Second Trailer for Flames of Desire

Can you feel the heat? Oh, it’s getting hot in here. A second teaser trailer has just been released for the upcoming MBC mega-weekend drama Flames of Desire.

Since this trailer starts off with Yoo Seung Ho, it automatically is my favorite. I’m so shallow like that. A word of caution though – much as I think Seo Woo is an exceptionally emotive actress, she has a very cutesy voice and I worry it’s going to annoy me here (when it worked perfectly when she played the bumbling Beo Jin in Tamra the Island). We’ll just have to wait and see.

Second Trailer for Flames of Desire:

From the picture above, you can see this is definitely a mature sprawling family saga. I hate following weekend dramas, because I like my weekends to be free from obsessing about watching the latest episode of this or that.

I was watching Gloria, and got bored with the meandering story and the stilted acting from Suh Ji Suk and stopped a while back, so I think I can handle following FoD week to week. But when Secret Garden (now confirmed to star the acting loves of my life Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) starts in November, I may have a problem on my hands. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


Second Trailer for Flames of Desire — 2 Comments

  1. Er… Was that really Seo Woo’s voice ?! Sounds like a child’s one °_°
    It didn’t bother me in Cinderella’s Eooni so I cross my finger : maybe having her face with the voice will be tolerable… Maybe… *cough*

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