Playful Kiss Post-Finale Goodies

Say that you love me, say that you care…..Say that you love me, say that you care…..

Bonus points for anyone who can correctly identify that quote above. Playful Kiss the drama airing on MBC has concluded. Even though there are 9 additional Youtube episodes to look forward to, it appears a collective pall has set on PKisser-dom. Don’t be sad. All good things must come to an end. To help temper the withdrawal symptoms a little bit, I’ve compiled lots of random PK goodness for everyone to sample.

For those of you who love PK so much you have a hankering to own PK-related goods, MBC is selling a PK-calendar. Imagine looking at Seung Jo and asking him what day is today. Yeah, you have fun with that. And no, I don’t buy drama-related goods. But if I were still 18 I sure would.

For those of you bemoaning the terrible and incomprehensible decision to film the final kiss scene from a vantage point where there was no vantage point, I’ve embedded the now famous and widely-circulated fan-cam video of the couple filming the scene.

BTS of the Playful Kiss Final Car Kiss Scene (it won’t let me embed the video so click on the link):

Lastly, MBC has released a compilation behind-the-scenes video of filming of the drama. It’s adorable, and quite satisfying to watch. Even though the drama had less than stellar domestic ratings, the cast and crew worked hard, and appeared to have lots of fun amidst the long hours and daily toil of producing a quality piece of work.

Part 1


Part 2:


Part 3:


I shall end with a funny aside to share with you all. I got to work and parked my car yesterday, what did I see but a black, convertible, brand-new, Mini Cooper in the spot next to mine. Seriously, Seung Jo’s car parked next to mine. All I needed was a ray of sunshine to illuminate that car and a blasting Hallelujah refrain for that moment to be immortalized. By the by, that is one tiny car. My car can eat that car, and then have room for a main course plus dessert.


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  1. thanks so much for posting… i was suffering from PK withdrawal and was stalking the net for some news, vidoes, pics about PK… ( i was also stalking your site… hehehehe) btw, i really loved the way you did the recaps… thanks so much!

  2. I enjoyed PK as much as I enjoyed reading your comments-recaps and of course gobbling the pics, links, etc. Yours is a wonderful and delightful page! Seeing KHJ handsome face is like a delicious meal each time, the appetizer, the main course and the dessert too followed by a good cup of coffee! Very satisfying indeed.

    Keep on writing please!

    • Tarits-unni,

      Do you know who I am? Heh, I own a wonderful t-shirt courtesy of you. A certain GuMi couple welcomes me awake on certain mornings. 😀 Never did thank you properly, but what the heck, thank you again!

      Thanks also for the words of encouragement about my writing. KHJ is certainly a delicious treat, nom nom nom.

  3. Which quote? This -> “Say that you love me, say that you care…..Say that you love me, say that you care…..”

    I hear that line from ISWAK’s opening theme/song. XD

    I don’t buy goodies too… I’m not interested on stuffs like that because when the trend is over, it’s a bit embarrassing to use those stuffs anymore. XD

    I haven’t checked PK’s Youtube account yet, band I’m wondering if the episodes they’ll post over there will have English subs. T.T

  4. thanks ockoala!! your still our PK fairy!
    if i could just get a hand of that goodies!
    cool that you got to see the same car of baek seung jo!!
    that quote is from the OST of started with a kiss!

    • And you win, too! 😀 Everyone wins here at AKP! Seriously, I’ve got that song looping in my brain, it’s actually perfect for PK, too, the lyrics and the beat.

      • yeah, it is suitable to PK! i remember one time, im re-reading your recap about episode 8 while listening to my mp3 then that song started playing. i just thought if they use this song but just translated to korean it may sound cool as well.

      • actually for me, it’s not that song exclusively, it was the whole intro part… i thought the way they did the intro presented the interactions between the characters so well. kk.

  5. Yeah, I almost bought a Mini (loved it!) but with with another Subie instead for practical reasons. I was watching that end scene and (mind in gutter) thinking to myself – props on knowing where to park, but man you picked the wrong car to try to make out in!

    • True dat! I’m sure Peaches and her bro lurve the Subie much better. They want me to thank you for not squishing them into a Mini.

      As for that car as make-out vehicle, it’s a Catch-22.

      Good: easy access since you don’t have to reach very far over the center divider to grab the other person, you’re practically sitting on top of each other anyways.

      Bad: if you want to go beyond 2nd base, good luck finding room to get there. They really should’ve gotten a nice hotel room. So spacious. Hhhhmmm, the possibilities.

      Frankly, I don’t know any other newbie actress at so young an age have so many kissing scenes under her belt already. KHJ and JSM have kissed (fantasy scene + real scene) more than I think any couple in any 16 episode K-drama. More does not equal quality kisses or anything, but they likely win the quantity crown.

      • agree to that ockoala!
        and even though they are newbie and young actor and actress they said that while filming those kissing scenes they dont even have a NG!

      • I got to thinking at the last couple of episodes that those two must be tired of kissing each other. It must have gone from “eep kissing stranger” to “meh whatever” to “again?!”

        Their lips are recovering now…

  6. oh ockoala… can i love you more than i do now???
    you’ve just made my day with this post!!! I thought I wouldn’t here you talk about PK anymore until the special youtube episodes and I’m SO glad I was wrong… Even though I’ve seen all this stuff, hearing the news from you makes me unbelievably happy!! <3

    lol.. isn't the bonus a bit too easy?? of course, it's jason and lara's intro song Say U love me for ISWAK, and also the first song where I learned to rap all the parts… well, technically, eminem and linkin park came first but that was in english… Chinese is a whole different thing to me…

    Yep, I am engulfed into that collective pall, and not getting out of it soon… but post like yours make me smile a bit brighter… It's sad in a way that I get depressed over a drama…

    And I'm not 18 on paper but apparently mentally, cuz I'm getting the calendar, the mug, the photobook, and the dvds when they come out… Of course, the OST as well… kk. And here goes my savings. I am sure in a month or two, I won't even care much about those goods I bought… but I'm still buying them anyways because I'm crazy. It's like when I bought the pig-rabbit and the pin for You're beautiful… and the director's cut for YAB and Tamna. Sigh.

    And that BTS never gets old… I'm going to rewatch it right after this comment. kk.
    When I saw the special this morning, I almost teared up again because I was so happy I had new vids for PK… lol. I'm really hopeless.

    and how COOL is that you saw Seung jo's car… dang… now that i've heard your story, I'm going to subconsciously check out all the cars that pass by my sight just to spot a cooper.. kk

  7. Sadly I don’t have time to watch these videos. *cry* My job would make THIS week’s schedule the busiest I’ve had in a while.

  8. >>> All I needed was a ray of sunshine to illuminate that car and a blasting Hallelujah refrain for that moment to be immortalized.

    Aahahaha! ROFLMAO at your eureka snapshot description.
    I (and a few others) have had those ephiphany car moments too with …. Frank Shin’s Jag. Stemmed from my first serious crush of a Kdrama called Hotelier, where I met some of my first Kdrama chingus (Thundie included).
    Weeks later (for me only this time) it was LBH’s Merc SLK from Beautiful Days = this major BD addict here had a deja-vu moment when I was stopped at a light; right next to a silver SLK, with the driver in some shade of very-coloured brown blonde! 🙂

    It’s those out-of-the-blue asides like these which enjoyably sparked up your recaps (and PK tidbits) I have been faithfully tuning into throughout. Much more so that I have been faithfully following the PK drama itself. I was on board viewing for ep 3 – maybe 8, and tuned out (except for sporadic peeks) until ep 13-16.

    MUCH THANKS Ockoala, for all your efforts to diligently deliver those very punctual recaps and news!

  9. thanks Ockoala , won’t be able to have any of those goods but it’s ok , watching the serial is already enough for me 🙂

  10. Well, since we’re sisters, I guess I can share MY (gutter mind) comments…the (better,steamier)fan cam video of the ending…I could be wrong,but I think KHJ was saying”Damn,woman,JSM, are you trying to rape me..hehe,hey staff,did you all see that?? ” (just my gutter mind’s wild imaginations)

  11. Coinkidink…was coming back from lunch w/my guy coworkers today and we were talking about cars. I spied a mini-cooper and said..”that one, i want that one”. They agreed that it’s a cute “girl” car. Huh? Apparently my coworkers are too macho for a mini. I said, “you’d be surprised at how good a guy looks driving a shiny black minicooper.” Yeah…you know where my mind was…

  12. Woot woot. I’ve always loved Mini’s. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for my parents, because of my work sched coming winter I’ll actualy need a car– and as it has been since 10th grade I will get a Mini. 🙂 I’ve been in one, many times, so please trust me when I say there is ample room. *AMPLE ROOM* and its sturdy… There was once a freak building accident wen a 100ton building crane fell and nearly destroyed a street in Manhattan. Anyway, crane squish Mini, but when they dug it out it was still able to start. Atta car Herby! Lol ↲ Thank you Koala for everything, I wish I would have been a more model commenter on your blog. Coherence was not my friend this week. ↲ ↲ ↲ ↲↲ I just want to say I’ve got the depth of a 40 yr old, look like a 15 yr old and act like a 16 year old lol. Part of me wants merch, but I’m settling for DVD’s. Just pls pardon the spacing, I’m on my phone.

  13. Dear ockoala, you are awesome! I have, for years, love Asian dramas and normally simply stalk & ‘lurk’ drama sites and read recaps and enjoy the comments but your site and PK now changed all that. I can’t believe I am submitting comments! I am glad I found your site and discovered I am not alone in my interest in dramas, perhaps I should say it is an obsession in my part. I’m probably not the only one who wakes up in the middle of the night to check for the latest recaps of PK but who else takes their phone to the toilet to continue reading!

    Thank you thank you so much for being such a drama fairy.

  14. I’m a little late in posting my comments, but better late than sorry!!!
    I actually saw the post on my phone yesterday but got caught up with doing things..
    Thanks ockoala for this.. It means a lot, especially when you are suffering from post-PK-blues..:(
    I’ll just comfort myself by replaying the whole thing and by watching WGM ( v, thanks for the hook-up!! )
    as for the mini-cooper, I was out yesterday and I saw a red one!! Keke, reminded me of mommy Baek! And for sure put a smile on my face!!

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