Athena OST Full Length MV

The full-length MV for Park Hyo Shin’s I Love You just dropped, containing mondo scenes from Athena . It’s official – I am head over heels for this OTP. Yes, I have watched this MV as many times as humanly possible in the last thirty minutes, taking time out only to post this for everyone else to enjoy. A big big thanks to ripgal for alerting me to this release. And I love the song as well, it’s much lovelier than I expected.

Full MV for I Love You


Athena OST Full Length MV — 2 Comments

  1. LOVING IT already!!!

    The OTP which definitely works, and JWS!!! *melts*
    THANKS ockoala and ripgal.

    (JWS and JH … they could almost be brothers. now that’s a thought = double whammy, in any drama. my loyalties will be so divided :P).

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