Rainie Yang Wins Best Actress at 2010 Golden Bell Awards

The 2010 Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan’s annual television award – think Emmys, the TV-section of the Baeksang, etc.) just concluded in Taipei. Most of the nominated dramas and actors were not from the idol-dramas, which are the dramas most online viewers and overseas fans are most familiar with.

However, one major idol-actress got a nod – Rainie Yang was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Hi, My Sweetheart. And she won! Congrats to Rainie. I’ll be off there eating my shorts. Plus my shirt.

Best Drama goes to Moonlight of Brotherhood, and its lead actor Wu Cheng Di won for Best Actor. Rainie winning was a serious upset, but nowhere near the level of collective-jaw-drop that was last year when Marc Chao won over Vic Zhou for Best Actor.

I don’t dislike Rainie, but I have never finished a single drama she has starred in. Ever. Her acting bugs me, and I don’t have a objective critique so let’s leave it my subjective impression of her. I know my Ariel is good friends with Rainie, and is sure to be ecstatic to welcome her to the Best Actress award winners circle.

If anyone made it past episode 1 of Hi My Sweetheart, let me know if it gets less homicidal-inducing and maybe I should give it another chance? Lastly, Rainie’s dress is one big fail – would have been a classy LBD but for those two long red sleeves. It’s like wearing high-top sneakers and then adding wings to them. Oh wait, Joe just did that. Heh.


Rainie Yang Wins Best Actress at 2010 Golden Bell Awards — 25 Comments

  1. uh…… WHAT IN THE WHAT? was basically my reaction to reading your title…
    I went into your post thinking it might not have been what i thought.., turned out it was…
    unlike you, i don’t dislike rainie… and i admit to singing to her song more than once… she’s the equivalent of wu zun to me in terms of dramas i have to watch even if i cringe during every minute of it, but she’s certainly not award-material… well, apparently not..
    she and ella top my list of over the top, over reacting, annoying acting. well, most taiwanese actresses for their idol dramas usually fit that category.
    and yes, i’ve seen the whole mess of hi my sweetheart. many people LOVED it…i didn’t. it gets better. it doesn’t get good (except on occasional scenes).
    I guess it’s your decision…

  2. I couldn’t finish Hi, My Sweetheart even if I tried. I’m a fan of Show Luo (his 100% entertainment show is hilarious) but I just couldn’t continue. I’m really surprised that Rainie won the best actress award, especially since I never fell in love with any of her characters before. But kudos to her. That’s some award.

    • haha.. alan is SO funny in his show… i didn’t get what was the big deal with him for a long time but i gradually got into his humour on variety shows.

  3. Wow! I’m just as surprised as you guys that she won! She’s not a bad actress, but she’s not great either. I didn’t watch “Hi, My Sweetheart”…didn’t have the urge to watch it…well, mostly because I find Show Luo annoying. Congrats to her anyhow!

    I still feel “Autumn’s Concerto” was majorly snubbed…especially Ady An. She portrayed her character so well, that I started watching her other dramas when “Autumn’s” ended. But congrats to the director, even though she won for a different drama.

      • O.M.G. I LOOOOOVEEE Ady An! She’s my favorite TW actress. But I haven’t watched her in any other drama except Autumn’s Concerto. What else is she in? I guess I should watch some more TW dramas so that I’m not so out of the loop — and to improve my Chinese. Heh.

      • lol.. ady an has been in a LOT of dramas… but usually, she’s a second lead or her role is small. and many of the dramas where she is either the lead/or second lead are chinese period dramas, or fantasy period dramas, or wuxia dramas… I love those but I don’t know if you do… I think she performs best in period dramas but that’s just me.
        Among the modern more trendy tw dramas she’s been in, aside from Autumn concerto, the most known internationally would be Outsider I and Outsider II, Baseball Love Affair, Fast Track love and also a bunch of others I can’t remember on top of my head..

    • i so agree.. i so love ADY… i had hoped she would have won. gosh that is such a let down. for me Autumn concerto is one of the better drama in the past years that has come out from TW…
      anyway even if ADY didnt win that, she is still number one for me..!!!
      and for the director of AC, congrats, I think she should have won for this one also. i was beautifully made. also the writer should win. i was perfectly written. and for Vaness, well she was Superb, he is no1 for me. well okay Jerry yan, Vic and Ken are also no 1 for me but who would disagree right..? but still Vaness was just amazing in this drama!!. hats off, standing ovation and encore to him….

      abouut rainie, i have nothing againts her also but almost all her drama are borderline Overacting.
      I first saw her in Meteor garden and liked her well enough, maybe because she didnt get much air time for me to be irritated or because whatever the face i would always love that character may it Gaeul, Xiaoyou, or Yuki.
      IN devil beside you, well let me just say I love MIKE too much to not finish the story. it was the same case with WHY WHY LOVE. as also the case with ToGether, at that time Jiro was just too cute to resist.
      Miss No Good, I shudder at the thought. i may Like Wilber Pan but gosh that was just one horribly made/ written drama.
      as for My sweetheart, havent yet watched. i dont know who the male lead is but a friend told me it was good. I trust her judgement when it come to dramas/movies because we have he same basic movie critic style…
      but then remembering her acting in Miss No Good, just doesnt set well for me..

      PS: just reliazed that some of the dramas i like where she was in was mainly because of her leading men.. kekeke.. sorry about that I am still a little boy crazy..

      • lol. i agree with most of what you said. the reason i watched her dramas was mainly because of the male lead as well.. -_-“

      • hahaha.. she is lucky in that aspect V.. It seems she is always partnered with some hottie or cutie..
        But among her Male leading man, she was best partnered with MIKE HE…
        ahh so miss him right nbow.. hey any suggestions about good and lastest dramas he is in..?

      • lol. honestly, the dramas I watch with Mike He in are dramas I watch because he’s in them, not because of the dramas themselves… -_-” so I don’t know what to say about recommending… he has this drama set in the early 1900s which is not bad but long.. i think it has 40 ep or so but i’m only at ep 10 right now. it’s called dance of flowers and snow flying.
        also, he has a trendy drama with Charlene Choi which started out promising and ended up just ok I guess.

  4. O_0 o_O O_0 o_O O_0 o_O O_0 o_O

    I’m utterly utterly lost for words.

    On a purging note for me:
    Twinnie, I’ve checked out 15 min of JoeCheng’s Tudou drama. it’s so pretty and w/ my fav songs. Given I only stare at Joe (and the famous Chinese model who is surprising good), lead actress is not worth a blink unless I wanna poke eyes out, but I dun even wanna do that for her, I still wish I don’t know Chinese and can undo the lines I’ve heard.

    Why Joe, WHY? There are moments he’s fine, but he seems like he’s lost his acting mojo. But, he’s upped himself in hotness and the PD is a fangirl/fanboy, he’s lit perfectly every scene and the camera caresses him unlike our ogling eyes w/ droolz and all.

    Why I bring this up is the lead actress, who is so awful, reminds me of Rainie’s patent overacting of fakecute + GHS’ playbook of 25 faking 12.

  5. nm I hope I’m not posting 45 replies on this thread, I dun love or hate Rainie that much but I need to make my faces.
    O_0 0_O

    I’m utterly speechless. I didnt and wouldnt watch the drama so I forfeit my right to say a bad word on it, but still….

    And speaking of Joe. I saw a bit of his Tudou drama last nite. It’s SOOO pretty. It’s Cdrama faking a breathtaking shot TWdrama. and w/ my fav songs. Stylistically it’s soo gorgeous to watch….mute (but then I also love the songs)

    and Joe.. upped his hotness. That and the PD/cameraman loves him as much as I do. He GLOWS and SPARKLES like what I pictured Edward should if he’s not a vampire but a walking strutting top model.

    I only have eyes for him, part coz he’s just so …gorg. part is of coz lead actress, reminding me of Rainie, her patented overacting grating chalkboard CUTE + GHS’ 25 acting as 15. Why Joe, WHY? Why production company, WHY?! It’s not complete PoS, if they cast o..Ariel? it’s totally better than Bread. I wished I cant understand any of the mando, but I do…and not hard to guess stupid lines + stupider plots. Joe’s like he’s lost his acting mojo frankly unless scene calls for him to be breathtakingly gorgeous.

    Sorry for the OT Joe rant here. I cant compute a decent thought on Rainie. (still jaws on floor)

    • omg omg omg… i already said my piece about rainie so I wasn’t about to comment anymore but then you had to talk about Joe’s drama…

      glad you love it too! I know it had negative reviews but I LOVE how pretty it is… and the soundtrack is awesome… Joe is hotter than ever.. honestly, since it’s been a while i’ve seen him act, i’ve forgotten how hot he was until i watched that drama… and lol at ur ref to twilight.. sparkle sparkle….

      as for the lead actress… she’s unbelievably pretty but that can’t compensate as to how she always tends to bulge her eyes… whenever. when she’s surprised, when she’s happy, when she’s attracted… she’s trying too hard to be cute. as far as i’m concerned, the drama can star joe and the dog only and i would be fine.. but i’m still willing to give her the chance to redeem herself.

  6. Rainie Yang + winning award = oxymoron, in my bks.


    watched Devil Beside You – cringed
    watched Why Why Love – cringed too
    watched another drama so forgettable i can’t recall it’s name ..

    these days, unless the actor next to her is a die-die must-watch … generally, i am just allergic to her dramas, and avoid.

    not following the Golden Bell awards, but reading through comments her … how could anything Autumn Concerto not win?

    • SO AGREE…!!!!!
      as i have said in my previous post, how could Autumn’s Concerto not win..
      Best actress: Ady An
      Best actor: Van Ness Wu
      Best child actor: Xiao Xiao Bin
      Beast Drama: Autumn concerto
      Best Director: Chen Hui Ling
      Best Writer: Chen Hui Ling / Chen Hui Zhen / Zeng Yong Ting / Huang Ji Rou / Wang Yu Qi / Lu Yi Hua

      Come on people.. that drama was EPIC..!!!
      well and craftedly written, shoots was beautifully done, VanNess was the best bastard he can be, Xiao Le was the cutest kid in the world and Ady’s MUcheng is like my hero – she is what a woman today should be..!!!
      Damn it, ehem sorry for the language, are people blind and deaf…?
      They should have won..!!!

  7. Autumn’s Concerto didn’t win? I for sure thought it would win. I, for some reason I can not explain, like Rainie Yang when she is acting with Mike He but I really can’t say she is the best actress out there. Wow, still can’t believe Autumn’s Concerto didn’t win. Of course I haven’t watched the drama that did win so I really can’t comment too much about it. The other drama may have deserved to win, but then again they gave Rainie Yang the award for best actress so…..

  8. I’m really not sure how to react to this. The thing is even though Marc won over Vic (who did deserve the award) last year …Marc had an amazing debut and he is a talented actor…Rainie OTOH…well….still am trying to purge memories of Miss No Good

  9. RAINIE? BEST ACTRESS? This award is officially a joke now. Who knew people had such low expectations? Ariel Lin won lost year but she deserved every bit of the award. I’m flabbergasted at this news. I’ve never ‘disliked’ an actress so much to an extent where I would even skip out on dramas with hot guys in them. But Rainie? She got some skills for me to have to skip on Mike He dramas because of her. She should just stick to singing, and only singing. I can’t even understand mandarin, but I can tell that her voice is annoying so I can only feel for those that do understand her. This is beyond ridiculous.

  10. The only drama i’ve seen Rainie in which hasn’t made me flinch from over acting is Superstar Express with Jiro Wang (may have a slight bias toward Jiro but that’s not the point). To be honest though she should just stick with singing because the end song she did for Hi My Sweetheart was really good 😀 I think Autumn’s Concerto should have won! I mean Xiao Xiao Bin is possibly the cutest thing on earth!! And the story-line was ever so slightly ridiculous in a good way!!

    Whoops I just wrote an Essay… 😛

  11. haha… agree with everyones comment here about rainie yang. never finished a series with her as leading lady. super overacting dude. dont know why.
    love ady an in AC . even its my first time to see her and dont know about her. finished the series in marathon. good acting skills of all the actors in AC. good job for its director to squeeze everything from them.

  12. I have to say I disagree with all the comments here about “Rainie Yang does not deserve the award”. Yes, before this, I used to hate her for her acting as her role in DBS really made me cringe, but after watching the 1st 2 episodes of Love You, I couldn’t resist her I went to watch Hi My Sweetheart, and she totally made me changed my mind about her, her acting has really matured throughout the years and I was really impressed. And i finally understood why did she win. Her role in HMS is really different from her other series, and I think you guys should just give it a try before commenting on whether she deserved the best actress award or not. Her character as Chen Bao Chu in HMS was really awesome and I don’t think any actress can do that role justice.

  13. Most of the people commenting here have no idea what theyre talking about. Rainie’s acting in HMS was phenomenal, and extremely realistic, it is rare to find acting this authentic and caliber , there was no overacting, only personality acting which is intentional. The authenticity of her crying scenes were spellbinding

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