Chinese Fans Story Board Tribute to Playful Kiss

A very pleasant corollary to being a fan of the drama Playful Kiss is that it intersects in the fan-verse with the fans of its leading man Kim Hyun Joong. So much of the wonderful spoilers and goodies about PK that I’ve seen and shared have originated from the devotion and dedication of a Kim Hyun Joong fan. It’s quite impressive to see.

The Chinese fans of Kim Hyun Joong have long had their own website,, which is open to registered members only. I suggest Chinese-speaking fans check it out if you have not already done so, as its a very comprehensive forum.

Yesterday the forum released an online tribute and dedication to PK, compiling an online storyboard for the drama. It’s a work of love and art, and so pretty I wanted to share it with you all. I’ve arranged the pages in chronological order. It includes pictures from the fan-meeting that coincided with the final episode airing.

It’s, of course, skewed heavily towards Baek Seung Jo/Kim Hyun Joong, which I have no problems with. Nope, none whatsoever. 😀  However, I threw in an adorable picture of Oh Ha Ni/Jung So Min above because, well, she’s adorable and the yin to Seung Jo’s yang. Right?

Playful Kiss Story Book:

[Credit: all screencaps taken from and sourced from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, and authors are as identified]


Chinese Fans Story Board Tribute to Playful Kiss — 14 Comments

  1. I’m going to have to re-prioritize the list of languages I wish to learn, Mandarin right after Korean, instead of after Hebrew. -_-

  2. :hhha!Definitely Korean language first then Mandarin then indian language!
    The first one is just for pure pleasure. The last two is due to increased usage of these languages worldwide, all thanks to population explosion!!

  3. Thanks ockoala for continuing to provide us with PK goodies. The Story Book looks impressive. Wish I could read and understand what’s in it. 🙁

    One thing for sure is that you’ve got to give credit to all of KHJ’s fans, both locally and internationally. They are truly dedicated and very supportive of him. I sometime wonder if his fans are students or do they have jobs because no matter what event he participates in, there are always fancams and pictures to share with others. I’m not complaining though. 🙂

  4. ok… i’ve just read the post on hu ge and now… suddenly, my mind is blank about what to say about PK… now, what am i supposed to do with my essay if i’m lost for words for PK…
    *going to shut computer off and write the damn thing by hand*

  5. Thanks so much to you because we still have chance to see more of pk goodies.

    I found all your recaps from episode one to sixteen (do not think that I found that very late ha ha) and I did read most of them.

    You had written there, Pk was base on the true story of the original manga writer. Did she really died at her young age (do you know how old was she when she passed away, how long she got married life and how many children did they had, those questions keep coming up on my mind now) Could u pls kindly answer for me or let me know where can I read them, or about her. I felt very sorry when I read it and I did cry. Because I like reading and most of the books I have read biography. Those books are give me motivation and inspiration.

    Could u pls reply me. It will be really grateful.

    Thanks again for PK and wishing u all the best.

  6. thanks for the update! wow, a lot of work must have gone through this. i wish there was an english version of it though 🙁

  7. marhaba koala!!! i really enjoy reading your blog, i guess you’re a gifted writer. heheh! how i wish i could be one like you. can’t help coming back here for some PK updates. can’t really get over with this kdrama yet and i think it would take a long time. heheh! thanx so much for your updates.

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