Moon Geun Young + Jang Geun Seok = OTP Acting Power

And…..we have history yet to be made again. Child-acting prodigy turned legit heavy-weight adult actress Moon Geun Young has decided to do her first rom-com K-drama – Mary Stayed Out All Night. Cue me squeeing with delight and hopping up and down over here.

Seriously folks, don’t be debbie downers on the genre or how sweet light romantic comedies bring smiles to people’s faces regardless of their depth or breadth. Moon Geun Young continues to broaden her acting portfolio, challenging herself even on comparatively light fare. It’s too bad Cinderella Unni turned out to be a kinda a mess script-wise.

What makes this news utterly so squee-worthy is because her co-star would be yet another teen actor prodigy as well – Jang Geun Seok. Oh vey, these two giving acting a good name (well, Moon more than Jang, who can be spotty at times, but always very memorable, even if for the wrong reasons). There is not much information out there at this time, except the script will be penned by the same writer who did Goong and Love and Marriage, both of which I enjoyed but didn’t lovelovelove.

I’m just hoping the source material doesn’t drive me bonkers. My own personal idiosyncracies made me HATE Full House, both the drama and the manhwa. The same manhwa writer penned Mary Stayed Out All Night, so I hope this manhwa is low on the histrionics, the ridiculous plot-contrivances, and the painful OTP chemistry.


Moon Geun Young + Jang Geun Seok = OTP Acting Power — 6 Comments

  1. I kind of love this pairing too, and I read that the second male lead may be Eric!! Yikes…second male lead syndrome already and it’s not even confirmed yet. Woooo! Count me in.

  2. I’ll probably watch this for the cast but writer for Goong? not sure I can take that especially after what I put up with in Cinderella Unni. I watched Goong with a lot of fast forwarding and I still wanted to rip all my hair out. Seriously didn’t get the Goong love but at least we’ll get much better acting.

  3. @ endodo4ever – don’t know who the PD is but the writer is the same person who did Goong and Love and Marriage.

    @ unni and momosan

    Eric as teh secondo lead desu? o_O I cannot fathom that. Are you sure it’s not the other singer-turned-actor-with-one-English-name Alex? Cuz Eric is too big a star to do second lead nowadays, IMO. But if he is….JGS better be read for his smirk and smolder to get stolen, or at least partially hijacked.

    @ nycgrl

    Goong and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the surreal feeling of the beginning, the high school v. palace dichotemy. But other than Chae Kyung I didn’t like any of the other lead characters, not to mention the acting was across-the-board mediocre to godawful (in this respect, PK is winning by a huge margin in goodness). And as the drama progressed I, too, not only wanted to pull my hair out, I think I actually did!

    Suffice to say, I’m kinda rubbernecking on this one – curious and intrigued to see what the drama will turn out to be like.

  4. if Eric’s going to be second male lead I’m gonna faint and be doomed to that syndrome like you too….ooh Jang Geun Seok and Eric in one drama + Moon Geun Young!!!! OMG!!! I kinda hope that Eric will not be in this, I don’t want him to be second lead…is he already out of the army???

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