More Mary Goodies Have Arrived

I know the impending arrival of Mary-I-Haven’t-Decided-What-To-Call-It-In-English means the end of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which is clearly going to cause mass hysteria and depression. I kid, of course. I dropped SKKS at the mid-way point because I felt no emotional connection with the OTP, and watching it for me under those circumstances would just lead me to snark and throw poop on the SKKS-parade. With that said, I’m majorly excited about Mary, especially since the first single from the OST was just released.

Take Care, My Bus!

The song takes a few listens to settle in, but I find it refreshing and rather cute. I’m glad the music really is a huge departure from the songs Jang Geun Soek sang in You’re Beautiful. I love those but I’m ready for something new. I’m also adding some more official stills from the drama. These are from the second wedding photoshoot, and Jang Geun Seok was specifically instructed to look surly and annoyed.

I feel rather bad that I haven’t been showing off sexy-as-heck second lead Kim Jae Wook, so I’ll rectify that oversight with these adorable BTS pictures of him with some cute kids. The one picture where he tried to eat that kid’s head is so cute it nearly made me expire on the spot from the cute.


More Mary Goodies Have Arrived — 14 Comments

  1. I saw this earlier today! I like the song too! It does sound different from what Jang usually sings, but that’s what I look forward to. A lot of people have already commented on how he’s stuck to playing musician related roles and while it’s true that he has, I think he has a few more tricks up his sleeve (hopefully). I’m interested to see how he portrays this rocker character to the next level. I’m sure he’ll up his game, but this is coming from a fangirl, so you can’t take my word for it!

  2. Re: SKKS – blasphemy! It’s my second fave drama this year behind Chuno, so all shall love it or else 🙂

    I kid, I kid. You can have Mary and I will have my SKKS and there shall be drama for all! 🙂

    What IS she wearing in the top pic? She looks like a homeless person. Every time I think the design for this can’t get worse, it does (case in point – what did they do to KJW’s hair). At this point I am definitely tuning in to ep 1 if only to see how far the designers will go in their lunacy.

  3. I thought the same when I started watching SKKS but at some point I got distracted by Moony and Yummy and their antics and all went downhill from there. I still can’t connect with Yoon Hee (don’t sure if it’s a script thing or an acting thing); on a rational level I realize she’s cute and strong and I should feel lots for her, but I’m not feeling that instant connection that makes me hurt and rejoice with her, for her. It’s like her character stopped developing after, like, 3 or 4 eps. Know what I mean? The OTP is cute, though; I jumped on their bandwagon I-don’t-even-remember-when. Anyhow, all the boys are oh so interesting, imho, and I know that’ll make me sound shallow, but I’m sticking around for them. They’re much too adorable and three-dimensional and I’m all for that kind of thing. Oh and I love manpain. ^^ /end of SKKS rant. Wow, why am I always SO long-winded?

    aLKDJALFHAKJDHGAKJSDH!!! KJW! CUTENESS OVERLOAD THERE!!! Whoa. I need time to recover from this!

    And I looooooooove the song! OMOOMO I’m an indie fan and -again, with much shame I must admit that Yab craze had me listening to the OST obsessively and delve into kpop and ftisland. Not.A.Word!- and this is exactly the kind of music I looooooove and listen to everyday. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy and ecstatic I am right now! I like JSG voice and alskdjafhkdad laksdjaldjasd wayyyy to up my anticipation for this drama. I really have no idea how I’ll survive November/December with SG and MSOAN.

    • same here! I’m all sorts of loving SKKS, but rather than the Yoonhee-Sunjeon OTP, its more about the Jaeshin-Yongha bromancing that has me squealing like a DBSK fangirl!! and here I thought it was just me going into some kind of weird fangirl jealousy mode that prevented me from loving Yoonhee! Oh, if only I could love Yoonhee the way I loved Oh Hani! Then SKKS woulda been perfect for some Playful Kiss withdrawal symptoms.

      • I do like the bromance, that’s a given, but I like them sooo much separately too. They’re just adorable and alskdjksdhksflakdj

        Still, SKKS is the drama Im more excited to watch these days, but I haven’t watched PK so IDK, that could change when I do. However, hmmm, maybe I should wait because, provided they’re actually as good as I hope they will be, SG + MSOAN combo is going to be killer for me. ^^

  4. I won’t miss SKKS though I’ll miss watching Moony every week.

    “Jang Geun Seok was specifically instructed to look surly and annoyed.”

    No one does surly & annoyed like JGS.

  5. *dies*
    as much as i hate to see skks go, if it means i get to see tae kyung and waffle sunkie feud over surly eun jo, i’m a happy camper 🙂

    i feel somewhat glad with moon geun young’s return to her image. i like her mature, but i loved her bubbly.

  6. @Ami….same here, I’m watching this for Jae Wook!!! His acting chops in”Bad Guy” was amazing!!! Seems I’m going for 2nd leads once again these days..Moon Jae shin fr. SScandal too!!!
    But first on my list these days is 2nd lead..turned awesome leading man..KIM HYUN JOONG, of course!!!

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