My Love: My Black & White

Sometimes you suddenly develop a craving for something, and today I suddenly developed a craving for Pi Zi. Yup, I needed a dose of Vic Zhou in Black & White or else I was going to start convulsing. It happens to all of us, trust me. Which is how I ended up watching some seriously awesome B&W MVs on Youtube.

The C-netizens are beyond wickedly talented when it comes to creating MV content for their fave dramas. I remember lots of my friends loved B&W, and maybe some folks have heard tons of great stuff about it but never enough to check it out.

Well, I pretty much guarantee that if you watch either of these MVs, you’re gonna want to watch B&W. See, it’s not a just cop procedural, it’s not just an epic love story, it’s not just a buddy drama, it’s not just about birth secrets, it’s not just about world-changing conspiracies – it’s about ALL of that, in one drama.

B&W is a drama I love love love to pieces, and I add two additional loves because one of my fave actors simply gave a go-for-broke performance in there. I am not talking about Mark Chao, who ended up winning the Best Actor award for it. I am talking about Vic, who got shafted so big time if an investigation was launched I would support it. But enough grousing from me, let’s watch some MVs, shall we?

MV for Exile Love (the ballad in B&W and one of my fave drama songs, EVER – oh, and Vic totally shoulda won the Best Actor Award just by the scenes in this MV alone):


MV for About Us (And the MV starts with a OMG so good scene btw our OT3):


B&W was the first drama in ages where I simply wanted more of it after it ended. I made my sister buy me the OST and the picture book when she was in Taiwan, and she gamely went to multiple bookstores until she could find it. And my god is it as gorgeous to read as the drama was to watch. If Athena is even half as good as B&W, I shall forever be the drama gods faithful servant.

[Edit: I’ve already bitched enough about the mess that is B&W the movie post Golden Bell-Gate, but if Director Tsai makes Yin Xiong and Chen Lin get together because Pi Zi is NOT in the movie, I am going to personally shred the celluloid. No, just no. Take it outside the story where the drama ended, and just let me pretend that Pi Zi and Chen Lin found their refuge away from all the everything that was dictating their lives. And I’m happy to have Yin Xiong continue his Superman ways and rid Ocean City from crime.]


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    • I simply love this drama, and the relationships in it, none greater than Pi Zi with his Yin Xiong. I smell a re-watch for both of us.

  1. Totally agree with you… Vic Zhou should have won the Best Actor award. They could have given Mark a ‘Best Newcomer Actor’ award instead. And the bromance was better that the girl-boy romance, I agree.
    Pity the original cast won’t be doing the movie. It is not black and white anymore without the original lead actors.

  2. lol… how did we think of the same thing? XD after talking about zaizai in the previous post, i went to rewatch B&W. i’m having a marathan right now. haha. currently up til ep 4.

  3. Chen Lin with Yin Xiong? That would be wrong on so many levels!
    I just love this drama. It’s my favorite TW drama of all time. It’s got one of my favorite back hugs of all time too. On the boardwalk out side the night club. 🙂

    • Omo, that back hug where he grabs her, turns her around and then hugs her tight, and then tells her that she can’t like him, and her starting point is Yin Xiong, and can never be him because they are from two different worlds…..that was the exact second I fell in love with B&W. Until then, I just thought the drama was very good. After that scene, which I watched with my heart in my throat from the sexiness and the intensity and the suddenness of the gesture and the moment, I marathoned B&W until my eyes couldn’t stay open for another minute.

      • I would have loved to have marathoned B&W. I watched as it was airing so I always had to wait a week for more awesome goodness! Some of those weeks were really long! 🙂

  4. Characters in B & W were all very intriguing, especially Pi Zi; however, the supposely-going-to-blow-your-mind-away-shocking plot in the end was not that strong/convicing to me. In fact, I thought it was a let down. I don’t care for the movie if Vic is not in it. He made B & W worth watching for me. I am just going to think that Pi Zi and Chen Lin live happily forever.

  5. Pi Zi!!! Simply Awesome. One of my fave TWDrama of all time. I laughed and cried so much with and for Pi Zi…..I remember coming to work one day and making one of my Chinese speaking friend surf the web (at work) for the OST (I think I freaked her out with my obsession)…..I even ran home from Church one Sunday, just so I can watch that episode with freshly released subs on viikii….

    About the movie – do I even want to think about watching it?!?

    I think I know what I am doing this weekend.. hehe..marathon B&W

      • I need to find someone else to watch with me… hahaha…need to spread the love. Any of you ladies live in Canada? GTA? We could totally throw a B&W party, I will provide the catering….hehe.

  6. See, I’m still iffy about watching Black and White. I’ve heard good things about it but the last time I saw Vic Zhou was in Mars with Barbie Xu. :shudders: I’m assuming he’s improved tremendously since then?

    • Let me put it this way: I hate Barbie, hated Mars, and did not like Vic Zhou in Mars. In fact, I did not like anything Zai Zai did UNTIL Black & White.

      Does that help you decide whether to check it out. B&W is unlike anything Zai Zai has done before and after. I stake my gall bladder that he deserved to win the Best Actor of the year award for this performance in B&W. He was *that* good.

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