First Peek at Vic Zhou in Coming Home

Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) is sequestered in China filming the upcoming cross-border big-budget period epic drama Coming Home. It’s a closed set, but that’s a piece-of-cake for the Chinese paparazzi to breach. Zai Zai might as well give up and smile for their lenses and give a thumbs up.

Presenting the first pictures to leak from the set, and clearly the media came for one person and one person only – Zai Zai, of course! Don’t expect leading lady Janine Chang, when we do get a glimpse of her, to look her usual glamourous self. She’ll likely be raggedy or at least wearing cotton instead of silk.

Zai Zai plays a Taiwanese doctor educated by the Japanese during the occupation, and then conscripted by the Japanese army and brought over to Mainland China during World War II to act as the army medic for the Japanese army. Expect star-crossed love, intrigue, politics, and a war-is-bad subtext.

I don’t what the deal with Zai Zai’s hair is – but each time I read an article about Coming Home, the report is sure to include a statement that Zai Zai cut his hair the shortest he’s ever cut it for any drama. If I never see the Hua Ze Lei shag for the rest of my life I will be happy, so short is good! Keep the short, Zai Zai, keep the short!



First Peek at Vic Zhou in Coming Home — 14 Comments

    • He does things to my belly when he smiles. And when he’s sad and angsty, I die a little inside with him. He’s like the finest whiskey. Smooth, burns, and warms you right up.

  1. ahhh i’m waitin 4 flight and brushing up on hk tabloids and saw ZZ’s new cut. HK media is touting he’s like a youngr taller Tony Leung I totally see that w/ this do and this is the highest order of compliment coming fr my hometown 😉

    esp considering the funnies ZZ is doing to u Twinnie… it’s not unlike what Tony’s eyes alone do to 1/2 of HK

  2. lol… i like zai zai gruff best but since i’m fond of MG, I would like to see his hair back to being a straw broom (that’s what my mom calls it. kk) at least once… well, until I found out it would make you unhappy. kk. I guess I’m fine with him not having that hair every again.
    and i don’t know why but i like him in those worn out clothes…. <3

    • btw. congratulations for passing the 300K mark…
      it was just a couple of months ago when your blog was a just a chill place for regulars… look at how far AKP has gone. 🙂

      • wow i just noticed too… 306614 right now, to be exact, which i like to be. anal that way.

        ahh.. Meteor Garden memories! ZZ was my mom’s favourite (she thought he was very good-looking, even with the broom hair), whilst i was partial to Soujiro’s character. However, the actor who played Soujiro did not age well!! But i have to admit that Jerry Yan’s face has really grown on me. at that time, I used to think his face was the kind that you’d get bored with over time.

      • yep… for me, zai zai was the most good looking, but i grew to get used to the other f3 faces and now, i think they’re all super handsome…
        and did ken not age well? last i saw him, i thought he looked ok?

  3. thanks ockoala!!
    i miss zei zei! the last drama that i watched from him was black and white so its been a while.
    glad he’s looking great!

  4. OMG I am watching Black and White. I am blown away. I am doing my marathon session right now. I am so in love with both the guys. Vic Zhou is so hot.

  5. OH GOD. I cannot breathe now, thanks for the heart attack, Koala.

    I don’t know if it is because he starred in my first ever drama (Mars) or because I find him drop-dead gorgeous or because I think he’s a good actor, but Vic makes me weak at the knees the way nobody else does.

    *goes to lie down*

    I feel a B&W rewatch coming on.

    • I don’t know if it is because he starred in my first ever drama (Mars) or because I find him drop-dead gorgeous or because I think he’s a good actor, but Vic makes me weak at the knees the way nobody else does.
      THIS. SO MUCH. ALL OF IT! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Also? Hello dangermousie. I feel like my worlds are colliding now. LJ acquaintances vs my fellow DB OTers.

  6. Seeing Vic Zhou reminds me that I still need to finish watching Black & White…

    By the way, the dude standing next to Vic in the first pic… Doesn’t he resemble Sun Joon/Micky? Or maybe it’s just me being so obsessed that I see his face everywhere.

  7. well, sorry but i don’t think short haired zai-zai look more georgeous than the long haired zai-zai. and i just love it when his hair is

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