Playful Kiss Episode 15 Recap

Hello everyone! Let’s get this party started, shall we? The penultimate episode of Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) was part wish fulfillment of every fan wrapped in the worst nightmare of a persnickety drama critic. I shall do my best to recap from the happy fan part of me (who am I to rain on the warm and fuzzy parade), but I feel my inner critic itching to Hulk-out. I’ll try to restrain it.

It turns out that all the episode 15 spoilers I shared were all 100% accurate. Yay for not being the bearer of false information. Boo for it causing me personally to feel a tad let down. Regardless, I enjoyed episode 15 for what it was – the end of the journey of Ha Ni and Seung Jo as individuals, and the beginning of their journey as a couple. Asking anymore of PK for an odd-numbered episode is akin to asking why the editing monkey sucks at editing a scene. It’s the best he can do.

At this point, my enjoyment of PK is likely increased substantially by the euphoria rubbing off from all the various forums and fans that are so rabidly awaiting the grand conclusion of this story which we have so loved. As a stand-alone episode, I probably like it more than it deserves quality wise, but that’s a subjective emotion I’m happy to experience.

Episode 15 recap:

We’re back at the roundtable of wedding bombs, which Mom just dropped on everyone. Seung Jo is rightfully chafing at Mom’s continued manipulation of his life. Mom sees nothing wrong with her busybody ways, didn’t Seung Jo decide himself he wanted to marry Ha Ni? Seung Jo reminds her that he specifically said after graduating.

Mom says that waiting will only prolong it even further – what with Seung Jo then having to do his mandatory army service thereafter. She wants them to get married while they are still young and pretty! Her husband and Eun Jo are about to pipe up with further objections when Mom lays down the law. No more no, buts, if – everyone must comply with her directions about this event. Mom-dictator gets up and walks away, leaving silence in her wake. Seung Jo gives a giant humph of annoyance while Ha Ni tries hard not to bust out in giggles and grins.

Its evening time, and Mom sees Ha Ni’s dad standing outside deep in thought. She asks him whether she overstepped her bounds, scheduling the wedding so soon. Dad disabuses her of that notion, which turns out to be rather well thought out. Since Seung Jo and Ha Ni already live together, Mom thinks that getting married now make their living arrangement more proper. [She’s probably worried the kids are gonna sneak around at home with the easy access, and then she’s stuck planning a shotgun wedding.]

Ha Ni’s dad is worried that he doesn’t know what he needs to do to help plan a wedding. Mom assures him that all he needs to do is buy the wedding ring and the wedding dress. Methinks Dad is sad about marrying off his beloved daughter, a bittersweet tangle of emotions likely every father-of-the-bride experiences when giving his daughter’s hand away becomes a set reality and not just a future event.

Ha Ni is enjoying a meal at the noodle shop with her friends, and reveals that Mom has planned a wedding for next week! The friends commend Mom on her go-getter ability to make things happen. When they find out that Joon Gu has been told of the upcoming wedding by Ha Ni’s dad, it becomes obvious why he’s looming in the kitchen all lethargic and down, not even coming out to say hi to them.

A beautiful foreign girl walks into the shop, which freaks everyone out because no one knows how to talk with her (presuming she doesn’t speak Korean). Dad gets dragged out, and after a Hi and a Thank You, he tugs at Ha Ni to take over. Mwahahaha, we all know how well Ha Ni speaks English (“Shut your mouth”, anyone?).

Turns out the girl speaks perfect Korean, and just wants a bowl of the shop’s famous hand-cut noodles. She slurps it up all, enjoying every delicious bite. She chats with Ha Ni and her friends, explaining that she is half-Korean, from her mother’s side, with a British father. Her name is Christine, and she specifically acknowledges Joon Gu with a compliment on his delicious side dish. Too bad Joon Gu the noodle zombie doesn’t really respond to her, likely still a tad depressed about losing Ha Ni.

Ha Ni goes ring shopping with Seung Jo. He nitpicks at her every selection – this one is too fancy, that one too shiny. Who replaced Seung Jo with Goldilocks? When asked to pick one himself, Seung Jo rants that he doesn’t even see the need for a ring. Why does a circle on your finger symbolize love? He doesn’t want to wear one at all.

Ha Ni insists that he wear a ring, to show the entire world that he’s married (i.e. off-limits to the grabby hands of other females). Seung Jo throws it back at her that the ring clearly isn’t a declaration of love, it’s meant as a symbolic handcuff. He steps back from the ring display and walks out the store, leaving Ha Ni wistfully looking at another couple modeling wedding rings with a fully participating man.

Seung Jo is still uncooperative, refusing to even enter a bridal salon with Ha Ni. He says he already owns a suit and doesn’t want to buy one just to wear once. He tells Ha Ni to go pick her dress and he’ll wait for her elsewhere. I would be more upset at Seung Jo, except this is behavior I’ve seen from plenty of impatient bridegrooms disdaining the wedding preparation fervor and geegaws that go along with it.

When Ha Ni suggests a change of plans and they go take wedding pictures, Seung Jo gets even more recalcitrant.To Seung Jo, taking wedding pictures is ridiculous – what with the “look over here, bridegroom; smile widely, bride” – and he won’t go. Ha Ni gets frustrated with his lack of cooperation, he won’t pick out a ring, he won’t take wedding pictures. Why did Seung Jo even come out with her then?

Seung Jo replies that he couldn’t stay in the house any longer, so he came out. Ha Ni wants him to just start participating in his own wedding preparation. Ha Ni raises her voice at him, for being so difficult, and Seung Jo reminds her that arguing in public is embarrassing. But Seung Jo’s behavior is what is embarrassing Ha Ni.

She wonders how the people in the ring store think about her, what with Seung Jo’s attitude in the store. She’s tired of accommodating him, and he tells her to stop then. Seung Jo drops the cavalier response that its no wonder some couples planning weddings end up breaking up. He walks away leaving Ha Ni rather stunned at his response.

Ha Ni and Seung Jo are sitting in his car. He tells her that she can’t get married alone, and just because they are getting married doesn’t mean Seung Jo will cater to her. Ha Ni wonders if Seung Jo has ever made concessions to her. Seung Jo sighs that it’s because of his Mom’s meddling that things are turning out like this.

Ha Ni says it’s not his Mom, why did Seung Jo mention that he wanted to marry Ha Ni in the first place. Seung Jo agrees with that question – why does he want to marry Ha Ni. He tells her it’s not too late to reassess the situation and reconsider their options. This is the first time the 16-episode length of PK feels like a negative factor to the development of their relationship in the drama.

Episode-wise it feels like Seung Jo and Ha Ni literally just got together as a couple. So to accept rationally the sudden wedding, their bickering about the preparations, everything – feels so rushed and creates an emotional disconnect with me. I accept (based on knowing the story) that this development is entirely consistent, but I think people coming into this story without any knowledge of the source material will feel this wedding sequence forced and unnatural to the flow of the relationship.

Ha Ni confides in her friends that she’s got a reluctant bridegroom on her hands. Seung Jo won’t even talk to her at home these past few days. Said reluctant bridegroom goes to visit his future father-in-law, who is flipping through books to help him compose a speech on the wedding day. Seung Jo tells Ha Ni’s dad that he has something to say. Mom is admiring wedding China with Ha Ni, who tries to be excited but can’t hide her real mood from Mom. She gets a call from her dad, and arrives at the noodle shop to find Seung Jo there as well.

Seung Jo is driving Ha Ni and her dad, and tells her that she’ll know where they are going when they get there. It turns out Seung Jo is driving them to visit the graves of Ha Ni’s grandmother and mother. When they arrive at the hillside grave, Seung Jo lays a bouquet of flowers at the site. Ha Ni’s dad reveals that it was Seung Jo who wanted to come visit her mom and grandmother.

Seung Jo talks directly to Ha Ni’s grandmother – announcing that her grand son-in-law is here, is she pleased with him? He continues by saying that Ha Ni is already causing trouble, but he will take good care of her. Ha Ni says she doesn’t like it, but then revises her assessment by saying thank you to Seung Jo. She tells her mom and grandmother that she is getting married.

After the grave site visit, the happy-again couple are strolling in a park-like area. Seung Jo says that tennis sunbae can be their wedding announcer. Ha Ni wonders where they are going for their honeymoon? Seung Jo wonders if they have to go at all, since they don’t have much time on their hands. When Ha Ni starts grumbling, he says fine, and asks her if there is a place she’s been wanting to go? Ha Ni says Italy, maybe Rome? Seung Jo shoots it down, and Ha Ni concedes it’s rather far-fetched.

How about some place with a beach? Maybe an island? [Like, maybe, New Caledonia?] Seung Jo says if she wants an island, they should go to Yeoui Island (which is in the middle of the Han River in Seoul). Mwahahaha. Ha Ni is rightly horrified. Seung Jo then proposes an even smaller island (I’d suggest they go to Dokdo Island). He can’t stop teasing her, can he? He suggests that he shakes his cellphone, and if the three icons that pop up are the same, then she can pick their honeymoon destination.

Ha Ni agrees, but wonders if there is a slim chance of that happening. During the shake, Ha Ni is chanting “Jeju Island” while Seung Jo is repeating “Yeoui Island.” Voila, the three icons turn out to be the same, and Ha Ni hops around Seung Jo in glee. Seung Jo smiles and shakes the cellphone again, it once again it pops up three icons that are identical. Oh Seung Jo, you just like playing with your Ha Ni, don’t you?

Ha Ni is in her room with her best friends, and they’ve come to spend the final night hanging out with her and bearing presents. The present turns out to be, no surprise, a lacy pink underwear set and pink pajamas, plus a sultry perfume. One friend hops up and demonstrates to Ha Ni what she is supposed to do on her wedding night: shower, put on sexy lingerie, spritz on some perfume, seduce her Seung Jo oppa/husband.

Back in the room of the Baek brothers, Eun Jo tells his hyung that he’s really going to end up with Oh Ha Ni. Seung Jo smiles and queries whether Eun Jo isn’t happy about it. Eun Jo’s resigned to it – she’s not smart, she’s rather slow on the uptake, no matter which way you slice it Ha Ni’s a dunderhead. However, she’s willing to jump into the water to save Eun Jo even when she can’t swim, and she continues to like Seung Jo even after being treated so poorly by him.

Eun Jo says that compared to an Oh Ha Ni, he wants to marry a smart and beautiful woman. But he’s happy that Seung Jo is marrying Ha Ni. Eun Jo confesses that as much as he loves and adores his hyung, Seung Jo has got some personality issues. With that in mind, Seung Jo is much better suited to marry Ha Ni. Eun Jo concludes by announcing that they will definitely be happy together, and wishes Seung Jo a big congratulations on his upcoming nuptials.

Outside the Baek house, on the eve of the wedding, is a man that I immediately burst into tears when I see. It’s Joon Gu, leaning against a wall, there to wish Ha Ni well for a life journey she is not taking with him. He talks to the Ha Ni behind the window in her room, telling Ha Ni that he’s very happy right now, because she is happy. And when she is happy, then he is happy. He wishes her sweet dreams, and that he will see her tomorrow.

Ha Ni’s dad is drinking alone in the kitchen, and a sleepless Ha Ni finds him and shares a lovely father-daughter moment. She grasps his hand, and thanks him for raising her to be such a great person. Her face starts to crumble, and her dad reminds her not to cry, lest people say she’s not pretty tomorrow with her puffy face.

Too bad her dad’s face starts to crack as he says this, leading him to wonder why there are tears on such a happy occasion? He laughs at himself for crying – he raised a daughter as a single parent, so he should be happy that he’s giving her away tomorrow. They get up to practice their walk down the aisle, and its such a poignant moment between a single father and his only child. Their hitherto duo-existence changing irrevocably tomorrow, the beats and rhythms of their relationship adding new characters and textures – a son-in-law, a husband, an extended family.

And……it’s the wedding day! Omo, I think I’m more excited about this wedding than my own. Well, not really, but it’s up there in excitement level. The Baek parents and the little bride groom are welcoming the arriving guests. Ha Ni is in the bridal waiting room taking pictures with her friends. Who arrives to congratulate the snail bride but her teacher from Class 3-7. And she brought along her date, Seung Jo’s teacher from Class 3-1!

Turns out she’s got a bun in the oven, courtesy of her now hubby smarty-pants teacher! Totally predictable, but oh so cute nonetheless. Ha Ni’s teacher is way too excited about her former student snagging Baek Seung Jo, stud of the high school. She gets gently dragged out of there by her hubby. Now it’s the perfect place to digress and tell you that Ha Ni’s looks like a meringue confection in her flouncy monstrosity of a wedding dress. But she’s glowing, and gorgeous. Someone restrain me from reaching in there and slicing off half her dress with my scissors.

The next to arrive to visit the bride is her former rival-in-love, Hye Ra, who immediately compliments the bride as being beautiful. Hye Ra admits that she’s satisfied. When asked about what, Hye Ra graciously says that she’s glad the reason Seung Jo didn’t pick her was because of Ha Ni. When Ha Ni doesn’t quite understand, Hye Ra explains that she’s complimenting Seung Jo’s taste in women. See, a lady can remain classy until the very end, I highly approve. She congratulates Ha Ni, and tells her to be happy in marriage that it makes her so jealous she’ll want to get married herself.

Over in the other corner of tying up loose ends, Joon Gu has found Seung Jo and is delivering a final message. Joon Gu warns Seung Jo to be wary of him. He might take Ha Ni and run away before the end of the ceremony. Joon Gu-yahh, were you up late last night watching The Graduate?

MC tennis sunbae prepares to start the ceremony. Ha Ni hears the narration from her waiting chamber, with Eun Jo keeping her calm. He reminds her not to commit any faux pas – like putting on the wrong ring, or tripping on her skirt. Eun Jo the little squirt suddenly tells his future sister-in-law that he has a wedding present for her. He whispers something in her ear, and Ha Ni’s eyes widen in shock.

Ha Ni is walked down the aisle by her dad, to the applause of everyone and the direct gaze of one person. Seung Jo is stoic as he stands waiting for her at the altar. What? Like the robot will suddenly start spazzing just because he’s getting married. His gaze softens as he steps down to take Ha Ni from her father’s arm. Going without someone officiating the wedding, the bride and groom stand alone at the altar and exchange their vows

The dad gives successive speeches, and we get a glimpse into their long-standing friendship. Seung Jo’s dad goes first – he confesses to growing up with Ha Ni’s dad, practically living at his house until junior high. He continues by saying that there is no one in the world as kind and gentle as his good friend, and now they are becoming in-laws. He concludes by giving thanks for raising such a lovely daughter and giving her to their family.

Ha Ni’s dad begins his speech by reminiscing about his very own too-short marriage. How it snowed on their wedding day. How they ate left over noodles for Christmas. How soon thereafter Ha Ni lost her mom, and they held each other and cried. But today, Ha Ni has beside her such a responsible and admirable husband, as a dad he can finally take a load off his shoulders. He finishes by thanking Seung Jo for taking care of Ha Ni.

The couple exchange rings. Ha Ni’s is placed gently on her hand by her husband, whereas Seung Jo’s ring flies out of Ha Ni’s hand. Everyone gasps and looks around for it. Seung Jo’s dad thankfully finds it immediately, and the wedding ceremony wraps up without another hitch. Everyone laughs at the gaffe, except Seung Jo who just doesn’t know when to loosen up.

Thank god his new wife has got a sparkling personality! When Seung Jo grumbles that she’s so clumsy, Ha Ni tells him to quit it. She knews Seung Jo really really likes her. When Seung Jo looks confused at her assertion, Ha Ni reveals that she knows their second kiss was not in the rain but instead on the resort bench when she was asleep. Seung Jo whips his head around to glare at Eun Jo, who looks every which way but at his brother.

Ha Ni grabs Seung Jo and pulls in him for a big giant kiss! The audience goes wild with the female show of affection. Seung Jo’s struggles a tad and pulls free at the end, staring at Ha Ni like he suddenly realized he is going to be married to this crazy adorable girl for the rest of his life. Yes you are, Seung Jo, yes you are. And I think you may have gotten the better end of the bargain.

Best part is when Ha Ni throws the same phrase he used when he gave her that first kiss against the wall – just messing with you – back at him. She seals the moment by sticking her tongue out at him. And I fall into a puddle of smiles and bliss. I am sososososo happy to see the return of confident, playful, and charming Oh Ha Ni.

Joon Gu watches the conclusion of the ceremony from outside the wedding hall, a view of his achy back more than enough to convey his bittersweet emotions – happy that his Ha Ni is happy and in good hands, sad that it’s not in his hands. He wipes away his lingering tears. Don’t cry anymore, Joon Gu. If loving Ha Ni meant that you pursued a life full of purpose and accomplishment, then your love was not in vain. You’ve truly made yourself a worthy man not just for Ha Ni, but for any woman out there!

A quick shot of an airplane in flight, and we cut to Ha Ni and Seung Jo driving a convertible down a highway in Jeju Island. Ha Ni is more than excited enough for the both of them, asking Seung Jo to stop the car so she can step outside and admire the view. By the way, they are totally wearing couples outfit, likely all purchased by coordi Mom.

Ha Ni notices that Seung Jo doesn’t get out of the car, instead sitting silently with a surly expression. Turns out Seung Jo is still pissed that his embarrassing baby pictures got shown during the reception. When Ha Ni laughs at his expense, he tries to drive off without her. Heh. Back in Seoul, tennis sunbae is not-so-surreptitiously following Hye Ra after the wedding. She wants to shake him, but in the end elects to spend time with him.

The newlyweds arrive at their resort, and run into another couple, who apparently were on the same flight as our Ha Ni and Seung Jo. The husband is lugging about 12 bags, and his princess of a wife is directing him to check-in. The shrewish wife comments that Seung Jo sure is handsome, he could be an actor! Ha Ni drags Seung Jo off in a jiffy. Thank god Ha Ni’s bitch-dar is working perfectly.

Tennis sunbae and Hye Ra are having a quick meal at a hot dog store, leading Hye Ra to remark that tennis sunbae really does like hot dogs. He tries to tell her a joke, which leads to him pointing out that she has an eye booger. He does make her laugh when he tries to practice eating a hot dog in 20 seconds, so he can try out for a food eating contest that can take him to New York. Tennis sunbae also accidentally reveals that he watched Hye Ra for the four whole hours she practiced tennis the day she got dumped by Seung Jo.

Ha Ni turns on the faucet in the plush bathtub in their swanky hotel room, playing with the posh accoutrements. Tell me now hasn’t played around in a fancy hotel room before? Not I. She goes out to their adjoining patio where Seung Jo is sitting on the bench. Ha Ni tells Seung Jo that she knows she has flaws and shortcomings, but she will continuously work on them. She will do her best to be a good wife.

She puts her head on his shoulder and is luxuriating in the romantic moment when the other couple walks by and announces that they are in the room next door. Just great. Ha Ni and Seung Jo talk with the hotel concierge. They end up booking the same fancy newlywed meal as the other couple, who are clearly the least happy and in love newlyweds on the planet.

During dinner, the slap-worthy wife makes pointed remarks – such as whether they got married so young because Ha Ni got pregnant – which lead Ha Ni to gulp down all her wine to endure the interminable meal. Turns out that chick is the same age as Ha Ni and Seung Jo, twenty-one, and her new husband is eleven years older than her. Ha Ni’s drinking that night makes her sick the next morning on the side of the road.

Detour back to Seoul again, where Christine as taken to eating at the noodle restaurant and doing her version of the Ha Ni stalking. Joon Gu brings out her bowl of noodles, and schools her on the correct way to hold and utilize a chopstick. Christine is clearly savoring the tutelage immensely.

Ha Ni and Seung Jo are sightseeing when they are tracked down by the other wife. Shameless Hussy is actually her other name, which I will use henceforth. Who knows where the submissive husband went, but Shameless Hussy drags Seung Jo around the museum leaving Ha Ni following sadly in their wake. The sad-sack husband shows up to complain about his wife to Ha Ni.

Shameless Hussy points out Ha Ni talking with her husband, and is about the do the Oppa Pout Wiggle on Seung Jo when suddenly a be-wigged lady comes barreling between them. The incognito lady is none other than Mom, here to ensure her kids have the best most “fruitful” honeymoon ever. Seung Jo’s Mom-dar goes off, and he’s immediately annoyed she’s come to interfere again.

Ha Ni finally steps up and grabs her husband back from the clutches of Shameless Hussy, and they walk away to enjoy the rest of the sightseeing. The camera pans away to reveal a second mini-be-wigged individual lurking around – Eun Jo is here, too! Shameless Hussy keeps getting restrained by her husband from interrupting Ha Ni and Seung Jo. I hope someone is drawing up divorce papers for him.

Seung Jo and Ha Ni are back in their hotel room, and Ha Ni finally takes out her lingerie presents and works up the courage to don them. Too bad Shameless Hussy and her husband bust in with champagne and snacks wanting to enjoy a night cap together. No one restrain me, imma going to go sharpen my cleaver now, if you hear shrieking turn the other ear, okay? Actually, I love Seung Jo’s reaction – he steps back from the door with the same freaked out look as when he encountered chicken head hoodie Ha Ni at the mini-mart (“please take 8,800 won from here”).

In the morning, Ha Ni again hopes for an entire day to enjoy with Seung Jo, when suddenly there is a pounding at their door. Shameless Hussy’ husband tells Seung Jo that his wife is writhing in pain (omo, perchance from that cleaver embedded in her skull courtesy of me?) and needs help. Why doesn’t he go straight to the resort doctor requires a suspension of logic so great I might as well announce that the earth is flat. But I’m in a forgiving mood, and have already given PK so many passes might as well keep the streak alive.

Seung Jo goes to help her, and is touching her for where she hurts. Ha Ni gets upset, and Seung Jo is infuriated that she would be upset when he is training to be a doctor and that is something he will be doing in the future. No, Seung Jo, she is upset because any monkey, much less human being, could tell that the witch is faking it to get your attention.

After Ha Ni storms out, and the husband follows her, Shameless Hussy promptly stops writhing (I knew I should have just beheaded her, it’s cleaner and she can’t resurrect herself), sits up, and gently caresses Seung Jo’s hand. Shameless Hussy states that Seung Jo must not like Ha Ni, and doesn’t want to touch her. Too bad he couldn’t have met her earlier… which point Seung Jo shakes her hand off him and stands up to school her.

He tells her if he met her anywhere but here he would never spare her a passing glance. Because they met here, as married couples, he deigned to speak with her. He tells her never to compare herself to his Ha Ni. Seung Jo walks out of the room, leaving her fuming at the rejection. He goes to find Ha Ni sitting on a bench watching the waves, and they make up, tickling each other.


We switch over to them sitting in their hotel room in matching pajamas. Ha Ni apologizes for behaving irrationally, and getting jealous over such a little thing. It’s clear Seung Jo is more nervous than he lets on, because he suddenly doesn’t sound so smooth. He says Ha Ni is cute, sometimes. She is pretty, on occasion. Seung Jo puts his arms around her, and asks why does he like her so much?

He pushes her back into the sofa, and questions what she has done to him that makes him think about her all the time? Seung Jo leans over to kiss Ha Ni (and all you hear is me screaming “HIS HEAD, WHY IS THE CAMERA SHOOTING THIS SCENE FROM THE ANGLE WHERE HIS HEAD OBSCURES ALL THE LIP SUCKING!?!?”), then he picks her up and carries her to bed. [I made the screencap extra large so everyone can see exactly why I am breaking up with the PK camera immediately after episode 16 airs.]

They are kissing on the bed when Ha Ni stops Seung Jo mid-make out, telling him she needs to go prepare. He asks for what? She replies the stuff a woman needs to prepare for. He silences her with a kiss that is preceded by the confession that he can’t wait any longer. They proceed to really make out (and all you hear is me screaming “THE WALL, WHY IS THE CAMERA PANNING OVER TO A FRICKIN’ WALL!?!”).

Even more bizarre than a camera that appears to enjoy filming a wall rather than steamy sexing between newlyweds, the morning dawns and Ha Ni wakes up in her own bedroom. Koala go wut? That was a combination time-jump and teleportation going on there. She looks at a framed honeymoon picture of her and Seung Jo and smiles blissfully.

She hurries downstairs where Mom is setting down breakfast for Seung Jo and Eun Jo. God knows how much time has passed since that wedding consummation scene, I’ll not even attempt to make heads or tails of the PK-time lapse logic. Seung Jo tells her the alarm went off at 5 am, leading him to wonder what breakfast she was planning to make this morning.

Turn out she slept right through it. Eun Jo pipes up that his brother can still reconsider. Ergh, Eun Jo, not after what your brother did to her in Jeju Island. Don’t think he can refund this wife anymore. Ha Ni wants to go to the library with Seung Jo to study, confessing to Mom that she needs to be prepared to take the nursing exam to be admitted to the program.

Mom reminds Seung Jo to go register their wedding certificate, and Seung Jo says he’ll have to think about it. Mom is horrified (that her son got some and then won’t do right by the girl, yeah, that’s about it), and Ha Ni is flabbergasted. Why is Seung Jo suddenly reluctant to make their marriage legal under the law?

Seung Jo says that he’ll get the marriage registered when Ha Ni passes the nursing exam and gets accepted to the program. Ha Ni says that’s not right, and Seung Jo wonders if she has so little faith in herself. Where’d all her determination and grit gone? Probably the same place her virginity went – into your pocket. Ooops, did I just say that? Sorry!

A happy Ha Ni is a complacent Ha Ni, and Seung Jo knows it. He just dug up the same motivation that got Ha Ni to test into the top-50 that one time in high school – to prove something to Seung Jo and get him to do something she wants. Seung Jo saunters away with a sly grin, knowing he’s got his Ha Ni right where he wants her – ready and anxious to accomplish a meaningful goal in her professional development.

Thoughts of Mine:

This episode wasn’t just poorly edited. If there was an editing Razzie in the K-drama award, this episode would sweep the awards. In fact, as a drama PK would probably be nominated as a whole, because having half its episodes awkwardly structured really takes the viewer out of any scene and back to reality with the herky jerky cuts. With that said – I’m satisfied with the substance of what happened in this episode, regardless of how it was delivered.

This was the first episode where it felt like too much plot was crammed into too little time. Perhaps an 18-episode drama would really allow the conclusion of Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s story to develop with more subtlety. A slice-of-life drama doesn’t work so well if the story doesn’t flow at its natural pace, whether that pace is fast or slow. PK has been a slow drama, and suddenly it’s barreling down an expressway going 90 mph. The viewer was forced to re-adjust our expectations in this episode.

While we know Ha Ni and Seung Jo get married young, the build-up to the wedding in PK was awkward and not terribly convincing. PK can no longer coast on the cute or the sweet to elicit awwws from me. I want more substance in showing how the couple express their love for each other. Luckily, we get that later in the episode. It also manifested itself in the wedding, which was built upon the relationship we’ve watched develop between Ha Ni and Seung Jo for 14 episodes now, so the ceremony felt natural and satisfying to watch.

There were a lot of poignant moments, and my favorites in this episode were Ha Ni and her dad’s quiet moments together the night before the wedding, Joon Gu’s various ways of letting Ha Ni go and wishing her well, and Ha Ni surprising Seung Jo with a kiss of her own. What can I say – our couple getting married and consummating their wedding made me feel like I was marrying my own baby off. I wanted to pat myself on the head and say “you did it” to those two kids.

This episode hammered home the point that only Oh Ha Ni can put up with Seung Jo’s rather staid and chilly personality, making it a marriage where they truly understand and can put up with each other. You’ll never get a conversation between them whereby one person accuses the other of being totally different than before they were married. These two know what they are getting into, and love being with each other regardless.

There is a lot of story to wrap up in one short hour, so I hope the final episode tomorrow mixes all the elements together and surprises us with a delightful confection of an ending that leaves everyone satisfied that we’ve spent the last 16 hours with PK. It goes without saying that those who love the story and this iteration are happy with its existence, and those who feel otherwise have their own opinions. I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts, and sharing my own when the drama wraps up tomorrow.

[Credits: screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss Bar, MBC official stills, and]


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      and yes, I realize this whole comment was about me laughing… but I thought your brilliant humour deserves it’s own accolade. kk

      • LOL, v. Girl, you’re hilarious yourself. Anyway, I forgot to respond to your last comment on my comment. Haha. So here it is:

        Aww! Yeah, I’m sure if you got a viikii account, you probably would be even more addicted and busy. Haha. Viikii itself is super addicting and I will be the first to admit it. But, I suppose we can always talk about That Love Comes on DB during OT (Yes! I finally know what it means now! :P). And btw, I love Joe Cheng. He hasn’t had that many lines but…I’m anticipating it. I love his hair. It reminds me of Seung Jo’s. <–Trying to relate it to PK so this comment won't be totally out of place. Heh.

      • lol.. am I? if that’s the case, funny how my cyberspace persona is the opposite of my real-world self. I never heard I was a funny person, and certainly not a hilarious one. 🙂
        kk.. don’t worry about not replying or replying somewhere else… my comments are all over the place on AKP as well. -_-” (sorry ockoala)
        yay! you might have realized that OT is completely random and crazy as well as crazy fun… wars happen, ravings happen, people talk about the weirdest subjects as well.. i usually don’t participate much although i read most of the comments on there. it’s quite entertaining. I try not to get myself engulfed into all of that because if i get sucked in (like i was during the PP period…), i start to stalk that thread and write pages and pages of comments… how come i write more on blogs than for my college dissertations?! kk
        oh… joe cheng’s hair in that love comes is definitely looking good. i’m not sure if it’s the hair that does it but i feel like he’s hotter than ever.
        and to relate this comment to PK, um… well… zhi shu and baek seung jo are both absolutely loveable jerks.
        and I will write my thoughts on ep 15 this night… i will. i’m just going back to rewatch the episode again before i do.

  1. lovely recap as usual!!
    editing monkey was spot on.. unfortunately, they have to cram everything into the last two episodes, so editing monkey is forgiven!!

    i also cried when i saw Joon Gu outside the Baek house and the father daughter moment.. very touching.. ( mind you, i was watching the raw video without any subs..but i still cried anyways..)

    as for the honeymoon scene.. the wall..wish it wasn’t there.. but i have to say that i’m still mightily satisfied with it.. because it was sweet and it still made me squeel in glee anyway!!!! i’m way to happy already.. and hopefully more kisses to come on the last episode!! im really crossing all my fingers.. even my toes.. 🙂

    i’m one happy person because of this!!! ( giggling while jumping with joy..)


  2. Oh my gosh OC Koala! I LOVE all your summaries. This one in particular had me laughing out loud like a hysterical hyena that my husband looked over at me like I’m a crazy person!

    Oh my goodness, you had me laughing so hard at:



    “all you hear is me screaming “THE WALL, WHY IS THE CAMERA PANNING OVER TO A FRICKIN’ WALL!?!”

    Indeed my friend, I was having the same thoughts…….Thank you for all your wonderful insights and witty reparte! I love it! And this series was a nice, gentle, and pleasant ride. I’m sad that it’s almost over.

    Thank you for your wonderful site!

    • hahaha….i thought the same thing too!! ^^ i think because of the camera angle, SJ & Hani might not actually kissing before SJ carried Hani to bedroom ^^ and… the WALL!! argh….!!! cut of a few second for more excitement…hehe

  3. The scenes with her father touched me more than anything else, I feel like I wanted to get married again with the present of my family for my wedding was done without them.

  4. once again, thanks for the detailed recap.
    i hate to say this, but due to my own stupidness, i already know wat is going to happen in ep 15 AND ep 16 beforehand. i mean so far the drama is going at EXACTLY how the manga was like (except with some skipped scenes and switch around). other than tat, everything is the same including some of the dialogue…..

    perhaps knowing wat is going to happen kinda of ruined my mood. even tho, i still love the drama so much…. personally, i think they will find the good “cut off point” in ep 16 and do a REAL conclusion in the YT special…wat do u guys think?

  5. I read this recap on my phone while eating alone in a restaurant. Had to keep from being the crazy lady in the corner laughing by herself.

    I’ve had a craptastic day, now to sit down and watch some PK. There is definitely a lot packed into this episode but I’m still looking forward to it.

    • Ok, I’ve now watched the raw episode. Thanks again for the recaps! I was able to cry with Oh Ha Ni and her dad and actually know why! That is my favorite scene of the episode. Followed by Ha Ni kissing Seung Jo at wedding. To me the kiss had a sense of accomplishment for her. This is what she wanted and she got it! Not just the marriage but realizing through Eun Jo’s revelation that she’d really captured him. I imagine her saying in her head, “Mwahaha, you’re mine now, bitch.” But classier since she’s not me.

      I was actually completely happy with the chicka-chicka-bow-now scene, I loved his virginal awkwardness. As for the camera angles, here’s how I see it. I’ve so far learned to be disappointed by K-drama kisses. If they were to show their actual lips close up, I would imagine that the kisses would be much more tame. By backing away we get something that actually resembles a make-out session. And my brain can fill in the lip sucking/nibbling and tongue action, which I’m pretty sure we would never actually see. It would have been nice if the camera would have been IN the room, so I wouldn’t feel like a perv peeking in through the window. Though, that is in fact what I am. Ahem.

      As for the odd cut to her in bed back at the house. I like to think that it means they remained nekkid for the rest of their honeymoon, stopping for nothing but the barest of nourishment which came via room service. Obviously, that can’t be filmed, now can it?

      Lastly, I had a “oh yeah, that’s why no one will marry me” moment. When he said that crap in the car about rethinking marrying her…when he looked away out the window, I would have smacked him upside the head. Also, after their little argument over Shameless Hussy…ooh, uh uh. He would not gotten off that easy. (Oh look, my ghetto came out)

      Oh oh, and when she picked up that little monkey in the store during honeymoon, I couldn’t help but imagine that she said to BSJ, “Look, it’s the editor!”

      • lulybunny..i hope you don’t take this the wrong way.. but you’re hilarious! i just read your take on the episode and it was fun too!! hehehehe.. 🙂

      • Oh and another thing. That dress she was wearing at the last scene was just too adorable for words. I thought she looked so sexy there, how BSJ didn’t just carry her off upstairs, I’ll never know.

        Even after 15 episodes I still get taken aback by how beautiful she really is. So elegant, I think. At the end now, I have to say, I came for KHJ… I stayed for JSM. Girl is awesome.

      • Lol your comment was priceless!

        and Thank-You OcKoala! Yet another Fan-friggn-Tastsic Recap!

      • your so funny!!!
        “picking up monkey at store, look its our editor!” that line alone really cracks me up!!!

      • LMAO…love your take on this episode.

        I love your ghettoness because my ghettoness came out as well when it came to that part. I was like…uh uh..he did not just do that to HaNi! -Girlfriend got her bitch-dar turned up high and was able to detect “bitch bitch bitch” from miles away. But atlast it finally clicked in his genuis head that he was WRONG!

        About the kissing part, I agree with you. It’s not only in kdrama kissing scenes but I feel that towards all asian drama kissing scenes. Not the best but from the angles, I can only imagine all the lip slopperings. It’s all for imaginations and I’d like to keep it as that. lol

        Thank you Lulybunny and OcKoala for all the good laughs and feedbacks. Enjoyed every bit of it!

      • Thanks!

        And holy crap I woke up depressed today. Something is wrong with me to be this sad over a show! Jeez.

  6. Love u Ockoala as always – u r awesome. Love your comment about camera angle and panning, I laughed so hard. What can I said enjoyed every bits of this recap. No need to watch eng sub from viikii now.

    Thank you,

  7. Ockoala – tomorrow will be the last read on PK!! sob sob ! so so sad! I’ve enjoyed PK so much through your thoughts and oh-so-spot-on recaps. You’ll be surprised how the recaps can add to the enjoyment of the drama when one does have the benefit of understanding korean. A good recap really fills up all the potholes and it extends the reach of the drama further. Epi 15 was really trying hard to cover so many loose ends or scenes from the manga that it came across as abrupt alright. But as usual we PK fans were willing to overlook a lot if there were some satisfying parts in there to make-up for it! The leads and everybody else in the acting capacity did not disappoint at all. SJ & Ha-ni are so adorable in their coupledom! So cute! I’m feeling so happy for them and so sad our PK road is coming to an end tonight! Looking forward to your final recap tomorrow.

  8. hi ockoala
    i always come to read your recap, never miss it.
    about the kissing scene tots….i have the same feeling as u did.

    wedding kiss – “Hani, pls move your finger a bit…. we can’t see your mouth……”
    sofa kiss – i was yelling “BSJ! Dont block! Hey director, what are you doing outside? Come inside and take close up scene……”
    bed kiss – AGAIN “what the….. director, what are you doing again? Keep standing outside for what? Go inside the room!”

    Anyway, I am hoping for tonite last episode.
    More “pinkish moment” for EP16.
    Posted fancam caught they kissing in the mini cooper for their last shooting yesterday.
    Just cross our fingers…… JangKiss hwaiting!!

  9. Thank you OcKoala for a great recap!

    At this point I’m willing to forgive PK for anything being that it is my saving grace this week. But once I get my coherence back I might be less forgiving, and at that point it’s like “who really cares?” because it’ll be like BoF, a fun, hot–well, for PK’s sake, FLUFFY–mess. I don’t mind right now, and I have a feeling I wouldn’t mind later on when I rewatch. I think the lack of real REM sleep these two weeks, work, school, and anticipation, has made my film critic eye dull. Or maybe it’s the HJ fanservice, not entirely sure.

    I think the director was caught between going “gah! screw it–lets just do whatever,” and “gah! hurry hurry hurry!” But that latter thought begs me to ask “what about the webisodes?”

    (Okay some semblance of my cinematic eye is coming up and it’s really not happy…)

    In the end, character wise, I’m glad everything is back to relative normalcy. Seungjo’s cold-ish and Hani is exuberant again. That in my book is forgivable. I always like my story to be full circle, where people do change but not so drastically they’re unrecognizable.

    Lastly, “Koala go wut?” had me in laughing so hard my cheeks hurt, and “Probably the same place her virginity went – into your pocket. Ooops, did I just say that? Sorry!” was an awesome line. I just wanted to tell you I copied and pasted it to my quote book for posterity, and maybe it’ll give me inspiration for a line. Is that okay?

      • Thank you! I have a quote book now, as opposed to post-its for my sanity. 🙂 Lately, because I’ve been stalking the ssangcho blog I’m feeling “don’t lose me”–KHJ’s words written on the sand to Hwangbo. This has been stewing for 4 months.

        Back to PK, I thought this piece from BSJ’s “diary” entry was interesting: “Maybe it’s like a habit now. Your being like air… next to me.Always standing there, just like a tree…” and “Your sad voice comforts me today. You, who hurts more than me…
        The tears that pool in my eyes… You comfort me and make the pain go away. Tonight, we are both hurt. The stars can’t sleep. You and I can’t sleep…” “But my heart keeps ripping apart, like a wet piece of paper…” (credits to translators…)

        Yes, I know it’s not BSJ, but as a piece of literature it’s waxing poetic. Desperation is a hit or miss perfume, after all.

  10. Thanks Ockoala! I have been stalking your site since you seem to put “delight” into my day! I promised not to get too attached with PK and Im doing a great job(will not have ReRunSydrome!). I pratically heard you when his head was on the way(while shooting this angle were they just talking!? and actually not kissing grrr!) and what the heck about panning walls? Since when did the PK camera man agrred to the Sh*t!? gggrrrrr! But oh well lovely moment with Dad, I felt like I sent HaNi myself. And EuJo good for him by telling HaNi the truth! And to my fav character of all Oma, she’s the best now I wish I had somewhat a mother like her!


  11. Thank you chingoo for such fantastic recaps…I had no doubts about that…& I think the cameraman from City Hall who shot the steamy MiGuk scene worked the similar PK making out scene…quoting you..DUNDERHEADS…such a waste of hormonal stimulation…NOT

  12. Like you mentioned above, this episode was jammed pack with all sorts of plot stuff. Everything — from the wedding preparations to after the honeymoon — felt really rushed. No, it didn’t FEEL rushed, it was rushed. This was probably the only episode that I said to my computer screen, “ARGH! PK, slow down please.” — which is totally ironic because so many of us (or at least I, myself) previously complained about PK’s slower plot pacing before. The drama finally answered my requests at the wrong time. The scenes I liked best were also the subtle, quieter ones. It’s during these scenes that I really saw depth behind these characters and relationships. I absolutely loved Joon Gu’s farewell scene to Ha Ni. It wrapped things up so nicely between them. I think he was overshadowed a lot by Baek Seung Jo throughout PK, but when he does get some screen time, my heart skips an extra beat. (I’m just relieved that he wasn’t going to start singing “Wedding Dress” to himself and moan over his loss. Kidding, kidding! Oh, and I love that Christine girl. She’s adorables!) Episode 15 actually reminded me a lot of Queen of Reversal’s premiering episode. No spoilers, I promise. There was also just much to be covered and the editing was all over the place, too. (I wonder if it’s the same monkey editor from PK.)

    Moving on, I can’t say I enjoyed the “bigger” scenes like the wedding, honeymoon, etc. since it just whizzed by quickly. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute — just not as exciting as I thought it would be. There was so much to cover in this episode that I honestly would have been a tad bit happier if we got more scenes just between Seung Jo and Ha Ni themsleves. I didn’t care much about Hae Ra or the Senior, although it WAS good to see them two kiddos bonding. Perhaps it would have been better in the previous episode since isn’t 15 & 16 supposed to focus more on our OTP after marriage life? ><'' Oh, and…was there supposed to be another newlywed couple during the honeymoon? If it wasn't in the manga, then I personally think that they should've scrapped that. Shameless Hussy was no fun, only grating. I feel for her older husband. And there was a lot of time lapses, wasn't there? That's why the pacing felt so rushed. If only the various vignettes within this episode could be connected with each other, instead of sporadically popping up, I would have been more satisfied. As for the editing, I have nothing to say except that at least the more competent editor will be back to duty for the finale. Heehee.

    It may sound as if I didn't like this episode but I did find it to be very enjoyable. I'm just suddenly feeling nitpicky because I feel like I've ignored a lot of PK's flaws in previous discussions. Well, thanks again ockoala! The party is already started and tomorrow will definitely be crazy. On a last note — I'm probably one of the few who may think so — sometimes the online fandom for PK was much more entertaining than the drama itself.

    • *Oh, and…was there supposed to be another newlywed couple during the honeymoon? If it wasn’t in the manga, then I personally think that they should’ve scrapped that. *

      Not sure about the manga.. but it’s in the anime. And it’s actually longer and the girl is more annoying than it’s told here so that’s one plot I like whizzing pass me like a bullet train in PK.. 😛

      • was thinking the same about the side stories ( tennis Sunbae-HR , BJG-Chris ) , I mean why giving them so much time in the epi when those last two epi are supposed to be only about the wedding and the newly wed couple’s life , was wishing for more OHN-BSJ during this epi , more interraction between the couple and BSJ trying to be more nicer to OHN after that shouting on her for being jealous , just tickiling her wasn’t enough for me , since hismself knew that other woman was flirting with him in a disgusting way , he should have appologized to OHN .
        Anyway even though I was happy with some scenes but still feel a bit disappointed since I was wishing for more during this epi and the upcoming and the last one .

        Ockoala thankuuuuu for your funny and sometimes hilarious update and comments 🙂

  13. A++ recap ockoala. That was awesome. I think it was one of your best recap!! I literally laughed the entire time reading your recap that my husband shook his head and called me a crazy lady. LOL.

    With the exception of the editing part, I really enjoyed this episode. It felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster ride. I laughed, cried, screamed and in the end, was fully satisfied. I can’t believe tomorrow will be the end of my PK addiction. What am I to do with my free time?

    • @ v posted in an earlier comment about the Baek brothers performing the Rainism dance. Here’s a video showing their performances side by side. These two brothers can really move…. Enjoy. /watch?v=Pwax4C2q4L0&feature=player_embedded

      • whenever I watch the video of KHJ dancing on bad boy ( ahhhh luuuv this song by my Rain oppa ) , I just can’t believe I’m watching the same person playing the calm and cold BSJ , as if it’s a totally diffrent two persons , but still love him in both 🙂

      • @rainyrainy … yep… me too, me too… i love both of him. honestly, i did swoon a bit at jihoo sunbae during the end part (the first part was terrible with the hair and the awkwardness of the acting) but i’m so glad KHJ took this role because now, i can finally say that i loved him as an actor as well. he still has a long way to go but i think he really nailed his BSJ character.

  14. Haven’t read your recaps in full yet, Ockoala…but I feel I really have to say “KOMAWO” first & foremost for being the FASTEST RECAPPER this side of the KDramaWorld, as we know it!!
    And again for FEEDING ALL our “PK-desires” (BTS, spoilers, etc) for the past two months!! SARANGHAE, chingu!!!
    Now, on with the recaps!!!

  15. thank you ockoala so much for the fast recap and i totally agree with you why the kissing scene was blocked.. hope the last episode makes it worthwhile watching…the end is near and im sad…

  16. first big lolzy of the day and its because the screencap SUDDENLY got bigger when it came to Seungjo smooching Hani on the couch!!

    I need time to dissect and digest, plus I’m totally doing this reply on the sly at work so…. big hugs and kisses to my favourite koala!

  17. Aigoo, Ockoala…you had me “laughing out loud” from the first paragraph!!!

    “And……it’s the wedding day! Omo, I think I’m more excited about this wedding than my own. Well, not really, but it’s up there in excitement level.”

    Your naughty & ironic “inserts” are really one for the books!!! LMAO!!
    “Where’d all her determination and grit gone? Probably the same place her virginity went – into your pocket. Ooops, did I just say that? Sorry!”
    …and this:
    and finally this:
    “and all you hear is me screaming “THE WALL, WHY IS THE CAMERA PANNING OVER TO A FRICKIN’ WALL!?!”).
    wahahahaha!! exactly what I was thinking too, when I watched that penultimate scene!!! whoa!!!
    Ockoala, your recaps are actually better than the episode!!! Komapta for making my day!!!!!!!

  18. I laughed and laughed through this recap! With that said I can not believe they filmed the back of Hyun Joong’s head either!! What were they thinking? I was actually surprised they even showed them in the same bed together so that scene was actually quite good…until they started filming that stupid wall!!! Seriously the wall?!! Ok I am calm now. Oh well the episode was still good just because it had some really good moments in it. It was an odd number episode so I was expecting the not so great editing but even that was better than what I thought it would be. It really did feel rushed but all in all it was still satisfying.

  19. mesmoiselles et mesdames (et messieurs?), you probably don’t need this by now… i haven’t been on viiki but i assume the subs are out by now right? but oh well, jangkiss subs just released the subbed version of ep teaser 16… our last one i might add. and one of the most racy ones as well. it can’t hurt to watch THAT again now can it?
    well besides from the heart palpitations, and the explosion of lungs…. com/watch?v=AHTHHNhqbrU

  20. Thanks for the recap! ^^

    I KNEW IT! lol I was thinking before that Ha Ni’s teacher and the smart teacher will be together by the end of the series. Haha! I wonder what happened. I’m sure it’s going to be hilarious! XD

    Christine is so pretty too! Yay! Finally she appeared! Now I know that Joon Gu will be in good hands. 🙂 I’m still hurt for Joon Gu… the wedding scene is just so heartbreaking for him. But anyway, like I said, Christine’s here now to the rescue… ^^

    I kinda don’t like Seung Jo during the wedding prep. Sure things are going fast, but come on, could you be a little optimistic? If I were Ha Ni I’ll probably just call of the wedding since the guy doesn’t seem interested. But of course this is Ha Ni we’re talking about so that would be impossible. XD I love the wedding kiss! HAHA! Way to go Ha Ni!!! ^^

    Sigh… if a hussy bitch will mess with me too during my *future* honeymoon, she’ll get what she deserves. LOL XD

    The editing’s not good though. But I guess the monkey (lol) didn’t have much choice as well… it’s hard to fit all those scenes & cuts in just an hour episode.

    Anyway, last episode tomorrow! ^^ I’m excited to see it! 🙂

  21. Well……. the others have just picked all the compliments out from under my typing fingers… rock koala!!!!!!! thank you so much for the best fun i have had in ages!!!! one more to go…then the youtube ones right??? you ARE also piggyback riding us on those…YES????????Please say YOU ARE!!!!!! Love ya!!!!

  22. Your comments in CAPS totally made my night. I so agree with you! I laughed my head off and my husband thought I was crazy. 😛 Thanks for such awesome recaps!

  23. Methinks monkey was still hung-over from their wedding after-party. So much so that he can’t even tell time anymore. Or the difference between animate and inanimate objects. I mean, kissy couple vs. wall and candles…seriously?!!

    But I’m willing to forgive monkey’s horrible editing because when I re-watched their “first night” scene in HD, I definitely heard unmistakable making-out sounds there. Monkey probably forgot to edit those out when he added the background music. Shitty editing gone hot. Ha.

    I know. It’s sad then the only thing that saved this whirlwind of an episode for me was their make-out session. And even then, you still need to watch it in HD. With the volume turned up a bit. 😛

  24. ..just finished watching the english subbed episode.. im fluffy and happy about it.. i’m in a daze and no complaints..
    .. still can’t get over the honeymoon scene though.. baek seung jo over oh ha ni.. saying he can’t wait any longer.. and the kissing sounds..aarrgghh…. seriously?!! how in the world am i going to sleep now???!!! ( hehehehe.. i’m very envious of oh ha ni..wish i was her for that moment…please,please…petty pleeassseee!!!! ) 😉

  25. gah… I. Will. Get. To. My. Comment. before tomorrow’s episode…
    but i seem to get distracted constantly…
    anyways, despite what JB said about them no longer being adorable being belief (i’m not sure this is verbatim), I still maintain they are cutest couple ever… (ok, maybe not ever but i can’t currently think of something that tops BSJ-OHN on top of my head right now so i’ll count it as ever… kk)..
    Aren’t they?
    see the new ep 15 extra pics and judge yourself.

      • yep… i just went to Group8 twitter… it’s official, the youtube thingy (still don’t know what to call it besides special.. which i don’t like the sound of) will start november 2nd. does that mean that the cast and crew won’t get any rest?
        i love the two articles where khj said how he will miss pk and tae sung said not to forget joongu… don’t worry duckie, we won’t.. kk

      • v, nov 2? wow so we dont need to wait longer!
        its a good news for me!

        and by the way v, i added another post to the OT. lol!

      • @jeankaycee… lol did you? and thank you btw for ur kind words about my comment…
        and i will go to OT now and see what you wrote…
        hani disease is really grubbing on me.

      • oh… i’ve just read you’re reply to diadda… lovely. always polite and i’m so glad you stated our purpose so clearly.

      • I think the pictures are supposed to be album pictures than mama baek used to decorate the house… they are not part of a scene… or maybe who knows… perhaps the pd meant to put in a footage of it at first and then changed his mind… sigh.
        i’m sad about this too but at least they released the pics.

  26. Side note, I think the most irksome thing that’s gotten me off kilter (aside from the Behind the scenes I saw this morning :eye’s V: >.>) is the ring on BSJ’s finger. Goodness I usually don’t care about these types of details but as a KHJ fan, man, that hit my gut. A slow acidic panic arose and stayed. But lessened because Jung So Min’s so darned cute and I can’t bear to go against her.

    (Watching Joongbo to release burning panic)

    • @JJ. I know what you’re talking about. But he does have a ring that he often wears on his left finger, the one that his mom gave him so that wedding ring didn’t even bother me one bit.

      Acidic panic part for me was watching that spoiler BTS fancam of them kissing and smiling at each other inside a car. My “wild fancy” brain started going overdrive. Ha.

      Still, it makes my heart happy that no one can top my mosquito-swatting kid groom in Jeju. That boy still holds a special place in my heart. 😛

      • yep yep… KHJ is the most charming as himself… but i will wait for the day when he’ll take on a role that will make us forget KHJ… will that even be possible?

      • @ Yeisha the kissing with JSM didn’t bother me. The kissing and ROLLING around in the bed with Haera did. (CANNOT UNSEE!!!) But I’ll be okay, I need to steel my mental faculties. LOL

        The ring bothers me because it wasn’t given to him by his mom. And rings really don’t mean anything to me, I wear my grandmother’s heirloom engagement ring on my left hand for fun (and I get scolded but w/e). But the fact that I see a glimmering gold band, unsettled me so much. It made me think “oh my goodness, one day he’ll have a girl. I hope she’s awesome. I hope he’ll have something real. I hope he’ll always be happy” (my joongbo is showing, sorry) … “I hope she’ll be supportive of him as I know he’ll be of her.” :sigh:

        HJ had wanted to get married young, that was his wish, but as it seems that he is being groomed to be the Yon-sama#2 he’s pushed it back and has even said “if I even get married” (said in his last fan meeting in Japan). That broke my heart. Gold ring broke my heart. Him tired and lonely broke my heart.

        Hwangbo had said after the Manager for the day mission “it felt good coming home to someone. that all I did was not for nothing…this was the easy life shillang was talking about”.

        Back to PK. I really hope he takes a good rest after filming. That he uses his new experiences to write awesome songs (and, if it’s not too farfetched, have a duet with HB LOL)

        @ V I choose to see things as they come. And I know it’s almost like a sin for me to keep comparing HJ’s drama characters with his real self. As a person, if I like an aspect of a person I begin to like that person as a whole. His looks is a bonus but his quirkiness and hard work was what attracted me to him.

        All this to say, that one day he’ll be a good actor. But I don’t think anything can be as bright and lovable as he is as himself.

    • sorry again about that… -_-
      and aren’t you a die hard joongboer or what? haha. that’s cute.
      I love ssangchu couple as well but I’m fine with hyun joong with the ring but i get why that wouldn’t sit too well with you…

      • @V. Unfortunately, upon re-watching Joongbo cuts (farewell ep, farm scenes) this week, I’m already resigned to the fact that KHJ-as-Shillang-in-WGM totally ruined all his dramas for me. I don’t think I’ll over forget all his antics in WGM. Sigh.

        I mean, who can you forget this face? Or his scream when he saw that dragonfly in the farm?

        Kyaaa. Okay, back to PK. Sorry I got a little too carried away with my Ssangchu memories.

      • omo.. that farewell scene had me TEAR up… i broke my heart at buin’s tears.. i didn’t want to believe it ended… i was in denial mode… i felt like cluthching at straws when they went to that mbc awards ceremony together for the presentation…
        lol.. the dragonfly… i don’t remember it verbatim but he said something like you know, i won’t even run away from hyenas but i can’t stand dragonflies and cicadas… hahaha..
        and back to PK… omo… i feel stunted… part of my brain is freezing out the fact that it ended… i’m going to be in denial mode once again.. rewatching pk and then mourning the fact that it’s not longer. WAIL….

      • @ V and Yeisha.

        PK & WGM REWATCH LOL -_-

        I hope that when the DVD comes out they’ll also include the YT bits in it.

      • @JJ are you getting the dvd as well?? me too?
        I’m saving right now for the dvd, the calendar, the mugs, and the photobook although i know you disliked the diaries… kk

      • i meant me too (exclamation point)…. i got too excited and wrote the wrong punctuation… kk

      • Yeisha! You just made my morning. Freakin’ love his “dragonfly face.”

        I saw WGM after BOF, the pretty face caught my interest but his oddball personality got me stuck. He is such a dork.

      • @ V, LOL the benifit of having 3 jobs is I get to spend without asking my parents money XD LOL and be responsible enough to pay my bills.

        I’m just getting the DVDs. I’ll be getting the WGM DVD’s too although they’re grotesquely expensive. T_T

        Btw, thanks for the 16 recap. I’ve always had a list of reasons why I loved Mini’s. This totally goes on my top 10 reasons why.
        It might actually make me want to get my permit (i’m about 4years behind, can you imagine that, my sister’s got her permit and i’ve got…nothing). My dad had conceded years ago that whatever car I want they’ll get IF. I. CAN. JUST. GET. MY. FRAKIN. PERMIT/LICENSE. LOL (and the mini was always my #1)

      • lol… i’m going to get bashed for this but for me… KHJ has his pretty moments when i just think, OMG, his prettiness is unbelievable… swoon… he ALWAYS looks gorgeous in photoshoots though i feel like he’s out of this world…
        but there are other moments when i think he’s not THAT pretty. so for me, it’s definitely not his appearance that had me love him… it was 90% his dorky, witty, 4d side, but also hardworking passionate side… and then, like 5 percent of the cool dancing and guitar playing and 5% appearance.

      • @JJ
        lol… yep.. having your own spending money is definitely one of the reason i want a job… but i have more than i can handle right now so i’ll wait to sort my life in order before taking one.
        you’re also getting the WGM dvds? me too… it’s on the top of my to-buy list but it’ll have to go after PK… i was already saving for those dvds but then pk came up so now, my savings will go to PK dvds first, and then WGM second.

        you’re welcome about the recaps. but for someone who writes so well like yourself, it must have given you a headache to go through some of the nonsense i spouted.
        i have my license already but it’s been 2 yrs i haven’t driven a car. i basically got my license and never drove since then.. -_-
        it’s not like my parents don’t want me too. it’s because i’m too chicken to drive.

      • @ V, I’m fixated on his quirkiness to be honest, that’s like 80% of his appeal. His music skills about 10%, 5% to his hobo history (my dad spent some time as a hobo also so those type stories get me right @ the <3) and about 5% his charisma. I affectionately call him "pug-face" because he looks like a pug with his big eyes and nose, and I wouldn't have it any other way. (Youngbae's my puppy also…) Back to quirkiness, I attribute it to his a reduced latent inhibition, in which his mind's filter for details is not as "fine" as others. That's why he's so creative. My abnormal psych course is beginning to show most def. LOL But I personally don't find him all too "4D" per se because he sounds just like me and my friends. I guess it's the cultural thing. Wow, deja vu, why do I feel like I've written this before? (searches fuzzy brain)

        As for license, I'm lazy in getting it. I'm petrified of driving, and hate added responsibilities. Sure it's freedom, but no. thanks. LOL

        Back to PK, your reviews are fine, I can always blame the crap-tastic editing monkeys. It's their fault you can't be as poignant! 😛

      • Btw, I spent almost all of high school editing… for and at school. Trust me, your recaps, not as bad as the stuff I’ve encountered. : looks @ Yeisha : Like that anti-ssancho blog that we at Ssangcho were up in alms about yesterday. LOL

      • @JJ
        lol… the deja vu was because you said the exact same thing in another comment before.. kk
        i forgot where though… fuzzy brain as well. and i replied in that comment something like i still think he thinks of the most unpredictable answers or something like that…
        and oh, i also like his hobo history… i had a personal experience about it but it not long at all… but the point is i could totally sympathize with him. and yes.. his charisma… how could i forget that… have you seen him in airport fancams? the guy looks like he has a shining aura.
        and yes, when i said that i didn’t find him that pretty sometimes, i wouldn’t have it any other way as well… and omo, “pug-face” is PERFECT… if you don’t mind, it might get integrated into my language when describing him from now one… youngbae a puppy? strangely, i don’t see that… i can’t see him as an animal… maybe a puma for me.. a cute one though.
        and lol. ur psych class sounds interesting.
        lol. we have the same exact attitude about driving.. i was made to get the license but as i told you.. public transportation works just fine for me.
        lol… yes.. the monkey editing… we’ve got monkey editing, orangutan preview writing, and now chimpamzee recapping from me?? maybe i should change my nickname to chimpanzee. kk

      • @JJ
        lol.. i read what you guys wrote on ssangchu yesterday… like i said.. i hang around the blog but usually, i’m just a lurker… it’s PK that has me become extra active.
        and thanks for your encouraging words about my recaps.. i still think they are terrible but in my defense, once i edit my own essays, they become quite decent… and my in-class writing essays are usually almost error-free… it’s the combination of typing and spelling and coherence that don’t go to well for me. i’m better at hand-writing things.. kk

      • Pug face is up for usage. Idk if it was my friend who mentioned it off handedly or if I made it up myself… LOL But up for grabs!
        YB looks like a puppy b/c of his eye smile. ^^ <- like that. Err, more curved but you get me.

        I'm going to throw this one out here, but if I ever get to meet him, and have an opportunity for a picture, I want him to look at me and not the camera, so I can look at the camera and remember the blissed out feeling. Or if I can't get a picture with him I'll beg for a picture of our hands flush together… (that would be an awesome cellphone wall paper btw) *****Hyunnies, please don't copy the concept!!!**** Idk why, it would be a great change in pictoral style and a I'm more in love with his profile (THAT JAW!) anyways. LOL

      • haha… thank you for giving your permission… i won’t hesitate about using it then…
        aw… the eye smile… MELT.. honestly, like i said on DB, i was never a BB fans per se but oh good do i love his eye smile… it was always there but the first time i really SAW it… like really saw it, was late… before, i was more into TOP and GD in BB, and daesung as well… and then the MBC star dance battle changed everything… i fell for the 2 other BB members in that. you know the part where he moved his cap up a bit and then smile… THAT was one i fell for him… hard. (well, as hard as a non-fan could). and i’m not gonna lie, the abs exposure was cherry on the cake. oddly enough, i also fell for seungri during that episode. it was when snsd was dancing and he was moving his head to the music… i fell for that moment as well. kk

        and i’m imagining your picture taking scene with hyun joong and all i can think of is the fan on star king…
        if you dont know what i’m talking about… it starts at aroudn 1:15… the fan was hilariously struck dumb… i don’t blame her.. i think i might have reacted the same.
        and yes… i never noticed leader’s profile until PK but damn.. i think i fell in love with his jaw and neck more than any other part of his body… well, except maybe for his smile and chest. kk

      • and my chimpanzee english is back with the last comment… see, when i get too excited (aka when i’m talking about hot pretty boys)… my english tends to fail me… heck, i’m sure even my french would fail me as well..

      • I saw this one already and my sister and i LOL’d so hard. Living in NYC i’ve seen a lot of celebs (esp where i hang) and so i’ve got this jaded attitude. But who is to say that if he’s right in front of me? I COULD GLOMP HIM but that would be a bad example and kharma would keep him away from me for all eternity. LOL So moderate behaviour would most likely give me another kharmatic ticket. LOL -_- oy. (typing essay like a mad woman, i still don’t know what I’m doing here)

      • lol… go do your essay! blogging can wait… it’s not like AKP would suddenly shut down right?
        and yes…i lol’d badly at that vid as well. epic. ur so lucky to see celebs in NY! the only times i can go to NY is during school breaks. my friends and i would take the train there but we’ve never seen celebs… TT. but i would exchange seeing all hollywood celebs put together (ok, maybe not…hmm. i’m not sure…) just to see one of my fav korean idols.

      • Sorry to further derail the commentary, but when you mention buying WGM, do you mean the Japanese subs for JoongBo? Or is there something else out there?

        And I have no time to watch PK yet, so annoyed!

      • @ V

        @ Lulybunny I meant the Japan DVD’s. :sigh: the bad thing about being a polygloth is that it gets awfully confusing sometimes. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve replied to teachers in a different language at school -_- or how in my house my sister and I speak/respond to each other in broken Japanese-Korean-Tagalog-Norwegian-French-Spanish. And manage to understand. LOL

        But yes, I love Joongbo so much I am willing to rack my brain and read, what I can assume to be Hiragana/Katakana subs.

      • @JJ welcome back! and congrats for your essay. i guess ill see you in ep 16 recap then (isn’t ockoala crazy fast?).
        and i totally understand you about missing languages… I do that with my brother too… i speak a mix of french, english, vietnamese, and japanese in one sentence with him. or when i talk to myself, i add other languages that i like (korean) that he doesn’t speak. kk.

  27. Ockoala. Kanghamsamida! You made me sane the whole PK journey with your wonderful recaps and amazing spoiler tidbits. I agree that the last two episodes could have been expanded for maybe 2 more (making it 18 episodes) to show the full bloom of BSJ and OHN relationship. I was hoping BSJ will show more softening in her actions/ways with OHN. That would have made us PK addicts breathless.
    I look forward to KHJ next TV series project, if any. Im starting to like JSM too after watching her in PK. Continue Fighting!

  28. OMG ocoala you said everything i wanted to say about this episode to a tee even better!!!
    Seriously, I thought I was the only one who noticed that they shot the kissing/honeymoon scene at a WEIRD ANGLE! I couldn’t really tell if they’re kissing for real or just pretending for the sake of pleasing the viewers who are expecting a lot and the censorship board who are well…expecting a lot less!!!
    everything’s been said here so just saying thank you again and i’ll be stalking you again later for the final episode. till then!

  29. Hey there I couldn’t help but noticing the endless stream of comments about your recap & the thoughts you had about the gaps in the story. Great job!
    I agree with most of the people who commented that the whole episode was rushed & the kissing scenes were a fluke. This time around, there weren’t any close-ups unfortunately. (i meant during the kissing scenes) I guess the director wanted to make some kind of a statement by making the make-out scene very subtle. Since it’s kind of like a PG drama, the director wanted to stick to the conservative side of the line; totally understandable and open for some kind of criticism.

    For a moment there, I even thought that the supposed sex scene was Ha Ni’s dream because they skipped the “WE-CAME-BACK-FROM-OUR-HONEYMOON” Part.
    Thanks for the recap! Just reading this made my night and day.
    Keep up the good work, Koala 🙂

  30. *Yes you are, Seung Jo, yes you are. And I think you may have gotten the better end of the bargain.*

    Yep.. I agree. I’m a happily married woman and I felt like jumping Hani myself when I watched her in that wedding gown. She looks like an edible cake. (is that too much information? I’ll shut up now)

    This one does feel like it’s cramming so many plots into one episode, but I don’t care anymore about how the viewers who dunno the story prior to watching PK will feel. To me now, after following the drama for so long, I’m treating the whole thing like a fan service. They manage to put so many moments I like in Itazura na Kiss.. and a strong feeling of empathy towards all the characters that was missing in the anime and ISWAK.

    I come out of this drama liking and loving everyone involved. A contrast to how I felt when I finished Itazura na Kiss anime.. I hate the kind of man Naoki Irie is and completely can’t understand why Kotoko wants to dedicate her whole life to that jerk. But here.. like you said, they compliment each other so well. Maybe the bad editing is coz they have so little time to look at everything from every angle, but the spirit of the drama itself shines in its purity and honesty. A complete family drama that makes people (well, me at least) look at the institution of marriage in a hopeful way. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this blissful watching a Korean drama.. ever.

    Thanks so much for the recap! It’s just one more episode now.. and then the 9 10-min youtube episodes and we’re done! I feel like I’m in the middle of a graduation ceremony or something… for me as a viewer.. T___T

      • yep… count me in for the mad crush about hani… if i was a man, i would have fallen for her, HARD… she’s like the most loveable, cutest girl ever.

  31. thanks ockoala!!!
    your really heaven sent ot all of PKissers!

    episode 15 have its good and bad things mixed together!
    bad, bad editing!!!! i hate that wall!!!! does that camera have an affair with that wall?!
    or does the camera man have sponsorship from the makers of that wall for him to focus on them rather than our adorable couple doing more exciting things!
    ok, i love many scenes in this episode, the quiet moments of the father and daughter before the wedding, the surprise kiss of hani to seung jo at the wedding, the goodbye gesture of joon gu. and ok, the partly honeymoon scene of the couple coz even though its short and have interferance bcoz of that stupid wall i still find it romantic and sweet. or maybe bcoz seung jo and hani looks so good together, i just accepted it the way it is.

    episode 16, i predict many things will happen coz we are twing loose ends but i do hope they would bring justice to the finale that we all PKissers deserve.

    and can i just say, jung so min is so beautiful in the wedding scene even though her wedding dress is seem to busy but god she looks so lovely that at that moment i almost believe she is really getting married! i think she does have what they call bride’s glow (i really dont know if its the right term! lol!). of course seung jo is dashing as ever!

  32. Loved your recap ockoala! I feel so sad all this is coming to an end. What I do on Thursdays and Fridays is 1. watch PK with subs 2. zoom over to your blog to see what you’ve written. I’m really going to miss all that. Promise that you’ll recap the next Kim Hyun Joong drama that comes along (please please let it be next year) and I’ll be back!!! You hit the nail on the head about the bed scenes. Frustrating shots..I couldn’t tell whether the kisses were real or fake, but still…I’m ecstatic cos it’s Our Boy making out with my most fav heroine ever Oh Ha Ni. I mean it’s rather surreal…I look at him and he’s so cool and aloof and it gives me butterflies in the stomach just seeing him UNBEND in all these intimate poses with her. And I notice he still hasn’t said I LOVE YOUUUU HANI yet. I think they’re reserving that admission for tonight, cos the preview showed Hani giving CPR to some injured girl and -SPOILER- in the anime what comes after that scene was my favourite cos it really showed how much he loved her. I’m so glad they’re going to include that scene. Jus hope that dratted monkey won’t ruin the finale ep tonight

  33. hey! i’m not quite sure what to expect from the special episodes of PK on the youtube channel but just a question here… will you be uploading recaps/subs for those episode? 🙂

  34. I almost missed today’s episode… phew..
    I just woke up… i rested a bit at 2~ish AM and before I knew it, I slept until nearly 6AM.
    Looks like my connection is going to be as unstable as yesterday…. which means a good thing because many people are tuning PK, proving its popularity, but a bad thing for my sanity… and for my recaps…
    And yes, I’ll do them once again for the last time. I almost considered NOT doing them because there’s plenty of people who do them better than me anyways@soompi and they get out really fast (aka as soon as the episode end). and i’ll post them here for those who can’t access soompi. however, doing them was fun yesterday… and i’ll try to post mine bits by bits live instead of all in a bulk. and Ockoala, I hope you would understand the spamming… Please? for the last day?

    that said, some long overdue goodies that most of you probably already have seen… sorry but I was dead asleep….

    Some last goodies before the last spurt…

    Also, for those who want to follow my rudimentary live recap, I will not post it here like yesterday… Just because I don’t want to spam the thread while it is still “fresh” and JB is probably sick by now of all my posts. and because it’s trouble some to copy and paste from one site to another during the live broadcast. (the original post was in ockoala’s so you can find it there today… otherwise, you can find plenty of recaps on soompi if you have an account.)

    and finally, rant over and the goodies:

    Screencaps of ep 16 long preview:
    Bidding fairwell by the cast:(TT):
    by KHJ:
    Official pictures of ep16:
    I already posted this last recap but here again kissing fancam:

  35. Oh Koala of my Heart, I have a favor to ask.

    May I borrow (with credit and hosted on my own PB) the shots of BSJ/Hani’s wedding night? I want to do a post comparing with TKA and am too lazy to dl PK unless absolutely necessary 😛

  36. I would like as much as possible to enjoy Playful Kiss as it is. I want to always feel giddy and wanting to fall in love like crazy. This is the reason why I watched it. That is why I avoided watching other versions. I am glad that for some reason I have never heard that there were other versions. All I know is that the Korean drama was based on a manga. I will enjoy the HD quality, with colors so sharp and pictures so vivid, how elegant the stars look (it is a good thing the Korean version has so many apparel or clothing sponsors what these the two main characters are also big endorsers), how natural the acting appears(I am so proud of Leader and SoMin, so natural, that they really look like a real couple), how appropriate the sceneries and venues look and how it adds to the effect of the drama(love the driving to the cemetery and SeungJo driving a BMV and further driving in Jeju Island with the same car wuhuu), how the trust and love has developed between SeungJo and HaNi(love,love,love and more love). If you watch the manga it doesn’t affect your perception because clearly all versions were based on it. I watched the manga immediately after I watched the Korean episodes. The Korean version was almost simultaneous with the manga since the marriage happened at EP14 in the manga and the EP 15 for Playful Kiss. The wedding actually happened later in the Korean version because of that part wherein HaNi decides to become a nurse was shown earlier. I believe the decision of the director and scriptwriter to show that part was important for the character of HaNi. Her major decision, her major purpose in life, before she will marry SeungJo. It also made SeungJo proud of her. I say the wedding announcement is almost the same, the mother quickly wanted it to happen right away. HaNis sudden kiss to SeungJo was so much better. While they were still kissing, it made everyone in the room laugh and giggle including me. I liked SeungJo’s startled reaction and quick smile and HaNis renewed confidence. SeungJo’s baby video was also there but I prefer SeungJo’s quiet anger and acceptance of the whole situation. He just seemed numb for a while. What I appreciated in the Korean version, is that it added more details like the couple looking a ring and a dress, then the argument then going to the cemetery(I liked it best after all SeungJo was really serious about marrying HaNi) and a park where the couple made more cute decisions together. There were more scenes added if you think about it. So I feel this added more depth and details to the wedding preparation and will help prepare us for EP16 especially SeungJo’s taking over the whole situation towards the end hehehe. I love that part, that mischievous smile. I know SeungJo just wants HaNi to try harder that is why SeungJo did this. HaNi does have a tendency to become complacent once everything she wants is in order, like in this episode the marriage. She got what she wanted actually already. It is a wakeup call for her to think again of the decision she made in EP 14 of becoming a nurse. It is actually a slight twist to the situation. I liked it then that the wedding and honeymoon happened in one episode in the Korean version. The only thing that bothers me most are only the Eng subs although I fully appreciate the hardwork of the subbers. There are just some words there that needs to be replaced with words used regularly in conversational English. I am saying it only because the story becomes confusing or somehow slightly changed when you read a different translation and when you notice that there is obviously a different expression you can see in the actors.

  37. Ok… finally my take on this episode… I meant to do it eariler but heaven help me… I fell into a deep torpor… weeks of PK obsession has taken a toll on me.
    And yes, I agree with ockoala about this episode being a drama critic’s nightmare… Fortunately for my enjoyment, that side of me decided to take a vacation when PK came up… Or maybe just a backseat… I can see what’s wrong with the execution (more than wrong in this case if you ask me). But at this point, I say whatever… I don’t care anymore because PK could throw me under the bus and I would still love it. which is weird because I wasn’t forgiving of BOF’s mess as much, perhaps because it was longer… and because I am one of those who bascially know itazura na kiss backward and forward so I i wasn’t unsettled by the rush that I am sure ruined the drama for those who didn’t know and love the franchise… but I am inclined to think it’s because PK has been able to infiltrate itself into my heart with its realistic touch, simplicity and generous heart.
    And yes, as much as I kept dissing the editing in my summaries for this episode, it was more out of having a laugh than seriously meaning them. I tend to zone out all the negativity with PK, just because I want to enjoy PK to the fullest. That’s probably why I love this blog so much, because it’s so forgiving despite its acknowledgement of the shortcomings. With PK, I just want to spazz. And yes, the euphoria pouring out of all the blogs/forums probably have a substantial influence on my hype but I say, let’s bring it on if it means more crazy high for me. I’ll just reserve my picky nature for something less endearing because i just can’t hate PK. And why is it starting to sound like a farewell comment (rant)? perhaps because it’s an hour away from the last episode. (ANDWAE!!>>> TT.TT)
    Not too soon, let’s go back to ep 15. Slight Spazzing warning ahead!
    Seungjo has to be one of the most grumpy groom-to-be i’ve seen… and somehow, I didn’t hate him for it… just because I knew he would come around just in time… darling, you just tend to be forgiving when in love so be happy your charms worked on me.. anyone else and I would have dragged by the collar to my mom for some serious reformation (although Hani seems to be doing fine on her own.. hey, hey u go girl!). Like cutie-totally-squeezable-little-pie eunjo said, you have some serious personality issues. I now officially LOVE robot bro no2. You’ve totally gone to Hani camp haven’t you. But you had me at the cemetary… how thoughtful are you really? or the nori phone? (what a tease… but tease as much as you want if I get to see your to-die-for smile), or the tickling? or the “i like you when you smile,” or when I saw you in that tuxedo… DASHING. kk. I still think you look best in your couple hoodies (sorry ssangchu loyalist, indulge me in my PK mode) and your ADORABLE checkered PJs. is it bizarre if I find a man (and yes, KHJ had suddenly become a man to me for the period of PK at least) sexy in dorky PJs?
    Mamma Baek, you just seem to not know when to stop do you? as a daughter, I hate it, as a viewer, I say go ahead with the crazy if it means giving a push (more like a jolt) towards the right direction (aka. the big comfortable bed. sorry that’s all i can think of at this moment. seems like the scene imprinted itself in my memory… haha). and Papa Bear… you don’t do much but you’re cute, almost as squeezable as eunjo. kk
    Joongu, I love you… that post-wedding day scene tore my heart and would have crushed me to death had I not know you’ll have your own lovely girl soon. this time, I fully authorize you to unleash all your devotion without restraint… Go and love to the fullest! although being so dashing in that blue shirt at the wedding, I kind of want you for myself. Hani, you lost a sweetheart and got yourself a jerk. that must be true love.
    btw, ockoala, LOVE your reference to the graduate… dear precious movie.
    Haera, what a dignified woman you are… I would hope I can become you one day. And tennis sunbae might look (be) old, but if you learn to love him, you’ll be happy. and i want you happy.
    That can’t be said about that failure of a woman… yes, I am talking about the married witch I have now given nickname of Superglue, Hanger, Vine, and Harpie (I like to pick and choose.. XD). But you’ve done your role well if despite your pretty face, I found you ugly. Plus, seeing Seungjo say that Hani is incomparable was almost worth the hair pulling, virtual neck wringing I went through because of you. I don’t know if I should pity your husband or throw him in a pit with you for being such a clueless doormat.
    Daddy Oh… You were never as worthy of awing as now… You had me in tears with your love for your daughter. What a worthy dad. Don’t worry, your daughter is in good hands, albeit rough ones. You can RIP… I mean cook in peace.
    Hani, that kiss at the wedding was the BEST (so far in the episode)… you got your payback, KHJ’s, I mean BSJ’s lips, the crowd in frenzy, and me squealing and smiling ear to ear. One day, I will grab someone and kiss him like that as well… I might even pull a merong for the sake of PK good times. You’re wedding dress didn’t make me want to have my own wedding but your wedding did… I never really thought I wanted a grand wedding until now, complete with ring dropping and all… You made me jealous. And I now even want a honeymoon, at Jeju in that resort… I mean, after 3 Group8 dramas filming there, there is no way I’ll leave that place alone… PK, what have you done to my wedding phobia?
    But I agree with ockoala, you might have gotten yourself the shorter end of the bargain here. Well, as long as I see you happy, I won’t say anything. Well, actually, if marrying Seungjo gets you into nursing school, perhaps you guys both gained equally from this union (no, not in THAT sense… ok that’s IT… i swear, i am usually not this perverted person… I usually NEVER get innuendos… PK has unfortunately, and i hope temporarily messed up with my head and made me a stranger to myself. a happy stranger.).
    Which leads me to the wedding night (3 days overdue I might add).. is it wrong if I admit to having watch and rewatched it more than I can count?… Despite all the spot-on spoilers (really, chinese fans scare me sometimes…), it exceeded my expectations… by far. That doesn’t mean that it fulfilled my greed though… Mr. Camera man, really??? You and and your obsession with household objects should take a break for next episode, thank you very much. And please bring the monkey with you in your excursion. Nevertheless, I loved, LOVED the scene… that was HOT… and it proved that you don’t need to be extra erotic (ew… i’m still childish in that way) for a scene to be steamy… i loved everything.. the awkward stiff sitting… and flattering… (you look pretty sometimes?? really.. for a genius, your speech skills are quite deficient… ), the lovely princess lift that had me wish i was a couple pounds less heavy, and i-can’t-wait-tame-but-hot-and-unshy make-out session…
    Show… I FORGIVE YOU EVERYTHING, just for being not afraid of displaying affectionate scenes.. and I should stop now because the episode is about to start.
    On to recap! kk

  38. Disclaimer about my live summaries… It’ll be not be objective so for those who loves objectivity in the recap, that’s not for you… I found out yesterday that spazzing and spelling don’t go together for me.. or even coherencing so brace yourself for confusing sentences again. it’s the last day so i’m in self-indulgence mode. I will post soompiers’ recap later which are far more organized than what I am about to give and omo… it’s starting..
    BSJ is at the restaurant opening and congratulating joongu with his family and haera is here as well… and hani and sj are in couple bikes… (aw…. cute cute). anyways, seungjo leaves hani alone for haera (gr…), making hani worried, which haera doesn’t hesitate to point out.. haha
    the lag is TERRIBLE… so many people are tuning in it’s crazy. and this is where i wished i could teleport to korea and watch Pk in comfort, preferably in the comfort of KHJ arms.. i mean in the comfort of the armchairs where KHJ is having the viewing session/fanmeeting…
    and seungjo is talking to haera about hani being a nurse…
    and cue to hani n the library with…. HAHA … a TON of books… poor girl. i know how that feels.. my midterms just passed not too long ago.

  39. Apart from those scenes that I mentioned the HaNi and oppa practice wedding scene was also added, so sweet and a tearjerker, the exchange of words between the fathers, the Joon Gu scene outside HaNis house was also added, Tennis sunbae scene and HaeRa too eating hotdog scene too, SeungJo talking to dad was also important too and SeungJo and EunJo conversation was more straightforward too. The visiting museums scences instead of the beach scenes suits SeungJos personality I think, since he is more of an intellectual. So I don’t really feel that this episode is rushed because there were so many details added which I also feel are important for the next episode and for the special edition. For the next episode, Joon Gu finding a partner and chasing Christine to the airport, this actually happened in an earlier episode in the manga, EP13 before the wedding. Some slight twists which now I realize made the Korean version more adorable, saving the other characters much later in the drama makes it seem more realistic because in the manga Christine suddenly fell in love with Goon Ju even while SeungJo and HaNi were still trying to make amends to the others involved. I love that the Korean version will also pick some parts of EP16 & 22 for the next episode and I am hoping too only a few important parts in EP 24 & 25 which I will keep to myself. My wish though is they will expound more about the details thru the special edition. Inspite of the fact that the next episodes have been sacrificed because of budget concerns and persistence to stick to the plan of upto 16 episodes only, I liked that they have made it even more natural and although tried to follow some episodes in the wedding(I didn’t really like that baby video scene, although I am sure SeungJo will be free of his fears because so many already know). There was another MBC drama, so this is not actually the first time, with another popular flower boy in it, was really cut to 16 episodes badly. It was because the decision was not done right away. So in that last episode you can see the emotions and scenes change so drastically. To reason deductively, it is best to watch it too. For Playful Kiss I never felt it because they followed the manga although made some slight changes and there is still the special edition for the rest of the episodes! With this, I love Playful Kiss even more!!! *_*

  40. Hani talks too much so everyone is leaving the table… kkk
    Joongu is talking food language with Oh daddy and christine is there making doe eyes… BJG is not happy… boy, haven’t you leaned anything from seungjo.. you don’t choose who you fall for. anyways, christine confesses she likes Mr. Boon… muwahaha… she’s asking him out… how does it feel to have the first (?) confession in your life from a pretty girl? apparently, it feels shocking… bjg the devoted puppy.. you’ve just found your female match… well, still playing hard-to-get?? don’t worry, oh daddy will do something about it for sure.
    anyways, hani is one the phone with her bff… minah? juri? no,…. tennis sunbae… he’s talking about haera and the hot dog incident… kk
    juri got herself a haircut… and a boyfriend… yay girl (sorry to all joongu x juri shippers out there)… well not really a boyfriend but a stalker of her hairshop… which in pk worlds might as well mean boyfriend

    • girl, they are following the manga, now you really sound like a disappointed scriptwriter it sounds sad you feeling this way…

      • do I? well, i don’t know what i sound like but i am definitely not disappointed… if anything, i’m in overhyped fangirling mode right now…

  41. minah is doing a comic book… which basically is the story of hani and seungjo in high school… back from the future anyone? kk
    my connection just failed… thank you… you couldn’t spare me on the last day huh? after going so well for all 14 episodes, you HAD to mess up now.
    oh.. anyways, *quickly makes up with connection* and we’re back with hani talking to mama baek on the computer… hani find the seungjo’s id in BSJ’s jacket’s wallet… oh.. you sneaky girl…and got caught by seungjo… she’s pretending to admire his wallet… hahaha.. you don’t even fool me… kk
    anways, seungjo put the wallet under his pillow and ask her why she isn’t sleeping yet. they are in matching PJs and they are sleeping… hani sneaks her hand under the pillow but he prevents her from it… and they are doing a turn and catch game… he turns, she tries to get the wallet, he turns back to her… haha…
    anways… omomomomom seungjo put his arms around her and hug her… sweet. and then waht in the what?? she kisses his ID card… the girl finally got what hse wants…
    anyways, she goes the the marriage registry the next day…

  42. something is wrong… turns out seungjo already registered for the marriage… typical tease he is… haha.. mama baek looked please. mama baek is asking him why he likes to play around with hani and he says it’s fun… kk
    joongu is with dad and then hani is studying CPR… and christine comes up and talks to hani about joongu… hani is surprised at first but super pleased… and we’ve got ourself a new bff for hani.. kk. anyways, hani feels guilty because christine says it seems joongu liked someone before… hani reassures christine though and does not tell her.
    the, at the restuarant opening, bsj is with haera and christin with hani… christine have suspicions about hani and joongu… hani bought tissues for joongu and joongu just flies to heaven… dear boy, seems like you have a long way to go… so just drop the weight of unrequited love will you.. you’ll never get to christine otherwise… lucky she’s willing to cross more than halfway for you. joongu does a speech and christine is making mooney eyes at him. joongu ask christine to leave (do we have a replacement for BSJ the jerk so fast?? duckie, we don’t need one you know?)
    omo… there’s pictures of them in couple PJs at jeju… how did the mom take those pictures???

  43. hani then ask seungjo if he’s jealous and he denies… he clears his throad (so cute… ) and tells hani to leave christine and business to their own businesss… bye bye sea are the waiters… haha.. i miss them… hani just is asking him again and again about him being jealous…

    and then. omo, joongu looks for chirstine at the airport… he had a talk with hani at a playground (aw…) and ask him about his feelings for christine.. he says he still likes hani and that he’s her home (makes me think of all the corny lines in the bachelor all of the sudden) but hani says she’s married… joongu is swinging while hani is pushing the swing.. she thanks him for all his care and love…
    and now, tennis sunbae walks into haear (btw, beautiful setting)…

  44. they talk on the bench at school and haera ask him about his thoughts on the hot dog date… mr 40 is suddenly leaving and haera looks sad.. she coughs and he turns around… and tells him that in the future, if he wants to cry he can come to her… and mr 40 says he’s leaving and haera stands up and says… say WHAT? … hehe… she says, i’m bored, do want to go for a date..kk
    hani is at the library sleeping… she just wakes up and sleeps and wakes up and sleep and yawn.. haha. she is thinking about bsj and motivates herself but gets bored again. mr 40 comes to the library and they move to the outdoors and he thanks hani for the advance… and hani gets shocked… haha… mr tennis sunbae says that before, he couldn’t confess and was lonely but because of hani, he was able to… and hani looks so cute here with her red hoodie and thanking him for his present and jumping around… haha… i really think red suits her… and i’ll go back to the recap.. sorry.
    juri is back at her shop and cutting the guy’s hair.. he keeps coming back and tells her to cut just a little of it… btw, if you’re curious what he looks like, he’s not too handsome but not bad, kinda chubby… i guess they fit each other… they confess to each other and hugs…. aw… he tells her to cut all of his hair cuz he’s going to the army… when she hugs him, she tearingly says that he shouldn’t worry and that she’ll wait for him.
    back to hani and seungjo in the bedroom around the table with their red checkered matching pjs.. i still maintain that’s my favorite seungjo’s outfit… and seungjo and hani are studying. hani asks for a date for christmas, useing batting eyelashes as the techinique of persuasions…. muwahaha… well, if it works on seungjo, i guess i might use it as well… he agrees and like her. cue to both of them on the bed… seungjo is lying down and hani is fake trying to do CPR… they suddenly become aware of the position, hani being close to his face… ok, now, she’s pumping his hard, yummy chest… and um… yes, what? oh yeah, recap…
    seungjo brings her down to him and hugs her, and eunjo comes in the room… haha, the three looks so awkward… kkk

      • haha… strangely, or maybe not so strangely after all, I felt happy i made you giggle… you know, although i’m grateful to JB, GF, ockoala, Thunide, sevenses and all those recappers, sometimes, i never really got why they did it in the first place… it’s seems so much time consuming..
        now i think i understand a little bit more why.
        and yes… i got a little distracted several times during this episode but um, thankfully not for too long. kk

  45. hani and seungjo are in the car with mama baek…
    and she’s nervous because of the interview… and omo, it’s that ajumma horn-rimmed interviewer… again… what are the odds? kk.
    she’s scaring hani and me as well… hani is panicking trying to do cpr with a doll… and stiff-neck ajumma scolds hani and asks the doll if its ok… LOL. hani pumps the chest and ajumma is shaking her head… and tells her to stop… scary horn-rimmed is pointing out all the mistakes hani did and back at home, hani is saying how bad everything went… of course, eunjo is doing is usual sourpuss i-knew-it act… everybody is looking sad and worried about her… seungjo included… and he goes into the room and says i must have been crazy to want a date with hani…. hahaha… oh seungjo, if you weren’t insensitive, it wouldn’t be you… kk and we love you for it anyways… kk
    joongu is comforting hani at the restaurant… papa oh is telling him that today’s is joongu’s last day

  46. i mean christine’s last day… joongu is ignoring it.. well pretending to ignore…
    hani is back at her room prettying herself up (and me think if you wanna pretty… every wanna pretty…)….. she looks pretty in her brown coat… and of course… she’s running late… rushing everything and all… she’s in the taxi..
    someone’s get’s knocked out by a passing car… hani runs up…. she’s scared and doesn’know what to do… then she remembers stiff-neck’s instructions, and seungjo’s voice in the background… aw… she proceeds to doing cpr with the lading and pumping the chest… someones is calling an ambulance and hani is still pumping… omo, the lady wakes up… and the ambulance arrives…
    joongu at the airport… running to ask for christin…. he’s held back by security… and suddenly he hears christine… LOL.. she’s right behind him, sitting there.. kk
    she is happy to see him and saying that she’s not going away…
    lol, joongu is embarassed… she says she would be heartbroken if she left… aw…
    hani talks to the doctor… who ask if she’s a family member…
    and lol.. she’s super late for the date…
    the restaurant is closed and she walks out… and…. i melt…. seungjo is still waiting!!! she says there was an aaccident and he tells her she should have called… he was worried… and omo… HUGS!!
    now, they are in the car… omo, are we getting the bts kiss scene? pliz pliz pliz…

  47. she’ says she’s hungry…
    and WTH… cue back to jg and chris… joongu is acting all gentle…. wow… you’re really the devoted bf… they are so cute together… and she just kissed him on the cheek… hahahaha..i think… the video quality is really bad..
    back to the car… FINALLY. and well, she says that the car cannot enter here and so they stop… she ask what if they get caught… she says he was cool…. kk… he’s smiling and so is she…
    and me is about to kill show… cuz we’re back to haera walking in the christmas streets… she’s smiling and sits in a bistro-like restaurant.
    mr 40 calls her i think… nope, it’s messages of him on the phone… lol… he’s so funny and enthusiastic on the phone… and aw… she laughs listening to his messages.

  48. and then haera talks to tennis sunbae on the phone and acting like a girlfriend…
    and then, back to hom with parents and eunjo… clinking wine.. and i think… back to the car… please…
    and YES>.. we’re back to the car… talk talk talk…. they look sweet and happy together and all but me wants the kiss… and LOL>>>> LMAO… hani is attacking seungjo and kissing him after she wished him merry christmas… LMAO.. the sounds of protest seungjo is making are hilarious.. you’ll have to listen it yourself…
    oh… noooo………. th ecredits are rolling…. minah is successful with her comic and looks like there’s a guy for her.. and then juri sees her bf back… and some girl gives a love letter to eunjo… lol…
    and then we see the parents getting a sun tan in hawaiian shirts… haha…
    haera is driving into the army station and the soldiers fawn over her… she’s there to give mr 40 food… lol. cue back to the car scene and hani and seungjo making out… hot.
    and we get a montage of all their kisses and sweet moments in a kaleodoscope kida thing… bsj said saranghae… and END with bears in car…

    i’m about to cry….
    unbelievieabelad da;sfi dont want it to end…
    ok.. my tears are officially falling…
    and you don’t need to know that.. so here goes…

  49. and ALL CREDITS to em.sie_1813@soompi for the following recap…
    dont forget to thank her if you can get into soompi


    Wah! SJ and HN go back to school, and riding a back.. HR welcomes them..
    HR teases again HN and HR leaves with SJ, they left HN.. Mean Girl, nothing has changed.. Even they are married…

    HN goes to a library with tower of books.. She’s angry with HR talking to herself, her seatmates leaves bec. she’s noisy.

    Chris? came to restaurant and orders food again… She even confess that she likes JG, and it is love at first sight, JG in shock and denial, HN appa and the crew are listening to them..

    KS and HN are talking and KS tells to HN that he’s dating HR? HN support him..

    HN and MA visits JR salon.. They are watching JR while working..

    MA shows her caricature pictures while they are in Highschool.. Memories of their youth..

    HN is looking in SJ’s things.. And she’s looking at SJ’s wallet.. getting his ID while SJ is taking a shower. She was caught..

    OMO they are asleep.. HN is checking if SJ is asleep.. HN gets the wallet underneath SJ’s pillow, get the card.. Successfully..

    I think this is about the marriage registration.. In the end HN gives back the ID card to SJ..

    HN talks to Chris.. Chris confess that he likes JG..

    JG opens a new restaurant, HN is with Chris and they present a gift to JG.. JG is now having a speech.. [Hard to understand coz’ he’s speaking Busan dialect]

    JG keeps insulting Chris, JG compliment HN was so cute, and Chris hurts.. She walks away.. HN follows her….

    In their bedroom,
    Wedding memories….
    HN is thinking about Chris-JG problem.. HN teases SJ that he’s jealous.. SHe tickles SJ..

    Woah, Bye bye Sea has lines finally!
    HN talk to JG saying that Chris will soon lives.. HN tries to understand SJ that’s she’s already married to SJ and stop liking her..


    KS is alone thinking something.. He’s holding a paper, I think that’s a result of something.. He looks for HR.. HR saw the paper.. After they talked, KS sunbae leaves.. KS ask a favor something to HR..

    HN is studying in the library and falling asleep.. Cute Cellphone.. In order HN to be energize, In screen saver says ” HN ♥ SJ Happy Love ♥ ” “Fighting”!

    KS sees HN in the library.. They talk outside… HN is happy.. KS says something to her that makes her happy..

    OMO.. In the salon, JR hugs someone I think this guy busted her.. She hugs the guy and said she’s going to wait…

    OK.. Our teacher and clumsy student are in tutor mode.. CPR lessons.
    HN wants to have a date if she past the nursing test.. SJ agreed..
    This is now practical lesson.. HN close her lips to SJ.. HN is pumping SJ chest.. SJ stops her, grabs her and hugs her… EJ interrupts.. All in shock.. Hahhaha..

    SJ and his omma keep HN to support her exam.. Add smile count again for SJ..
    HN is taking exam.. Calls MA..
    She was called for a practical exam.. In the interview room, she encounter the “witch” lady again before when she was admitted to Parang univ. HN is now practicing the dummy..

    Her family feels HN is not in good mood bec. of the exam..

    SJ follows her in the room..

    In the restaurant, JG feels unease about what HN’s dad says to him.. [Something related to Chris]

    HN is picking dress for their Christmas date.. As what SJ promise to HN if she pass the exam..
    While HN is the street, she saw a man who’s in accident, looks like she was hesitating if she was going to help,regarding of the witch lady said bad at her.. She rationalize all SJ thought her step by step, and finally the victim gains its conscious.. Ambulance to the rescue..

    Here comes, the Prince charming JG comes to fetch his Princess.. He goes to the airport and looking for her princess.. Her princess didn’t leave.. Chris knows JG will come…


    HN comes to the hospital with the victim.. When HN reach the restaurant [where they will having a dinner] it is already close… SJ is waiting outside.. HN is very afraid of what happen, he hugs SJ…

    HN and SJ are on a ride, HN is demanding for food… They stop by..

    JG and Chris still at the airport.. I think they are going for a date…

    HR is listening to KS’s voice call.. SHe’s happy with it.. She even call KS and her speed dial for KS is #1.. LOL

    SJ omma and apa are in house for a toast, celebrating Christmas eve…

    HNa and SJ in the car.. They KISS .. -END..


    – Chris helps JG in the restaurant. They are in special relationship.
    – MA has couple ring and she has already a BF.
    – even JR too.. He waits for his BF until they are finally together..
    – There is a girl like EJ, HN-SJ before during their Highschool days.. love letter, waiting for EJ,like that.. little girl looks like HN..
    – HR visits KS in the base camp. [KS probably goes Army]
    – SJ’s parents and HN appa on sun bathing…
    – Of course these two HN-SJ, kissing in the CAR..

      • oh.. and you’re welcome… sad for me too… last summary on PK… last day on pk.. i actually cried a bit when it ended… my brain felt blank and the tears just came about.. maybe i’m a crybaby.

      • I saw your Db replied – thanks again

        I’m gonna miss PK and you guys over here. I love coming in here to read comments and it just made me laughed and smiles.

        We need to keep in touch ok on our next drama.

        Love y’all 🙂

      • @Kathy
        yes… i’ll miss all of you dearly… Pkissers on Ockoala specifically are all awesome people! I had so much fun I feel like there would be an emptiness now that it ended.
        we still have our 9 episodes though.
        yes… please let nov02 come fast… although part of me also want it to take its time.. because once the special episodes are done, it’s really the end…TT
        and you’re welcome.. thank you for being so sweet.

    • thanks v!!!!
      im just reading your recap and im trying hard not to cry!!!
      im sad already, its really hard to say goodbye!!!
      i do hope 02nov will come fast enough!
      im gonna miss them so much!!!

    • thank you as well, v!
      for sharing your love for PK here on AKP.
      you’ve been wonderful and accommodating!
      i know i’ll still see you here in AKP together with other PKissers!

    • Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu v , I’m gonna miss your live updates
      but why am I feeling disappointed , not what I was waiting for , wish this lack of SJ-HN will be compensated by the 9 extra-episodes , how can they not to show us more about this couple and what about the baby 🙁

      • yeah… you’re not alone in being disappointed. in forums, some pkissers are also expressing their disappointment at the slow pace of ep 16 and the lack of sj-hani.
        for me though, because it’s so sad that it’s ending, it’s almost like i’m brainwashing myself to love this episode so in the end, yeah, i’m satisfied with it…
        it’s not that i don’t have complaints but i still love it as it is…

      • @rainyrain, i do wish for that as well.
        hopefully the 9 episode in youtube they will focus more in the couple.

  50. I guess it would be wayyyy too rushed if she got preggers in the series but i hope they show their daughter in the yt special. all we need is one ep! the daughter wasnt shown in the anime that much at all anyways. but i would really like to see HN and SJ as parents for a bit.

    • btw… for those who didn’t see the car fancam with the kiss… i suggest you go see it right away… i posted the link earlier in this thread… it’s way way better than what they have shown us in the drama. pdnim, i’m back to being upset with you about this…

      • V!!!!! like i said yesterday!! love ya to bits!!!

        i just woke up and immediately checked this site and wallaa!!! you made me one happy PK gurl!!!

        hahaha! and i was laughing because you said you wanted to watch the last episode in the comfort of KHJ arms..hahahaha!! can i have the other arm then???!!! hahahaha…

        im still in a daze and just woke up but im happy with what im reading!! kudos!!!

      • WHAT?! they didnt show all of that scene?!
        lucky that i’ved seen the BTS vid!
        but hey, i dont want to more upset bcoz of that!
        im upset and sad already that Pk has ended!

      • @kittykat
        and i LOVE your enthusiasm.. anyone who loves PK goes into my good book…
        sure, we can share the arms…. although honestly, i’m afraid if we’re down to sharing, we might have to share cells instead, given the number of fans in line…
        glad i brightened your morning a bit with my recap

        well, they did show the make-out session… it’s just that the bts was clearer. and yeah, i’m upset a bit about it BUT i’m in forgiving mode as well… cuz i got so upset with people criticizing it on db that now, i’m rebelling and saying, screw all those bad stuff, i don’t care anymore… btw, i know you tend to wait for my updates on db but i’m not going on the PK thread there today… i dont want the complaints to sour my experience of PK now that it’s the last day… so i’ll just see you here.

      • @v, yeah i might not go there as well today. i might be on my war mode if i read any complaints and comparisons
        that i just might blow them all of! but then again, i dont have the energy to pick a fight coz my sadness is taking its toll on me.
        i would like to preserve my PK experience with positive stuff rather than negative ones.

      • kay. you too? yes… usually, i don’t mind arguments since it usually means rambling, which i am an expert at.
        but for PK, i just want the positive right now, which is why i love this blog so much and ockoala’s recaps… i love how she points out all the flaws without bashing the show in the end.
        i feel bad for the people who got my recaps live yesterday on DB but are not getting them today though… oh well. i’m sure they’ll find somewhere else to look for those.

      • yeah, im also good at ranting or rambling but im not up to it as of the moment.
        here in ockoala, people just enjoy what the show has to offer.
        we do rant about its flaws but we never bash the show til it turn into pulp.

        well, hopefully ockoala would also recap the YT episodes.
        i think it would be great if she will do it.

      • hey people!!! i’m sad too.. 🙁
        PK is ending but you know what! i’ll keep it alive in my memory by still replaying it over and over and over..and over again until i actually get tired of it. (and over..and some more…)

        i know it sounds cheesy but the feeling after watching the whole drama still remains in me.. the warm, fuzzy, lovely feeling that envelopes me. i just don’t care about its imperfections, i just love it as it is. i just feel bad that it is ending but i’m looking forward to a new beginning.. ( youtube episodes!!!)

        its been nice hanging around here.. my first time to ever comment on anything ever.. im not a blogger.. but i really enjoyed stalking and reading everything here in koala’s playground! interacting with you guys here is something i’ll surely miss.. but i’ll still check you guys out anyways.. hehehe…

        talk about PK turning me into a stalker!!! (got that from Oh Ha Ni.. 😉 )

      • @kittykat
        i really have a great time hanging around here and interacting with you guys!
        Pkissers are really awesome people!
        i promise myself i will hang around more here AKP
        hopefully i could still got to interact to all of you!
        and discuss new dramas as well!

      • @jeankaycee
        oh.. i LOVE how you’re able to put words to my thoughts… I usually know what I am thinking but I can’t express it well.
        “here in ockoala, people just enjoy what the show has to offer.
        we do rant about its flaws but we never bash the show til it turn into pulp.” EXACTLY… well, i did see some negative comments here as well but i just glossed it over… on DB, it was less easy to do so since they were quite vocal about their disappointment. at first, I was stating my case but now, i’m just like… its my luck i’m able to enjoy what they can’t.
        and yes, i would love it if ockoala could recap the YT episodes…
        aw, you’re a darling. and go for cheesy… because i know exactly what you mean… the feeling after watching an episode of PK is really special. It lingers long after the episode ends and even brings me smile from time to time when i think about a certain moment in PK. and you can count me in for rewatching PK again and again as well… honestly, when I first started it, I had no idea it would be rewatch material and glad I thought wrong.
        And yes.. I’m also not a blogger… usually, i just give one short comment per post but with PK, I started to be active (a bit TOO active)… that’s the magic of PK, bringing about the passion of all PKissers together to create an awesome atmosphere.. and thank ockoala for being such a gracious host.

      • @ jeankaycee: same here!! it’s been really great… 🙂

        @ v: and thanks for still giving constant updates… hehehehe… PKfest!!!!!

    • @ V- Really like your updates and tid-bits………….I am so sad its going to end now…………hopefully there will be another series which captures our imagination like PK.

      • hopefully yes… i’m hoping either secret garden, athena or mary with JGS will have the same effect on me… although it might be much sooner than i can handle..
        and thank you for your nice words… it made the recaps i made worth the frenzy of typing and watching live.
        as for dramas i’m currently watching.. honestly, i’m watching more than 10 dramas right now but none of them have compulsed me into stalking like PK did… among all the dramas i’m currently watching, i think SKKS comes in second as squee-worthy. the problem is i’m into the second leads more than the main couple… while in PK, i’m totally concerned with the main couple first, then second leads after.

      • @v, im looking forward for athena and mary stayed all night.
        i do hope that they will live up to all the hype and deliver.
        also, i hope we still share sentiments in our drama watching habits.

      • @jeankaycee
        it’s almost impossible to find someone with the exact same taste with you about dramas… the bloggers who match the most with my taste are JB, ockoala, sevenses, and kdramaguk… but even with them, we do not always concur…
        however, it’s always fun when we share what we have in common despite our differences… so yes, i’m looking forward to our future encounters.

      • @v, i think it will be fun to compare the dramas that we watch and agree to disagree with our drama watching taste.

        i know as a drama watcher we will still see our names lurking around the sites that you mentioned.

      • @v, i think its fun to hear other people’s opinion to the dram that your watching bcoz it helps you to have broader view about it and by that you will appreciate drama more.

      • @jeankaycee
        yeah. i agree.. that’s why i go to the recaps site because usually, reading them give additional insights into the episode and enhances the experience, whether the recaps were in accordance with my opinions or not. PK is just an exception where I got honestly a bit sick of the feeling of wanting to constantly respond to some criticisms i don’t agree with but otherwise, I am all for exchange of opinions. Just that sometimes, it’s also refreshing to just sit back and be able to spazz without over analizing.
        and yes, ill expect us to see each other again. although i will take a break from active blogging and downgrade to lurker status after PK for a while. recharging my batteries up. I’m not exactly the vocal type to start with. I’m only this active when a drama really affects me to the core, like PK. otherwise, i’m the quiet type.

    • Thanks V for updates and links…………… I loved PK and updates from you and OCKOALA. Are there any other series you are watching (or stalking LOL)?

  51. THIS IS THE EPISODE! Baek Seung Jo jjang! I was all tense during the last part gyaah~ *dugeun dugeun* :)))) Seriously, I know I’m not the only one who felt tense during that scene. I never thought waaah!!! :)))) Can’t get over :))

  52. usually i just post clips since i assume people can find the streaming links by themselves but what the heck.. i’m in the mood for overwhelming the world with PK… kk

    so here’s the first 30 minutes of PK on tudou.
    http://www.tudou. com/programs/view/EJoMXCpxGLA/

    • and we’ve got our full episode on tudou as well

      http://www.tudou. com/programs/view/ey-hrA8VfnY/

      for those who just wants the clips… i think they are coming… because we still have to wait for uploaders to dl, then upload…

  53. TRUE! i agree. They really did a lot of editing with this episode. They tried to fit everything into one episode! They should have ended it to 18 episodes. Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani haven’t showed they’re love and affection that much. urgh I really wished they could stick with the 20 episodes Its kinda sad knowing that it will end tomorrow TT.TT

  54. thank you v for the quick updates! thank u ockoala too for having this platform for us to swoon and chat about PK. i haven’t watched ep 16 but i’m feeling the loss already.. 🙁

  55. apparently, at the fan viewing with KHJ, all the cast members were present as well:

    makes me regret so much that i couldn’t be there…. plus, aparently, he sang two songs… I’m still a bit bummed we didnt’ get to see more of BSJ playing guitar or singing in PK…
    but since I’m inclined to forgive everything now that its about to end, i won’t harp to much about that… kk

      • We’ll go together how is that sound. Lol.

        I think my next trip might have to be Korea. Wishful thinking! :))

      • that sounds awfully tempting… i want to go to china and korea for abroad studies but my parents won’t let me… it’s either europe or australia/new zealand and nothing else…
        oh well… i’ll have a trip by myself one day.

    • LOL!
      i do think that he’s schedule would be full due to many PKissers have PK withdrawal symptoms!
      but i think Nurse Oh Hani would help him as well.

      • you know… since i have such a bad girl crush on jung so min, i would be probably almost, just almost as excited to see oh hani as i would be with seungjo…

    • I don’t think my parent’s insurance covers him… I’ll be willing to pay co-pay! (Sorry, I work in a clinic, bad office humor begets bad office humor)

      • haha.. you always crack me up (and impresses me as well) whenever you make a reference to your jobs.

  56. for those who want hq vids and the tudou vid was too lq, then someone uploaded the first part of ep 16 on youtube….and you can just check that channel for upcoming parts com/watch?v=Oc6eM4cT9lo

    like i said, i usually don’t post full episodes but oh well, let’s have a PK parting feast for today.

  57. oh wow… i thought my eyes deceived me when i looked at the number of comments on this recap… 159. 160 counting this one… it’s as much (i think more actually) as the number of comments on DB for PK recap 15 right now…
    the power of PK huh?

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