Playful Kiss Episode 11 Long Preview

This preview sure made us wait a heck-of-a-long time before it dropped, didn’t it? Rather like Seung Jo making Ha Ni wait forever and a day for him to show any real affection. But it’s coming, folks. So let’s be patient and keep on enjoying the cute in Playful Kiss.

Long Preview for Episode 11:


Preview for Episode 11:



Playful Kiss Episode 11 Long Preview — 22 Comments

  1. Great! I was wondering if they would put out a preview. Glad I checked here. Thanks! (Seriously can not believe I am stalking this drama).

    • And loving the bit in the restaurant in the short preview. The “oh no he didn’t” look on BSJ’s face. I want more of that frustration for him.

  2. yay!!!!!!! finally, i was waiting for this for so long, i even checked this site on monday to see for a long preview.. thanks

  3. Thanks for the post! hehe.. i feel like i shouldn’t hype myself up too much but can’t help it… yawn. i’m going to sleep and wake up early tomorrow! PK, pk, pk, pk, dr champ, skks, pk, pk, pk, pk….

  4. and i’m up again… guess sleeping early doesnt work too well for me… sigh.
    i came back to your blog to read your recaps of pk… i needed that. lol. ive just read a review of pk by kdramaguk where she pointed out all the bad things in it and honestly, i couldnt not agree, although i disagreed… if this makes any sense. so point is, i was a bit down but i’m so glad your blog is here… as a written reminder of why i love this drama to bits. XD

    • I read that one too but remember even in the end she still stated she could not resist PK! All dramas have their good and bad points. Just focus on the positive and not worry at all about the negative. We love it and that’s all that matters.

      • oh… that was her first impression… she just did another one… where she officially gave it up… and but yeah, you’re right… thanks for cheering me up. what made me sad was that she said that PKissers were in the minority… i don’t think so but then again, the ratings are proving me wrong. why is it that i always fall for non-hit dramas… but then again, one of the reason i’m so into them is because they are non-hit.. i’m a sucker of underdogs.

      • Oh I didn’t read her second one because her first critique didn’t interest me at all. We are not in the minority! Playful Kiss is the #1 watched drama on and what is even more impressive is that it is already the #2 all time viewed drama on and it is only on episode 10! Which means out of every single video ever viewed on it is #2 most viewed. BOF is #1. It is also #1 on mysoju. The low ratings are only because the Korean audience is not watching but it seems just about everyone else is! Also I am not even too sure how accurate those ratings are with the way the ratings system is set up. But if they are accurate it is too bad that the Koreans don’t know what a cute little drama they are missing. I am glad I’m not missing out!

      • glad to hear that…. what i hope is for the pk cast/crew to hear about it as well…
        yeah.. the ratings in korea does not matter to me except for the fact that it means much to the actors/and crew… sigh. and it also means no season 2. at least we get the youtube thing.

    • yeshhhh , it’s coming and eun jo will see that , soo cute .
      in the short preview , BSJ found the chocolate box and was smiling when he was reading the note left by OHN , also he accepted to wear the shirt chosen by OHN , this guy is in love and dummy OHN can’t notice that , but it’s sooooo cute 😀

  5. hello

    actually have been lurking and staslking your blog for the longest tie, but it is only now that i finally get to comment. was so busy with family probs..
    anyway.. like you i also keep waiting for preview..
    and so looking forward for you recaps…

    LOVE all your recaps..
    and for that thank you so much..

  6. OMG. just saw ep 11… this is in NO WAY (and without an ounce of irony) a comment to pressure you… just saying how much i’m looking forward to your recap.. XD
    grinning like a fool

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