There Is Only One Lee Jun Ki….

And It’s Not Yoon Si Yoon

What are the odds the same thing keeps happening to you? And when the same thing keeps happening over and over again, I take it as a sign from above reminding me to do something.

I keep getting the Lee Jun Ki rotating banner over at Dramabeans. You know, the drop-dead gorgeous one with Jun Ki bathed in a black and white mist and the slogan You Did It To Yourself. Yeah, that one made my jaw drop the first time I saw it. Then I proceeded to get that banner 1 out of 2 times I refreshed at DB.

It just reminds me how much I miss Jun Ki. Oh, I rarely gush about this paragon of pretty boy perfection, but he’s got a permanent residence in my heart after I watched him in Time Between Dog and Wolf, still my fave Jun Ki drama evar! He just started his army service, so there is a looooong ways to go before he gets discharged and returns to my embrace.

So in honor of my getting Jun Ki as my DB banner so frequently, it’s time for a Jun Ki picspam post! Woo hoo, this makes me happy, just looking at his glorious visage. And don’t get me wrong, I love Jun Ki not because he’s so pretty (I actually disliked him when I first saw him in My Girl), I love Jun Ki because he’s a go-for-broke type of actor. Completely fearless, even if he falls flat on his face.

Too bad Hero was such a ratings flop. I liked Hero, but didn’t love it. The writing was competent, but I never fell in love with the story. Overall, it was not a bad drama, and had its poignant moments. Some Hero pics for your pleasure.

What really chaps my hide lately is how often Yoon Si Yoon, currently the lead in ratings juggernaut Baker King, Kim Tak Gu, gets compared to Jun Ki v.2 or Jun Ki’s younger brother, or some shit like that. Okay, Yoon Si Yoon’s pretty boy features somewhat resembles Jun Ki, yes I get that.

But he’s got no a weak chin and minimal onscreen charisma, not to mention very rough acting skills. My unni dubbed him the “chinless wonder” and I am compelled to agree based on the few eps of Baker King I watched. Seriously, just look below, compare one to the other. Yeah, there ain’t no comparison (at this time).

So if I hear another Yoon Si Yoon is the next Lee Jun Ki comment, imma going to throw some chairs. At this time, No, just….no. There is only one Jun Ki, and it’s either the real deal or don’t even bother. How can Jun Ki be both sexy, and pretty, and manly, and hurty, all in one expression? Swoonz.


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  1. Loved Dog/Wolf (though what was with the horror that was Iljimae?) and adore Junki but LOL about poor YSY. I don’t think he’s as good an actor as LJK, not even close, but he is close to a newbie and I think he’s doing a decent job. I am enjoying him a lot on Baker King, though the looks award on that show goes to the resident bad guy Ma Jun. Mmmmm, shower me with your evil evil ways of baking, Ma Jun!

    But I am afraid I will have to fight you on the resemblance – YSY does freakishly look like LJK at certain angles. When I first saw him, I went “does LJK have a younger brother?” at the screen.

    • Hey Ms. Mousie! What’cha doing at Ma Playground? And disagreeing with me. *Minions, off with her head!*

      Hee, kidding!!! I totally agree that YSY looks a lot like Jun Ki, you’d have to be blind NOT to see the facial resemblance. What I can’t get behind is the murmurings that he’s the next Jun Ki in terms of charisma, acting-chops, the whole nine-yards. From what I saw in BK, he’s got a LONG ways to go.

      If folks spoke of him as doing a great newbie job, I’ll give him that. But the next Jun Ki? Eh, not when I still have a finger left and can type the letters N and O.

      As for that Ma Jun – he looks like Kang Dong Won’s little brother, and doesn’t do anything for me, but has killer cheekbones for sure!

      And yes, Iljmae is indeed one of the biggest stinking piles of sageuk crap ever on screen. Everyone involved needs to feel shame. It’s so bad, I want 20 hrs of my life back.

      • Iljmae is bad ?! I understood correctly?..
        Very strange because in Russia & Ukraine fans are so love this drama as well as Wolf & Dog. Iljmae is lovely, interesting story with jokes & tears.
        I dumbfounded of your opinion O_o…
        So is it

      • the one work where was Junki-sii & I can`t see normally is Hero…
        I can not tell what is wrong with that story, but the only person who are saving situation somehow is Junki and a couple of the actors.

  2. YSY looks similar to LJK, but not as perfect as LJK. You could tell easily that YSY had a nose job, so if he hadn’t done it, he wouldn’t look like LJK much. Another thing that bothers about YSY is that he tries too much to be like LJK and it’s so unfit, unnatural, and weird. He should be just himself and find his own charm rather than copying and faking. LJK is very unique in acting, charming, smart, and sensible. All of these characteristics makes LJK so irristible and why he should be on top. It’s just too bad that Korea has to enforce the involuntary military service which is so harsh sometimes. It’s the old generation’s fault that they didn’t fix the problem in their generation and pass the burden to their children’s generation. I wonder who will be strong and bold enough to solve the biggest problem (separtion between N and S) so that there will be no more involuntary and almost slavary type of military service. It’s just too bad…

  3. YAY, Someone that shares the same opinion with me!!
    I love Si Yoon and Jun Ki … but there will only ever be one JK..
    And SY is an awesome rookie, but JK is AMAZING 😀

    I really enjoyed watching Hero!

  4. Yeah, the fisrt time I saw Lee Jun Ki was on My Girl. In the first moment I thought “Ew, how can she kiss someone who looks so feminime?” By the time he was
    running to the getaway car I was transfixed. He is the only reason I watched Iljimae…And I just bought Time Between Dog and Wolf. The picture quality of it online is terrible and I NEED to see his beautiful face clearly!

  5. I don’t see Yoon Si Yoon looks similar to Lee Joongi or Lee Joongi looks similar to Yoon Si Yoon!!! x_X
    both r handsome and diff!! but Joongi is better in looking and acting sure 😛

    This fan-article was fun to read, u have scene of humor! xD

  6. I think you’re being harsh. Everything you described about Jun Ki, I would say about Si Yoon. It’s a matter of opinion. And what do you mean, “No onscreen charisma”?? He is AMAZING in King of Baking, he’s one of the reasons the show was so good for me, along with millions of other fans! So please be a little bit more polite! Just because he is being compared to your precious Jun Ki, doesn’t mean you should hate.

    PS: Yoon Si Yoon is much more handsome anyway. ;P

  7. People are always comparing someone to someone else…..heck even I get compared to a stylist down my street that looks like me, but I don’t have her talent….haha. No matter who looks like who, we are all unique in our own talents and personalities and we should be appreciated for our own individuality….sometimes it’s a compliment to be compared to someone and sometimes it’s not. Let’s all be kind to one another no matter what and enjoy our differences of opinion. I personally LOVE Lee Jun Ki and have watched him in everything he’s done…..but I also enjoy watching Yoon Si Yoon as the new member on 1N2D. :)))))

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