The Lovely Flower Ladies of Vogue Taiwan (including Ariel Lin)

Taiwan Vogue (which is an exquisite magazine) has partnered up with the upcoming Taipei Flower Festival to showcase the talents of its local flowers (ahem, ladies) as photographed by famed floral and landscape photographer Ninagawa Mika.

I hereby present eight lovely ladies of the Taiwan entertainment industry, as photographed by Ninagawa to both complement and accentuate the flowers used as their backdrop. Vogue is currently running a poll to select the lady best able to be the flower ambassador, and my Ariel Lin is running a close second behind, no surprise, famed model Lin Chi Ling. Tell me which one you like the best.

(Long-limbed model with the baby voice Lin Chi Ling)

(Half Taiwanese-half French actress Sandrine Pinna)

(Hong Kong model/actress Angelababy – yes, its one word, don’t ask me why)

(Golden Bell Best Actress winner and my cutie Ariel Lin)

(Model-actress Haden Kuo)

(Queen of the Taiwan acting field Cheryl Yang)

(Newcomer actress Teresa Ji)

(Songstress Jolin Tsai)

Based on the voting results so far, this is clearly a popularity contest. My fave picture – blending both the flower and the form – is Teresa Ji’s punk-flower girl. My second fave picture is a tie between Cheryl and Ariel, the former all steely resolve, the latter gentle calm.

[Edit: Here’s the link to the poll:]


The Lovely Flower Ladies of Vogue Taiwan (including Ariel Lin) — 14 Comments

  1. My top favs: Ariel Lin. (I love the blue colors! It’s not overloaded with colors and it’s a nice blend of blue shades, with hints of yellow and orange.) & Theresa Ji (It’s got spunk and edge combined into one. I love her dress as well!)
    Second fav: Jolin Tsai (Love the dress & the flowers. Not so much the hair…)

  2. I vote like you.

    Also? Oh noes, Lin Chi Ling! I can’t look at her! My eyes start twitching, I develop a sudden urge to shut down my computer and flee from the room…God, I think I’m allergic to her. Her role in TnK? *shudders*

  3. My fave among these girls is of course Ariel Line but Teresa Ji’s pic more than Ariel’s.

    Can other people vote or it’s restricted for Taiwanese audience only? ^^

  4. I love Ariel’s picture….so nice and soothing to look at. I like Teresa Ji’s background arrangement only. Rest of pictures are just too busy for me.

  5. I think Ariel looks beautiful here, in a way that I can appreciate, but there’s something about the colours of Sandrine Pinna’s picture that appeals to me personally, like it belongs to a Klimt painting or something…. and Klimt is my hands down favourite artist of all time!

    Jolin, however, just looks like she’s posing in front of a particularly gaudy backdrop. what a waste of an interesting photoshoot!

  6. O.O …wow. these women are unreal. I want to get lost in a garden full of those flowers..

    My favourite would be Angelababy.. whoever she is. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  7. just voted so happy that you are a fan also of ariel lin..i lover her since it started with a kiss..well not just her but joe..hehe..they are my fave couple next were khj and jsm..

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