New Longer Trailer for Athena

Normally I hate to post stuff that isn’t top-notch, as high quality as possible for your enjoyment. But sometimes something comes along that simply needs to be shared. Much as I have many dramas I am enjoying right now, chiefly Giant and Playful Kiss, it’s all sorta filler material in my wait for Athena: Goddess of War (and Secret Garden).

Dangermousie posted a longer trailer for Athena, which appears to be shot by a fan camera during a public airing of the trailer, likely at a media event or some such. The quality is actually not bad – it’s not jumpy, jittery, and low on ambient noise. It’s double the length of the first teaser trailer, and includes some boink boink action between Lee Ji Ah and Cha Seung Won (I totally didn’t expect that, since I saw an earlier still of Jung Woo Sung with his arms around Lee Ji Ah).

Long trailer for Athena:

If Athena doesn’t make me its slave, then I clearly have no appreciation for popcorn entertainment. And me loves some great crunchy, salty, and savory popcorn. Bring on the side of Coke, guys! I’m not expecting Masterpiece Theatre or even 24-esque production values. Just give me the K-drama angst and them some series eye-candy and I am completely satisfied with the end product.


New Longer Trailer for Athena — 2 Comments

  1. hmmm… i get the Athena love, cause I’m not big into action-y KDrama stuff (I didn’t even watch Chuno, acclaimed as it was, nor Iris) but I’m impatiently awaiting Athena. It’s mostly caused by the cast and a little bit by the trailers.

    But Secret Garden? ……. I’m not getting any good vibes from this drama despite the big name actors. So what vibes are you getting from this?

    That said, Jung Woo Sung is literally EDIBLE in the abovementioned trailer! I was watching Shanghai Grand the other day and he suddenly appeared. Boy did he look young! And man.. did he age well!

  2. @ Carol

    My rabid want for Secret Garden started when it was initally Jang Hyuk + Ha Ji Won, and Yoon Sang Hyun (all actors I adore), plus a script by Kim Eun Sook (who wrote likely my favorite K-drama ever City Hall), and the fantasy rom-com theme.

    Then JH dropped out but was replaced by Hyun Bin, who is yet another of my fave actors. So I continue to fervently await this drama, which can either be fantastic, or ridiculous. Either way, it’s sure to be not boring.

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