Playful Kiss BTS Pictures Featuring Hye Ra

The news from Playful Kiss-land has been sparse and stingy in the last few days. For all I know we’re getting the first Youtube episode on Tuesday November 2 as originally confirmed. There is nothing to indicate otherwise. In the meantime, another batch of BTS pictures have arrived, this time featuring the talented, leggy, and never prettier Lee Shi Young, who played the loved-to-hate-her second female lead Yoon Hye Ra.

I find Lee Shi Young a genuine acting talent, with a charming real life personality. She’s openly admitted to having her share of plastic surgery, but I find that I can care less. She looks great, and what she is capitalizing on is her acting bravura, which cannot be bought or faked. I like her, and am glad to see her get proper recognition through her performance in PK.


Playful Kiss BTS Pictures Featuring Hye Ra — 15 Comments

  1. I really like her. Hye Ra’s character made the show so much more interesting. I swear I loved to hate her, which is a good thing because it means they actor/actress is doing a great job, haha.

  2. I just wanted to ask:

    What was my life before PK? Like, seriously? I go online open up all these PK-HJ related tabs and there’s hardly any news. I’m like, what was my internet surfing habits three months ago?

    PK withdrawl. RIGHT. NOW.

    Thanks OcKoala for the pic posts. I honestly didn’t know Shi Young was in WGM…Maybe cause I wasn’t so much interested after Joongbo.

  3. actually even before PK, i already liked LeeSiyoung, that is mainly because of WGM. i think my interest in her took the the same of path as my obsession with hyunjoong. I both saw them 1st in BoF but i never notice them much. But then WGM came, and the best/4D/JJang coupleS were made – mainly the ssangchuu (hyunjoong & Hwangbo) couple and the Gundam (SIyoung & Junjin) couple. With hyunjoong it was my obsession with his 4D-edness, handsomeness, sexiness, hotness & all things good. And with Siyoung it was her talent & personality that i admire and respect. After WGM, I saw her again in the drama titled Birth of a Rich Man as the rich, spoiled and Over exaggerated Boo Tae Hee, she was EPIC…!!!!
    Then PK came, & her role for me is what i call the “epitome of a true woman” – confident, classy, achiever and go getter, she fights as much as she can but doesnt stoop down to malicious plays other than teasing wuri hani endlessly. She is also classy at the face of defeat!!! that is one EPIC woman…
    I really really like her

    and about the plastic surgery thing, i don’t get why korea is so ‘controversial’ about it. i mean as far as i know (based from all the articles/news i read) , Plastic surgery in Korea is like the trend, so what is the big issue? and well, for me putting make-up and body ointments (glutation) to make skin prettier has the same effect. Those make you into the better looking version of you, outside appearance. who wouldnt want that? and anyway, i think, she wasnt that bad looking as people say she is – base from some pics that have surfaced. personally i think that wasnt her. my reason being one episode of star golden bell. If you watch an episode where She and Junjin, Kara and FTIsland were guest. a schoolmate of Siyoung and Junjin mentioned that many of his classmates including him had this crush on her. She may have done something to her face but i think it was only a minor thing…

    hahaha as you can see i have written like an essay on her, well that just goes to say that i super dig LeeSiyoung…!!!
    I have like this girl crush on her…!!!
    kekeke ^______^

  4. Oh my goodness! I JUST realized this is the same Siyoung from WGM!!!! The one that wasn’t shy about skinship and to show her strength! Oh my god. I’ve been mind blown! Same Siyoung that appeared with Junjin…Oh, my goooooood.

  5. LOL at eun jo’s face when she’s stretching his lips…
    lee shi young’s become one of my “look out for” actresses. hope to see her as main lead soon.

  6. So, I must be subconsciously missing the show more than I thought. I picked out two softball type shirts today at Old Navy. Yeah, um, the colors are like the couple shirts Seung Jo bought when they fell in lake. Might be dressing up as BSJ and OHN with my roommate tomorrow. Haha.

  7. everyday i visit to your blog and wondering that news for PK. Thanks for your great work as usual. I am sure that u are willing give all PK gooides as soon as you got it.

    If u have time could u pls let me know the original of PK’s manga writer ( about her life, it had been true story of her life of PK) could u pls let me know about it and where can I find to read that . PLS ………… did she passsed away in her young age and left her lovely genius husand and children??????? I would like to read more about her. How could I find those information. Hopefull u will get back to me.

    Thanks again for your great work and wishing u all the best.

    • Hi sandi

      I’m sorry for not responding to your earlier request to know more about the life of Tada Kaoru, the writer of Itazura na Kiss.

      Here is her wiki-page:

      There is not much about her personal life, but she did in fact die of an accident at a young age and left behind a husband and son. It’s terribly tragic, but not much is known about what happened to her family thereafter.

  8. I would like to say big thanks to you for responding my request about the writer of Itaura na kiss.
    Pls don’t say sorry for late reply. I can image how u will be busy with your personal life plus online. You shoul take time for it.
    I will look through of the website that u gave me.
    It is so sad to know about her and its hurt me a lot when I had known about someone real life.
    Without you have written in begining of recap about PK, (true story of the writer’s real life) would never know about it.
    Because I am far away to read japanese manger or literature.
    I really thanks to you that sharing what you have known to others. I am earning for visiting your blog that happiness, loughing, knowledge and excitement.
    Thanks you so much again for your reply and great work as usual.
    Wishing u again all the best.

  9. thanks ockoala for the pics!
    im still lurking in AKP everyday for any as in any PK related news and you still never fail to bring it on!

    i like Lee SHi Young’s take on Hae Ra b*tchy but not evil, can be mean but adorable at the same time.
    She was a love to hate character but happy that in the end she accepted defeat with grace.

    About plastic surgery issues, for me as long as the person is ok with it then so be it. Who are we to judge other people?
    And as long as she do a wonderful in her craft then I dont think its a disadvantage for her.
    Go Lee Shi Young! Aja!

    • I agree with you about plastic surgery. While I wouldn’t pull a Heidi Montag, I wouldn’t mind getting augmented/lifted when things are drooping–but that’s only if my future hubby would be okay with that. I’d respect his opinion too.

      People have no right to judge because it takes bravery to go under the knife. It’s like there are those who get the double chocolate cake, and those who obsess over the cake but don’t dare take it. There are those who take the surgery route, and those who obsess on trying on every single cream, gel, potion. -_- Same amount of time, money and dedication–if not more.

  10. hi, i’ve been reading/seeing a lot of mentions about WGM these past few i continue to search/dig in about KHJ, i came across my question is, where can i find/watch full and complete episode of WGM especially with KHJ in it? iv’e searched viikii but couldn’t seem to find it there.. i’ve been dying to watch it..thanks a million for the reply! =)

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