Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho Enter Flames of Desire

For those of you worried that Flames of Desire would make us sit through interminable older generation insanity before delivering the boom boom pow (aka pouty Seo Woo and her jailbait boytoy Yoo Seung Ho), writer Jung Ha Yeon clearly refuses to withhold the goods.

FoD has powered through the set-up sequence in four episodes (which was O.M.G. intense to the nth degree and I cannot talk about it for fear that I will get nightmares), and the remaining two leads will be entering into the picture in episode 6 to join their parents, played by Shin Eun Kyung and Jo Min Ki. The quartet is complete, let the flames rage unabated!

Apparently in the first meeting between Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho, she accosts him and asks that he shield her and pretend to be her boyfriend in front of a swarm of paparazzi. Hhhmm, not a bad idea. Next time I’ll try that method when I see a hottie walking by me, except I should make sure someone is ready with bail money. 😛

FoD is indeed a twisty, turny, emotional rollercoaster of humanity’s deepest desires. It’s makjang, but its never dumb or pointless. It asks that we contemplate the dark recesses of human nature, and pray for a light in the tunnel. It’s riveting and intense, and a wickedly good ride.


Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho Enter Flames of Desire — 8 Comments

  1. lol… as soon as i saw that on allkpop… i wanted to go here and talk about it but didn’t know where to… until you posted this up! must have read my mind or something.. XD
    yep… my new pickup line “can you be my boyfriend for 10 minutes…. and then marry me and then give me everything i want… XD”
    but yes, flmaes of desire is serious makjang…. but oh so fascinating it grips you until it lets you away with a big headache…

  2. i super agree that fod was the epitome of makjang, or moreso the “makjangest makjang that ever makjang” taken from the mouse itself…hahaha…it was so over the top that my only reaction is to laugh at scenes that don’t even warrant my reaction…i’m so used to these histrionics in my homeland dramas (phil), but fod was taking it to the higher levels…haha na young is really an absurd specimen of humanity (if humanity can even be applied to her) its like she’s a mutation…a genetic error…hahaha…
    i’ve been dying to talk about fod, since no one has even payed attention to this, after watching the four episodes..i have even decided that i should stop watching this for the meantime for the sake of my sanity…but alas, seo woo and jailbait will appear at ep 5 and 6..maybe after ep 6, fod will be put in halt, and might touch this makjang again, if ever 2011 can’t compare to the amazingness that is 2010

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Thank you Ockoala for the news. I am so happy because I grew tired of ajussi and ajummas storyline even though my interest for this show grew by episode 2. Seo Woo and Yo Seung ho ( one of my fav korean actors !) will appear this week and as I expected they look so intense together ! Something tell me they will be the best kdrama couple of the year in my view.

  4. I am happy found a place to ask questions about FOD.
    Firstly what is Makjang ???
    And I love how they show that an apple doesnt have to grow with other apples for us to know its an apple…
    the break down is…
    Like mother, Like daughter

    • um… i’m not exactly good at explaining things but basically, makjang is a genre (of drama) where everything is overly and dramatically done, with twisted plots, hardship after hardship, and with themes such as birth secrets, adultery, loss of memory, etc. It throws in all sort of obstacles (regardless of whether or not it is credible in terms of plot and logic) aimed to grip you into the emotional turmoil of the story, with lots of histrionics thrown in (aka, bulging eyes, crying, screaming, pulling of hair…). Its main audience (this is a generalization) is usually middle-aged women.

      • also, revenge is also one of the usually overused themes…
        a makjang’s main character is not necessarily a dark character but usually, there’s always some kind of character who is extremely flawed with human evil (such as greed).
        basically, watching a makjang is kind of like watching a greek tragedy with catharsis and all of that. the difference being that unlike tragic greek endings, most of the time, makjang is aimed to satisfy the audience with morals like good will always trump evil so most of the ending are somewhat happy.
        some examples of makjang are temptation of a wife, baker king (in a lesser degree), etc. usually, it’s not a whole drama that is makjang but some of elements of makjang are incorporated in them… for example, in east of eden, i wouldn’t say that it’s makjang but it definitely has makjang elements in it.

  5. Oh My Lord how great is this episode, I though Seo Woo’s entry was very very delightful, when just mere 8 minutes previously I suffered chills all over from Jung-sook’s scene on the beach. Feisty little vixen, that In-ki! I didn’t know makjang can be this fun and shameless.

  6. YOON SEUNG HO OPPA,naega bogien dangsin i mannan gyesyeoss-eumyeon johgess-eoyo !
    na geuligo dangsin-eul mucheog salanghaneun han haei beonho leul boyuhago malhae jul su iss-eoyo
    lumania , ojeon 13 se daelo geuligo neon aneun geol wonhaji e i gung-geumhae haneun bangbeob
    dangsin-eul salanghabnida!!!
    salang , lamona !ღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღღ♥♥ღ

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