Playful Kiss YT Edition Upcoming Episode Written Previews

The Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition has released episode-by-episode synopses. I’ll skip episodes 1 and 2 since it’s already aired. These written previews are quite detailed, and pretty much summarize each episode fully.

I mean it, total spoilers, so read at your own risk. Nonetheless, we watch it for the cute, not for the unknown plot developments, right?

A reminder that all the screencaps in this post come from the previews for tomorrow’s YT edition episode 3, and not from any other upcoming episodes. Lastly, a big thanks to all PKissers for asking my permission before reposting, much appreciated.

YT Episode 3 Written Preview – Making of Baek Seung Jo Jr:

Ha Ni has a dream that the usually cold Seung Jo is romantically feeding her peaches. When she wakes up, she has a slight fever, and feels like throwing up. She can’t get out of bed all morning.

Mom thinks eating will make her feel better, and when asked what foods she wants, Ha Ni rattles off a list of rather unusual items. This leads Mom to extrapolate that Ha Ni is pregnant! Without confirming it, Mom starts to prepare a celebration of the big news.

Seung Jo is busier than ever and unaware of this development. Ha Ni tells him that she may be pregnant, which leads a emotionally impacted Seung Jo to grab Ha Ni from the party and take her to the hospital. A pregnancy test later, it’s revealed that Ha Ni is not pregnant….she just has severe constipation….

YT Episode 4 Written Preview – Baek Seung Jo is my hubby:

A girl returns from abroad who used to live in the same neighborhood as Seung Jo. She’s pretty, smart, and a rather stuck-up high school student. Ever since Hye Ra, Ha Ni is always wary of these types of girls.

The girl is nice to Eun Jo, which makes Ha Ni hopeful. Until its revealed that the girl’s first crush is on Seung Jo, and claims that her first kiss was with Seung Jo!!! Ha Ni reminds herself that Seung Jo treats her just like his own sister, but her jealousy rears its head.

Ha Ni constantly opposes whatever the girl says, which leads Seung Jo to tell her that she is being immature. Ha Ni runs out in the cold winter night, tears and snot all mixing together, sad and dejected….

YT Episode 5 Written Preview – Protecting Baek Seung Jo the patient:

Seung Jo is now a medical resident, and Ha Ni is a new nurse. Like a dream, they are now working at the same hospital. With Seung Jo’s brilliance, all the doctors want him to watch their surgeries and do other tasks. He’s beyond exhausted and has no time to sleep.

Ha Ni is worried about her Seung Jo, and goes to the hospital to bring him nutritious food. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, she causes an accident and Seung Jo gets hurt and admitted as a patient. Ha Ni becomes his attending nurse. She devotes all her energy to making sure he gets better.

Due to her excessive caretaking, Seung Jo gets even more tired….

YT Episode 6 Written Preview – Driving is hard:

Ha Ni only had to try eight times before she got her driver’s license. She wants to be responsible for taking Seung Jo to and from work, so she gets in the driver’s seat. But once on the road, her fear rears its head and she’s too scared to turn left or right. She keeps driving straight until she end up not at the hospital, but in some country lane.

Seung Jo decides to skip work that day, and teach Ha Ni how to drive. But teaching Oh Ha Ni how to drive is not an ordinary level of difficulty, and may be something that even Seung Jo cannot do himself, leading Seung Jo to feel shaken about this task. Eventually, the car drops into the rice paddy….

[p.s. this episode is penned by the screenwriter who wrote Coffee Prince, and sounds like hilarious hijinks aplenty]

YT Episode 7 Written Preview – Happy Birthday!:

Ha Ni’s birthday is around the corner, and her fellow nurses wonder what present Dr. Baek Seung Jo will give her. Mom is also quite hopeful about this upcoming birthday, leading Seung Jo to feel pressure.

On the actual birthday, Seung Jo has to work and cannot swap with another doctor. He tells the family they need to celebrate Ha Ni’s birthday without him. Ha Ni is crestfallen, except it’s Seung Jo’s attempt at keeping his party a surprise for her.

For Seung Jo, preparing a surprise party turns out to be more difficult than he imagined. After all his hard work and the party is ready, something happens which causes Seung Jo’s hard work to turn into a mess….

[Credit: original translation from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, translated into English by me]


Playful Kiss YT Edition Upcoming Episode Written Previews — 92 Comments

    • BTW funny thing… with all the spoilers.. (long previews, short previews, written previews and stuff…) that only makes me want more moRE MORE!! ^^

      Greatful that PK (and Ockoala) spoil(s) us rotten!
      (I feel like I’m screaming a lot on this blog -_- aishhh)

      • ottoke… all i did the past 12+ hrs was watching vid after vid, reading article after article and i still haven’t caught up with half the things i missed… hope you understand if my reply will be a bit late. mianhae
        btw, you’re not pathetic for wanting to post replies for me… i wanted to as well (u should prepare for a really LONG post coming up.. -_-” sorry about that. or maybe that just makes us both pathetic? kk) so go ahead and do that!
        again, sorry….

      • Ah… i don’t want you to reply before really catching up first!!!
        Don’t feel sorry chingu^^ and don’t worry about me! i’m proud of you for your perserverance (putting the fact that you’re half forced to be deprived of PK-stuff aside ;)) !!

  1. I think that the “steamier love scene” (KHJ, i’m taking your word for it..don’t disappoint us!!!) will happen during Hani’s birthday. Which might mean that we won’t get to see our curly-haired ex-robot be a daddy and hold a newborn baby in his arms. But I’m still wishing and hoping….

    Thanks, Ockoala!!! LOVE these spoilers!

  2. thanks ockoala!!!
    well, i wonder in what episode is the hmm… “steamier thing” KHJ mentioned in his interviews?

    just thinking about the 5 episodes left and im starting to be depressed!
    aish! i need to get it together! looking at the bright side its still 5 episodes!

    *sigh PK what haveyou done to me?
    well see you tom PK!

  3. ugh going 2 my second job rite nw and on da train… But wit dat said, ↲ ↲↲

    Seungjo can have steam babies with me! ↲↲↲

    Lol, sorry hav been reading fics from another fandom. ↲↲↲↲ ↲
    thanks ockoala 4 da spoilers! :)↲↲
    @yeisha, omo BSJ as papa pulls at my heartstrings so bad!

  4. wait…so we wont see them as parents with their daughter?? aww mannn I was really hoping to see that. I guess I will just have to stick with what anime showed.

  5. thanks ockoala for the spoilers .
    V v v v v v they will fulfill my wish , BSJ’s cousin ( who had her firt kiss with him ) coming back wish , but they changed into a girl from neibourghood
    but will we see a BSJ Jr or not ?
    and the steamy love scene ?

  6. Thanks for these! The preview for 3 really made me laugh. =]

    Just curious, since you mentioned that the scriptwriter for Coffee Prince is writing one of these episodes, are they all written by different people, or are most of them written by the screenwriters for the original 16 episodes?

    • The other six episodes are split between writers Park Eun Hye and Shin Jae Won. Not sure what either writer had done previously.

      I only know that randomly the writer for Coffee Prince popped up to helm episode 6.

      And the original writer for the drama was Go Eun Nam

      • Whoa, that’s a lot of writers! It’ll be interesting to see how they choose to continue the PK story =]

  7. Thanks, Ockoala.

    Seung Jo had better do something to ease her sadness in Episode 4. I’d have preferred a jealous Seung Jo instead of another jealous Ha Ni. We saw enough of Ha Ni becoming jealous in the actual episodes.

    There better be a steamy love scene to make up for this!

    • I was thinking the same thing. What about Hani and SeungJo going to Baek company party for local and international client. Hani already had her coat on so SeungJo does not know whta she is wearing. Mommy Baek has been shopping with Hani and bought her a “grown-up” dress. As they are late, Seung Jo hurries inside leaving Hani in the cloak room. He is talking to some clients when everyone’s eyes are directed to the doorway where Hani is making a grand entrance in her Mommy Baek approved but definitely not Seung Jo approved grown up dress.

      • @a_fan, LOVE THIS! can we send this to the writers? i still really want to see jealous SJ. especially because he does some really *ahem* impulsively hot things when he’s jealous…

        to follow your line of thinking, he’ll be so jealous that one look at his wife in her sexy grown-up dress and he’ll grab her out of the party…they fight a little but they’ll soon make it bed. steamy love scene, anyone? 😛

      • Oh man, Hani all dolled up, that would be so awesome.
        BSJ better watch out, might have other contenders. 😛

      • @ goodange ► yeah… i want it like that. we want a jealous seung jo…. we want a jealous seung jo… we want a jealous seung jo!!!!!! nyahahhahah!

        @ a_fan ► nice plot! i luv it!!! :))

      • wow i should stick with you guys hahaha we have the same line of thinking!!!
        those we’re really great ideas esp the seung jo jealous plot kekeke!!
        would totally love to see how he’ll react with his wifey being like “cinderella”!!! all eyes on her omooo!!

    • the Idea of the girl who had her first kiss with BSJ is taken from the manga , in the manga the girl was SJ’s cousin who was always in love with him and with whom she had , ok both they have , their first kiss and she even asked OHN to let go SJ becoz she doesn’t fit him and that made OHN crazily jealous and sad .

      • It’s okay if it’s taken from the manga, but since it was more or less said that they were taking into account fans’ online comments and input, why not have a jealous Seung Jo 😉

        I don’t mind the a_fan and yeisha’s scenario. And though I’ve never seen the Taiwanese version, they could go by that had Seung Jo become jealous of Oh Ha Ni’s classmate/colleague.

      • yes I also loved a_fan and yeisha’s scenarios but since it’s just 7 mini epi and since we already know what will happen for each epi then we can’t expect a jealous SJ like what happened in the manga and anime ( Naoki jealous of Keita OHN’s classmate )

    • in the anime, manga and taiwan version, bsj character got jealous with the nurse classmate of ohn character. gosh… i want this too in this yt version.

  8. SEVERE CONSTIPATION…!! LMAO LMAO.. i had to stop to wipe my tears from my eyes from too much laughing….! I Love the written preview spoilers. Is it just 7 mini episodes? doesn’t seem like Baek Seung Jo Jr or Oh Hani Jr. will be making an appearance…

  9. OMG… sorry guys just had to write again. so after laughing my head off at epi 3 preview and writing a quick msg. i googled * Thank God for making Man do google* severe constipation prior to pregnancy and came out with positively good results..
    Just several sites i found:
    Scroll right down to # 11

    Sorry about this ockoala, i just had to put this up, i’m positively beeming with excitement and hope! I Love goodnews…

    • OMG…. although i don’t have high hope in it..but it can be a possibility!! ^,^ i’m soooo excited….!! i want Hani to be pregnant… and it should be SJ the one getting more jealous now…not poor Hani… T_T

  10. LOL….constipation………future eps sound fun

    in that last cap, KHJ does not look good. He looks soooooo tired. My heart really aches for this guy. And on rewatching some BTS, you can see a difference between KHJ at the beginning and the KHJ towards the end of PK. The difference = minus 8 kg and minus 5 years ?

  11. I’m sorry but that cousin storyline makes me squick. >_< poor BSJ with oedipal issues… Must they add more emotional scarring to the plate?

  12. On a different note, have you guys seen the BTS where the cast and crew were taking pictures? I think it was the last shooting day for the TV version. It looked like something’s going on between our OTP(?)

    • @ a_fan, i sure did. and squealed a little. even showed that BTS clip to my guy BFF who doesn’t know anything about k-pop just to have an unbiased opinion. he thinks i’m crazy and seeing things. hmpftttt…no, he said that it looks like JSM is a bit smitten and KHJ is enjoying all the skinships. typical boy answer. whatevs.

      one thing he did notice was when they were kissing in the rain, it looked liked JSM lost her balance (or maybe her knees buckled?). haha. and that KHJ looked like he was smiling/smirking afterwards.

      • yup, i saw that. KHJ was being very subtle about it and JSM smiled rather shyly. so cute.

        anyways, it seems like other people noticed the knee-buckling thing too because someone made a YT video of it. i loved how he was just staring at her and she was reading the script intently:

      • OTP OTP!!!

        I saw that smile after kiss too… But I figured it must be him trying to dispell some of his shyness/awkwardness. Cause the smile doesn’t quite meet his eyes.

      • @yeisha….erm…i might be a bit late..but may i know where can i see these BTS you all been talking?? i want to see those pics too T_T

  13. crack, pressed the button too soon…↲
    Point is, I’m glad they changed it to a neighbor, its believable and totes less creepy.

  14. Thnak so much for your written previews.
    As above comments it will be disappointing “Making of Jr BSJ” episode title three does not come true.
    Title does not match with the drama too badddddddddddd———————

  15. oh god……. at the end of the 7th preview, my first thought was it finishes at 8 right? that CANNOT be all!! they should just make it an ongoing American type show, that goes on for season after season!!

  16. episode 4 it’s a false alarm pregnancy…the other version her period came but this version she’s just having constipation…so there will be steamy scene that KHJ said in the presscon?

  17. Wow! looks like there’s a lot to look forward to!! I can’t wait already. I like the idea of SJ having to sweat a little to prepare for the surprise party! He hasn’t sprung her much surprises so far and I also think.. I would prefer for SJ to be in the jealous seat rather than HN in the upcoming epi 4 storyline. SJ is not the only appealing one around, it would be nice to see a bit more of HN being chased instead. thanks for the goodies again!

    • Yeah. My truly big complaint is how much Ha Ni’s looks are played down. She’s adorable and can hardly be called average or ugly. A delightful personality paired with her looks would catch some men’s fancy. And usually, married/committed women get a lot of sudden attention from men because they pick up on the women’s happy and confident vibe (which are largely attributed to their satisfying love life). At least, this is what I’ve noticed, especially when women go from singlehood to coupledom. It’s like the men come out of nowhere once a girl is in a happy relationship.

      It would be great to see Seung Jo’s coolness get ruffled a bit by his jealousy. We saw very little bits of that in the TV show, and I wish we could see a whole webisode devoted to that. A jealous Ha Ni is nothing new. Heh. I suspect she’ll always be on guard with other girls.

      • I am relatively new in this post but when I read your entry I just have to reply to your comment on “It’s like the men come out of nowhere once a girl is in a happy relationship” It made me LOL soooo much!! It seems that men are all the same around the world!! 😀 The issue of men popping up of nowhere when you are in a relationship and being totally missing when you are not is something me and my friends have talked about very often and it always baffled us 🙂

        BTW I’m totally with you on wanting to see Seung Jo’s coolnes getting ruffled with a good dose of jealousy!! :-D:-D:-D

  18. lol! I thought that for the driving is hard episode, this will be like in TKA when Xiang Qin’s friend is about to give birth and she has to drive her (manically!) to the hospital.. but I guess all that back story of the friend getting a BF, marrying and being pregnant is just too long and convoluted to squeeze into a 10-minute episode.. oh well. still excited for the next 5 episodes 🙂

    super thanks for the spoilers!!

  19. thank you for all the recaps. i love reading them and awesome perspectives that makes me go awww…. thanks for the upcoming episodes written previews… i am pretty excited about it all! i just wish they could have made it into sequel instead of 10 mins clips.

  20. oh yes i would love to see a jealous BSJ also! the taiwan version, there’s this guy (classmate) who has confessed his love for xiang xin (sorry not sure of the spelling and the name also) and even tried to steal her from Zhi Shu (sorry for the wrong spelling again)..but upon knowing this, ZS hurriedly reclaim his wife.oh i would love to see this kind of scene with BSJ and OHN!! can really see that the guy loves his wife!..pretty please, have some scene like this!..and oh yes, after reclaiming his wife, there goes what KHJ’s been saying steamier love scenes…aaahhh..isn’t that awesome?!!

  21. Why SJ break his promise and make HN cry again! I hate this kind of story.
    Yes, we love to watch KHJ as BSJ because he’s drop dead gorgeous but the main character in whole series is OHN. If not for JSM’s excellent acting and ability to lead us in feeling emotionally the way she feels throughout, this series will not be this popular.

    • i agreed with you…. since Hani is the light of PK…shouldn’t she deserve more happy moments in the end..?? hehehe ^.^

  22. I get excited just reading the previews and you guys’ comments. The jealous ep reminds me a bit of the anime- the part where they go on their honeymoon and meet Evil Girl and Seung Jo rebukes Hani harshly for being jealous while he’s treating a patient and she runs off into the night and gets lost (so many ‘and’s LOL) and he goes looking for her and he finds her and they make up. I thought the drama would include that part but cos of time constraint they left it out I think. So I’m happy they’re going to have this running-out-into-the-night scene and Seung Jo desperately looking for her (like in Goong when the prince went wll over looking for Angry Heroine:Best Part Ever). Imagine Seung Jo all sweaty and anxious…oooooh what a lovely sight!!

    Yeah I agree that they should have a jealous Seung Jo ep…. I enjoyed the few scenes in PK when he got jealous. But then I suppose there’s that time constraint thingy again sigh, and maybe they thought it’s not in Seung Jo to be jealous. In the anime he didn’t even recognise the feeling of being jealous and had to ask Joong Gu for advice on his new feeling. He’s just so superior to other mortals that it’s never been necessary for him to be jealous. I found that part of the anime interesting – like it’s just him, you know, cold and emotionless, but he’s learning to be more human thanks to Hani. It’s not an overnight thing, this change, it’d probably take a lifetime.

    So I’m really looking forward to the next eps. I was in a dilemma just now – to read or not to read the synopses. But then I couldn’t resist it, and I was like WOW!! Happy! Thanks, Ockla. You brighten up my day!!Love ya!!

    • Truncating the jealousy part for the honeymoon left me a bit shortchanged in that I felt BSJ wormed his way out of that situation too easily without apology to OHN ( he must really mature in this aspect of respecting her dignity in public ) and no sweat in frantic search. Will really like to see BSJ driven to some kind of desperation over Hani in Webisode 4 next week.

  23. you know koala…..since the last ep is Hani’s Bday…i’m specualting a birthday boat…..’course i could be wrong considering so far the k version has only followed upto the parts of the manga and has not followed the anime

    • You know – I want a birthday boat, a driving boat, a hospital boat, a jealousy-fueled boat. Let’s just say I love Ha Ni and Seung Jo having a boat anywhere, anytime.

      • @Ockoala, I love your line of thinking. Boating anywhere, anytime sounds good to me. 😉

      • hey guys u know d Chinese dish
        STEAMBOAT = STEAM+BOAT? LOL Hopefully got lots of that in upcoming eps!! Rock the bed and set it on fire!!!

      • oh! your guys made me laugh again loudly…….
        Ok because of all your comments with ockoala, I won’t care any more of Jr BSJ or steamy love scenes coming throught or not……
        girls you make my day. Thanks to all of u ha ha.

      • @ockoala, you really have me cracking on this one!
        “Ha Ni and Seung Jo having a boat anywhere, anytime.”-its so epic! LOL!

        but i really want to see so serious but appropriate “boating”, plus KHJ said steamier so will see about that!

        boating+steamier =me, dying of giddiness!
        why, oh why these hyunmin couple so freaking adorable!
        *sigh, i just love them!

      • can we just say that Howl’s yet to be released song is Hani and Seung Jo’s official boat song?:)

  24. i think PK will end with a big bang! – that in EP7 there will be the steamier love scenes KHJ is talking about! (oh don’t disappoint us please!)..hoping..wishing..wanting more!..hope the ytkiss management will get to see all these comments here so that they would know what we really want!..oh goodness, this is drivin’ me crazzzyyy!!!..oh btw, thanks again for the written previews ockoala always you’re the best! =)

  25. Hi there!!!
    All 5 remaining episodes are something to look forward to. I am so excited to see BSJ and OHN work together wearing their respective med uniform. I am just wondering, are they still going to show the character of Keita from Manga series?

  26. Ockoala thanks a lot for these previews!!!!!!!!!! As always you make my day more bright!!! And your comments on the “boating”…..ROFL… I am totally with you!!!

  27. so sad to know that it is their last day filming tomorrow.

    they are going to miss each other company so much. hiks hiks hiks

    khj and so min please make more drama/movies together ( i know the chances are low)

  28. “Ha Ni and Seung Jo having a boat anywhere, anytime.”- ockoala

    oh hope they’re gonna have that “birthday boat”….they should be!

    i take KHJ’s words…”steamy scene”…if not i’m gonna be pissed…well i think many will be pissed

  29. i think it would be in the 7th webisode that they’ll leave the BSJ Jr. cliffhanger after the “steamy boat” supposedly will happen… if they’re following closely the manga, it’s when i learned that the author of the manga died and left the story (not 100% sure though) when bsj and hani is on their way for doctor’s appointment…

  30. I just watched ep 3 and the first thing that came to mind (first after the “ooh, he’s really hot“) was Hani looking 15. She looked really pretty when they were driving to the doctor’s but she looked 15! a Juno. Mybe they can borrow her stylist in that Hazzy photoshoot. Anyone found out how to buy the bags online?

    Ockoala, allow me this post. I promise to comment n your recap of ep 3. I am thinking an essay on gender inequality and an aging population, the S Korean dilemma.

  31. already finished with episode1-3…looking forward to episode 4…whoa.OHN is jealous…wondering now if their would be a scene where in BSJ willl e the one wholl get jealous…

  32. the most annoying part was where have race pushed Han ni away but the most interesting part is where mama bark made jest of sj on their wedding day. hahaha!very funny

  33. the most annoying part was where have race pushed Han ni away but the most interesting part is where mama baek made jest of sj on their wedding day. hahaha!very funny

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