Extended Preview For Playful Kiss Episode 4

Okay, MBC is clearly going to keep on spoiling their own drama. It’s fine by me, so I present to you an extended preview for Playful Kiss episode 4!¬†Yup, the extended previews are dropping likes flies in a Southern Summer. And I am personlly loving it, because PK is my current crack drama. Watch at your own election, don’t get mad if you get spoiled.

Extended preview for episode 4:

In the earlier preview for episode 3, I stated that Kim Hyun Joong is 2-2 in piggybacking his leading lady, referring of course to Ji Hoo piggybacking Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers when they were in Macau. Now in episode 4, Kim Hyun Joong is now 2-2 in saving his leading lady from drowning as well. I don’t know if the PK writer is purposely dropping in scenes reminiscent of BOF, but I don’t find it annoying and rather meta-cute. Of course, it’s because I really like Kim Hyun Joong in PK (more and more with the more I see of him), and if I loved Jung So Min‘s Oh Ha Ni anymore I’d be tempted to make off with her.

And if the last scene of this preview didn’t have you squeeing like a 10 year old girl meets Justin Bieber, then PK is probably not your cup of tea, and you should find your enjoyment elsewhere. Because I squealed loud and long, and then sighed and reminisced about my first crush in life.

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