Long Preview for M3 Released During Press Conference

The long preview for Marry Me, Mary! was released during its press conference, and I have it for everyone hot off the press. All I can say is: it’s a win for me! I find it adorable without being overly cutesy, whimsical without being overly weird.

Long Preview for M3:


When the rolled-up blanket log that is Jang Geun Seok started to roll around on the ground in one scene, I about lost it and starting cackling and pointing at the screen. This preview made me genuinely laugh and smile, and that’s a good sign. I also loved the silly avatar equations that popped up during the scenes to indicate their personalities and issues.

Let me preface by saying that while Moon Geun Young is arguably the best actress of her generation, bar none, I have not liked a single role she has done since her debut performance in Autumn In My Heart. Won’t touch Cinderella Unni with a fifty-foot pole, and her character in Painter of the Wind made me so rabid with anger I literally had to turn off the drama before I came to hate her forever as an actress (even though her performance as Eun Bok was exquisite and beyond perfect – and won her a Baeksang no less – I hated Eun Bok the character with an unmitigated passion).

Jang Geun Seok is also a talented actor, but doesn’t always challenge himself. He’s fared better in supporting roles, and in instances when he lets his inner freak fly. I have a feeling these two kindred acting talents are going to spark and really make M3 something more than its flimsy rom-com origins. But who knows? It may turn out to be so ridiculous I’ll slink away dejected that yet again, I can’t enjoy a Moon Geun Young drama. Either way, I’m keeping an open mind on this one, but I have a feeling it’s going to be right up my alley.


Long Preview for M3 Released During Press Conference — 20 Comments

  1. Oh how delightful! *claps hands excitedly* It’s cute, but not mushy; funny, but not bordering on the slapstick. YaY

    When the rolled-up blanket log that is Jang Geun Seok started to roll around on the ground in one scene, I about lost it and starting cackling and pointing at the screen.

    Dude. You weren’t the only one. I honestly didn’t even noticehim and I had already read your review so I was like, what is she talking about? When he started rolling? OMO LOL LOL

    Er, what’s wrong with PotW?

  2. The impossible has happened. Both the first and second leads are guys I’m attracted to at first sight.. *gasp* ..this is unprecedented. Who’s the casting director?? I want to write him/her a love letter expressing my deepest gratitude.. 😛

    Is it just me or they both look a lot more japanese than korean? (me and my ‘japanese features’ preference.. hehe)

    At this stage, the entire plot could be about their journey to a rock concert on a dilapidated bus for all I care.. I’m watching it for the hawt guys..ha! *ish shallow like that*

    • *ish shallow like that*
      HAHAHA. Hey, don’t worry. I think most of us kdrama addicts watched more than one drama for that very reason. 😉

      As for KJW, he has lived in Japan when he was little so, um, IDK what this has anything to do with how he looks, but maybe his style has been influenced there? It’s a known fact he’s fluent in Japanese though. Again, this has nothing to do with his looks, but…heh, I’m feeding your new obsessions? ^^

      • No wonder he spoke like a native in Coffee Prince! *was hooked on him from there* …yeah, his style definitely feels like japanese to me. I’m more into the j-entertainment scene before (kdrama is my new craze).

      • Heh. I have a surprise coming up for all y’all M3 folks.

        @ Sere

        Talking about why I hate PotW would make me rabid, I want to stay sane.

      • YaY I like your surprises! *rubs hands in anticipation*

        Um, o-kay.

        Non sequitur. Quick, what’s your favorite sageuk? Or better yet, which sageuk you think is the best/has best production values/plot/etc?

      • @ Sere

        My favorite sageuks and wuxias are listed at the bottom of this post: http://thundie.wordpress.com/2010/05/19/sageuk-awards/

        Also this list has some amazing recommendations from lots of folks. I have yet to watch ROI, but I have a feeling it’ll be one of my faves. PotW has AMAZING production values, but my issues are with plot and characterization. Ooooh, reminds me that I should do a sageuk post soon.

      • @Ockoala

        Thanks. I agree with most of you (but I have yet to watch Damo and a bunch of others. Fail?)

        Re: RoI. OMG that’s one of my favorites one so far. It’s poetic and alskdjakhdkasdha dkh akdshaksd Just amazing. Everything is done just right. Plot, characterization, action sequences, romance, drama…everything. Seriously, you should watch it.

        I will nag you for that post ^^ BTW, re: PotW. I see where you’re coming from. I didn’t hate it, though

      • The scene where he was holding that paper with Mary jumping around him.. his face while looking at her.. *stares unblinkingly* ..this guy is riveting. Now I get why he’s so popular..

  3. My feelings exactly about MGY!!! All the roles she played so far has never appealed to me somehow!! Like you said esp Cinderella – yikes I cannot stomach the whole drama at all, major angst and sob sob is not for me. Never did I like the Painter. People rave about her acting so I guess I’ll have to decide after M3. But yay..I’m in for M3 .. I like most of the goodies you have been feeding us so far.

    • Exactly! I liked MGY in INNOCENT STEPS and ofcourse in AIMH but in none other role. JGS is different story, I can just watch him doing nothing……………..

    • I agree, it’s one of the reasons I have stayed away from anything she has been in [I have only seen 2 movies]. On a previous post people complain about the wig, but I actually like it because she looks completely different, I did not recognize her at first from the photos. I was initially interested because of Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook, wanted to drop this drama because of Moon Geun Young but after watching the previews decided to put it on my “to watch” list. I like the youthful, sillyness of the whole drama. Ah, to be 23 again . . . . that’s the appeal for me.

    • OMOOO geesh I thought I was the only one getting too distracted about her eyes!!!!! No offense meant but it’s true they are quite something!

  4. My eyes only fix on Kim Jae-Wook… the rest is like bleh..
    I’m not a fan of those drama that has stronger 2nd lead-male..
    May be I just keep watching just for KJW sake..
    Who knows, the pairing might end up as something that we wouldn’t expected..
    Although I know deep in my heart, it’s a kind of wishful thinking..
    I do agree about what you say about Moon Geun-Young, hopefully in here she could make a good mark in my book, although I’d really want to drag her to the salon and give her a total makeover.. it’s too much for me.. like Marge Simpson only it has collapsed..

  5. Has JGS’s bones ever looked lovelier? Also being voyeur to MGY&JGS’s potential chemistry is something I would pay to see, a quarter at a time.

  6. That is one great trailer!

    I’m uncontrollably attracted to KJW the more I look at him. It’s turning me blind coz even in outfits v questionable on humans, he makes it work for me (or me alone haha). I can’t even explain it, it’s intangible and it’s love. and I was all ready to just watch M3 for his eye candiness.

    I’ve grown out of loving JGS as an actor coz he’s not that interested in it and it’s showing…but JGS is obsessed in being a rock star every single sec he’s on screen and off. I cant look away.

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