The PK Bed: It Is Our Friend (Plus YT Episode Titles)


I’ve got to hide the rest of the spoiler pictures from the upcoming Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition until after the jump. It’s for your good, trust me. Don’t want to be causing heart palpitations. I’ve also provided the titles for the Youtube episodes (which makes it clear it’s actually 7 new episodes, plus 2 BTS specials, for a total of 9 episodes).

Whatever. I give up. If these two never change out of their pajamas or leave that bed for the entire 7 new Youtube episodes, I’m fine with that. Except my recap would involve a lot of squealing and not much constructive recapping. Oh, and Kim Hyun Joong specifically stated in the press conference that there will be steamier love scenes in the YT episodes because they don’t have to placate the Korean censors. In your face, K-drama Nazis! I will never ever forgive you for those candles in City Hall, especially when you let them get away with way more in IRIS. They are seared into my soul.

I found another new picture from the press conference, and it’s clear our Jung So Min adores her oppa. Who wouldn’t when he conversely looks at her with stars in his eyes.

Youtube Episode Titles:

1. 2nd November (Tuesday) Morning of the newly wed!
2. 3rd Novermber (Wednesday) Fear of injection!
3. 4th November (Thursday) Making of Jr Baek Seung Jo!
4. 9th November (Tuesday) Baek Seung Jo is my hubby!
5. 10th November (Wednesday) Baek Seung Jo defending the patient!
6. 11th November (Thurdsday) Driving is difficult!
7. 16th November (Tuesday) Happy Birthday!
Special Footage 1 17th November (Wednesday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut
Special Footage 2 18th November (Thursday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut

[Credit: all pictures from the news agency or]


The PK Bed: It Is Our Friend (Plus YT Episode Titles) — 113 Comments

  1. Ohhhhh I can’t wait!!! I’ve been living like a zombie these past few days after pk!!! Thank you ockoala!!! Your pk newsbits always make my day. Am so grateful.

    • u right!! its like morning attack!!! …….

      Ockoala, you are hillarious funny with the comment and mumbling !! Love it you said about pajamas and provocative on the way HJ’s look at Oh!!
      May, I share the picts in my blog ?? Thanks.

      After saw this post, than I understand why he named the Spain and Bali shoot as Ready Action! and The 1st Love Story……its all connected with his role and acts in PK YTKiss…….mmmm. Seeing the titles and OC’s comment “…that bed for the entire 7 new Youtube episodes,…” to be frank I am nervous with his future reputation, media exposes, don’t you JJ?

      One thing that always sure is our HJ’s looks sexy and full in love in bed, called Prince of Bed, than.

      • ‘Prince of Bed’ would be another addition to his string of royal titles – Lord of the Suns, King of Sleep, SS501 Prince

      • Actually no I’m not really concerned with his future prospects. If anything Hyunjoong has already displayed that he’s successful in both riding the wave of popularity and doing really hard work. I mean seriously, who would have given him the chance at acting (again) after seeing BoF? Sure he was riding on that wave, but his hard work and focus has garnered him enough skill.

        I know whatever he does will turn out well because like his momma, I diligently pray for him πŸ˜›

      • Thanks for console me, JJ! other friend said to me, may be my nervous root came from the situation cz by natural disasters in my country lately, so its spread to HJ … ha ha ha.
        I am praying for him too.

      • My prayers go out to you too~ my friend’s parents are there and they’re missionaries.


        be well and safe. <3

        Have peace in mind and heart, and enjoy the respite that PK/Hyunjoong brings you.
        That's what fangirling is, right? A respite from the mundaneness and tediousness of real life? πŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you Ockoala. I just cannot stop smiling. Don’t need to hide those photos keep posting them. Love to be spoil. So, what other goodies to do u have? Come on…. Let’s see them. πŸ™‚

  3. You’re awesome!! Thanks for continuing to supply us with the much needed PK dosages of medication to combat our withdrawal syndrome. Can’t seem to get enough.

    By the way….I’m all for the non-constructive recaps if we get more squealing in return. πŸ™‚

  4. its 1:25 am 02 nov here and im still wide awake because of PK goodies.
    yeah, its OK if they dont do other scenes outside of their bedroom!
    i mean it would totally make up for the lost loving in the PK regular run.

    cant contain my excitement for the YT episodes so i re-watch my fave PK scenes.
    now i will try to sleep so i would a clear mind for the coming YT episodes.
    really love our adorable couple!
    see you later PK!

    thanks ockoala! i think i would have a wonderful dream after seeing this PK goodies!

  5. waaah…..waaahh……waaaah….about 12 hours more to go

    kekeke….I know why JSM is wearing that mini dress. She wanted to be pretty and sexy for her oppa KHJ, but apparently she has not had time to watch WGM due to the tight work schedule of PK

    • Yeah, So Min better watch WGM because if she keeps wearing short dresses like this, I foresee remote controls and tv sets flying all over the place in the future. LOL.

      • wow… i DID miss out on a lot when I decided not to watch WGM! but I’m all for them just staying in their pyjamas and spending the whole time in bed! super-squeal-fest for all of us!

    • @ yeisha and J.J.:

      hahahaha! yeah, So Min better start wearing longer dresses.. or something that covers a lot of skin! this guy likes her girl hidden with a lot of clothing!! (which is something i find so adorable.. sheessshh.. now this is making me rewatch WGM again.. arrghh.. πŸ™‚ )

      • Kitty Kat!!! I’ve been looking for you on ssancho. πŸ™ how will i be able to send you the present??? <3

      • @ J.J. :

        oohh!! i’m so sorry about that!i had something urgent to attend to so i was away.. hmmnn.. i don’t usually blog so i dont have an account.. ( even with ssancho)maybe you can email it to me if you’d like that idea…

      • if anything just watch out for it in ssancho by dec. there’s some goodies in store there πŸ˜›

  6. LOL @ ” If these two never change out of their pajamas or leave that bed for the entire 7 new Youtube episodes, I’m fine with that. Except my recap would involve a lot of squealing and not much constructive recapping ”
    Thankuuuuuu , I’m already shievering , just some hours to go πŸ˜€

  7. (fangirl-mode:) OMOOOOOOO, the angle of the first PJ pic of KHJ…. that’s my favourite angle of him!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAA

  8. nerver think a simple “good morning ” can make me feel sooo good. i’m beside myself with mum think i’m going crazy smiling and giggling at the screen. she think im too old for all this silliest over a teen drama. oh well

  9. my godness can someone translate what BSJ said after the “Good morning, did you sleep well” PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i’m dying here πŸ™

  10. I just wanted to thank the professors who made the internet. and those who UPHOLD NET NEUTRALITY. :nods: so we don’t have to worry about Korean censors. πŸ˜›

  11. 1″7. 16th November (Tuesday) Happy Birthday!”1
    i’m bet this is going to be the episode they have a babay!!!!!!!!!!!!!……aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

  12. I think the 10 minute episodes will be worth its weight in gold .
    Grp 8 -We don’t need elaborate shooting setting and furniture , the bed is fine .

    Shower setting is ok ,too .

    Let me see ,where else ?

  13. Thank you so much Ockoala! Please keep the PK news coming! I can’t let go of this kdrama just yet either, and I am mighty glad that they thought of this youtube spin-offs. Are these with subtitles though? Can’t wait!

  14. yey!!! they’re baaaacccckkk!!! and i’m baaccckk toooo!!! way to busy but i’m going to make time for PK!! and the pics!!! ooohhhh!!! eye candy!!!!

    looking forward to 10 minutes of pure bliss!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. You know when you’re addicted to PK:

    Bringing up the PK plot during a class lecture. Even if it’s loosely relevant to said lecture.
    Yup. Can someone beat that? LOL -_-

    ( :shakes head: I go to a *VERY* serious school, I may have just embarrassed myself to my peers… )

  16. oh my goodness!!!..this is driving me crazzyyyy to the nth level!!!..i don’t know if it’s only me, but i can see something in the way KHJ looks at JSM in that 2nd pic..oh my wishful thinking that “something” real is going on between them!..waaaahhhh!!!..this is sooooo exciting!!..i sooo like your saying ockoala dear “If these two never change out of their pajamas or leave that bed for the entire 7 new Youtube episodes, I’m fine with that. Except my recap would involve a lot of squealing and not much constructive recapping.”..hahahahahha..lov-et!..thanks again!..oh btw, keep those pics comin’..let those hearts starts palpitating!!..woohoooo!! LOL

  17. oh man!

    got lots to do here in the office- but i’m still glued to my computer screen!!!
    major fangirl moment right now.
    trying really hard to suppress my giggles- and my monitor screen from my officemates-
    they might get the scandalized.


  18. the 2nd of the last photos seems like khj told her “why are you wearing that dress?” while jsm replied “i want to be a beautiful in your eyes” hahhaa …don’t hate me guys i’m just kidding and feeling high overloaded of these two(‘,”)

  19. hi! maybe this was already answered, but does anyone know if the episodes coming out later will be eng-subbed? and if it isn’t, anybody knows how long before subs will be put up?

    thanks !

    (and thanks ockoala for the PK goodies! luvem!)

    • i think the YT webisodes will already be subbed. So don’t worry. Since it’s 10 min Viikii will get it subbed quickly, if not get it subbed before it’s release.

    • @a_fan, i think v may have mentioned that she has tons of schoolwork to do. she may just be catching up and trying to get everything done before the YT special starts. if it makes you feel better, i’ll try to send her a PM on soompi. πŸ˜‰

      • she’s uber busy, seeing that she hasn’t replied to the piece i sent her.
        Btw, Yeisha, you read all those notes i tagged you on FB right?

  20. Ha! Ha! So agree with you on them staying in that bed for all 7 episodes, and the BTS could be a bedroom special as well – Squeal!! Dies of heart palpitations πŸ™‚
    Am trying not to get my hopes up for the steamy scenes. I too was seared to the soul by the light from those candles in City Hall. What’s with KDrama PD’s and candles, walls, umbrellas???
    Trying to figure out who to palm my kids off to at 7pm KST today….

  21. aigooo ockoala you gave me more than heart palpitations but rather you’re like a defibrillator that shocked me and sent current to my lifeless body after the 16th episode of PK!! you totally revived me with these mouth-drooling scenes thank you so much!!!
    now I soooo want that irreplaceable set of PJs!! can’t wait for the YT version!

  22. oh my ockoala… you really never failed to complete my day and how you always amuse me of your newsbits and comments. i guess 10 mins is not enough to feed our addiction and will put us all in a cliff hanger. but it’s so much better than nothing at all. gosh… PK is killing us softly! :))

  23. Thank you ockoala. You made my day.
    I also really enjoy all the comments, makes me LOL and forget the stress.
    So thank you too all PK addicts who left comments on ockoala.
    I am so looking forward to Ykiss : D

  24. your article’s title alone had me “laughing out loud”, Ockoala!!! wouldn’t mind having 70 minutes of them in BED, as well!!!

  25. *finds it hysterical that all the titles end in exclamation mark*

    ish speechless..can’t gather enuff braincells to make a coherent comment..will come back to haunt yr recap post later..

    Thanks for update!!

    • LOL, haven’t noticed the exclamation marks before ^^

      I also planned to stalk this site for (recap) updates!
      it feels like the PK-family(/stalkers) is(/are) BACK!!

  26. having a quite stressful day today but when i’m thinking bout PK airing today..then everything is gonna be okay.. πŸ˜€ i love you PK and PKissers too

    • OMG!! Thanks for the warning!!! I’ve just seen it even though I can’t understand a thing of Korean. πŸ˜› Now waiting for the subbed version πŸ™‚

      • yea… not sure what they were saying, but my heart was fluttering ALL OVER THE wepisode AAAAAH!!

        (@JJ as she likes it sooo much) KHJ’s perm reached a new level of Hotness!!

        BSJ and OHN are soooo lovely together!! (always wearing couple-everythings) ^^

      • LOL don’t tell me the photos of them with couple pyjamas is from OHN’s dream , LOOOL

      • @ ItadakimasU

        :bows: Arigato @ the perm mention.


        I just wanted to say that liezle’s has screencaps with captions as to what’s going on. I haven’t seen the vid yet i cam here first (and it is loading up right now). πŸ™‚


      • @JJ… yeah i thought you would like the perm thing πŸ˜‰

        ahh.. however apologetic, i really mis V and her pink avatar plastered all over this place…
        goodness you’re here and all these other fellow PK addicts!

        don’t know whether you read this (ssangchu way of life) but I thought it was really… REALLY good:

      • No I can’t say I have. I was perusing through LJ the while ago and found her blog, I missed her by like two months before she decided to retire. I’ll start reading fiction by Christmas break, when I don’t have so much writing to do for myself and school XD.

        Btw, keep posted on Ssangcho, there’ll be goodies soon enough! Or if you’ve got a soompi, look for me J.J. and I can send over some goodies. πŸ˜€

      • Ah swamped also are you? It’s not really fiction, it’s this little piece in which the writer put down the lessons she extracted from our Joongbo couple! it makes me go kyaaaa about them all over again πŸ˜‰ (i stumbled upon it by accident…)

        Goodies on ssangcho??? you got me really curious!! So i’ll keep that blog posted! (don’t have soompi… cuz i do not dare to indulge… i might end up with a cyberlife only ;))

      • For years I was afraid of soompi. seriously. I always likened it to a den of crack addicts. :shakes head: FORGIVE ME SOOMPI-ERS.
        Only reason I got it is for Joongbo pictures/gifs. πŸ™‚ Trust me, i don’t read the thread, it hurts my brain sometimes.

        I write fiction/fanfiction, and this month I’m attempting NaNoWriMo (it’s national novel writing month–this is a completely different project btw totally unconcerned toward my K-addiction), hopefully I’ll be able to showcase fiction INSPIRED by ssangcho in a blog or w/e. Idk when that’ll be of course, but here’s hoping, right? If anything facebook! I’m always happy to have new friends lol. if you’re at ssangcho right now, lets meet at the chatbox? on the side.

    • YESSSS!!! I have a permanent smile plastered on my face thorough the whole episode!! Now I’m attached to the viikii channel refreshing nearly every minute waiting for the “go” signal πŸ˜€

    • please gives me some hints , I won’t be able to watch the epi till maybe after 10 hours from now πŸ™
      will die of anticipation till then πŸ™

      • BSJ and OHN wake up in a blissful morning, acting all lovey dovey. Of course this turns out to be OHN’s (sleep)dream. In β€œreal” life, the alarm clock went off and BSJ was the one to turn it off and roughly wakes his other half (probably because she once again set the alarm way early without obvious reasons…)
        She goes out to get some groceries, get compliments from an ajumma working at the supermarket and buys a lot of ajumma’s vegetables.
        Back home she prevents BSJ from eating one slice of (plain) bread because she’s going to make an (English) breakfast.
        While she is busy in the kitchen, BSJ is doing other household chores. While unloading the washing machine, he finds some money, his wallet, and keys inside the pockets of his pants and OHN is probably the one to blame.
        Meanwhile, OHN, true to her form, burned every single thing she’s preparing.
        While they are having the burned breakfast, there is a flashback of last night (? I think) when ONH decides to make a nice breakfast for the two of them. BSJ overhears her (as he was lying in bed right next to her and our OHN only can think out loud) and gives us his secretive smile.
        After breakfast (or rather eating the free apples OHN got from the supermarket Ajumma earlier) they have a walk outside wearing couple T-s. BSJ tells OHN to stop walking and laces her shoe properly for her. ONH gives her hubby a nice peck and runs off, while BSJ enjoys this shy affectionate gesture πŸ™‚
        There is also a preview, about OHN practicing her –giving somebody an injection- skills πŸ˜€

        (hope this will satisfy your appetite for now… until you can watch it yourself/ ockaola’s recap ^^)

      • awwwww thankuuuuuu πŸ™‚
        ahh now I can continue working and have some patiences till I’m back home , this OHN won’t ever change , just looooooooove them πŸ™‚

      • no prob, happy to help a fellow PKaddict πŸ˜‰

        if you want to procrastinate from your arbeit a little bit more, go to for screencaps ^^

        I think I’m gonna try to get back to real life too now πŸ™ aishhhh

      • sorry one last remark (i hope…)

        HaNi was wearing her hair in Ommoni’s style πŸ˜€ ahhaha love that kid πŸ˜‰

      • I’m trying hunnies but even the pix are not shown , it’s ok , now I can wai with ur summary πŸ™‚

      • -_- they’re really trying to prevent you from not working over there aren’t they πŸ˜‰

        about your pj comment… those pics are indeed from Hani’s dream >_>

      • LOOOL yes they are preventing us from not working but my PK addiction will be stronger than their will will find always a solution to be updated and anyways u will be here to help me with that looool πŸ˜€
        about the Pyjamas that’s a bit sad and funny but I guess we may have cuter scenes which are not OHN’s dreams during next epi πŸ˜‰

  27. Man, that was a nice video to wake up to!!! Almost as good as rolling over into a snuggle myself. Ok, maybe they weren’t in bed whole time as we’d *prefer* but it was sooo cute.

    And that close up of his lips, fwah!

      • Heh. Sounds about right!

        Also, you asked me ages ago if I was on Soompi, which I am not. πŸ™ But I do lurk on Ssancho. And on FB and twitter.

      • I don’t have a twitter, though i’ve been meaning to get one since Youngbae/Taeyang got on. I’m being petulant because my bestfriend and sister were betting on how long I would last and cave in to get a twitter b/c of YB. However, I’m showing true self restraint (i don’t even get updates txted to me -_-). I do however follow Jaeson Ma a preacher–but that’s not the point.

        Point is, the moment HJ gets a twitter, I’ll def. consider opening an account…just to lurk. LOL I surmised that I wouldn’t have followers because I’m a bit of a recluse and 4D, a la Hyunjoong. LOL Forget I said that. LOL

        Besides, for twitter i’d have to get a better phone (in the works for that–my sister and I are finally going to share a plan) and learn how to read hangul (thank Goodness YB tweets in english sometimes and Se7en too).

        Okay, way too long. XD
        Sorry just watched the episode and is a bit hyper.

        On anycase, Facebook works! πŸ˜€ maybe on ssangcho I can send you my “profile tag”. hm k? Just comment on one of the newer posts and I’ll comment back. πŸ™‚

    • hahahahahahhaha…….meteor, another for our dear KHJ……….

      love the 1st YT special…….great!!!!!!!!………like a real couple……..
      Oh Hani is trying her best to be a good wife to SJ…………how sweet this couple are!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. giddiness to the extreme!!!
    squeling like a pig again!!!
    its short but have nice touches of their married life!
    its so nice to see them being husband and wife but still true to their form.
    i specially love the scenes of tying of the lace of hani and surprise peck for seung jo!

    excited for tom’s episode!!!!

    PK AJA!

  29. The shoe lace scene is so sweet ! OHN’s dream BSJ is the one who spouts mushy, cheesy lines but real life BSJ still has some left over brusqueness from his robot past but melts your heart with thoughtful gestures like retying Hani’s laces. Also seems to enjoy being addressed as ‘sabang nim’

  30. Love that peck on a cheek. Soooo, CUTE. I just cannot stop smiling. She was shy after this scene while runaway. They are so adorable together. πŸ™‚

  31. Can I say
    – What horrible bed sheets? They look like they would feel itchy to the touch. No wonder our OTP (did I use that correctly) are fully covered in looong pajamas. Do married couples wear pajamas? I don’t! Please PKYT, change your interior decorator. Maybe then we will see our SeungJo and Ha Ni in nightclothes more fitting newlyweds. (or…) hehehe

    • @ a_fan LOL right after honeymoon Hani had that white dolly, err, CONSERVATIVE dolly. Which was really really really short. I think they should bring that in again. LOL

      To quote Hwangbo in WGM (upon hearing that Yeobi wore pj pants) “Who wears long underwear? (flannel pj’s) I don’t. I’d rather freeze than wear that.” LOL

      • I loved that little dress, too!

        @a_fan I was having the same thought. The couple jammies are cute but why are they going to bed with “battle gear????”(what a friend’s husband refers to pj bottoms as, heh)

  32. HI EVERYONE!!!! I’m just so happy I got to see the 1st episode and can I say my tooth aches? Its so sweet! LOVED IT! Can’t wait for you to recap our very short but sweet YT ep #1!

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