Playful Kiss YT Episode 1 Recap

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say absence makes me a cranky and irascible koala. But I won’t hold it against Playful Kiss for taking a short break and returning to my embrace with the first of 7 new episodes (plus 2 BTS specials) broadcast solely on Youtube. All good things come to those who wait, and today we got our first good thing!

These recaps for the Youtube episodes are likely going to be short on the recapping if the trend holds based on this first episode. Not much stuff happens, but because very much cute happens, it’ll be heavy on the screencapping.

Honestly though, if these little interludes weren’t between our Ha Ni and Seung Jo, I would be checked out of these episodes so fast it’ll set a world record for speediest koala getaway. Because it is our beloved newlyweds, I soak up every frame and every charming moment, smiling the ENTIRE time. My cheeks hurt, but man was it worth it.

Youtube Episode 1 Recap:

A new day dawns and sunlight filters through the bedroom window of a familiar backdrop. We see picture after picture of the happy couple hung on a decorative screen, and all the accoutrements of a newlywed couple strewn about. Its 7:30 a.m., and Ha Ni and Seung Jo are still sleeping. Seung Jo must really love Ha Ni, because he’s allowed the entire room to be decorated like a pink fairy on acid dropped by and exploded the color everywhere.

Ha Ni voiceovers: when she opens her eyes in the morning, she can see a content Seung Jo by her side. Even though they have been married for over a year, she still can’t quite grasp it. Does Seung Jo feel the same way?

Seung Jo awakens and looks at Ha Ni, who greets him with a tender “Good Morning.” He tells her that her gaze is as piercing and hot as the sun. Since it’s a Sunday, they should sleep in a little more. Ha Ni says the entire family is on vacation except for them, so she needs to get up and make breakfast for Seung Jo. No wonder he’s trying to keep her in bed. Bed = more Ha Ni snuggling + no Ha Ni-made food to eat. It’s a win-win situation!

Seung Jo hugs her tighter in his embrace, saying she can spare 5 more minutes. Ha Ni consents, just 5 more minutes. And then a persistent ringing interrupts the mood. It’s dark inside their bedroom, and Seung Jo sits up and turns off the clock. Ha Ni remains inert and dead to the world. We are now in a less pink bedroom, and it’s clear (as if we couldn’t tell) that the earlier scene was all Ha Ni’s happy dream.

Seung Jo is annoyed that Ha Ni set an alarm for so early in the morning. The sun isn’t even up, and he’s the one to be awakened by the alarm set for her. He tells Ha Ni to stop staring at him with that look, and harrumphs back into sleeping position. Ha Ni sits up, likely with a little annoyance that her hubby didn’t appreciate her attempt to start her day early so she can create the perfect day with him. Sweetheart, men just want to SLEEP, that is their idea of a perfect day. Don’t worry, you’ll understand sooner or later.

Ha Ni, dressed like a mini-Mom (it’s both adorable yet potentially Oedipal from Seung Jo’s point-of-view, I must say), is off to the supermarket to shop for the day’s groceries. She voiceovers: it’s been a long time since she spent a weekend with Seung Jo. She wants to be just like the newlyweds in movies (ROFL, Ha Ni darling, you kill me with your ridiculous concepts of marriage) – eating breakfast together, then cleaning the house, and finally going out to see a movie. She wants to be a good and proper new wife.

As she swans through the market, she is stopped by an attendant who calls her “newlywed wife”, and she’s so giddy that she buys a boatload of vegetables from that lady. Before she leaves, she’s gifted with two apples which are promised to be as sweet as honey.

When Ha Ni returns home lugging the groceries, she sees Seung Jo about to bite into a piece of toast. She quickly intercepts said toast and tells him he cannot eat just that. Breakfast is important, and she’s back to make it for him. He asks her where she went, and what she’s intending to celebrate coming home with all this food.

Ha Ni asks him to not be like that, she’s been anticipating this weekend with just the two of them. He asks her whether she’s fine making breakfast by herself, and not to let him go hungry. She grins and tells him that she’s a new wife, she would never let her hubby go hungry. Seung Jo parrots back “new wife”?, “husband”?, clearly understanding that Ha Ni wants to construct her little fantasy of a weekend day for a newlywed couple.

She pushes him out of the kitchen and upstairs, asking him to clean the room and do the laundry whilst she cooks. Seung Jo bursts her bubble by revealing that he knows she’s trying to emulate what the newlyweds do in the movies.

Ha Ni replies that they ARE newlyweds, and pushes Seung Jo to just go do the cleaning chores. He makes one final push for them to just go out to eat, but Ha Ni cajoles and pouts him up the stairs. Her smile and the accompanying “un un un un” sounds of pleading are so adorable even I would not be able to resist her.

We cut to a cross-montage of Ha Ni setting the table and making breakfast, while Seung Jo makes the bed and cleans the room. When he heads to do the laundry, he pulls his pants out of the washer and discovers that Ha Ni put it in without taking out his keys, wallet, or money. He shakes his head, uttering only the long-accepted understanding that this is typical Oh Ha Ni behavior.

Ha Ni has googled an English breakfast recipe, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that the end result will resemble nothing like the pictures. Even Ha Ni is dejected at the food she made. When Seung Jo comes down, one look is all it takes. He gives a big sigh, and asks her whether this was some unintelligible (to her) English breakfast recipe? He is braver than me, as he sits down and actually takes one bite of the food.

He tells her that everything looks like an unrecognizable disaster, but the veggies are okay. She replies that she cooked it first, but Seung Jo tells her it needs to be soaked for a few hours beforehand before cooking. He looks at his wife and comments that this appears to be the breakfast made by new wife Oh Ha Ni.

He requests some coffee, and Ha Ni tentatively brings it with a niggling worry that it’s also undrinkable. Seung Jo takes a sip and tells her that it’s delicious, which brightens her up considerably, but she still apologizes for the breakfast debacle. She remembers the apples, and gives one to Seung Jo, explaining that the market ahjumma gave them to her.

He takes a bite and confirms that the apples are as delicious as the market ahjumma has promised. He tells her to eat the other one (after she initially thought he was offering her a bite from his apple, heh). Seung Jo says that having some coffee and an apple for breakfast on a weekend is not bad. Ha Ni replies that she’ll do better tomorrow.

Seung Jo tells her that since he already did the household chores, aren’t her next tasks to pick out an outfit for him to wear, to wash the comforter, and to go watch a movie? He tells her they should wash the comforter tonight then. Ha Ni is surprised that Seung Jo knows her grand plans for this weekend!

We cut back to the night before. Ha Ni is on the computer searching for English breakfast recipes. She writes down what she wants to make, and starts talking out loud to herself. She’s planning to make him breakfast after a trip to the market to pick the freshest produce, then they will clean the house together. She wants to be a daughter-in-law that is loved by her family.

She continues on about washing the comforter under the sun, using lots and lots of bubbles, and then hanging it out to dry. Afterwards, they can go watch a movie. But not before she picks out the perfect outfit for Seung Jo, something autumnal. She goes to get it ready for tomorrow. It turns out that Seung Jo was in bed, but not asleep, and heard every word. He smiles his patented Seung-Jo-Is-Secretly-Happy-His-Ha-Ni-Loves-Him-So smile and goes to sleep.

Back to the breakfast table of inedible English breakfast food, Seung Jo tells Ha Ni that he knew everything she wanted to do since she spoke it out loud last night. Isn’t their next move to go watch a movie? And she has to pick out his clothes? Ha Ni jumps up and runs off, telling him to wait a moment. He looks at his darling wifey as she scampers off to pick his clothes, and smiles at her enthusiasm.

They head out to watch the movie, and of course Ha Ni has dressed them in identical couple outfits. As they stroll through their neighborhood, folks turn to stare at their silly couple ways. Seung Jo grumbles, asking what kind of outfit she put him in since everyone is turning around to stare at him. Ha Ni tells him that he looks great.

He suddenly tells her to hold on a minute, and bends down to tie her shoelaces. Ha Ni is utterly in bliss. After Seung Jo finishes and stands up to keep walking, she runs and grabs his arm. She calls him the Korean term for “husband/hubby”, and he responds by asking “what is it, wife”. It was nothing she wanted from him, but something she wanted to give.

Ha Ni gives Seung Jo a quick kiss on the cheeks and runs ahead, giddy as a school girl. She beckons for him to hurry up and catch up, and then she entwines her arm around his again and together they walk off to watch that movie.

Thoughts of Mine:

The PK Youtube special edition finally arrived, and not a moment too soon. I’d posit that the lag was just the right amount of time to whet everyone’s appetite, but not too long to make people lose interest in this drama and story. We finally get an understanding of what the episodes will be about – all Seung Jo and Ha Ni! I am not complaining here, no sirreee. Happy as a clam.

With such a short length per episode, we get all the good (the adorable little moments between the couple) without the bad (side stories and bad editing). I love how the two major moments in this episode mirrored what happened in the drama itself, but like looking into an alternate universe it has morphed in the most meaningful of ways.

Seung Jo and Ha Ni’s breakfast was just like the night Mom dragged Eun Jo out so that she could leave them alone in the house, and Ha Ni made the ridiculous Hawaiian food for Seung Jo. On that day, he insulted her cooking and then chucked the food away.

Today, he tried to eat something, and was neither saccharine nor indifferent in his response to her. He acknowledged her effort and her heart, but didn’t force himself to pretend the food was good. He remains Seung Jo (no pretending or coddling his Ha Ni), but his love for her shines through in how he allowed her to indulge in her fantasy plans for the day.

The second moment was their walk to the movies, which mirror the walk they took the morning after Ha Ni first moved into the Baek house. Seung Jo’s walk is the same, but his treatment of Ha Ni could not be more different. He still gripes at her for picking out silly couple outfits, but he wears it nonetheless. When he bends down to tie her shoelaces, it’s a million miles apart from when he told her to walk a certain distance from him so people won’t know they are living together.

This is what I love about having these YT episodes – to bridge the gap left by a hurried ending and allow us the satisfaction of watching Seung Jo really treating Ha Ni right. It also allows us to enjoy all the funny interludes between them, because they wouldn’t be Seung Jo and Ha Ni if they didn’t tease, bicker, and annoy each other underneath a canopy of love that stands firm between them.

[Credit: screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, and]


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  1. Fantastic recap!! Thank you very very much!! I’ve already seen the webisode even if I could not understand a thing 😛 So, your recap is very very helpful jejeje! And also, your writting is awesome!!!

  2. Aww… how cute! 😀 I’ve been waiting for this. Good thing the episode is out! 😀

    Why do I feel like I wanted to get married soon? Haha! Kidding. XD

  3. Thank you for your wonderful recap. I just about keeled over and died when he stopped to tie her shoes! That was absolutely adorable! Usually, no one really says anything if your shoelaces are untied but that little gesture just showed just how much Our BSJ has matured in the feelings department. He can’t be the robot anymore. He loves his HA NI! Love it! See you tomorrow for the next episode!

  4. it was worth the wait!!! i’m in PK heaven!!! i watched the episode on youtube without the english subs yet but it was enough for me to see them together again and in their element!!!

    ooohhhh!!! sweet cuddly moments plus the matching outfits!! hahaha!! it really made me squeel with gleeeeeee!!!! ( to the nth power ) and you add up Seung Jo tying Ha Ni’s shoelaces.. that was just so sweet….

    bliss, bliss, bliss in PK Heaven.. can’t wait for the next episodes… 🙂

    i’m all smiles that i feel like my face is going to rip.. seriously.. kekekeke

    • @kittykat, i think every PKissers out there are smiling like a loony from all the happiness our hyunmin are radiating!

      my face kinda hurts already from smiling non-stop since i watched this episode!

      • @ jeankaycee:

        yup! all of us are grinning from ear to ear.. 🙂

        and they are a joy to watch too!! i just find it so refreshing!!

        so i really don’t mind if it’s just ten minutes.. its still worth it!!! 🙂

  5. It’s probably my first time here with you Ockoala. Thanks a lot for this recap. I have been a long time lurker and I just couldn’t hold it anymore to release my love for this adorable couple. I’ve seen the 1st webisode & I’d say it’s just too short but love it to pieces nevertheless. PK fighting!

  6. Thanks koala! Awesome 1st epi 😀
    Been waiting for some subs or maybe recaps for like 9hours 🙁
    Thank you so much for the recap! Cant wait for tomorrow’s epi xD Yay!

  7. Ah Ockoala… you never fail to crack me up with your recaps!! you did a marvelous job on something that’s only 10+ minutes long… =)

    and PK… it’s getting better and better… no steaminess yet, but my giddiness was all over the place!!!

  8. Thank you for the recap OcKoala. When I watched it my ears perked up when I heard “Yeobo”. I also liked that this first episode shows us how far they’ve gone together since the beginning.

    Hyunjoong doing chores? No guy can ever compare… Unless it’s Youngbae making rice. LOL I can’t make rice (even in a cooker) for the life of me. For a foodie, that’s the one thing I fail at.

  9. Ahh! Thank you! And I love that once again your insight has made something as short as this YT episode even more special!

    Something I had noted, was that even as he was commenting (honestly) on her cooking, there was affection in his eyes. As opposed to the nasty looks he used to give her at the beginning, which made what he was saying that much more hurtful.

    I was very distracted with the walking scene since he looked so damn hot. I’m loving his hair in this! I didn’t care for his hair the first time it was permed because of how it was styled. Now it looks lovely. Also, without speaking Korean, it actually sounded to me like he called her “sexy” at the end. So that was better in my head space, but oh well.

    And seeing Oh Ha Ni happy makes me giddy, so I was also grinning like a fool the whole way through.

    • *Also, without speaking Korean, it actually sounded to me like he called her “sexy” at the end. So that was better in my head space, but oh well.*

      I thought he said “sexy” too! haha

      Like.. he’s asking Hani why Hani’s calling him, is it because she thinks he’s sexy? Something like that.. 😛

      (well, I think he’s sexy anyway hehe)

      • @LuluBunny, I thought I heard *sexy* too! I thought was telling Hani, “Yes, sexy?”. Or something like that anyway. That’s the imaginary dialogue that I had in my head.

        Yikes, Hani’s dreamworld is rubbing off on me. 😛

      • @ yeisha and ami: good to know I’m not alone!

        @yeisha I am Oh Ha Ni when it comes to daydreams and fantasies. The latest being a guy I met once *nine* months ago. But can you blame me when his neck and jawline were equally as delicious as KHJ?

        *off to daydream*

      • @Lulybunny, you are too funny! I used to be a Oh Hani and then I moved to the opposite side of the spectrum and became so cynical with men and relationships. Even so, my jaded heart can’t help but squeal over celebrity crushes and drama husbands, especially if they’re as delicious as the curly-haired ex-robot.

        So, did you see the guy with sexy neck/jawline again? You should stalk him, OHN style. 😛

      • Sadly, he is completely off limits (stupid professionalism). If not, I’d totally be stalking him OHN style. 😛

  10. thanks ockoala, your a lovable PK fairy as usual!
    love your recaps!!!!
    im dying of the sweetness and cuteness of the hyunmin couple!
    i love those sweet little moments that really mirrors their life as a married couple!
    it shows how far they have come along, accepting each other’s flaws and still loving each other more and more!!!!
    *sigh watching these adorable couple makes me smile with pure bliss!!

    see you in episode 2!!!!

  11. OMG, all i could do was smile reading/ watch the YT episode. Love how SJ personality hasn’t changed towards HN, he didn’t baby her and points out her faults. But also lets her do what she wants even if it’s stupid cause that’s what makes her happy.
    I do agree that the episode mirrors the drama and we see how SJ has changed for better.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

    • wait, a bit confused from all the happy.

      WHO did i promise some written Joongbo goodies to?

      Jeankaycee, lullybunny, kittykat?

      Goodness sooooo confused.

      • @ J.J.:

        hmmnn.. i can’t seem to open it, but if you can give me your URL then i can add you. i registered at… hehehe.


      • Kitty I’ll put it up again.
        All you’ve got to do is place your arrow to my avatar/icon and a link would appear in a little bubble. 🙂

        Sorry, i had taken it down. my paranoia gets to me sometimes XD

    • @chub, i know its for ockoala but couldnt resist clicking the link.
      the video is mostly behind the scenes and its so cute!!!!

      thanks for the links!!!!

    • luuuuved this video , he is making her laughing non stop , LOL , whenever I see KHJ I just can’t believe he is the same cold- never-laughing loudly BSJ 🙂

  12. Thanks again ockoala for your excellent recape for 1st epi of youtube.
    I really like your introductuion, recap and thoughts of mines. Also, you backed to previous episodes and compared that Seung Jo’ reaction toward Ha Ni before and after married. That part I won’t be noticed that without you mention it. You make us to see more worth for PK.

    Thanks you for your great work as usual.
    Wishing you all the best.

  13. The most adorable couple…ever.
    I’m so happy that they left BSJ and OHN’s personality intact but with signs of growth (more from SJ then HN, ne?). Their most endearing qualities had always been the “opposites attract” relations.
    HN’s glowing smile when the ajumma called her newlywed is so adorable. JSM is just amazing in her little expressions. You just want to be OHN not only because she’s BSJ’s wife, but because she is so darn cheerful.
    I usually don’t like the cutesy “un, un, un, un”…but who can resist this OWP. Once again, I think JSM has taken OWP to the next level. I still love the pout and batting of her eyelashes in Epi 16 (and I still can’t bat my eyes like that, no matter how much practice).

    How gorgeous is contented BSJ? His contentment is just spilling out. Dang…that satisfied look while they snuggled in bed…waaahh.
    I think KHJ is 2 out of 2 in husband roles.

    Considering I have the attention span of a gnat…I love the short eppies. I would be content with 10 minutes of BSJ and OHN’s married life once a week…every week…forever. Then I guess it would be WGM, the drama, on youtube. There’s a thought.

    • @ Kat, *I think KHJ is 2 out of 2 in husband roles.*
      Amen. How awesome is he? I really won’t be surprised if JSM will fall for him. Especially when he looks at her like that. 😛

      • Again, if he were to get amnesia, I’d rightly introduce myself as his fiancee. For real. :p

        Knowing that he would do laundry and other chores blows my mind in it’s infinite sexiness. I just can’t have him holding a knife, the boy doesn’t know his way around them. For. sure.

  14. and… i was half-afraid you wouldn’t be recapping the YT epis! thank goodness the marshmallowy-pinky-love has lingered in koala-land^^

    the recap’s as whimsically sweet as the first epi. can’t wait for tomorrow. c’ya! (thanks!)

  15. First of all, thanks very much for the prompt recap for us who do not understand Korean and your sharp analysis of the parallels b4 and after marrriage 🙂

    From the comments on the various sites, I am really, really, very happy to note that this drama incites young people to want to get married…. 🙂

    In the Western world, and to some extent now in Asia too, marriage has now evolved into something different from what it should and have been since mankind exist. This drama shows that marriage needs to be worked at , husbands and wives, through LOVE, knows and tolerate and indulge the “nonsense” of each other , not just sweetness .

  16. Thank you Ockoala – u r the best as always :0)

    You guys need to check out Making Kim Hyun Joong Special posted by iMisschievous in youtube. I think for sure something is up between the two of them especially JSM. Let me know u you think ok. ^-^

    • I just watched that too! They were soooo adorable! I LOVED watching it! Even better than some of the regular eps…and they have such great chemistry on and off-screen. You know…I think there might be something too…or it could just be us fans wishing it to be true…but who knows, it might be true! That’d be awesome!!! 🙂

    • got to watch it and its so cute! the two of them seem at ease with each other.
      they just laugh and laugh behind the scenes!
      i really wish they could be together!


      • KHJ looks sooooo comfy with JSM and little EunJo (sorry still can’t remember his real name)… and EVERYDBODY!!

        Love him so much… wish I could understand what (4D)jokes he was cracking the whole time….

  17. *Seung Jo must really love Ha Ni, because he’s allowed the entire room to be decorated like a pink fairy on acid dropped by and exploded the color everywhere.*

    I think it’s Mrs. Baek’s choice of colour rather than Hani’s.. 😛

    *Seung-Jo-Is-Secretly-Happy-His-Ha-Ni-Loves-Him-So smile and goes to sleep.*

    I think he’s the most loved husband in the TV planet.. awwwwww

    *Seung Jo grumbles, asking what kind of outfit she put him in since everyone is turning around to stare at him. *

    He grumbles a lot but he still does whatever she wants him to and wears whatever she picks for him. How adorable.. *LOVE LOVE LOVE*

    I laughed happily throughout the episode despite not understanding a thing. I completely love this couple.. they’re quite believable.. not overtly mushy and despite the constant bickering and grumbling courtesy of Mr. Perfect, you can feel the love he has for his wife.

    I dunno why, but every time Kim Hyun Joong becomes a husband.. I have this compulsion to be a more hardworking wife towards hubby too. I felt it after I watched WGM, and I also felt it after PK.. LOL. And I also like the fact that he cleans the room and does laundry when she tells him to, while she goes and wreaks havoc in the kitchen. That’s married life for ya.. hehe

    Thanks for the recap, Koala!! 🙂

  18. Thank you so much Ockoala! I’d been watching the first webisode over and over again and still couldn’t understand most of it. I knew I could count on you! I love PK and I love yah! Mwah!

  19. Ahh….. I tuned in the minute I got off work, anticipation overload!! Of course it was satisfying BUT not enough!!!! It’s so short!!! But it helped that the 10mins was concentrated mainly on the newly weds. I don’t know how KHJ gets to be more and more easy on the eyes though!! So handsome!! Ha-ni is still so cute and adorable. I so like their married snippets! More please!!! Keep the goodies coming ockoala!!

  20. Whoa, I’ve been gone for a couple of hours and so many PK goodies! Thanks Ockoala for your awesome recap!!!! <3

    I am in love with that BTS video. Even more than the YouTube webisode, if that's possible. I know its naive to think that there might be something going on between these two…but what the heck…why not? 😉

    Like I said before, this is kinda like deja vu for me when I was watching Worlds Within BTS clips, how natural the chemistry was between the OTP off-screen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    And oh, I still can't get over how much I love KHJ as a husband. I thought no one can replace KHJ-as-shillang-in-WGM, but at this rate, I think I'm more in love with his Baek Seung Jo. What with the perm and the snark and the adorable half-smirks. Ahhhhh…makes me want to get married. Sigh.

    Thank you all too, love reading everyone's comments!!! *big hugs*

  21. Once again, thanks for the wonderful and insightful recap.

    This couple is so adorable and full of cuteness. I love them to pieces!! Although I did not understand a word they said, I was smiling the entire time as I watched this episode. I loved the interaction between them. They looked like a real life couple, very believable. I must say that KHJ has the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen. I just melt everytime he smiles.

  22. Re-watched this clearer version of their BTS clips and can’t stop grinning. Kyaaaa…my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Especially how they looked at each other after she touched his hair @2:06-2:14 and @3:27-3:30 — how he was joking about having to carry her and he pats/lightly touches her back when she was about to hit him. Ahhhhh…sweetness. 😉

    Take a look here:

    • I can’t help but think that having his hair touched in that manner seems to be a sensitivity thing for him…. That bit reminded me of how nervous he got when Hwang Bo similarly swept his hair back for the kiss.

      • Oh, I forgot about that. That was too cute. Especially that part when he said something to his fans about them having boyfriends too. *reminiscing Ssangchu memories* <3

      • Omo! I was thinking that too! And his reactions both times were equally dorky. However this one was a bit more at ease, seeing that So min’s younger, they were out in the open with many people watching, and not alone, with alcohol and with an older woman. Just saying 😛

      • @JJ, we’re cross-messaging across the internets again. LOL. but was it really just the two of them or was there a camera crew in their apartment? i know sometimes its just the two of them because their were cameras installed, but i seem to remember that when KHJ was saying his message to Triple S, he was “talking” directly to the camera, that means there was a cameraman there? anyways, his reaction is still adorbs no matter what.

  23. Thanks for your speedy recap! I don’t understand Korean so your recap helps me to get the storyline until the Eng subbed video comes on.
    I loved watching every bit of it though and I loved the chemistry between BSJ and ohani. Awww, BSJ is such a good husband that I want my future son-in-law to be just like BSJ! haha because my daughter is like ohani 🙂

  24. Must wait a while for the fog of giddiness to dissipate before I can submit any more coherent comments. Ah!!! BSJ doing chores & tying laces – that’s many milestones from his self centred arrogant past but what a transformation ! All credit to the power of love.

  25. thank you Ockoala..
    it’s so detail and i understand know this episode (since i haven’t watch with subtitle yet).
    I like your description details..

    Thank you…!! 🙂

  26. Thanks Ockoala 🙂
    it was a very cuuuuute episodes and that smile on SJ’s face to his HAni yah is so so so melting .
    waiting for today’s epi , seems it’s gonna be funny 😀

    • and yes I’m loving his perm this time , they look wayyyyyyy better than the previous ones , maybe becoz his hair is shorter

      • yeah.. i think also because it’s slightly shorter but also because it’s brushed aside now…. previously he had this piece of hair in the middle…. (almost like Bong Joon Gu’s :S brrr) keke^^

    • yes I think that’s the reason why the perms look better now
      ItadakimasU did you watch today’s epi , can u update me please ( bat my eyelids OHN’s style ) ?

      • here goes (again: as far as i understood):

        OHN is practising in class how to give injections, but she didn’t dare to do it in the end. She’s lying disappointed with her head on the table. BSJ shows up with canned beverage for his lady (very cute, he put the can in her neck^^)
        BSJ encourages his wife to try again (the special way he does probably … putting her down first so she’ll be more motivated).
        next scene: OHN is meeting up with her hairdresser friend and bribes her with chocolate, asking how good their friendship is. She takes the injection kit out of her bag and wants to give her Juri a shot. Juri jumps up and ran as fast as we’ve never seen her do throughout PK 😛
        In a flashback, we see MinAh and ONH in a restaurant. MinAh is giving a large teddy bear to OHN and asks her to practise giving shots on the bear (instead of on her friends).
        Back home, OHN practise on the bear and is happy that she “succeeded” (as the bear couldn’t express pain) while BSJ is spying on her and laughs at her silliness.
        Back in class.. she tries to give a shot to a lab partner (who is very nervous)… and she failed as her lab partner cried out of pain.
        Back home OHN sulks in her room. BSJ comes in presenting her his arm to practise on. While OHN is preparing the shot, BSJ gives her tips (as she couldn’t find the vein). She randomly stabs her hubby with her eyes closed… BSJ looked very scared all the while and screamed out loud when she stabs him.
        After some practising, his right arm is full bruises… so he lends her his left arm.
        Next scene: BSJ “sneaks” away to avoid his carelessly stabbing spouse. OHN enters the livingroom and asks for one more try. BSJ distracts her and runs off while being chased by OHN. EunJo comes home and HaNi welcomes him with a honey voice as she found a new victim. BSJ looks worriedly at his little brother, but doesn’t dare to warn him about his creepy sister-in-law.
        In the preview: HaNi is PREGNANT???!! (^0^)/

      • ahhhh thankuuuuu huuuuuggssss , my sweet BSJ , baring all the pain for his OHN , that’s too cute 😀

    • omo! omo! HA-NI’S PREGNANT?

      but what does the episode’s title (Making Of Baek Seung-jo Jr.) if Ha-ni’s already pregnant?

      but Hyun-joong has to prove that there will be a “steamy love scene” that we should expect…


      • I guess they will show her preggy at the end of the episode , may be after the ” steamy love scene “

      • nosebleed!!! I skipped through the titels… but that title is just…. kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!~~

        I love these webisodes!!! I’m so happy they upload it everyday

    • ha ha ha
      My husband needs to lose weight. I should do a Ha Ni. I need to learn to bat my eyelids like her though to get away with it.

  27. Omo…i’m in seventh heaven today, can’t seem to stop grinning, and i feel like my heart is bursting from happiness, how cute are these 2…SERIOUSLY, especially the quick peck of his cheek at the end, they are so adorable, probably my fav K couple rite now….

    A big fat juicy kiss to ockoala, you really made our day with your wonderful recaps and witty humour, especially international fans for us who can’t understand korean, you are indeed a godsent, and our PK ANGEL!

    With lots of Love & Happiness….Thank You!

  28. “Seung Jo must really love Ha Ni, because he’s allowed the entire room to be decorated like a pink fairy on acid dropped by and exploded the color everywhere” – I know right? Cause that was my first thought even at the end of the series itself, and it seemed like they were living in Hani’s old bedroom. Or maybe mom-in-law did all the decorating for them!

    “Sweetheart, men just want to SLEEP, that is their idea of a perfect day.” Lolz, koalasweetie, it’s MY idea of a perfect day too…… I work fourteen hour days, 6 days a week, and occasionally have to pull a half shift on that sole day of rest. My idea of the perfect partner is my BED.

    but what amazes me is the clarity of the screencaps you got off youtube! coolbeans! i miss ockoala recaps almost as much as i miss playful kiss….. mwah mwah mwah! however, i’m not sure I’m up for the M3 recaps… JGS’ hair….. throws me off the scent.

  29. i love your recap, i can’t believe a 12 minutes YT vid can make me go crazy, this webisode is so addicting that i can’t help but to rewatch it

  30. Hey Everyone!
    I’m an Ockoala blog lurker here, finally decided to join the PK party!

    Thanks for the recap. I probably will have to wait till the weekend to watch the subbed episode so thank you for your recap.

    I’ve noticed that in a lot of the shots, they always show HN’s wedding ring. But it’s ok, because I like seeing it!

    Gosh, there are a lot of things to spazz about. I guess I will not be getting much sleep. ..Knowing my brain, it will probably just say, ‘more PK stuff! More! More!’

  31. Oh the bliss of marital life…

    Especially the life of a certain Oh Ha Ni who is married to a walking, talking Greek God named Baek Seung Jo…

    No wonder she has that smile on her face the moment she wakes up…

    Hell… i would be smiling as widely too if my husband was someone that HOT!

    (Seung Jo: Did you sleep well?
    Donnapie: *gasps* What Sleep? I’ve just been watching you while crying like a loony…
    Frankly, i don’t even know what i have done to deserve such good luck to have a hunky dory hubby like you beside me…I think i will put you in my resume under greatest achievement… Uh-Huh i will!

    *jumps Seung Jo and the talking is over… sayyyyy… for the next 24 hours! LOL)

    This webisode only lasted barely 12 minutes but man… it was worth every delicious second of it…

    I feel as if Seung Jo and Ha Ni were playing house and it was adorable to see them as newlyweds and enjoying their first few days as husband and wife…

    (I was absolutely smiling from ear to ear as Seung Jo gets exasperated over the fact that Ha Ni put his pants in the dryer when his wallet, keys and phone are still in it’s pocket…

    Sooooo cute how they really seem like a married couple…

    She cooks while he cleans… He fixes the bed while she chops…

    *sighs* I can only wonder how it feels to be Ha Ni…

    Although i wonder why she feels that there’s a need to set alarm clocks or even to get to the grocery store because believe me if i were in her shoes, i’d be riding that man all night and all day long… WOOHOO!


    Ahhh… now i get it… maybe the alarm clocks are just a front for making breakfast but she just sets it to remind her that it’s once again time for some nooky!

    Say whattttttttttttt??? I’m on to you Oh Ha Ni! You scheming girl you! I bet we have the same Baek Seung Jo playbook…)

    How can these two be this spazzworthy?

    I still feel as giddy as Oh Ha Ni when the ajumma at the grocery store called her new bride and i can perfectly relate to the euphoric feeling that brings to her given how its now a reality that she is indeed legally binded to a man whom she had only dreamt of marrying and whom she now calls her husband…

    (DANG IT! Can anyone tell i’m dying of envy while typing this? I wanted to call that man she calls her husband MY husband too!)

    On a different note, I definitely give Ha Ni an A for effort for trying to be the perfect wife to Seung Jo….

    And even if she suffered making those burnt toasts and sliced veggies that’s supposed to pass for English breakfast…

    The satisfied smile on Seung Jo’s face as she planned the day and the sweet way that he still found something to commend about that mess of a meal (the coffee) plus of course that whole shoe lace sweetness, was worth all the hard work that she’s gone through…

    …And then maybe some more…

  32. I really can’t believe its bsj what hapened to the bad ass bsj i guess he grew up like ths sating goes if you cant beat them join so if u can’t get rid of oha ni love her.tnx for being a lovely hubby i wanna se more of that nd oha ni pls continue to be sill i love you dat to all pkissers

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