Jung Woo Sung’s CF for Guinness

Would you drink more Guinness because of Jung Woo Sung? Um, oh hells yeah. Speaking strictly for myself, of course. Bringing you the latest CF stills from Jung Woo Sung’s Guinness ad campaign, as well as the first CF shot back in August.

Short Guinness CF:


Long Guinness CF:


I like the short CF better, as its narrated by my honey’s smoothy, rich, buttery voice. Perfectly paired with the dark oakey ale. Currently, Jung Woo Sung’s wuxia movie Reign of Assassins is doing well at the box office throughout Asia, and getting mostly positive reviews. He’s still in the midst of filming Athena.


Jung Woo Sung’s CF for Guinness — 8 Comments

  1. lol… unfortunately (well, not really), i don’t drink… but i’m all for the CF if it means getting to watch JWS do… well, anything… kk
    i have to say, he looks mighty fine here… well, nothing new really. XD

  2. What did we say about warnings? Good Lord, woman! Are you trying to get rid of your readers? Cos me? *waves weakly from the floor* Ahem

    To answer your question, if JWS offered me some beer? I’d drink it, no question about it. And I do NOT drink. So there’s my answer.

  3. Ahh JWS is the first K-actor crush I have – still do!!! He is totally awesome and need I say more about how handsome he is. Last night I watched an interview of him with KBS’s Entertaintment Weekly. He is funny and I can’t stop gushing and swooning lols.
    He mentioned how difficult it is to keep his two fingers closed while doing sword play and not making a “V” sign.. and he mentioned that his car is now more famous than him hehe.

  4. Mm, that’s lovely. I may have been enticed by jailbait Korean men, but I am definitely gathering an appreciation for all age groups.

    I do drink Guinness occasionally, I’ll think of him next time. Heh.

  5. Perfect image model for this ad.. JWS gets better with age, macho but elegant at the same time.. like Asian 007.. waiting for Athena lolz

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