Extended Preview For Playful Kiss Episode 3

MBC has released yet another extended preview for an upcoming episode of Playful Kiss – an 8 minute trailer for episode 3.┬áSome folks have groused that all the extended trailers released prior to the premiere made folks disinclined to tune in since thye probably felt like they’ve seen it all before. Er, I have to disagree. For folks who wanted to watch PK, the extended trailer was a nice treat and whetted our appetites. I think the low rating was a combination of a boring episode 1 and the drama genre itself not being terribly popular at this very moment. Tastes change, and we’re now in the era of makjang Bakers.

Extended preview for episode 3:


I love how the Korean version is taking liberties with the story and tweaking little here and there, but staying true to the adorable playfulness of the source material. And Kim Hyun Joong is now 2-2 in piggybacking his leading lady, and this time I didn’t want to gag, I wanted to be Oh Ha Ni. Squee.


Extended Preview For Playful Kiss Episode 3 — 2 Comments

  1. oh lord i just noticed (cuz i haven’t watched an actual episode of Itakiss yet) but the dad is the same dad as in Goong! I’m so BEHIND!

    but i’m now so anxious to read recaps for the third ep, cuz then I’ll know WHY hani suddenly decided to ..attach SeungJo from behind.

    plus i do sooooo hope that they do take liberties with the story, because much as I love Itakiss, it IS the third time I’m watching the live-action (fourth if you count the Taiwanese sequel as the third).

  2. sigh….I’m definitely in love with playfull kiss..thanks for posting the long previews!!! I so hope that the ratings get higher!!! I so wanted to be Oh Ha Ni in the piggybacking scene!! So cute…

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