose and dead. In the teaser, he smiles but it looks and connects with me as effete and false. I can’t explain it better than that. But Jung So Min is rising to the occasion. This young starlet has so far only delivered base runs in every single at bat. What do you think?

Playful Kiss Teaser

And for those of you complaining that I am judging Kim Hyun Joong without watching his full performance, you are right. I am stating that I don’t like what little I have seen so far, except he looks fine and dandy in a school uniform, and looks adorable together with Jung So Min.

I’m sorry to say that since It Started With A Kiss is such an iconic TW-drama, the comparisons to Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin will continue unabated unless Playful Kiss can immediately set its own tone and mood so different than ISWAK it’s like two unrelated productions. Joe is one of the better TW-idol actors, and Ariel is one of the best, period. Let’s keep hoping for the best, shall we?


Playful Kiss Teaser Video — 2 Comments

  1. Well at least they aren’t wearing the brown uniforms in the MV. 😎 And they are both very pretty. 😎 Although, I’m thinking – Jung So Min, first flirty like a maniac with KNG now the lead in Playful Kiss (lordy, almost wrote fish there…talk about a freudian typo!) with KHJ. Now, either the girl is going to need a bodyguard in Seoul for the next couple of years, or she’s going to be the next biggest star.

  2. No, you’re right. Sigh. If this snippet is anything to go by, he either hasn’t gone for those acting crash courses, or they just haven’t worked for him. If only there were a screen presence injection he could take. Poor cutie baby.

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