Playful Kiss Episode 13 Written Preview

Written Preview for Episode 13

Seung Jo is quite taken aback at the realization that his matchmaking partner is Hye Ra. After some consideration, Seung Jo agrees to Hye Raโ€™s proposition that they date first and see where it leads. Ha Ni is utterly devastated at the realization that Seung Jo may really have to marry the granddaughter of the companyโ€™s financial investor in order to save the company.

Her friends all encourage her to use this opportunity to finally give up on Seung Jo. On the otherhand, Eun Jo is worried about his brotherโ€™s sudden change in circumstances. In addition, Eun Jo is aware of this unique undercurrent of emotion between Seung Jo and Ha Ni.

Ha Ni finally agrees to go on a date with Joon Gu, who has always unconditionally and unwaveringly loved her. On their first date, Ha Ni and Joon Gu coincidentally run into Seung Jo and Hye Ra, who are also out on a date. Ha Ni is flustered and unsure of how to react in this situation, and does not know what Seung Jo is thinkingโ€ฆ..

[Credit: translation from Korean to Chinese done by pengpeng @ Baidu Playful Kiss bar, translation from Chinese to English done by me]


Playful Kiss Episode 13 Written Preview — 42 Comments

  1. Aww… Looks like we’ll be getting the kiss in the rain by episode 14. XD Then we only have 2 more episodes to get a glimpse of their married life. T.T

  2. wow, playful kiss is really closing up. if i was hani, i would probably give up already…anyways, where the hell did the hot sunbae go, hahahahahah

  3. wow… looks like they are moving fast. which i don’t mind as long as it’s smooth and believable.
    ep 13 looks like heartbreak… *goes to prepare tissues*

  4. Well I guess we are about to get the angst. I hope these last episodes are done properly. I want Playful Kiss to end on the highest note possible.

    I finished Buzzer Beat! I loved, loved, loved it! I do believe it is probably one of my all time favorites. I even squealed like a little girl when he dropped that ball and ran to her. I know you’ll know which part I am referring to. Episodes 4 through 8 were my favorites too. It could have ended right there and I would have been just fine. I liked the ending too though. I really just loved it to pieces. Thanks for sending it my way.

    • @CeeCee23: I loved Buzzer beat, Pride, love shuffle and Tatta Hitotsu no Koi . Are there any fluffy J- dramas out there with beautiful endings. I love to watch love stories with happy endings….Can you suggest some

      • I suggest you go to my friend Ender’s Girl’s blog (the little dorama girl). She is a J-dorama treasure trove, and writes like War & Peace level drama reviews compared to my nursery rhymes.

        She’s recommended some great dramas. You can access her blog from my blogroll link on the right.

        Also, Water_OB’s wiki page has some great J-drama recs.

      • hi. I also love J-doramas with happy endings. one of my favs is hana yori dango. kimi wa petto. they are relly great doramas but the one that likes me the most is hana yori dango

    • I re-watched a few eps of BB last night myself, I was missing my Pi and needed a fix. It’s an addiction, I know.

      When it got to the scene, and as she’s like waking up the entire frickin’ neighborhood screaming out her window that she won’t grope him anymore, I was squealing like a stuck pig myself because it was SO GOOD.

      And yes, the entire sequence from when he drops the balls and runs to her apartment and then he…..gah, utterly perfection. Not a single element needs to be changed.

      I’m so happy you liked it. Everyone has different tastes and I hate to recommend a drama someone ends up not liking, I feel like that person wasted their time on it.

      • @CapitalScandalRocks- I believe ockoala would be the one to ask for suggestions about dramas. She sent me to Buzzer Beat and she appreciates Playful Kiss so in my opinion she has excellent taste!

        @ockoala -I can see where it is very easy to get addicted to him. He is really attractive and man he really does remind me of Hyun Joong at times! I am going to have to check out the others you had listed as your guilty pleasures but I must get some sleep first! No way can I pull two all nighters in row. Although I don’t have class tomorrow so….

  5. Thanks Ocoala , tell u the truth I never loved Hae ra and now comes the time to declare it loudly , I hate hae ra . I wish she won’t hurt hani when they meet together brcoz I’m sure jealous BSJ ( he will be jealous when he will see OHN with jeung go ) won’t say anything .
    the end is very near and I’m sad but I’m hopeful for rocking final 4 episodes , PK aja aja fighting ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. yay! i foresee that episode 13 would be heart breaking! i might need to prepare myself for the date encounter scene b’coz a jealous seung jo is usually a rude seung jo, so we might hear a thing or two from him and with that b*tchy hae-ra that is cringe worthy. please PD and writer you have only 4 episodes to go, give us a blast in watching this heartwarming til the end.

    see you in episode 13! why wednesday can come fast enough!

    • You’re right. As much as jealous Seung Jo amuses me, he’ll be so rude and cold and that would hurt Ha Ni. Ep 13 is gonna be a heartbreaker~

  7. Omo they should give us longer preview..written or not. Now I have to wait again!!
    Am so excited although I already know what’s next. Probably because Itazura na Kiss has always been my favorite storyline whether manga, anime, ISWAK & TKA and now PK. It’s a pity they decide to stop at Episode 16. :/

  8. I’m actually devastated that this drama ends in more or less 8 episodes, i dont even know why this got low rating ! Anyway, moving on even though I already know how it’ll end, it still brings me the feeling of heartbreak when i see that Hae-Ra is getting Closer to Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni and him are distancing, i absolutely love them to deatthhh ! it seems like just yesterday i was obsessed with this drama. . . and now its coming to an end.

    • Then all of you should look forward to the 7 episodes for Youtube. So don’t despair, we will see 7 more hours of KHJ(BSJ) and JSM(OHN)! I wonder when they will shoot it and be available, so very terribly anxious about it.

  9. Why does good things have to end? Believe it or not, PK has brought so much good times in the past months! Better yet, it has become an affair–with my laptop every wednesday and thursday!hahahahah! we should clamor for another season from MBC-Korea! But again , the rating is not backing it up either!!
    WHat should we do guys?

  10. I hope HaNi and Seoung Jo gets married. I think Ha Ra is annoying and Joon Gu. Joon gu already knows HaNi like Soeoung Jo but he stills like her he should move on I already know that HaNi and Soeung Jo is going to marry. Joon Gu stop liking HaNi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OMG…i can wait for ep 13…..its so sad that it is going to end…only 4 more episodes to go….why did they cut it down to 16 episodes?

  12. Thanks Ockoala. I think it wouldnt be too difficult to turn PK into a angsty drama Korean viewers would like.

    Fast forward 7 years. Seung Jo is married to HaeRa but they have no children. Both of them are concentrated on their careers- SeungJo in his father’s company and Haera in her grandfather’s. They hardly see each other and but hey they have great career lives . Hani and her father live in their own house and HaNi works as a kindergarten teacher. She helps out in her father’s restaurant where JoonGu is now a chef. JoonGu continues to love HaNi but understands that she is not completely over SeungJo even after 7 years. Every Sunday, the Baeks have dinner at the restaurant and sometimes SeungJo and even HaeRa join them. HaNi and Mama Baek continue to have a good relationship and Mama Baek keeps HaNi’s room ready for her anytime. SeungJo moved in with his wife in an apartel. HaNi sometimes stays at the Baeks house. She gets along well with Eun Jo who is a freshman at Tae San University.

    One Sunday, the Baeks including SeungJo but no HaeRa are having dinner at the Oh restaurant when EunJo says he has something to announce.

    Eun Jo: I received my draft papers on Friday. I have to go into the military soon.
    Mama Baek: …!!!
    Ha Ni: …!!!
    Eun Jo: Before I go, I would like to marry you, Ha Ni. (turning towards her)
    Seung Jo: You can’t! She’s mine. She’ll always be mine.

    • LMAO… pardon my language…
      you totally caught me by surprise with that ending… i was imagining maybe an affair story… what i got was a love triangle with enjo.. mwuahaha.

      • Isn’t that what Korean viewers like? Love triangles in the family a la Lovers in Paris? Ratings will then increase many times over. hehehe

  13. Gosh, its so unpredictable what could happen….. With all the twists and turns I wonder if Seung Jo will really come out and show Ha Ni his true side…..(that is, if there is any at all) Sometimes I really wonder how could his character like her and treat her like that.
    Theres small drops of affection but the rest is dry and cold. I do hope he somehow pulls through for Ha Ni right as she is going to give up. Sooner or later she’ll say enough is enough & I hope it’ll make him crumble to her and admit his feelings for her. Thank you to the AMAZING subbers who have brought us this far into the series. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Seung Jo’s diary entries were clear of how he feels towards Hani, he really likes her but isn’t showing it to Hani.. worst thing is that since hae-ra is the the granddaughter of his company’s financier and he does have a close connection with her (whereby they do share ideas and hang out as relatively close friends), it will make ep 13 more angsty since it makes more logical sense for SJ to ‘sacrifice’ his happiness for the company cos hae-ra is not a stranger unlike the Chris character in the animae and TW version.

    can’t wait for ep 13.. hope they have a long preview really soon or the PK addicts (me included) will go mad refreshing websites looking for updates..

    • so true…. since SJ fall for Hani and started to feel happy when Hani is around, he will have to face a decision that is… to โ€˜sacrificeโ€™ his happiness or stay true to his feeling for Hani…

  15. Yey..kissing in the rain is coming soon..and yeah i totally agree to those people who’s wishing that they have a kissing scene like BB or like Lee min Ho in personal taste…better still the best of them all (kissing scene from K-drama) Goong kissing scene.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ oh wait…lets not forget prosecutor princess…

  16. he ‘ve to confess hera that he loved hani ….financial problems he force himself to marry her, i guess hera will understand …let hera give up!! not hani to give up^^
    let seung jo n hani happz ending^^

  17. I totally agree he is so hot!!! and it sucks that its ending so soon is, it for sure only goning to have 4 episodes left ? or is it possible to make it to 20? this is my 1st time watching a series like this ,and im hooked!!!!

  18. omg!!! wat she gave goon ju a chance?! i mean he is nice n all but i dont like him no offense to those who do… and hye ra’s character is….. real bitchy. ๐Ÿ˜› well i hope ha ni and seung jo end up together!!! fighting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • she is too…like in Boys over flowers…forgot her character name but the character she plays in boys over flowers is a cowy one too!

  19. totally love korean movies…and i’m not korean : )
    fav: boys over flowers: princes first love: full house : )
    now i love playful kiss
    pretty sad that hani and Seung Jung are not going out

  20. I’m half Korean and my grandma watches T.V. only in Korean, because she’s full Korean so she watches a lot of dramas and she told me that they always end up happy…so don’t worry? ๐Ÿ™
    LOL, I rlly hope Ha Ni and Baek Seong Jo end up together.
    I don’t rlly like Hae Ra either, but it is sad that Jung So Min (Han Ni) and Kim Hyun Joong <3 (Baek Seong Jo) aren't going out in real life. I heard that Kim Hyun Joong liked Lee Hyori. I'm like Kim Hyun Joong's stalker ๐Ÿ™‚ I watched Boys Before Flowers and I listen to ss501 ๐Ÿ™‚

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