Joe Cheng’s Latest Drama Project

Welcome LoveJoe Cheng’s latest project is an online C-drama. What is Joe Cheng doing with his career? I’m asking this question not in snark, but in genuine puzzlement. (I have the same questions to ask of Hyun Bin, too, but that’s another post).

After Joe did his last drama, the stale Love and Bread, he released a ridiculous solo album (Joe, you are not cut out to be a singer, trust me on this one), and now he’s starring in a C-drama financed and broadcast solely online at Tudou.

Below are stills of the production, which looks alright, but I know looks can be deceiving. Plus, Joe has a horrific hairstyle, it’s fried, kinda orange, and highly unattractive. And Joe looks tired is all I can say, he does not look happy making this drama.

Below I’ve embedded the teaser for Welcome Love. It looks nice, but therein lies the problem with most C-dramas. They all look nice enough when you see judiciously spliced snippets. But when you actually sit down to watch the entire drama, it’s mind-bogglingly dreadful. I tried watching Come With The Sunshine, the C-drama starring Ming Dao and Chen Qiao-En (two top TW-idols with sizzling chemistry), and it was a major dud.

English-subbed Teaser for Welcome Love

Joe – a word of advice – pick a challenging new project and run with it. Look at Ethan Ruan! He’s nowhere near as good of an actor as you, and he followed up his breakthrough drama with an interesting and challenging drama (My Queen with Cheryl Yang), and then a blockbuster movie (Monga with Mark Chou).

You are selling your talents down the river, and that makes me sad. Especially when I watch cannot-emote-for-his-life Kim Hyun Joong play your part in the K-drama remake of It Started With A Kiss.


Joe Cheng’s Latest Drama Project — 19 Comments

  1. I think he still rocks that orangey fried noodle hair, not his best look of coz. His model self is bleeding out, he’s one of those who can rock every do and make it work for him. Have you seen him in that TW sitcom An Shi Ai Mei Hui? that one solidify him in my keeper pile. I can still watch this C online drama just to gaze at him walking. I <3 his catwalk.

    He did a play during Love or Bread for a year w/ Sylvia Chang, my friend saw it and she liked the play + his performance….but that must hurt his pocket book (therefore we have Love or Bread… and this) He's had enough of the TWidol drama and he wanna branch out to the C market. He has to pick better projects for sure.

    I'll take it as a solid proof him and Ariel are very good friends. She's having a similar few years in career trajectory and it's not like I'm not worried for them BOTH. Really they should both keep acting only in good stuff because they are that precious.

    Ethan has the advantage of blending in like a regular joe pedestrian and that works for Monga. Joe Cheng still looks like a model in whatever role he's in, good that he can act and not a WuZun but that is a double edged sword. My Queen is nth special in my bk other than Cheryl. Ethan did nth to hone his acting there at all. Thinking of it, I've seen Ethan in many things, FYLL, Kenting, My Queen, Monga… he's decent but nth is pushing me over to adoration.

  2. @ Ockoala, I’m in full agreement with you.

    He looks sunburnt. His hair, not a good idea, Joe should have said something about it.

    I don’t know but I’m thinking there’s a market for online dramas, seeing how a lot of people watch dramas online nowadays. I’d say Welcome Love is one of the pioneers.

    I think the play was a good idea but there’s the problem, it took up too much time. Singing, also not a good career move. I would love for him to do a film but I don’t think he could jump into films as Taiwanese actors and actresses usually make the crossover at the peak of their drama careers. Then again, Joe has said that he doesn’t really care about being compared to others.

    Gosh, I miss his acting.

  3. Uhm I think Joe looks damn good with any hairstyle…he’s too freaking attractive. And i dunno why Love or Bread wasn’t popular, cuz I ABSOLUTELY loved it !!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS THOUGH! I’m watching it as soon as I get a light day of homework XD

      • i just watched the 1st episodes. so even though everyone else pales in comparison to joe acting-wise…i mean obviously, every one else has only been in 1 or 2, and joe….well, he has experience. but it’s really cute, and JOE LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD!

  4. Everything about joe cheng is really cool……!!!!!
    i really idolize him as a good actor with or without his loveteam(arjoe)…
    hope someday he will visit Philippines… cause there are many of us here idolize him…
    can’t wait to see it on Philippine
    love you joseph cheng…

    • ur right almira.. i agree with u.. and i do hope too that he would visit phil coz he has a lot of fans here.. i love u joe cheng or should i say michael jiang.. i do like ur acting its very light but still can capture the viewers emotions(convincing) where is ariel lin anyways.. keep it up dude. i like the way u dress urelf… the hair …

  5. I think the hairstyle is not as bad as the eyebrows!!!! Talked about bad makeup artists! His eyebrows look way too thick, black and straightly drawn like some evil cartoon character!!! Yucks!

  6. It’s kinda sad that Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin haven’t paired again since ISWAK and TKA. After several Tdramas they did with other partners nothing compares to the reviews from that two previews dramas. They should opt to do another one for the delight of their fans.

  7. I read it somewhere that there is actually an ISWAK 3 but since Ariel Lin’s health is in bad condition the production cancelled it..

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