Flames of Desire Teaser Trailer Released

MBC’s upcoming mega-weekend drama Flames of Desire (aka Flames of Ambition fka A Woman Only Loves Once) just released its teaser trailer. To be honest, just by looking at the teaser poster above, my eyes were like this the entire time O_O.

On the surface this may look like your standard K-drama weekend family saga, but all signs point to something epic brewing under the surface. It’s penned by one of the legendary writers the K-drama oeuvre, Jung Ha Yeon, and the leads are across the board exemplary actors. Not a weak link in the bunch.

I have no idea what the story is about, but people appear to scream a bit, look very distressed and intrigued, and oh my lord Yoo Seung Ho is gonna get married to Seo Woo, which means there is gonna be a wedding night, which means there is……okay, totally lost my train of thought. Maybe forever.

Flames of Desire Trailer:


In case you are all wondering, the answer is yes, I am planning to watch this baby. It’ll probably take a handful of episodes before I can get a good sense of whether I’ll follow it until the end. But I’ll share some preliminary impressions when I get around to it.

Edit: This isn’t the first time there is such a noona-dongsaeng gap in casting choice. In 2006’s Hwangjini, a 27 year old Ha Ji Won acted against then 19 year old Jang Geun Seok as her love interest in a sageuk. They did in fact have a kiss scene, and a whopping 8 year age difference. In Flames of Desire, in real life Seo Woo is 25 and Yoo Seung Ho is 17, again making it an 8 year  real life age difference.

At least no one is trying to sell a cock-and-bull story that they are the same age in the drama or some such. Yoo Seung Ho’s character is supposed to be 21 years old, and Seoo Woo’s character 25 years old. So she is playing older than him in the drama, just not by as much as in real life.


Flames of Desire Teaser Trailer Released — 5 Comments

  1. I severely doubt there will be a wedding night or even a kissing scene with them because he’s underage even if playing older (and to me he looks 12 so I am all for lack of making out).

    I am definitely checking this out – I love dysfunctional families – even if the gimmicky casting of YSH gives me huge pause.

    • I heard rumors that they get married bc she gets pregnant….which means the wedding night came early! AHHHH, still cannot compute.

      You know, Kim Soo Hyun, who is 22-23, still plays teenagers (case in point, teenage version of Seung Mo in Giant), and YSH is 5 years younger and he’s playing an adult.

      I concede YSH is a child acting talent/prodigy, but c’mon, wait 2 more years, please.

  2. Yeah, as much as I love Yoo Seung Ho, I don’t know how well he’s gonna portray this role. Not saying that Yoo Seung Hocan’t act like a 21 year old but… I personally think that it’s gonna be a little tough. A 25 year old can portray an 18 year-old because they’ve been through it already so… let’s see how he does. I know he’s aware & kind of stressed out about it; I’m hoping that he’ll just do his best and his display his natural acting prowess. Anyhow, I loooooove Seo Woo’s eyes in the promo pics and her facial expression in the trailer. There’s something very appealing about her. Well, thanks ockoala for the trailer! <3

  3. I’ve always believed that a person can be more than the sum of his parts, and YSH is definitely more than his age belies. That said, his face is still exactly the same as his 5 year old face – too cute for words. He just doesn’t look physically 21… and we may deny it all we want, but physical compatibility is a BIG part of casting. Try as we might, our imagination is never gonna stretch enough for us to cast… say Choi Soo Jong as Baek Seung Jo (yeah, you know what I’m watching..). right?

    I have the funniest feeling I might eat those words someday.

    ps. does anyone want Yoo Ah In to be cast in YSH’s role as much as I do? YSH and YAI would make 2 different characters. I can see YAI playing a rebellious teen who got a young actress pregnant, whilst YSH seems more likely to be entrapped by the said young actress. (sorry for subscribing to stereotypes). But after Seo Woo’s turn in Housemaid, I think I’d like to see these 2 almost predatory youngsters (YAI and SW) duke it out in a battle of CHARISMA! Plus, I’d like YAI to be given a lead role.. soooooon!

    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You talked my mind. Now I am in the YAI mood. He is stealing the show in SKKS with SJK. SW- loved her in Tamna the island and Crush and Blush- has a raw talent and she has her style plus she has some curves even though she is petite- tired of skinny korean actresses. I pray to have YAI-Mr lips- and SW in a project together.
      I love Yoo Seung Ho as an actor. He is very professional. I watched the teaser and through what I saw he and SW have chemistry they both look good and I can see why he was casted- I guess the character is very innocent and nice. Thank god Korean men tend to be tall so the boy is 176 cm- therefore he is taller than most of korean actresses.

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