Lee Jun Ki Posts Pictures in the Military

Lee Jun Ki posted pictures of himself on his twitter account showing him healthy, gorgeous, and appearing to be content while serving his mandatory military service.

While I miss him onscreen so very much, it gladdens me to see him have such a positive attitude about his national service and still look so hot his fatigues might burn off.

I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that currently the two prettiest soldiers in the South Korean Army are Lee Jun Ki and Joo Ji Hoon. Once Kang Dong Won‘s number comes up later this year, the three of them can form a Three Musketeers brigade and conquer the world through their collective cheekbones.


Lee Jun Ki Posts Pictures in the Military — 12 Comments

  1. OH MY! *drools*

    I love Lee Junki and my heart flutters seeing pics of him lately cause I don’t see him much on TV. He still looks cute as ever. Can’t wait to see him out which will still take quite a while. T.T

  2. I miss him too…and it’s interesting that both My Girl leading men are in MS since LDW is doing his MS as well. Would be amusing if they both got together to do a performance for the military. I’ve been thinking of him a lot, especially since Gam Woo-sung has been in the news lately for his new drama, King Geunchogo and that just reminds me LJK at one of his best roles.

  3. haha… i saw an article with those pictures being titled something like “Lee Junki’s army photos look like a photoshoot”
    Not an exaggeration..
    I’m glad we hear news from him from time to time. It makes his absence a bit less heavy.
    As for your three musketeers comment… I totally agree.
    Although I might add… once Kangin loses some weight, he can compete as a pretty soldier as well.

  4. Lee Jun Ki, Joo Ji Hoon and later Kang Dong Won. I agree with you 100%. When time comes, the prettiest soldiers in the South Korean Army, they will be. I just so hope JJH will be able to make a come back later on.

    • I’m worried about that too (JJH’s career)… I hope they’ll give him another chance. He’s a good actor and it’s such a waste if they won’t forgive him for his past actions. :/

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