Latest Teaser for Secret Garden Reveals its Comedic Roots

The latest teaser trailer is out for Secret Garden – and it presents a very different preview of the drama than all its predecessors. Gone is the slightly melodramatic music, and with it comes a brand new playful vibe for the upcoming body-swap fantasy melodrama. I giggled like a school girl when I watched it. Girly Hyun Bin + butch Ha Ji Won is comic gold.

Fourth Teaser for Secret Garden:


For those of you thinking SG might be a klutzy laugh-out-loud brand of hijinks ridiculousness, I think writer Kim Eun Sook will manage to strike the right balance between silliness and seriousness, so that the latter half of the drama can mine the classic Kim Eun Sook brand of all-for-the-sake-of-love theatrics and swoony romantic angst.


Latest Teaser for Secret Garden Reveals its Comedic Roots — 9 Comments

  1. hahahaha!!…i’ve been stalking your site for your take on the latest preview…lol….it looks totally awsome comedy wise though still kinda clueless as to how they get there

  2. Ooh it looks GOOD! I wasn’t feeling any interest based on the earlier trailers (and I was trying not to let my love of City Hall get my hopes up too high) but I feel like I can get excited about this now! Yay!

    Thanks ockoala. 🙂

  3. Wow! Kdramaland is constantly surprising me! Usually bodyswapping dramas are full on comedy, but SG includes angst (my guilty pleasure in kdramas) as well? How are they gonna do it? I don’t know, but I’m totally in for the ride!

  4. woot. i think i am more psyched about this drama than any of the other upcoming ones. btw, that bench by the sea looks awfully familiar.

  5. OK this is hooking me now…
    It looks promising and sure there’s plenty of lol moments…
    I can’t wait… arghh binnie my bunny hubby…

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