Regarding the Additional 7 Youtube Episodes of Playful Kiss

I’m not sure when I became a source for Playful Kiss information, but I’m honored so many people have left comments with questions about this drama. The majority of the questions surround the ending of the drama and how or what the additional 7 Youtube episodes are about.

First off, click here to visit the Playful Kiss Youtube Channel and subscribe to it. Once the 7 episodes are released, you will get it immediately.

Secondly, the production company Group 8 has stated that the additional 7 episodes on Youtube will contain some new content. Because I am a doubty-Mcdoubterson, I take Group 8’s refusal to state that the 7 additional episodes are comprised of entirely new footage to mean that it’s going to be mostly scenes from the aired drama plus some (read: miniscule to moderate amounts) of footage we have not seen (be it newly-shot or footage that was edited from airtime).

I’m hoping to be proven wrong, but honestly I don’t want to raise my hopes too high. High hopes = disappointment and depression. Low hopes = pleasantly surprised. And yes, PK will be ending at 16 episodes, but I won’t consider the drama having been cut as it was never confirmed to be a 20 episode drama by MBC.

Lastly, I thought it fitting to trot out a poster from┬áthe first set of production stills from PK. Looking at these kids, isn’t it crazy how far they’ve come? And how far we’ve come along with them? Joon Gu is a Busan-boy made good, Ha Ni still looks at Seung Jo adoringly, and Seung Jo is still matter-of-fact with Ha Ni. But each of them have changed irrevocably for the better because of their experiences together. What a great thought for us to hold on to as we welcome the end of the journey this coming week.


Regarding the Additional 7 Youtube Episodes of Playful Kiss — 12 Comments

  1. thanks ockoala!
    got to agree to the things you said in the last part, they have come a long way.
    and felt so good to be part of their journey.

    well, i do hope that the youtube episodes is worth it coz many people including myself are anticipating about it.
    well, as you said dont expect to much and just be pleasantly surprise.

    PKissers are so sad to let this drama go but im glad that this drama touched many people in one way or another considering how simple the story might be that i think all the hardwork of the cast and productions are all worth it.

  2. :Very true. In my internet search, you are tantamount to Bing and Google ! Thank you!looking forward for E. 15’s preview!!~ Well done!

  3. you made PK even more enjoyable for me… i look forward to your future drama picks and will definitely make the journey with you.
    Thank you so much for your hard work … wouldn’t have been the same without you…..awww i am already mourning the impending end of PK….sigh….sad…..

  4. Hehe… I think you started to become a source of update when you started to post the previews, teasers and summary… that along with people constantly updating for your recap (that would be me…) and you’ve got yourself a bunch of rabid PKissing followers eager for a new PK fix. haha. XD
    that said, you might be right about the whole special thing, which i believe will air in November. Anyways, I don’t care as long as they get us something more than 10s of new footage like those j-doramas specials.. some of them are SUCH a waste of time… although, i should be careful for what i wish for… and i’m slightly hopeful since at the end of the trailer on the youtube channel, LTS said that there will be “a lot of new images different from the drama”… wonder what he means by that…
    and yes… i’m SO glad you posted the poster up… it gave me such an impact. of course i knew they changed but i didn’t fully realised how much they grew until i saw the poster… I can’t believe some people are still saying that the characters are the same as in high school. of course, they are still behaving childishly sometimes but they have also become so much more mature…
    PK, i don’t want this to end. and thank you ockoala for being such an essential part of the enjoyment in this experience.

  5. Whaaa, didn’t realise either how much they’ve changed in this drama as you watch them evolve themselves gradually. I liked how they were so carefree as kids, doing fun stuff and enjoying life but also love how they put effort in finding one’s path (and love) as adults!

    This drama is nothing fancy, but it really did a wonderful job on portraying young adults growing up in an every-day-life kind of way. In many ways, it has been so relatable to us viewers abling to evoke our emotions; hence the number of comments and discussions. I actually love this drama for it simplicity, cuteness and every-day-life potrayal without the overdramatic (and unnecessary) angst in (asian) drama’s.
    (Another reason for loving PK of course is, can’t believe i’m mentioning this, KHJ’s appearance. His acting improved but compared to some of the cast (JSM, the Lee’s) is just so and so (don’t know whether him staying rigid at times is directed). However, he does have impressive presents with a smile that could make all the fan- and non-fangirls squeak like piglets…^^ He really deserves to be called hallyu star
    …or maybe it was just me doing the squeaking??;))

  6. I think I know a few reasons why you became the source for PK information. First and foremost you do excellent recaps! Second you appreciate PK for exactly what it is. Third (and this is just from my perspective) even when you have a negative opinion or thought about PK albeit acting, writing, editing, etc. you always give your reasoning for that opinion or thought and you do it in a way that isn’t degrading to those or to that which you are critiquing and to the viewers who love PK. That is why I am here.

  7. I stumbled into this Korean Drama and thought it really peculiar on the first episode and then continued to watch it as I was like man this is kinda of childish behaviour. Although I somehow kept watching it and lo and behold I was hooked. I really have enjoyed watching pk even if it can be abit struggling but I guess thats what its about Oh Ha Ni’s preserverance to her love and making herself a more mature and stronger individual in the end. She is definately a role model for young women who dreams but takes action on how to attain them even if it doesn’t always get what she wants she gets back on the horse and rides on her journey.

  8. Thank you so much for the info. I have done the subscription to Youtube.
    though I dont understand Korean but dont mind to watch it RAW.
    I really love this Story, no matter is in whatever version..
    But seriously, I am also so in love with Kim Hyun Joong…
    (haha… my children always laugh at me, so old still like young, specially handsome idol)
    KHJ is so damn pretty and JSM is so adorable..

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