Newest Trailer for Secret Garden with Dialogue Translaton

The fourth trailer for Secret Garden was released today. I feel like I know more about this drama from the stills rather than the trailers. Every single trailer, this one included, has confused the heck out of me. Why, trailer dudes? Are you purposely being opaque? Or there is simply no way to cross-cut this drama through random scenes?

Fourth Trailer for Secret Garden:


HB voiceover: Due to being seduced by the hormones of love, one can ignore family circumstances, education, ability, even someone you cannot communicate with and are from completely different stratospheres of life. Can foreign lips replace all of these things?

Title card: Can only material requirements satisfy love? Helping you to find a forgotten love.

HJW: It’s already too late. I don’t have this much patience. Let me play the lead in the music video.

Guy (I can’t tell the owner of the voice, could be HB or YSH): Don’t even think about it!

Guy (still can’t tell the owner of the voice): What do you think you are doing?

HB: Are you crazy? I have never asked a woman this question before, but I really want to see you home.

Title card: The most romantic love story is about to begin!

HJW: You bastard!

You all know how much I am anticipating this drama – but with each line of dialogue I translate I feel like headdesking because I am confused, and not in a good way. If I read what I just wrote above, it sounds like the mumblings of a drunk after a four-whiskey bender. Keeping the faith, Secret Garden, I’m still keeping the faith.


Newest Trailer for Secret Garden with Dialogue Translaton — 8 Comments

  1. LOL. Let’s keep the faith.
    I think the first unknown guy is YSH
    The second unknown guy is Phillip. And I think there’s a woman’s voice before YSH’s voice.
    I’m just gonna watch this and see how it goes.
    I’m keeping minimum expectation so as not to be disappointed.
    TQ for the video

      • yea i think the voice that says let me play lead in the music video belongs to Kim Sa a different voice and it plays around the time Kim Sa Rang shows up on screen…and the first unknown guy is definitely Yoon Sang Hyun

  2. i’m just as confused as you koala…i wish they’d give us more hint into the whole soul switcheroo thingy…this doesnt even make any sense

  3. …no matter what I’m not gonna miss out on this drama!!! I doubt that Binnie & HJW would just pick a so-so drama…so it’s gotta be good!!!

    • It’s Binnie last drama before doing his two years obligation military service, surely he’ll pick a good memorable’s gotta be good lah.. Aigoo! i missed samshik far to long. *KISSS*

  4. HAHAHA. I knew it was going to be confusing and…anyway, let’s keep the faith, bb! Maybe the trailer people really have no idea what this drama is all about. XD Let’s hope so.

    BTW, I’m fairly sure the first unknown guy is YSH and…hmm, not sure about the second. It could be Lee Philip but I’ve only see him in few roles and he was always kind of…not talkative (Choero FTW!) so IDK.

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