Press Conference for Absolute Darling With Wu Zun & Gu Hye Sun

The rumor has become a fact. Yesterday GTV held a press conference for their upcoming Taiwan idol drama Absolute Darling, a live-action remake of the manga Zettai Kareshi, starring Wu Zun and Gu Hye Sun.

The tag line from the moderator for the press conference is: “With the anticipation for Wu Zun’s naked body to grace the screen, this drama is sure to be a ratings champ.”

Why, Wu Zun, why? We may tease you that you are a robot on screen (we tease because we love!), but you didn’t have to really play a robot. I do like you so very much, your roboty ways are quite charmingly dorky.

And this drama is with Gu Hye Sun no less? I simply have nothing more to say, other than if you thought Gu Hye Sun’s Geun Jandi hairstyle was the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, her new do takes the ugly crown from that Jandi mushroom cut. Am crying over here now.

Press Conference for Absolute Darling (English Subs):



Press Conference for Absolute Darling With Wu Zun & Gu Hye Sun — 15 Comments

  1. Ockoala sama. You are terrible posting this first thing in a morning to distract me from finishing my to-do list.

    It’s that cute boy! 14 blades! I don’t know if he can act or not.He was really pretty to look at. Please keep me posted on this matter. I’d better get going. Thank you.

  2. The love of my life who can’t act at all, but at least he’s handsome, he’s sexy, he’s dorky and robot-like. I love you and I love the robot in the manga, you’ll be a good robot!!! I can’t wait to see you naked in the beginning, I hope this will be like Zettai Kareshi, one half human and the other terminatorlike. ^^
    Gu Hye Sun, what the heck happened to your hair?!?! You’re hairstyle is beyond ugly, I mean it was atrocious already in BOF but now? It’s not even mockworthy like Show Luo mushroom head in hello my sweetheart!!!! I’m hanging my head in sorrow to see you like that. You can be so beautiful why must you uglify yourself like that?

    ockoala thanks so much for this post!!! I’m like a stalker on your site. I love your posts and your style of writing!!!
    Now I really hope that there will be group willing to sub this drama – and not only subs on viikii!!!

  3. Yeah, I read about this yesterday on the news. I really dislike Goo Hye Sun’s hair here but I’m not sure whether or not this is worse than her Jandi hair back in the BOF days. (Dang, has it been a year already?) Do we know whether Goo’s part will be dubbed? I don’t care but I think I will miss her voice if the production chooses to dub it. Hmm…I’m wondering how the chemistry will be on the set too, since they both need translators to talk to one another. It shall be an interesting ride for this one, as well as George Hu and Park Shin Hye!

  4. i still don’t know if i want to watch this drama or not… on one hand, i’m a wu zun completist which mean that it’s almost certain i’ll not skip it… on the other, just thinking about the cringe-worthy moments from his acting, that plus gu hye sun and i might not survive the ride, or rather the torture…
    for my own good, i hope i’m wrong and that they’ll exceed my expectations (not that hard really).
    have you seen gu hye sun’s outfit at the pusan festival? she never fails to amaze me with the outfits she can come up on red carpets… if that’s not a fashion terrorist, i dont know what is…

    • plus… is it strange but i don’t want to see wu zun naked… half naked is fine… (more than that), naked? um, strangely, i’m not appealed.
      sigh… anyways, it’s like he decided to seal his image and the rest of his career as a robot by signing up to this…

  5. I’m still mad at that manga for making me cry. I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL, so I haven’t watched the live action. I liked it in the end, but I can’t even reread it, let alone watch it.

    And not fond of Gu Hye Sun. BOF is actually first K drama I watched. She was definitely annoying. Though the hot nekkid guy might have me watching the first episode for when she takes him outta the box.

  6. Saw the Japanese version before and I did not think it was that good even though the drama did well. I can see Wu zun as the robot; but GHS seems too old for the role.. I get the feeling that she is going to over act again. Don’t like her hair either but better than BOF. No desire to watch this drama…..

  7. LOL, that haircut. Goo Hye Sun is such a pretty girl and I previously thought her an actress with some potential, but she keeps picking horrible projects and otherwise digging herself into holes.

    “With the anticipation for Wu Zun’s naked body to grace the screen, this drama is sure to be a ratings champ.”

    Oh man, that’s one of my pet peeves about Taiwanese dramas. It’s like ever since the success with the ISWAK bed scene and then the Fated to Love You one, every Twdrama producer tries to hype up his new drama with news of so and so hot Taiwanese idol stripping down and either exposing his abs or getting it on with his co-star. Values, people, values! Is your drama so lacking in substance that you now have to rely on selling your male lead’s body and promoting steamy bed scenes to get people to tune in? (Frankly in most cases, it probably IS the only thing of note, but still…)

    • I think the manga source material is so flimsy even the J-dorama sold it solely on Hayami Mokomichi’s insanely fine body. Even that wasn’t enough to induce me, but I’ve seen stills and O.M.G. he’s perfection.

      • oh really? you didn’t like the manga… i actually enjoyed it. that was why i watched zettai no kareshi in the first place. and i liked aibu saki. as for hayami mokomichi, he’s too perfect to appeal to me. a bit like oh ji ho actually.

      • i actually went in zettai kareshi not unlike PK. i gave it a chance of couple eps, watched it intently w/ no expectation + plenty skepticism, n i can safely say it gave the soulless manga (complete hate) a heart. it’s not well acted by many standards(HM’s leading the pack by leagues, SURPRISE!) Hayami Mokomichi’s Nighto moved me more like tinman than his shiny package can evoke, hence though he started off not my thing… I am totally a Nighto and still cringing at the Soushi shipping. sadly, i’m pretty sure my socks r extremely secure w/ WZ

  8. Gu Hye Sun, remake of Absolute boyfriend AND they’re callling it Absolute Darling???!!!…..i’ll pass (i didnt include Wu Chun cus his mancandy maybe this drama’s only saving grace and despite him being wooden he can be adorable)

  9. Uhhh~ don’t want to be mean, but I can buy Wu Zun as the actor here cuz he’s playing a robot…LOL…not much emotions…but Goo Hye Sun, as the girl…not really…I saw the Japanese version and I really don’t think she fits this role cuz all her previous work, she still hasn’t convinced me with her acting yet…I actually rather would like Moon Geun Young to take this role but it’s too late now…

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