Written Preview for Episode 16 of Playful Kiss

You guys know that number I threw out about AKP hits last week? Well, you guys just doubled that yesterday. AKP didn’t break, but my head started spinning. I’m glad everyone is having so much fun! That’s why we watch dramas, right? Because it’s fun. The day drama-watching stops being fun is the day I stop blogging.

Written Preview for Episode 16

Ha Ni is taken aback at Seung Jo’s requirement that the wedding won’t be officially registered until she gets into nursing school. She scrambles to transfer into the nursing program and works diligently – but alas this is no easy feat. Mom has yet another brilliant idea to help her…..

On the other hand, Christine, a beautiful girl with foreign blood, has fallen for Joon Gu and comes to the noodle shop daily to express her feelings for him.

Baek Seung Jo and his “Wife Changing Majors Project”, about to enter military service tennis sunbae and his “Pursue Yoon Hye Ra Project”, and Joon Gu being pursued by a beautiful foreign girl and their “International Love Opportunity” – what shall become of everyone?

The happy endings shall all be revealed in episode 16, the grand finale of Playful Kiss!

P.S. Man, the written preview writer is probably that editing monkey’s cousin, an orangutan or something. These written previews are getting clunkier to translate, because it’s written with the finesse of someone without any. Thank heavens this is the last one!

[Credit: translation for episode 15 MBC official written preview, from Korean to Chinese @ Baidu Playful Kiss bar, from Chinese to English done by me]


Written Preview for Episode 16 of Playful Kiss — 80 Comments

  1. thanks so much for the info. 😀 been stalking you and checking for updates from you, hehehe… will wait for more. kinda excited for your next recap. till then! thanks again. 😀

  2. Yay! I’m so excited for your recap and for tomorrow’s episode… ^^

    Btw, thank you for your hardwork! It’s a great thing that I saw your site since Playful Kiss episode 1.

  3. Thanks Ockoala! You’re amazing, wish I can be your friend…:)..I’ve been stalking your website for about a week now…(I’m one of those obssessed Pkissers), feel bad that I found it kinda late…but it’s better late than never.



  4. Congrats, dear ockoala!!! The numbers are mindblowing, right? I’ve vowed to stay away from all PK stuff until tonight and tomorrow’s episodes air. Heehee. Still, IT’S TODAY!!! IT’S TODAY!!! PK AIRS TODAY!!! Or Episode 15 has just finished airing in Korea. I’m still pinching myself because I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost two months since episode 1 aired. Time is passing by so very quickly! Well anyway, have fun recapping and blowing us away with your lovely comments. I look forward to reading them when I come back home later tonight!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you!! As lehappyrosa, I am other one of your stalkers 😉 I really enjoy all your comments and totally agree with you on the “editing monkey” issue 🙂 (In my eagerness I tried to translate the written preview via google translator and was totally dumbfounded :-P)

  6. Thank you Ockoala for all of the great recap and spoliers – love you. This goes to V also thank you.

    I’m having a blast today supposed to be working but been playing with my phone all morning. One more day to go. :))

    • kk.. you’re welcome… but i wouldn’t have been able to do anything if not for ockoala and her blog… she made me want to share things as well. kk

      • U think JSM will be at the finale with KHJ?

        Keep us posted if u hear anything ok. Jealous those lucky fans.

      • honestly, i don’t think JSM will be there… but who knows… she might do a surprise appearance… and then do a kiss a la Notebook at MTV awards… and then, yeah.. my imagination is definitely going wild.

  7. I don’t want it to end! I will be devastated, like losing a friend or a limb, GAHHHHH!
    You okoala has been our source of everything PK and more…. so crushed it’s just down to one episode!
    You’ll always be in my bookmarks bar as my go-to-drama guru kekeke!
    Thanks as always!!!

  8. lol… i literally had to hold my stomach at your comment about the orangutan… muwahaha… that was too funny!!
    but true as well… the preview was so weirdly written.. kkk.

    and yes, everyone is having fun!! less than 24 hours before all this ends. TT

    • Buahaha you’re back here also? didn’t saw your comment yet when I entered mine (right underneath yours) I’m watching the raws right now…

      the white cloves on KHJ… WHO WOULD PUT THAT ON HIM??

      • kk… yes i’m back here..
        i’m switching between watching other dramas and stalking Pk blogs… it’s like i can’t prevent myself. the other dramas can’t seem to get my full attention.. i watch a bit and then i go back to read some Pk news before i can return my attention to the dramas… kk
        what about the white gloves?

      • buahhaha i understand why you need more PK, yes the editing was all over the place (i read your other comment elsewhere) but it was suuuuch a nice ep! My emotions were all over the place 😀 :D!

        about the white gloves… with his black suit… it looked sooo missmatching! Maybe it’s a korean custom? I don’t know, but I can live without them 😉 they were distracting me from my drooling due to HKJ’s handsomeness XP

        ok i’ll stop here, don’t want to turn this one into a chatroom, and bother everybody with my rants :S

      • ill keep this short so that we wont get another chatroom. ^^
        lol. u read my recaps? kk. i hope you didn’t misunderstand me. i tremendously enjoyed this episode even though i dissed the editing. honestly, at this point, it’s almost like i don’t care anymore. seeing the interactions between the characters more than make up for it. lol. for me, i didn’t even noticed the white gloves. i was too busy trying to type at the same time as watching (which makes me think i need to go back at rewatch). yay! i made it “short”

      • I think it’s Korean custome cuz I remember in Full house, Rain had white gloves in the wedding scene also …

      • really???? it looked soo out of place..

        hahah i don’t blame for HaNi letting the ring slip from her hands, I totally blame the cloves!

  9. BUAHAHHAHAHAH@’Man, the written preview writer is probably that editing monkey’s cousin, an orangutan or something.’

    i can see you’re quite resourceful when frustrated 😉
    from the translated piece, i can tell it must have been hard to decipher the korean text XD hahah, thanks for your effort!!

    • V – cannot open it! Is it some sort if the party scene? I’m still stalking.

      Viikii subbers are working there fingers away I hope cuz I cannot wait eng sub.

      • yeah… i’ve just tried.. it worked. you can just delete the space between .com/ and watch
        i’m waiting for the chinese subs or the vietnamese subs… they usually come out faster than the english subs… plus i know some korean so i could figure out most of what they were saying…
        i no longer watch PK on viikii because of all the negativity in the discussion going on.

  10. You deserve all those AKP hits, girl. Congrats! For me, I love your writing and sense of humor. They keep me coming back.
    PK ending tomorrow is bittersweet. Now I’m waiting impatiently for KHJ’s new projects. He’s gonna get bigger and better and I just can’t wait for him to develop into an international star, not just an Asian star.

  11. the comment about the preview writer as the editing monkey’s cousin was hilarious!! hahahaha!!! i just got back and im reading up on what has transpired while i was away.. (even though i was constantly checking on my bb) hehehehe.. i’ll try to watch the raw episode even if i cannot understand a thing ( i’m not korean!! ) but i’m pretty sure that my eyes will be very happy!!!! i can’t wait any longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Just finished watching the raw video…I feel so crazy, risking my job watching it with my boss ang co-workers around…but it’s fun and exciting though…^_^…I will watch it again when I get home…^_^

  13. PKissers:

    Someone gave a very heated argument over in OT for why they hate PK. Like, worst K-drama ever type of argument.

    I disgaree 90% with her reasoning, but have neither the inclination or the time to respond. However, feel free to defend your love of PK. Remember that bashing comes off bad, and long-winded arguments are never persuasive.

    But you guys are a thoughtful and sincere bunch, so maybe a succinct counterpoint would be good to leave for posterity? I hate seeing a PK-sucks rant without a I-love-PK-and-this-is-why-but-you-feel-free-to-hate-PK response.

    • wow… my heart just literally hurt reading your comment… that’s why I tend to hang around your blog more than on DB for PK’s recaps because as much as i like discussion, with PK, I just want to enjoy it without any soreness or negativity. I’m not against criticism (heck, I’m not blind to PK’s flaws… they are glaring to me but insignificant) but it’s really feels unpleasant to see your little darling drama being bashed, especially for something that you disagree with… and i also feel like arguing every time I see a different opinion than mine, but sometimes, it’s quite tiring because i end up almost inevitably into a war-rant, feeling like i’m writing a dissertation… especially since reasoning is quite hard here since both sides are biased. and like you, i lose my inclination to even start reasoning…
      however, i think i will try to respond to her/his comment (which i haven’t read yet) just because not responding sometimes appears like agreeing.

      • also… don’t worry about posterity not seeing the love for PK… the recap for ep 14 alone on dramabeans surpasses 600 comments, a lot of them by me (yes, 🙁 looks like i’m an uncurable spammer whenever PK is concerned), which means that a lot of them show love… kk even though on open thread, that’s not the case…
        btw, i will respond to her but i want to enjoy rewatching PK at least once more before the negativity starts to sour my mood.
        i can handle criticism but not as much hating/bashing.
        also, are you referring to the comment 319 by diadda here? http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/10/open-thread-157/comment-page-7/#comments
        i love her/(his?) comments on SKKS but not on PK. yes, i’m biased.

      • it pains my heart to read that kind of comments, so before i could stop myself i did post something about it.
        but dont worry guys, i didnt go to war or anything i just said thank you bcoz she did watch PK, second that i respect her opinion and hopefully she can respect our opinions as well and third that im glad that we dont have the same taste coz i think its such a waste if i didnt appreciate PK the way i do now.

      • @jeankaycee lol.. i kept refreshing the OT to see if someone had replied and then i saw you did… I’m so proud of you! one, for replying, and two, for being so dignified and reasonable about it. I went here to see if you posted something about it as well.. kk. (and no, i’m not stalking you… i think?)
        I still haven’t replied yet, just because I have so much to say I end up not being able to write down anything coherent, lest it becomes a litany. I think I need to sort out what I feel about it first before commenting because like you, I don’t want to start a war and I feel like if I comment with my current state, I might start off too strong.
        And yes, I realize I’m being a drama queen about this. It is JUST a drama after all, not a big issue like abortion or death penalty… but for me, it’s something that brought me so much pleasantness I feel strongly about it. kk.
        sorry for the rant… see what i mean about being afraid to write right now?

      • thanks v! actually i did feel great to at least say something about it. i dont post to bash her or give an essay on how PK is worth her time. i just let her know that we respect her view so hopefully she will respect us as well.
        i totally understand why you dont want to reply immediately coz it did take me almost 30 mins to calm myself and think logically.

      • lol. glad you understand what i mean. i think i’m going to write the reply tonight (it’s afternoon for me right now) and i’ll make it short and succinct, like you said, just showing my support for PK without attacking anyone.

      • go v!!! hehehehe!

        also, being civil and reasonable about it will also reflect that PKissers are understanding and intelligent people. we do know how defend our beloved PK without showing disrepect to others.
        also, i opted not to mention any version of PK nor mention any drama(s) which i considered sucks just to draw comparison and highlights the good qualities of PK. also i think every drama is different from the other even though they might something in common doesnt mean its the carbon copy of the other.

      • @jeankaycee
        i finally replied… but it was nowhere as eloquent as yours. as you can see in my comment, i’m not exactly literary. TT

      • so proud of you v!!!

        it was well said v!! i agree in everything that you said.
        well, its the last day today so i decided not to dumpen my happy mode with any negative things!
        as i said before i will enjoy PK til the end of it.
        and send it off with a blast!

    • to be perfectly honest.. i haven’t read this argument yet .. but… i would like to express my feelings and views on why i do love PK… so here goes..

      to all the haters of this drama, all i can say is “good for you!” you guys are all entitled to your opinion. i believe in constructive criticism (because that does help) but if you are just out to bash the drama and inspect and comment unecessarily over the minute mistakes done or just because you have nothing good to say about it, then stop watching it!!!! ( spare yourselves!!!)

      this drama is something that i found really endearing right from the start. yes, it ain’t perfect, it has its flaws, but it gets to me just right at the center of my being. it touches me to the core.. it made me happy, sad, it made me cry, it really made me laugh.. it made me feel hot ( sheeeesshh baek seung jo! ) it made me giddy, it made me want to jump up and down, in short.. it made me feel a whole range of emotions just by watching it.

      it is a very simple story, nothing really that complex about it but for me, there is a realness ( is there such a word?) about it that you can relate to. and i find that it is sincere. everytime i watch it, i feel like im just there rooting for hani or also pining for seung jo.

      its a pleasure watching just because of its simplicity.. that’s all im saying.

      i’m just caught up and inlove with it!! ( don’t let me start on how inlove i am with KHJ because that would be another totally different topic.. grrr.. hotness..)

      PK= pure bliss!!!

      its always a pleasure reading thru the recaps! and i especially am fond of reading V’s take on it ( special mention!!!)

      • well said… exactly my thoughts… except that i’m not in love with KHJ… ok, that’s not true. i’m totally in love with him when i watch him dance/sing/being 4D/being BSJ/doing anything… 🙂 but away from the screen, away from the heart for me but don’t blame me, it’s because my loyalty is taken by another group. However, PK the drama has my full loyalty. like you said, despite all its flaws, it manages to affect me in a way only a handful (or less than that) of kdramas ever did. sometimes, you don’t love something because it’s well executed, but because of its “soul.”
        and if by my “take” on Pk, you mean my confusing summaries, i feel embarrassed… but flattered as well, so thank you. ^^

      • you’re more than welcome V! well, its not just the summaries but anything that you’ve shared about PK.. 🙂 (don’t feel embarrassed..hehehe)

        and i totally agree on the “soul” thing.. it’s a perfect word for it!! that’s what it has!! so i’ll keep on smiling up until it finishes.. (we’ll see about the youtube episodes, im pretty hopeful!)

      • i think the charm of PK is its way of touching our hearts.
        this drama is full of heart! thats what makes this drama endearing and lovable!

  14. this is bad. i feel like a pervert. im trying to catch up on my weekly drama and instead, all i do is rewatch the wedding night scene… i still can’t get over the fact that what was supposed to be most likely fanfic came out to be real.. pd-nim, thank you for not being afraid to give us that.
    my cheeks hurt, and if i don’t smile, my mouth feels stiff… it’s like i’m in automatic grin mode right now…

  15. I bet they had a heyday while filming that scene.
    I cannot stop smiling and yes finally make myself watch the whole thing w/o giggling and turn my face away. It was 1 HOT scene่่. Ok I need to get some freshair now. :))

    • V- thanks saw it wow, HD quality loved it.

      I’m gonna miss them and you guys after tomorrow.

      I just have to find something else to watch right! I kinda have my eyes on Hyun Bin’s new drama.

  16. Okoala, i wonder what drama ud be recapping next? Lol, i know pk ends tomorrow and i sure will miss ur recaps…. Hope to read more recaps for kdramas in the future… I’ve been reading db’s recaps before i discovered ur site and i must say i enjoy urs better!:-)

      • I know I’m crazy but sometimes when I stopped at red light I checkEd this blog.
        I’m so bad. :)))

      • lol… that’s CRAZY but then, I think i’m also as crazy when it comes to dramas, and PK in particular. i wonder if you’ve seen this post on DB that mentioned all the crazy things people did because of dramas?? it’s hilarious and one of the “honorable mentions” was actually exactly what i did it made me stop and wonder how exactly crazy i was..

    • i just saw it!!!!! waaaaahhhhh!!! i wish i was her!! just hanging on to him like that!! and making out in the car!!! whoa!!!!! my eyes went boinkers!!! ( with matching scream!!)

  17. ALL CREDITS to DDuk@soompi

    My friend who isn’t Korean saw the episode without subs so I translated the parts that she was interested in.. and I’ll post them here just in case someone wants to understand what is going on during these scenes.

    the park scene where Hani gets all happy with Seungjo
    They were discussing where they were going to go for their honeymoon. He said he wanted to go to this mountianish like area, and she said Jejudo (which is beautiful btw I’ve been there…). He said fine, let’s decide with this phone, if his phone shows 3 of the same pictures they go to Jejudo if not they go where he wants to go. Of course the phone got the 3 pics b/c its made like that.

    what the lil brother says to the Seungjo when they’re in their bedroom together,
    the little brother says to his older brother, that he can’t believe he is getting married to her, b/c she isn’t smart, and is a pain, and if anything is stupid. She can’t even swim yet tried to rescue me from the ocean, and even though you showed no interest in her she still liked you. I’m going to marry a prettier and smarter girl than Hani.
    Main guy said “you do that.”
    The younger brother goes on saying … “but you and hani (the main girl) are once in a lifetime. I really like you but I think that there is something wrong with your personality. That’s why I think you can only be with Hani. You’re doing the right thing. Congrats.

    what what Seungjo & Bongju say at the wedding.
    Seungjo: hey you came.
    Bongju: you’re smiling so widely, looks like your mouth is about to rip.
    Seungjo: you’re looking cool today.
    Bongju: OF COURSE. Now you be careful now. If Hani sees me she might just change her mind. Who knows, I might just take her hand and run off with her!

    the dad’s speech at the wedding
    DAD: I was thinking on what can I should say but then I remembered my short marriage. I remembered on my wedding day that it snowed a lot. And on Christmas day we ate noodles together and said our merry Christmases. After I got Hani, and our house, I remembered just crying while holding her. I started to remember that, it’s a random memory but I was extremely happy. Just like when Hani’s grandma called her a snail, a person who knows where she is going, and when she is going would always put a smile on her face. I was always so sorry that she was by herself, but from now on since she has a smart and good looking husband , my heart is now at peace. Thank you so much Seungjo. Please go on forever with Hani.

    Hopefully this helps people! can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

  18. ok… this video i’m about to post is quite redundant but i’m posting anyways…
    remember the vid with little eunjo dancing to rainism (and shinee), well someone had put his and his hyung’s, hyun joong’s, rainism side by side.

    http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=Pwax4C2q4L0

    • V – you had mentioned DB blog. Do you have website addresss? I’m new at this and only go to couple of site for PK so, don’t know what DB is. :((

      Are you gonna recap for us tomorrow? Please please please !!!!!!


      • db is dramabeans… she’s like the goddess of drama recap… if you’re looking for K-drama recaps, she’s basically the no1 most popular site. and i don’t know if i’ll recap tomorrow’s… most likely will but i don’t want to make promises i can’t keep either.

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