Sean Richards in Athena: Goddess of War

We’ve got the first still of yet another Team Athena Member – this time its fellow agent Sean Richards. Does he look familiar? He had a pretty big role in Jejoonwon earlier this year as a Western doctor in Joseon.

Unlike fellow half-Korean/half-pretty White boy Daniel Henney, Sean Richards actually CAN act. Not the best, not by a long shot, but he emotes rather naturally and looks pretty to boot as well.

Sometimes I wonder if I can survive watching Athena. The amount of beautiful people in there might cause a blood vessel in my brain to pop. If that is the case, please say a lovely eulogy for me – here lies the koala, who perished in the appreciation of beauty on celluloid.


Sean Richards in Athena: Goddess of War — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my, it’s Dr. Allen!
    He does looks totally different without the red hair and beard! I wasn’t going to watch Athena but now, it’s piqued my interest. Thanks for the post, ockoala!

    p.s. love the new layout!

  2. He’s so purty!

    Athena is shaping up to be so full of eye candy that I am worried too about having an aneurysm while watching. But, at least the last image you would have burned on your brain would be gorgeous. What a way to go.

  3. LOL! He was decent in JJW…and he did improve as the series went on.

    I know I’ll be watching Athena, but I’m a little wary. After Road No. 1….I’ve decided to exercise major caution.

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