Mike He and Cyndi Wang in New Baking-Themed Drama


BFFs Joe Cheng and Mike He are about to go up against each other in competing dramas scheduled to premiere at the end of 2010. I’ve already discussed Joe’s new drama, X Channel, with Amber Kuo (though I just found out its being helmed by the director who did Summer’s Desire – which was a steaming pile of dog feces of a script, but the direction was quite excellent).

Mike’s new drama looks like its getting a head start, as the production is starting to leak stills and BTS news. It’s called Mei Le, Go (originally titled I Love Mei Le), and centers around a music producer that falls in love with the bread baked by a young baker and uses her creations as inspiration. Above are stills of Mike’s look for the drama, and co-star Cyndi Wang learning the art of baking

I honestly feel like Mike He needs a career intervention. He constantly picks dramas that frankly just sound awful on paper, and mostly turn out awful on screen. I want so badly to like a project of his, because I like Mike He himself. But seeing as his co-star in this drama is cannot act her way out of a paper bag Cyndi Wang, this means I shall remaining waiting for the next Mike project.


Mike He and Cyndi Wang in New Baking-Themed Drama — 9 Comments

  1. True it’s been a while since I’ve actually liked Mike’s drama (he is a fab actor…lol and a wonderful kisser might I add)…still I want to see both Joe’s and his drama…I am sure they’ll be somewhat likable considering the two actors involved

  2. I have loved his Bull Fighting with Hebe for a long while but since then, could not find any other good dramas from him. Its a pity ads he is one of my fav. Mike He, fighting!

  3. I agree about Cindy… she has way too many lead roles for her talent…
    as for Mike… sigh. almost none of his recent project were addictingly appealing. and it doesn’t help that most premises for tw dramas sound so… um, for lack of a more appropriate word, cheesy.

  4. Oh good so it’s not just me that hasn’t really liked any of the dramas Mike He has been in lately. If Mike He is choosing the dramas he needs some outside help but if he has a manager and that manager is helping him decide the dramas to choose then he needs to be relieved of his duties pronto!

  5. Completely agree with you. Mike He is a decent actor, but I haven’t enjoyed anything he has done in the past few years. And Cyndi Wang….I’m still confused on why she is getting so many lead roles. Smile Pasta was unbearable to watch because of her OTT acting…I only fast forwarded to watch Gino and the songs.

  6. All I have to say is that Cyndi Wang better put her a game on. That girl can not do a good Kiss scene if her life depended on it. She is about to act beside the King of Taiwanese kissing scenes(my opinion ^_^). I liked her in Smile Pasta(again she didn’t do the kissing scenes good) but to me the drama was funny and good. Its the only drama i saw her in.

  7. You guys didn’t like her in heavens wedding dress? And I personally think she can sing pretty well. For a singer with limited acting chances I think she does okay. Mike is really just annoying. He can’t even pronounce mandarin correctly half the time.

  8. im really enjoying this drama. onto episode 6 next week woohooo.. been a while i watch taiwanese dramas n this got me looking forward to the next episode. i cant wait for the leads to be together. love the whole storyline n all the actors/ actresses in there so far. 😀

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