Reign of Assassins Premiere in Beijing

There has been a trickle of Athena promotional information after the deluge back in August and early September. Other than leading man Cha Seung Won being back in Korea recovering from surgery after illness, co-leading man Jung Woo Sung has been in Beijing this week for Reign of Assassins promotional activities. The movie premiered this week in Beijing, and goes into wide-release throughout China.

Likely after Jung Woo Sung is done with promoting Reign of Assassins, he will dive back into Athena filming, which remains his only project for the remainder of the year. There is a woman hanging all over My I Lub You, which normally makes me all ragey and grrrr. But said lady happens to be Michelle Yeoh, who is exquisite and his co-star, not to mention can kick my ass six-ways to Sunday. For those reasons alone, I give her an exemption to paw at my honey.

Below is the official Chinese poster for Reign of Assassins:

When director John Woo was asked what face he wanted if he could change his face like the leading lady character in the movie does to change her identity, John Woo replied that he wanted Jung Woo Sung’s face. And here is when I started screaming like I was watching a horror movie. My honey’s face belongs to my honey alone. John Woo get your grubby mind away from it!


Reign of Assassins Premiere in Beijing — 7 Comments

  1. OMG… i feel so excited for this… maybe more than i should. i don’t want to get myself too hyped up but i can’t seem to help it. a bit like what i feel for athena (but more for athena actually)

  2. You r too sweet, twinie! even if she’s Holy Mother of babyJesus she cant paw my I lub You and ‘mine!’ him w/ her eyes lusting on him so in every. photo!

    and Mr John Woo, i know u love ur homoerotic bromance more than 10 me’s combined, i dont really need blatantly gushing of lovey doveys, m’kay?

    • I know, I wish I could shoo her away, but alas, promotional sacrifices must me made on my part for his movie to succeed, no? 😀

      Will you smack HJW around in November for pawing at your I Lub You?

      • Y’all can lyao at me, but I will fight the Goddess Ha! Ji! Won! if I see promo off screen pawing!!!!

        I do am a silly yet professional fangirl, I welcome all the sizzling hanky panky onscreen and all the winkwink off ( I was proudly slurping up all Suna Binnie MNIKSS bts and giggling like a tickle-me-elmo moons ago), so when an engaged, and always put tog Michelle Yeoh is going all giggly cougar The Very First Time offscreen on promo rounds, I so will paw and advantage will be on me, I just have more hair for the pulling ajumma makjang style! (and, just think of the scandalous promo for movie/J!W!S!)

        Clearly mookie is a basket case of too much FoD

  3. agree with mookie that it seems like she is “mine!’ him w/ her eyes lusting on him so in every. photo!”

    the holding hands, and the third pic…hmmm.. there maybe something more there ockoala… *runs away and hides* *please don’t shoot me*…

    but have to say Michelle Yeoh can kick ass! One of my fave Bond girls (well, more like SUPER spy/ally/lover) of all time, especially with Brosnan (oh yea!!).

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