Playful Kiss YT Episode 2 Recap

You know, I could really get used to this. Spending ten minutes a day with Seung Jo and Ha Ni, amusing myself with their life, wishing somehow this could go on forever. Episode 2 of the Playful Kiss Youtube edition reminded me so much of the interlude from the drama where Ha Ni tries to become a better tennis player and Seung Jo ends up having to coach her.

Somewhere along the way, their relationship naturally settled into its natural dynamic. Ha Ni sucks at something new, she struggles to learn, and Seung Jo finally steps in to help give her that final little push. Conversely, she makes him laugh, love, and enjoy a life that comes so easily to him he might forget that challenges are what makes life more interesting.

Youtube Episode 2 Recap:

Somewhere in the universe, a poor bear is crying from getting poked by nurse-in-training Oh Ha Ni. A shaky hand holding a needle tentatively approaches an exposed arm. The increasingly shaky hand belongs to Ha Ni, who is surrounded by her nursing classmates as they watch her practice her shot injection technique. Ha Ni is so nervous sweat drips down her brow, but in the end she sets aside the needle. She cannot do it, her fear of sticking the needle into the skin is too great.

Ha Ni lays slumped over the table, and her hubby comes up bearing some iced coffee. She confesses that she’s terrified of inserting a needle. Seung Jo tells her that she shouldn’t be the person who is afraid, what about the patient getting the needle in the arm?

Ha Ni worries that the needle might snap while in the blood vessel. Seung Jo tells her that she should just give up then. If she won’t conquer her fear, then she can’t be a nurse since giving shots is one of the basic tasks of every nurse. His words leave Ha Ni annoyed at his cavalier attitude. Seung Jo responds that Ha Ni is the person who kept saying that she can’t do it. To Ha Ni, Seung Jo should have wanted to help her. Future doctor hubby says that he can’t work with a nurse who is incapable of giving shots to patients.

Ha Ni does some googling, and comes upon a brilliant idea. She lures Joo Ri out to the school steps bearing gifts of cookies and treats. Joo Ri the potential guinea pig happily scarfs down some cookies while Ha Ni butters her up. Ha Ni tells Joo Ri that she’s been so busy studying she hasn’t had time for her best friends.

Joo Ri is touched, and tells Ha Ni that, together with Min Ah, they are three ladies whose hearts beat as one. Ha Ni uses this chance to offer to inject Joo Ri with some vitamins. Once Ha Ni whips out the instruments of torture, her needle, Joo Ri wisely makes a run for the border and hightails it out of there.

The next guinea pig candidate is less gullible. Actually, Min Ah got the lowdown from Joo Ri and has come prepared. Min Ah simply gives Ha Ni a gift of a giant teddy bear as her inanimate victim. Min Ah says her arms are too bony and not much room to practice. Ha Ni walks home carrying her teddy victim on her back.

Ha Ni tries out the teddy bear patient at home, and is all sorts of adorable as she talks to it and practices her technique. She asks teddy which arm he prefers. She switches from the right to the left, saying that the right arm is needed to do everything. She knows that it must be scary for him, and she tells teddy to just endure it for a little bit.

After she practices on him, she tells teddy that she injected some vitamins and asks him to rest well now. Seung Jo peeks through the door and is pleased to see his darling wifey make progress.

However, a teddy bear is still just a teddy bear. Back at nursing school, all the students have paired up to practice, and Ha Ni’s partner is literally green with fear. Ha Ni reassures her that she can do it now! No worries. But once Ha Ni is faced with another real person, she falters again.

That night, Ha Ni sits in bed dejected. Poor teddy with a tourniquet on his arm sits across from her, watching dolefully. Seung Jo comes into the room, and rolls up his sleeve, offering up himself as her practice victim. Ha Ni is moved by such a selfless and loving gesture, as am I.

Seung Jo isn’t just a passive testing dummy for Ha Ni. He uses this opportunity to help her hone her technique and remind her of the proper steps she needs to take (tourniquet, disinfect, find blood vessel, insert needle). Ha Ni is clumsy and unsure each step of the way, but Seung Jo remains seated even as he corrects her mistakes. She keeps tying the tourniquet too tightly and Seung Jo reminds her of the correct method.

Ha Ni wonders where the blood vessels are, and Seung Jo has to point them out to her, all THREE of them. Oh lord, the girl must be blind. He tells her to always select the largest vessel because it’s the most convenient. Ha Ni finally inserts the needle, and she is ecstatic. Except she missed the blood vessel. Oops, but so typical Oh Ha Ni technique.

After a while, we see that Seung Jo’s arm is bruised as Ha Ni has gone to town on his poor appendage. Instead of running away, Seung Jo brandishes his other arm, the still whole one, and allows Ha Ni to continue practicing on that arm. He tells her to mimic the landing of an airplane when descending with the needle to the arm.

Ha Ni finally succeeds in inserting the needle and hitting a blood vessel. Seung Jo yelps in pain, and then runs away. He heads downstairs and examines his poor arm. Ha Ni comes running downstairs asking to practice just one more time, to make sure she’s got it. She’s not nervous anymore, she’ll do it right.

Seung Jo continues running away from the crazed lady holding a needle when Eun Jo comes home.

Both pause to look at him, and we can see a light bulb go off in Ha Ni’s head. She turns to her little brother-in-law and welcomes him home with a sly grin. Seung Jo sees what she’s thinking, and turns to give his poor brother a warning glance.

We close with a shot of Ha Ni holding her needle behind her back, the tip glinting a nefarious intent directed at Eun Jo.

Thoughts of Mine:

This was a cute episode, albeit nothing we haven’t already seen incarnations of before. I mentioned the tennis lessons, but really it goes further back to when Ha Ni and Seung Jo were in high school and she made him tutor her. He’s always the one providing the substantive input, but she ends up succeeding because of her determination and perseverance.

What marks this interlude as meaningful is how far Seung Jo will go to help Ha Ni. It’s not just giving her time and knowledge, he actually offers up a priceless part of himself. In the world of grand romantic K-drama gestures, this ranks very low on the swelling-music-twirling-camera-slow-mo scale, but ranks high on the significance scale.

Putting aside Seung Jo and his poor arm(s), its lovely to once again be reminded of Ha Ni’s progress in life. So she did get into nursing school, like anyone of us doubted that. As a nursing student, she still faces every obstacle and challenge the same way – try, fail, mope, try again, fail again, mope again, rinse, repeat umpteenth times, and finally success. Ha Ni is the living embodiment of the turtle in the race with the hare, and I never tire of watching her can-do spirit succeed at the end of the day.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar and]


Playful Kiss YT Episode 2 Recap — 78 Comments

  1. Aahh.. I love how patient BSJ is and his way to teach OHN stuff… Like the plane metaphor… or the signals to aliens (waaaay back) <3

    Wish my teachers were that resourceful in their teachings!

    • And I loved LOVed OHN’s dress, the one she wore in the last scene ^^

      she and seungjo always wear matching clothing, whether it’s couple-T or not 😀

      • and i thought i was the only one who noticed that. seriously they do complement each others outfits almost all the time!!! and they started like that the moment they became a couple not even married yet so cute!
        whether a hair bow that matches the color of he’s dress shirt underneath or that white and grey ensemble soooo loving it!!! while they’re so cute with matching couple’s clothing, i think it’s way cooler to think that subconsciously, they’re dressing up alike kekeke!!

      • I know right!!! they’re sooo soooo cute!

        actually i read this comment about them always matching in one of PK eps on viikii (the comments that appear on the moviescreen) and started noticing ^^

      • Mama Baek must have filed their entire wardrobe with couple outfits & accessories the moment their couple status is confirmed. Can’t imagine BSJ doing the shopping for the stuff.

      • it’s sooo cheesy, but I love their couple-stuff looks ^^ BSJ is so drooooool-worthy in it (opposing to his usual suit-like looks)

      • of course his usual wear is also to die for, but he really works the couple outfits!

  2. BSJ , u’r the best , never gave up ur Hani and bare all the pain for her sake , luuuuvvvv uuuu both so much
    Ockoala , thankuuuuuuuu 🙂

  3. Awww…I’m at home sick and can’t help but replay this vid 23563738 times. How sweet is he to offer his arm when he knows what he’s getting into? And you’re right Ockoala, its not “swelling-music-twirling-camera-slow-mo scale”, but for me, all these little mundane things that he does for his wifey beats every other princely-gesture-ala JiHoo-sunbae, hands down.

    And oh, PDnim…can I just make one special request? If you insist on giving BSJ a uniform, can we please get read of those plaid coupel PJs and make him wear that white shirt instead? Pretty please with a cherry on top? 😛

    Curly-haired BSJ in a white shirt with his neck accentuated like that = SEXY. That is all.

    • @yeisha, baek seung jo’s sweetness and love for oh hani makes the gestures of yoon ji hoo like a wallpaper!

      and got to agree with the PJs, can we replace it? something which is sexier? hehehehe!

      • @jeankaycee, i know right? who needs a firefighter when you have a genius who cooks, cleans, ties your shoelaces, and is willing to be your guniea pig when no one else would? 😉

        i suspect that this list will just keep on getting longer before this YouTube series ends. <3

      • @yeisha, yeah the list of baek seung jo’s heart melting qualities will go and go…

        *sigh, i wish i could clone baek seung jo for myself!
        oh hani is reallyone lucky girl!

      • as I had said below…

        I think this matches right up with the band-aid-medicine-buying Kim Hyun Joong Shillang in WGM


        swoon worthy dream boat all the way.

        And I think Hani pin cushioned him enough to drive out the cranky. LOL

  4. It’s amazing how their relationship has changed! In the past it was always hani looking for seungjo but in this ep we actually saw seungjo taking the initiative to find her. Though it’s something small but I feel that they have come a long way (:

    • Quoting BSJ diary #16 ‘ Love is something that helps you see things you aren’t able to see before, hear things you aren’t able to hear before.’

  5. thanks ockoala for the recap and insights! its wonderful as always!

    what can i say? these two are really the epitome of love that accepts all the things that comes in the person that we love.
    seung jo being supportive to hani and hani giving her all to attain her goal.
    its such a delight to see them steer each other hand in hand in maturing and facing the future.
    i agree that i could just watch these two do their everyday thing.

    maybe it doesnt hurt as well that KHJ and JSM are so believable in playing their part.
    i feel like im having a sneak peak at their real married life!

    HYUNMIN couple FTW!
    PK AJA!

  6. Thank you for the recap…

    The beauty of this love story is that they fall in love after they got married, which is the opposite of the modern point of view of love. People are usually falling out of love after they get married, hence the divorce rate. I am so glad that they have youtube edition or else we’ll miss their real love story.

  7. wah….. what did i miss???? I want to cry… I still haven’t seen any of the episodes yet. TT
    I have more than a week of k-world to catch up!
    Call me stupid but I parental controlled myself from k-sites I knew I would check and asked my friend to create password and keep it to herself until I cracked the analog circuit lab…. TTT stupid, stupid, stupid…. *headesk* who knew I would be begging her like crazy for two days now and still got nothing until I finally finished debugging my lab.. AHH!!
    I even teared up a little but she was immovable… STUPID ME!!
    as soon as she gave me the psw, i ran up here first, even b4 going to watch the youtube episode…
    Thank you ockoala so much for the recap! and I’m off to go watch the two episodes!

    hey…. sorry for going awol unni and chingoo… I will respond to our chatroom as soon as I finish catchinp up with the two PK ep… my reply is next before i catch up on anything else even if it’s way too late now…

    • VVVVVVVVvvvvvvvieeeee!!! I missed you soooo T_T, and for that i’m soooo sorry!!! buahahhahahahahhahahahah

      i was really restraining myself not to post more notes for you!!! i’m pathetic, aish ;). But take all the time you need to catch up first!!1 there’s a lot of goodies for you here (several i miss u’s from fellow PK-addicts)!

    • OMGGGGG was missing you sooooooo much and wondering where have u gone , but then I knew u were busy with studying best of luck my dear fighting .
      the youtube epi are flooding of cutiness , u will love evry bit of them 😀

    • As i’ve stated below (because I was on my phone and couldn’t properly join this thread)


      <3 <3 <3

      I hope you're enjoying catching up! 😛

    • you missed the first ep! and we all missed you! was wondering where you’d gone off to……

      but I think if I were Ducky, I might truly approve of Seungjo in this episode, because he’s finally demonstrating that he’s totally worthy of my goddess!

  8. soo true about bsj showing a very significant almost heroic act towards hani!!!
    now we can really tell how deep his love is for his wifey!
    he’s not the over-the-top romantic and showy kind but damn if my husband can do the chores in the house like he did and eat whatever disaster dish i cook…
    top that with that face and body and brain AIGOO he’s PERFECT!!!

  9. hehe…I actually came here without you reminding me….I’m one of your stalkers,you know that ,right,chingoo…kisses as always from your sister 🙂

  10. thank you for the super quick recap and like you i’ll get use to this 10 minute dose of hapiness a day. love the PJ bytheway

  11. on da train trying to type fast befor goin undrground.↲
    Welcome back V! Missed u lot↲
    I think BSJ as human pincushion ties right there with Band-aid-medicine buying Kim HyunJooh. <3

  12. awwwwww…. Baek Seung Jo.. you can be a rascal, a meanie, and a MR.KNOW-IT-ALL.. but when you decide to do something nice for our Oh Ha Ni, you really deliver!!!!!! ( cuteness, sweetness overload.. ssshhheeessshhh) it’s actually not the saccharine sweetness type but we can see that it comes from the heart.. and that’s what makes it more special.

    You already had us when you tied Oh Ha Ni’s shoelace… but you did it again with offering your lovely arms to adorable Oh Ha ni……kaaaaahhh!! that’s what you call love!!! ( with stars in my eyes… )

    ooooooohhh and i just love that adorable teddy beaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!! me wants that!!! 🙂

      • hahahaha!! oh yeah!! this bear is huge!! that one is a lil too small to hug. 🙂

        wish i could have one like that, and i’ll probably carry it on my back too!! hehehehe.

      • i kinda like the Shin-tofu-doll more…. I thought it would be so great to sleep on, and really, really REALLY wanted one of my own.

      • @ Carol the mini version of the shin-tofu is about 150, and the full size about 400 on Yesaisa. LOL yes, I tried to look for it XD
        But I quite possibly like this teddy. In the Morning glory around my k-ville job they’ve got a huge one like that. I might snag one for Christmas.

      • lolz. i would if i were STILL stuck in the Goong-craze. I think I adored it so much, I even liked the way Shin dressed at times! And we KNOW that was mostly an abomination!

  13. love the way Ha Ni smiled at the end (i have this urge to yell at Eun Jo to run away! beware of the girl with the needle!).. 😉 and Seun Jo, so sweet! he’s sooooo much in love with Ha Ni that he’s willing to be her guinea pig and ends up being bruised up by her 🙂 can’t wait for the next webisode! thanks ockoala for the recaps! you’re such an angel

  14. Now that’s a good thought, ockoala! Having a 10min snippet of SJ and HN’s cute life together daily!! ha ha… I could get so addicted to it. It will make us so much happier than listening to daily news bulletin! SJ may not be so toward in his show of emotions or affection but when it does matter, you can count on him to support and help his little wife! so so sweet.

  15. i was like teary-eyed and heart melted, was super touched when BSJ offered his arm to OHN (even if i don’t understand a thing of what they were talking about..still waiting for eng sub)..that was like real love he has for his wife!!!..that’s what really love is – willing to sacrifice for the one you love no matter what, even if it means pain and greatly shown and portrayed by them two!..thanks ockoala dear for the great recap again! =)

  16. He still call her Oh Ha Ni……*laugh
    should it be Baek Ha Ni? what is the korean culture in related to this?
    when he registered their mariage, does it effect her name too? (legally?)

    • @reverie, in korea if im not mistaken, even if you got married the girl will be registered under the family registry of the guy but she will not change her last name. only the future children will use the last name of the guy.

  17. Just want to blab about the scene..

    At first, Hani was dead scared to stick that needle into someone’s arm.. but in her last attempt she managed to draw blood.. which gives her the boost of confidence. The contrast between the sweating Hani in the beginning and the eager Hani who chases after Seung Jo in the end was well played. But of course, we’re talking about JSM here.. hehe

    How cool is it that all of us are loving BSJ so much right now? I remember my initial “I’ma throw bricks atcha for being such a jerk!” feeling towards him in the early episodes. And now I’m like, “awwwww, Seung Jo is such a sweetheart!!” ..even while he’s telling Hani she shouldn’t stare at him with those swollen eyes, or when he says she should just quit her study in nursing if she can’t learn how to perform injection.. LOL

    1 week down, 2 more to go. Then BTS stuff and… that’s it!!! *feels depressed when thinking about it* …I’m gonna miss being in the PK universe..

    • Don’t remind of the 2 more weeks deadline to ‘The End’ and this time looks like it’s really final ( can we appeal for more ? ) . Haven’t quite figured out coping with 2nd round withdrawal. Will probably have to retrace my steps to Rehab Centre.

  18. Eeps ! Just saw Dvd cover of Yamapi in Kurosagi movie who’s a dead ringer for BSJ. The resemblance is uncanny ( even more than KHJ being yonsama jr )

  19. @ rainyrain (and whoever who can’t watch and wait for it):

    BSJ and OHN are on a bench in the woods, OHN is sleeping with her head laid on BSJ’s lap. He tells her gently to wake up and places a peach to her lips.
    Back to reality: OHN is doing some yoga-sleeping and is actually nibbling on teddy. BSJ tells her to get up (he’s already dressed and packing his stuff).
    Next scene: OHN is having breakfast with Ommoni and Ommoni is asking her a lot of questions and probably jumping to the conclusion that OHN is pregnant. She calls Min Ah, who calls Juri. Ommoni also calls some administrative-lady from OHN’s college and the message spreads like a virus through schoolcamp, reaching BSJ’s ears.
    OHN wonders how BSJ will react and what kind of mother she will/should be? Min ah and Juri are over and when BSJ returns home, there is this welcoming committee congradulating him. Ommoni, true to HER form, bought a lot of (girlish) baby stuff while dad bought boy’s stuff. BSJ is just surprised by these unfounded commotion.
    Next scene: BSJ and OHN are in the car (still the company car… hahaha he’s using it for a lot of personal reasons lately) and both are a bit upset with each other. @ the doctor’s office, the doctor is probably telling them about OHN’s servere constipation. BSJ can’t help himself and grins.
    BSJ’s parents are disappointed as there won’t be a baby coming soon and plays with the toys. Even EunJo seems a bit sad as he is watching babyclips on youtube.
    Balcony scene: BSJ and OHN are having a heart to heart talk and….. BSJ smoothly picks OHN up and heads to their masterbedroom -END- (add on: probably heading for some baby-making-practice *KYAAAAAAAAA* *heartpalpitations*)
    Preview: neighbourgirl is over and causing OHN to cause some chaos…

    • :shakes fist:
      But if it is only *implications* of a STEAMIER love scene that KHJ was implying I will have to write me an angry fan letter to Group8 (WAI DID YOU WITH HOLD GOODIES?!) 🙁
      :shakes head:
      But it’s alright, I’ll wait, be patient…XD I don’t want to write any more fan letters than I have to. After all, writing one to JSM (good job kiddo 🙂 ), KeyEast (GREAT JOB, Managing Company), Hyunjoong (so I broke down and decided to take my chance anyway–TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BUDDY!), and to Youngbae (irrelevant to the topic–BB COME BACK! THANKIES! 🙂 Hug GD for me. LOL)

      Have a good day everyone!

      • yeah… i’m worried it being implications only too….

        but anyways.. have faith… have faith JJ!!

        Do you remember the time when everybody was trying to NOT have high expectations about PKisses? After the rainscene… that went completely down the drain, and now KHJ promised us hot steaminess…. AISHHHH -_-‘ expectation, anticipation, KHJ-ation

      • by the by, JJ did you read about the webisode hits and ratings? I’m so glad that they have founded proof that PK is a total MANIA (all over the globe)….

        korean ratings my *&^%$# (sorry for my (nonverbal) language, but i was so frustrated that PK didn’t receive the ratings, appreciation and praises it deserved :'( )

      • OMO! I was just watching ep 3 and in 8:18-8:19 a small bug comes into the camera shot and HYUNJOONG’s eyes go wide, and follow it. But he remains in character.
        :shakes head: OMO, how far you’ve gone HJ with your acting.

        Yes I’ve read the ratings. And who cares if Korea rejected it, it’s alright. We make it our own now. 😉

      • OMO!!!

        BSJ, kickin’ the door close while Hani’s in your arms. DAEBAK!!! :wibbles: SQUEE FACTOR 110%!!!

        Sorry just squeeing like mad!


        LOCK THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!! (Eunjo’s still awake!)

      • LMAOLMAOLMAO OMGooooosh buahhahahahahaha, he’s sooooo cute!!! wow you’re observation is goooood!!!!

        Honestly, I hate man who squeels when seeing bugs and stuff… as I’m not bothered nor scared by those creatures, but it’s like KHJ can do no wrong… I forgive him for chickening out by bugs and mosquitos…. aish i have no backbone… he took mine out i think -_-

      • Heheh sorry for spamming,

        but i remembered several behind the scenes in which he was either shocked when seeing a bug, or asking somebody to kill it for him kekekekekekek ADOOOOORABLE coward he is1!!

      • WGM HJ to HB:
        “I can save you from a hyena but cicadas and dragonflies drive me crazy. So if you’re ever in trouble, don’t go into the forest, instead get lost in a field”
        Oh the memories… 😛
        Did you see PK BTS? Cordi noona was putting makeup on him and then he saw a bug and he bugged out (haha pun intended) and JSM freaked out too because she was like “???…WHAT WHERE?!”

      • hahahah yeah i saw that one, they were two scary cats!!!

        wgm… ahhh HB T_T she was the best for him, she had the courage he lacked. But that was the first time i was upset with myself for liking him even more despite his obvious flaw!

      • BTW (yet another btw) JJ,

        we talked about this before i think, but when KHJ told us his story about running away and fights… I first was skeptical as I don’t see how he could have done that AND a record of a good student AND be a trainee AND have such success (not that it mattered if he lied, because… aish well he’s my korean god honestly) but seeing all these scars on his face… he has one under each eye, on the bridge of his nose and one IN his right eye-lid (at the end of his double-eye lid is a very deep, but short line… i think it’s also a scar)…
        I’m not doubting anymore. They’re so intriguing!

      • @J.J. have you seen the PK making of KHJ special cut clips on youtube? There was this one scene when he practically made JSM jump in fright coz he was like …waaaarrrgh!.. at seeing a bug (me thinks it’s a dragonfly). JSM went.. what? what? *looked around in fear*. I was LOL-ing so much when I watched that.. reminded me of the WGM farm episode.. 😛

      • @ Ami, yes i saw the bts. I would seriously love to interivew Cody-unnie/noona just for the hilarious stories she might have of him being spaztastic. I’m sure it wasn’t his first time doing that with hair spray.

    • That reminds me of one of the BTS footage where KHJ was trying to kill a bug with hairspray. LOL…He’s so cute. Heck, I’ll even volunteer to be his personal bug killer.

      • i’ll be the second bug-killing-assistent! I’ll even be your assistent for killing bugs for him!!!

  20. Finally got to watch this subbed!

    Seeing HN trembling while holding a needle made me think: ‘man, if the nurse who needs to draw out my blood looks like that, I’d run out in a heartbeat. ..’ XD

    Props to BSJ for still being the meanie person to get his wife motivated, then being the sweetest guy in the planet for the little things he does for his wife.

    Oh BSJ, you are going to ruin all the guys for a lot of girls. Girls might just demand for really intelligent, (sometimes an a**hle) cold (but has his moments of sweetness), shoe tieying, human pin cushion, for a boyfriend. . .

    Thanks for the recap OCKOALA!

  21. I’m currently crossing the Hudson river to NJ for a daytrip 2 buy groceries at the largest Japanese market in the East coast (pardon me, its the first time I’m making this trip alone cause everyone’s busy on a Thursday, aissh!) so please pardon the excitement and dread (read my fb status 2 understand lol), I’m on my phone and thus can’t reply to the original comment tread. ↲ ↲↲
    With that: ↲

    @ ItadakimasU, Hyunjoongie’s history captivates me because it sort of like my fathers story. Rags to riches of sorts, and I pray daily that a unique person such as HJ be protected and be at whole peace having gone through all that he’s gone. And I’m seriously not gonna lie when I say my parent’s love story’s like Joongbo also.↲
    On any case, I adore that no matter how had he’s had it, it seems as if he hasn’t been jaded and turned a cynic. Indeed he’s sort of a bad boy, but his peppered life experience and honesty is endearing.↲

    @Lulybunny, his fear of sharp objects is funny too. How he got through ep 3 was beyond me cause I had to mentally psych myself to watch the needle scenes. I too am deathly afraid of needles. XD

  22. If a nurse is looking at me like that with a needle, i would run away for SURE, no matter how adorable she is.

    It’s a really cute episode. That’s quite an act of love from SeungJo to offer his arm for needle testing/poking. No matter how much i love my spouse, i don’t think i will ever let him use my body for medical practice. Eeekk…!

    Thanks for the recap

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