Yoo Seung Ho in T-ara’s It’s All Lies MV

Since Yoo Seung Ho is one week away from stepping irrevocably into celluloid adulthood (starring in Flames of Desire) even as his real self is squarely a teenager, I thought it ought to be a useful community service to consider whether this born-from-the-womb noona killer can really be considered a viable leading man in a romantic adult sense.


I’ve embedded the MV for girl group T-ara‘s first single It’s All Lies from their debut album in 2009. Yoo Seung Ho stars as a young lothario that effectively romances all 6 T-ara girls, and breaks all their hearts.


The song is wonderfully catchy, the MV quite well-done, choreographed, and staged, and Yoo Seung Ho is wholly convincing as a Romeo cutting a wide swath through the lovely lades of T-ara.


I’m glad that even one year ago, when he was but a wee lad of 16! (omo), he still managed to make my heart quicken despite all knowledge that he was jailbait. All I can say is, I am so glad watching Yoo Seung Ho act is not illegal, otherwise I would really need to consult a lawyer ASAP.

It’s All Lies MV (with English subs):



Yoo Seung Ho in T-ara’s It’s All Lies MV — 3 Comments

  1. I guess I’m lucky that he’s only younger than me by a couple of months 😀 But I just wanted to comment because he was just so attractive in the MV. I haven’t seen it since its release and it brings back some awesome memories~ Also, just wanted to know…do you see the resemblance between Yoo Seung Ho and Soo Ji Sub?

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