First Stills from the Set of Absolute Darling

The first stills have leaked out from the set of upcoming Taiwan drama Absolute Darling (the Taiwanese adaptation of the manga Zettai Kareshi by Yuu Watase) courtesy of lead actress Gu Hye Sun‘s minihompy. I know I said I wasn’t going to follow this drama, but hot damn these two pictures are begging me to mock it.

Wu Zun – I thought you played a robot, not General Zod from the planet Shiny Unitards. And aren’t robots programmed with fashion sense, or did your new owner dress you? My guess is the latter.

Gu Hye Sun – seriously, Geum Jan Di was 2!!!! years ago, and even back then you were too old to pull this shiz off. See Jung So Min in Playful Kiss – she’s allowed to do this scrunchie face thingie because she’s, like, 20 years old, and it’s adorable when she does it, and doesn’t resemble an ahjumma doing the oppa pout wiggle. I know you can act well and act your age, please remember how yourself.

I remain utterly mesmerized by Wu Zun’s outfit, and the fact that he’s both more handsome and more fit. How that is possible is beyond me, but I hope this also means he’s a more believable actor. Good things come in threes, right? Absolute Darling will premiere in late 2010 or early 2011.


First Stills from the Set of Absolute Darling — 15 Comments

  1. lol… when i first saw the two pics on allkpop…. i didn’t know whether to laugh or pull my hair…
    this drama is either going to be a fun trip of mocking or so cringe worthy i might want to gouged my eyes out… let’s see which one it is..
    and yes, there’s also the possibility of it being completely winning. yeah. me think not.

    • i’m thinking I cannot bring myself to start watching this. it’s a sixties era science fiction show costume…. at least there was a lot of half-nekkidness in the Jdorama, versus this Vegas outfit!

      • lol… what you said about sixties era of science fiction is SO true.!! but a drama with wu zun in without him being half-naked at some point… i cannot imagine… i know he doesn’t like them but the producers LOVE stripping him

  2. What is he wearing? It makes me think of Rocky Horror.

    GJD – well, if she hasn’t learned to act with subtlety by now, she never will.

    I am really really going to enjoy this drama 😛

  3. I was scared of Wu Zun’s outfit and unbelievable skinny body. T.T I’m not a big fan of skinny guys cause they’re supposed to be buff (oh well, at least for me, not sure for others preference).

    Gu Hye Sun looks okay… I haven’t read the manga yet so I have no idea what role she’s supposed to act for this drama.

  4. Gu Hye Sun, what to say? I first saw her in the daily drama “Pure 19” and thought she was ok (still new then) And then she did some other dramas and then the famous Boys over Flower which I don’t think it was really her role and now this drama.
    I feel that if they wanted a korean actress (why I don’t understand) she doesn’t seem to fit the role. Sure many mid 20 yr olds korean actress’ play much younger roles cause they can pull it off. Still i think she could have picked a better project.

  5. I must say in all fairness I have only seen her in Boy Over Flowers and I thought she was terrible. I am not likely to watch much of anything she is in.

  6. You’re not mocking it hard enough. You can do better than that because gee, LOOK at the pics! OMO! 0__0

    I’ll just keep hoping that ZK gets a kdrama remake

  7. …One drama I’m not looking forward to… xD
    I liked the JP drama, I hope they don’t ruin it!
    Zettai Kareshi was such a cool manga! Not your usual Shoujo storyline 🙂
    Goo Hye Sun … I’ve never really liked her… On the back of the BOF dvd I have she resembled an ahjumma … A LOT~ xD
    Her acting or anything she did in BOF didn’t appeal to me… >< So I haven't been a fan of any of her other works, and I doubt I'll watch this one…

    Wu Chun…. I never liked him either AHAHAH 🙂
    His acting is alright . . . I like Aaron from FLH more than him hehehe x)x) But that's just me being Bias…

    Personally I can see so many other actresses and actors that prob. would have fit the role better…

    But it can all still turn out AWESOME 🙂

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