Joe Cheng Returns to TW Dramas

Joe Cheng is coming back to the small screen! [Excuse me for a minute while I fangirl how handsome he looks in that above picture]. Word has just leaked that he signed on with SETTV (leaving his long-time network GTV – as the rumors of Ariel Lin also looking to do) to do their new drama X Channel. The theme is network broadcasting, not sci-fi aliens.

His co-star is Amber Kuo, who I really really really don’t much like, after watching her in Woody Sambo with Nicholas Teo (who is love, by the way). Amber reminds me of a scrawny Eugene, who overacts. I dunno, maybe she’s improved in the intervening years. Alas, the dearth of talented TW-actresses is a burden the male leads must bear.

Count me curious, and I will continue to follow this development as it unfolds. Apparently, SETTV tried to have their stable leading men of either Show Luo or Mike He take this project first, but it somehow fell into Joe’s lap. I smell behind-the-scenes power play.


Joe Cheng Returns to TW Dramas — 5 Comments

  1. @ ockoala, so he’s done with that Internet drama already?

    That’s fast.

    Network broadcasting? Are they on TV in the drama?

    I mean.. okay. I’m muddled up. Anyway, good to have him back! It’s been a long time. =)

  2. Kyaaaah!! I love Joe Cheng!!! So glad he’s back to acting because I thought he gave it up for singing….which he isn’t that great at, actually…
    But he’s an awesome actor, so I’m super excited!!!

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