Playful Kiss Doppelgängers

Folks have been talking about so and so in Playful Kiss resembling someone else. While Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong are unique and I adore them as they are, it’s still fun to play around with doppelganger theories. I contend that college-era Ha Ni and Seung Jo are so similar to Naoki and Riko in Buzzer Beat it’s insane.

Who knew two dramas would decide to perm and color their leading man’s hair the same way. Plus, it’s widely-accepted that Kim Hyun Joong is a face-twin for YamaPi (Yamashita Tomohisa). I am, however, quite surprised at how much Jung So Min looks like Kitagawa Keiko from certain angles. Everyone knows that Jung So Min resembles Yoon Eun Hye, so the Keiko resemblance totally caught me off guard.

Ha Ni and Riko:

Seung Jo and Naoki:

As for our newest PK cutie, Kim Ki Tae, the actor looks like Chinese movie star Chen Kun’s younger brother. Not identical, but definitely got the same crazy sexy cheekbones.

In conclusion, the final kiss in the rain in PK better be as steamy as the kiss in BB, or else I’m gonna be sorely disappointed.


Playful Kiss Doppelgängers — 20 Comments

  1. don’t have much hope concerning the kiss , becoz it’s a korean drama where kisses arn’t that way hotty 😛
    that chinese star is a cutypie

    • oh… have you seen the kisses in goong? prince shin was all over yoon eun hye. or the one in PT with lee minho. i’m still all bothered thinking about them.

      • “game over”

        I died at that kiss. “Ohhh, he *does* know how to kiss.” It was just the idiot directors on BOF.

      • oh… where’s my head.. coffee prince. duh. that was a total make-out session. i don’t know what i was thinking when i forgot that kiss. and there’s other dramas as well.

        @Lulybunny haha… game over was epic… i didnt love PT but even i have to admit, that kiss was something. BOF pd was probably too conservative.. like the kiss khj had with chae young… it was a FRENCH kiss and pd nim managed to make it come out as total lame-kiss.

      • sorry… last comment about this, i promise. really. it’s just i just saw an article of lee junki in the army and that reminded me of his kisses in Time of wolf and dog. couldn’t resist adding it. XD

      • Thanks. Some of my favorite dramas just so happen to not be what is considered the best dramas but I watch dramas for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it’s for the actors, sometimes the story, sometimes the direction and visuals, and sometimes just because it makes me feel good and enjoy it for absolutely no particular reason at all. I will have to check out those you have listed because I do think we have similar tastes in dramas.

  2. yeah, although, i still think he looks like BYJ more, KHJ definitely looks like Pi with his perm… it’s uncanny. i remember the first time i saw permed KHJ, my immediate thought was Pi??? pi left me such an (not good) deep impression when i first saw his perm that i don’t think ill ever forget that feeling…. haha. i love pi more (read being more obsessed with) than khj but i have to say, khj rocks the perm better.
    as for jung so min, i still don’t see the similarity, albeit, just slightly… maybe because keita=woman to me, while hani=cute girl.
    anyways, i want the PK kiss to be like the one in Pride…. if it’s like that, i can die happy.

      • lol… a girl can dream can’t she? i swear, if PK does a kiss like that, i might literally die from over hyperventilation.
        kimutaku+kisses=magic formula…
        i think i can count the pride kiss as my all time fav… if i was told i only have one kiss to watch, i would choose haru+aki kiss anytime…

    • oh forgot to add… yep, i definitely agree with chen kun.. he’s like a mixture of chen kun + kim joon put together… can’t count how many times i’ve seen comments insisting that the “new hot guy” was in BOF… i’ve given up trying to set people straight…

      • well i’m insisting its the guy from Goong……. or at least it looks a LOT like him. I meant to go dig it up to have a look, but I got home late and absolutely bushed, so…….it is, anyways, it is!! but chen kun looks like his cooler older brother, fer sure!

  3. i also wishing that we can watch a good quality kiss in the rain from PK
    the press in the lips then immediate cut is a big disappointment

    please PD im counting on you

  4. i think they all look nothing alike. it’s just the hairstyling that looks the same and the camera angles. don’t anyone else agree

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