First BTS Picture of Playful Kiss Youtube Filming

The first BTS photo is out of the crew filming Playful Kiss! Heh, that picture above is clearly NOT it, but (1) I love that picture of Ha Ni, and (2) I always hide BTS or spoiler information after the jump.  🙂

Squee, we get our first glimpse of the now-familiar Playful Kiss set, and our favoritest room in the whole wide world. Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s bedroom, of course! The picture was tweeted by someone lucky enough to be on the set, and came with the message that Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min were indeed filming at that time even though they were not captured by the picture-taker. Sigh, me content again with even the itty-bittiest PK news.


First BTS Picture of Playful Kiss Youtube Filming — 69 Comments

  1. Ockoala – you are a god sent!! ka ka… keep the PK goodies coming, we are all hungry for any titbit!! FYI – PK rewatch continues to be my daily nightly ritual!! My other half do not understand my strange behaviour 🙂

    • My better half understands…he’s been through it so often. He says he always knows which drama to keep and which to delete on my hard drive based on my obsessive need to rewatch a much loved drama. If it lasts more then a week, it’s a keeper. If I’m on to the next drama, it’s safe to delete.

      • If hubby dearest ever dares to venture into my HD, I’ll kick him.. and if he were to delete anything in there without me knowing it.. he’s dead.. haha. *ish ebil*

      • @markii rose – nope…I just found me a good man who indulges some of my whims. My own Baek Seung Jo…but I call him Samshika.

        @Ami – hehe…that’s just my external hardrive for dramas that he maintains. I have my own personal external harddrive that hubby is not allowed in. A girl’s gotta have her own private space, ne? 😉 :p

  2. Thank you. My Wednesday has been really empty. I’m glad I stopped by here before going to bed. I’m sure the comments will be active overnight.

  3. Goodness BSJ/Hyunjoong and bedroom in the same sentence (yes, even though there’s OHN/Somin in there) gets me pulse going.

    Thank you OcKoala! 😀

  4. thank you ockoala! i became a stalker of this site because of Playful Kiss…please update more pictures about the BTS of the Youtube Edition of Playful Kiss!!!!!

    i want to be spoiled!!!!!!!

  5. thank you Ms. Ockoala for all the updates of pk especially to hj and sm. i really appreciate your great works. More power to you! love your blog♥

  6. Goodness I absolutely love you!!!! Thanks for the information even though it was small! I just about jumped up and down I was so excited. I’m a bit sad now that the official drama is over and all day, moping around because I have nothing to look forward to watch. Thanks!

  7. “…..our favoritest room in the whole wide world” *laugh happily
    agree with your comment.

    after they married, they moved to Seung Jo’s room (by the layout: the door, the dressing room and the windows)

      • rainy… wow, i almost didn’t find out you replied on the other topic… anyways, how about moving it here in the meantime?
        btw, just curious… what program do you use for your collages? I have one i used but i’m not exactly satisfied with it…
        For me, I am used to korean language… the first time i watched pinoy and lakorn dramas, i was like… this sounds so so weird… especially the pinoy dramas… especially when they mix english with tagalog… -_-” but i got used to them now.
        ah… everytime i hear about park yong ha… i can’t help but feel sad. i was SHOCKED when i first heard the news. i think among asian celebrities, i was most shocked by his suicide…
        yes, i’m talking about the hindi drama prisoners… except that i can’t find complete subs… i only find bits and pieces of the drama.
        yes, registration on soompi is free… so if you’re interested, you can register.

      • ahh good moving here is better at least there isn’t many posts .
        for the collage I just use the paint ( you find it in accessory ) I just copy past pix there then I make each pic large or small the way I want . ahh don’t temme about park yong ha , was eaaaagerly waiting for is next drama and even decided not to watch any korean drama untill I watch his ( after on air ) but then I read the info about his suicide and now even his dad is dead , very sad really .
        you’re watching bandini , that great at first the drama is amazing , it was amazing for one year at least and the romance was cuuuute , I was watching without subs , just reading updates on hindi forums , here’s the link you will find updates for each epi , it’s the story of a 18 years old girl who gets married to a 45 years widow man , it was loooovely 🙂
        and ok will gonna register to soompi 🙂

      • you’re watching bandini , that great at first the drama is amazing , it was amazing for one year at least and the romance was cuuuute , I was watching without subs , just reading updates on hindi forums , here’s the link you will find updates for each epi , it’s the story of a 18 years old girl who gets married to a 45 years widow man , it was loooovely 🙂
        and ok will gonna register to soompi 🙂

    • V…let’s move to this topic…lol…I still haven’t re-watch PK although I will after I finished WGM. 5 more days to go…yay! I’m gonna see them again…I need to subscribe in YT…I still haven’t done it yet.

      • and what about the rumour of delaying the extra epi till mid-november , is it just rumour ?

      • @Nala… kk, i was thinking of the same thing… let’s move to this topic…
        although I forgot what we talked about previously… I think I was raving about WGM or something… (when did i not?? 🙂 )
        and yay! you’re almost finished with WGM… or maybe we should be sad about that… the ending broke my heart.
        and I wonder how you will feel about PK once you rewatch it since you’ve just been exposed to the real KHJ versus BSJ. and yes, subscribe! i did as well.

      • I think I will feel sad too coz in the episode I’m watching right now they really get so close. They don’t feel awkward anymore. I admire Buin, she knows everything…from sewing, cooking and she has a good heart helping people.

        After WGM marathon, I will go right back to PK…lol…symptoms of KHJ addiction…lol

      • lol.. you’re not going to get out of KHJ’s addiction anytime soon.. the boy is fascinating.

        and yes.. buin and KHJ really became close in WGM… what i love about the couple is that the whole relationship progressed very naturally… They never (relatively speaking) pretended or forced themselves to fake. At first they were awkward but slowly managed to appreciate and care for each other.

        And yes, hwanbo is very talented and feminine and with a big heart and a generous fun personality… btw, have you seen her new MV Still beautiful? it’s awesome!

      • You’re right, the more I see him the more I want to keep on stalking websites that talk about him. And their relationship you’re right again, it so real.

        After I finish WGM, which will be tonight (I’m not going to sleep until I finish it)….no work tomorrow…lol. I will look for Buin videos…any website that you can refer to me?

  8. actually, I like Seungjo’s bedroom more – the blue and cream one that he shared with Eunjo…. since I might be moving soon, I’m thinking of recreating something along those lines. The colours, and the tilted alignment of the furniture… nice, you think?

  9. ahhhhh ockoala you’re an angel , was right now thinking about why no BTS is posted till now when the shooting had already started some days ago .thanks u , I can see a liiiiiiiilll bit of SJ/HJ from the pix , ahh their bedroom , wonder what’s the converstion about , was missing those two yesterdy and still miss them .
    BTW that rumour about postponing the show till mid af november was it confirmed or not ? anyone knows ?

  10. Gee I wonder what the scene’s going to be about. 10 minutes is very very short (sob sob)…let’s see… cameras all panning toward the right – maybe seung jo and hani brushing teeth together (evidence: bright morning sunshine on the left or is that artificial lighting? LOL) They stand side by side in darling couple jammies cutely brushing their perfect snowy white teeth. He rinses his mouth, she rinses her mouth, their heads collide, he rubs her head lovingly, gives her a hug (all this while looking amazingly fresh and beautiful with toothpaste stuck to his chin). They go back to the bedroom, he changes out of his jammies, she picks a shirt for him, she leans under his head and fixes his tie, he bends and kisses her (a replica of Kiss-In-The-Rain except it’s big screen and close up I mean really humungous as in fills up the entire screen and goes on for like 5 minutes). The End. What d’ya expect? The kiss takes up 5 minutes LOL. No dialogue, no other characters. Just 2 of them. Well, I can dream, can’t I????

  11. gosh… it’s now part of my daily routine to check first your blog for any PK news and so far i’ve never been disappointed. to hell with current events what matters most is any PK related news. it’s really hard to get over with PK addiction so here i am, sneaking around at your page everyday. thanks God we have one like you. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the update!!

    I was already down the other day when they announced that the broadcast time will probably be delayed.. *sulks* stalking the official youtube site every day in the hope of more goodies and good news

  13. oh thanks ockoala! you’re such an angel to us^

    some korean fans maybe don’t like our comments here since it’s more on giddinessss weeeeh

    • The Koreans who don’t like it have bad taste. The last time I was on the Youtube/Kiss site, the no. of subscribers are more than 19,000! Fifth in top Korea Youtube site subscribers. I hope it will exceed 22,000 and made it the the forth spot.

  14. I’m not sure about blogging etiquette so I’ll just comment thusly.

    Kathy’s bench (blog) has a post on the YT episodes. Some fans called Group8 and asked what was the concept/theme of the 10 min episodes. Here’s the excerpt:

    “Said G8 has been studying the comments to understand the fans’ thoughts and stuff
    on PK’s official site and also on Hyun Joong’s fansites.
    The online spin-off will be in episodes of 10 minutes each,
    and each episode is its own story.
    Will be based mainly from the perspective of Ha Ni as a nurse,
    and Seung Jo’s doctor role as the supporting storyline,
    and the couple’s love/emo scenes will be interwoven thus.”

    If you wish to read the full article written by Kathy, please go to her site, and look for “Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition Update” (Oct 28) post.

    I make for a bad posted. V’s so much better than I am at this 😛

    • @loveplayfulkiss, its the musical ticket for goong which were a gift for hani from mom being accepted in college and were use for the “surprise date” for hani and seung jo made possible again by mom. i think it was shown on episode 5 if i could remember right.

  15. I want to see plenty and lotsa lotsa hugs and kisses. It’s time for SJ to make up for the 11 episodes of Hani’s tears with this 9 mini-episodes.

  16. I almost fainted when you said bedroom & BSJ……hahahahahhaa found a horde of camera & lightmen instead!!! hahahaha talk about anti climactic!!! hahahha Your Koala Highness is the highest Order of Tease!!!

  17. nakakakilig tlaga iyan at nakakatawa pa >_<

    ^_^ sana makita ko kayong lahat<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    i luv uu

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