Mary Holds Press Conference

I give up. I give up ever trying to convince anyone that Jang Geun Seok is a man, and a perfectly good actor at that. If he persists in dressing like a tranny without any taste, then who am I to judge. Marry Me, Mary! or M3 held its press conference today for its upcoming premiere next Monday.

Moon Geun Young, on the other hand, looks perfectly fresh and tasteful, just like a 24 year old ought to look. And she is no longer scarily skinny, thank god. I might add more pictures from the press conference as they are released, but for now, this’ll do. I seriously have to lobby for Jang Geun Seok to star in his own cross-dressing drama, like Moon Geun Young did so famously in Painter of the Wind. You know he’s going to nail it.

Each time I think Jang Geun Seok couldn’t possibly look any weirder for a promotional or awards event, he goes and outdoes himself. You leave me speechless, my boy, speechless. I need to quarantine myself for a few days from you so that I can watch M3 with an open and happy mind. Ah yes, your voice always brings me back to the yard, cuz no woman can purr like you can.

Oh to hell with it! Inner snark – activate! Time for some caption fun.

(JGS: Why yes, I am envious of my co-star’s hair. They wouldn’t give me that wig, said it was too much. Posh, if they won’t give me a bigger wig, then I’ll show up with a dead leopard on my back

(KJW: In order to not go blind from staring at the fabulosity that is my other male(?) co-star Jang Geun Seok, I decided to perch a dead bird’s nest on head, letting it fall over my eye, thus strategically concealing my vision. Brillian plan, isn’t it?)


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  1. Forgive me OcKoala, but he’s giving off a No Min Woo-“Rose” circa Trax vibe that I’m not feelin’. While I <3 Minwoo, I don't know this dude enough to say anything else about him… But happy watching!

    • LOL. Very true. But Jang Geun Seok has been rocking all sorts of rocker-hippie-shredded vibe way before No Min Woo came along.

      JGS is one of the biggest young male acting talents in Korea. His drama and movie resume is serious stuff. But his real life persona is kinda I’m too fabulous diva-like. Which is hilarious because his acting can be beyond excellent at times.

      He’s a child actor turned legit real deal. I’d say the three most talented and rising young actors (under 25) in Korea right now are Jang Geun Seok, Lee Min Ho, and Yoo Seung Ho.

      • @ockoala, I agree with those three. And I might add Kim Soo Hyun, even though he doesn’t have a lot of dramas under his belt, but I was blown away by his performance as young Go Soo in Will it Snow for Christmas.

      • 200% agree to that names!!!!
        those young actors are really to watch out for when they are in the screen!
        especially yoo seung ho is really a noona killer!
        he’s the little ray of sunshine in flames of desire over the top drama!

        and kim soo hyun will have another drma, if im not mistaken its what’s up is the tentative tittle.
        he’s got great screen presence.

      • i might agree with the 3 but i might add Kim Bum.. he was fantastic in still marry me…

        and i so agree, don’t know if it is his personal style or his stylist but i think he really needs to burn those leopard jacket. that is against animal rights and its a BIG BIG BIG fashion NO – NO….
        well actually I wanted to ask everyone and anyone, is that coat a real animal skin? cause if it is then someone needs to get PETA….

        anyway i loved hi best in Lovers in Prague and Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do…

      • I think Kim Soo Hyun, if he gets a breakout role, will definitely be joining the elite soon. He’s not starring in What’s Up? next (that is Im Ju Hwan), Kim Soo Hyun is doing Dream High (produced by Bae Yong Joon actually).

        I think right below the three I listed are: Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo, Yoon Shi Yoon.

        @czak – agree completely, I adore Bummie and he was wonderful in SMM (Still Marry Me or The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry), just his best role and performance to date.

        As much as I think Kim Bum can carry a drama, he hasn’t proven bankable yet since Dream was such a flop (not his fault, horrific script).

        Only the three guys I listed have proven they can carry a drama, and get either ratings or recognition.

        Yoo Seung Ho is ridiculously adorable in Flames of Desire, and I’m waiting for him to flex his acting chops as his roles gets more involved in the storyline.

      • I think I would also add in Shim Eun Kyung to the list. If she hadn’t left to go study in the US, I bet her transition to more adult roles would have been just as well as MGY and JGS have been. Perhaps she is not “bankable yet” but she definitely carried Gyunsook, Gyunsook’s Father and even in the movie Hansel and Gretel her role was pretty pivotal.

        But LOL! JGS real personality and his acting are in complete contrast at times. I <3 him, but I do think he hasn't pushed himself as much as he could…or rather as much as he used to by picking challenging projects in the past couple of years. And MGY is looking lovely in these stills! And I don't mind KJW's hair. It'll be interesting to see how this drama plays out with such a strong cast.

  2. Sukkie, Sukkie…I love you but that leopard jacket is just a no-no. What were you thinking?

    I always feel like shaking my head every time I see photos of him and his *ahem* interesting dressing habits, but when I see him move and hear his voice, I forget about those things and can’t help but smile. He’s like my little pretty brother who I can’t help but love because he’s too darn adorable. 😛

  3. I think Jang Geun Seok would take the cake in a female beauty pageant contest. No, I’m pretty sure he could win Miss Korea if he set his heart out to do so. I’d vote for him. Koala, I love your first caption of Jang with Moon. Har Har. It’s HIIIIII-larious!

  4. My dear Ockoala,

    You make me laugh loudly due to your writing of “I give up, give up”.
    I wish you may not give up for, if u are thinking to recap mary. PLS——-
    I did try not to comment anyting since Jang keun suk style has been changed to gairly looks. I cannot quiet anymore.
    Any of u have seen his picture from MV10 seoul fashion show and…….. comments from fan—-
    Oh! dear I cannot believe it. Such a good actor with almost perfect action skill and I like him from u are beautiful.
    I wish he may back to his manly trandy style ASAP.

  5. thanks ockoala!!! your captions says it all!!!

    JGS, JGS! i love you to pieces especially with that great speaking voice of yours but please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i beg you! hire a great stylist coz boy you badly needed one! your acting chops are great but a good sense of style is also needed to be a bonafide star!

    MGY, thank god she’s looking great!!! really love her!!!!
    loving the look of her long locks!

    KJW on the other hand, yeah bird’s nest?! what the?! ccan i ask why hide that pretty face?!
    well, JGS have a tiger print so….*sigh!

    well M3 you really got me excited! please be one hell of a fun ride!!!

  6. Was totally squealing at Kim Jae Wook’s piccie.. *stares and salivates*

    *I give up ever trying to convince anyone that Jang Geun Seok is a man, and a perfectly good actor at that.*

    I had this very problem when I was obsessed with Gackt, this j-rocker dude who’s not being so rockish anymore hence my current non-obsessed status, here.. take a look..

    http://(DELETE this space)

    Just give up, girlfriend.. it’s a battle you can never win. Unless Jang Geun Seok suddenly decides to grow some facial hair.. O.o”

  7. hahahahaha!! i almost choked on my bagel when i got to the caption part!!!

    hahahahaha!!! oh my… sheesshh.. i should really stop.

    well, JGS is beautiful in his own way.. and his voice also does it for me.. i never thought that he would have a voice that distinct.. 🙂

    anyway… this is just too funny for me.. 🙂


    and the bird’s nest for hair… hahahahaha!!!

  8. I agree with someone said.. he looks much prettier than his female costar… I mean.. what is up with that leopard outfit???? and I love the 2nd lead but what is up with the hair that looks like a bird’s nest???

    Thanks for posting!

  9. I don’t think I will be watching the show but if you will recap it Ockoala, I’ll be reading your recaps. You give me that guffaw I need in the middle of the day. Problem, there is only one middle of the day but I keep going to your site – every half hour even.

  10. “(KJW: In order to not go blind from staring at the fabulosity that is my other male(?) co-star Jang Geun Seok, I decided to perch a dead bird’s nest on head, letting it fall over my eye, thus strategically concealing my vision. Brillian plan, isn’t it?)”


  11. Look, that’s not even one of his worst outfits. I still don’t get why he persists with his weird choices, but hey, I’m kind of glad he still keeps true to himself, which -I suppose- ought to be a lot more difficult when you’re in the show biz. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate if he, for once, wore a decent suit. FYI I have a thing for suits, but that’s neither here nor there. LOL

    Man, oh omg, hon, now I can’t stop thinking of your idea for a movie or drama. Oh please, let the Kdrama gods hear you and give us cross-dressing JGS, possibly in a fusion sageuk.

    BTW, the urge to slash the boys’ characters may turn out to be irresistible if KJW looks at JGS like that during filming.

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