BFFs Jin And YamaPi Are Back On

The earth has just been returned to its axis, and continues to spin again. Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa were spotted out together over the weekend at, where else, some Roppongi night club. What was even more noteworthy was that they were wearing the exact SAME black male yutaka-like top.

(Jin is the guy in the middle in the first photo, Pi is standing next to Jin’s clearly inebriated brother in the second photo)

The best way to counter rumors of a break up is always to be seen publicly and in full embrace. For Jin and Pi, this is as close as they can get without igniting slashy fanfiction overdrive. They wore identical couple oufits! Ahhhh, too cute. Jin+Pi 4ever seems to be back on. Keep waiting for your turn, Kame, whether it’s with Pi or Jin.

I kid I kid, I doubt Jin and Pi even had a falling out, likely that was all nonsense, and maybe at most they yelled at each other and threw a few plates and then hugged for a long time afterwards.


BFFs Jin And YamaPi Are Back On — 1 Comment

  1. LOL! They really are puuurtty (if only their acting rivaled their looks)…though even if Kame is the better actor of the three…I’ll always have a soft spot for Jin b/c of Anego…which I liked compared to Kame’s obligatory older woman drama (Sapuri) or Yamapi’s (Sore wa…)

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