Poster for Secret Garden Released

So. Cute. I love it! This poster for Secret Garden totally captures the concept behind the drama, and brings about a feeling of the zany without seeming ridiculous. Much better than the Mary poster. Also realized that the Binnie stills in the last post were too small since it was a composite. Below I’ve provided full-sized pictures for everyone to savor each little detail.


Poster for Secret Garden Released — 10 Comments

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. SO FREAKING CUTEEEEE! Hyun Binnnn!!!! <3 And Ha Ji Wooooonnnn! Ahhh! November is surely trying to make us all turn into a puddle of goo with all this eye-candy!

  2. woot!!…woot!!…i like this poster better than all the previews and the stills!!…it gives you the gender bender vibe to the max!!….why the hell could not kbs hire these people to do Mary’s posters??…the only problem is that it’s kinda a very different from the vibe i get formt eh stills..even though i’ve been skeptical about this being a fantasy melodrama…i kinda get the appeal now after seeing that still of Binnie in the forest…idk why its making me very excited (No, not just because its Binnie!)…now i think a soul switcheroo with heavier overtones could work…

  3. OMO, OMO!!!! So cute. Binnie, you make me forget my first love, the *other* Bin. 😉

    Third pic with his shirt open like that is making my heart skip a thousand beats per minute. Thanks for the bigger resolution, Ockoala!

  4. Wow!! i’m very excited my first love is back!!! i miss my binnie babiee.

    Ockoala thks for the full-sized pictures for me to savor woot’ third pic with his shirt down. ka i wanna put my hand in there ‘

    I personally like binnie as a arrogant owner of a department store ala samshiki ..ka love him to the end of the world…………………………………….


    SBS has been on a roll on giving me dramas that satisfied my addiction, and secret garden might be one of those…so freakin’ excited…

  6. Wait a minute. Let me check if I’m still hyper and excited about this? *thinks* *stares at the poster* *giggles* Yep. Only now it’s 100000 times worse!! HAHA

    Also? Re: Binnie. I’m still Ahhhh-ing and awww-ing and *___*

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