One More Batch of Playful Kiss Goodies

I’ve noticed an AKP trend that appears to go like this: a post about Playful Kiss, followed by a post about some other drama or spazzy-subject, followed by another post about PK, and so on and so forth. I guess what I’ve realized is that as much as I DO have varied interests, PK and I clearly have a symbiotic relationship at this point. I bring you some more BTS and other ancillary pictures from PK that I haven’t posted about yet.

Below are the latest batch of BTS, sadly rather blurry, pictures from the PK filming of the Youtube episodes.

Some BTS shots of our sweet MM (Min Min) with Min Ah.

Some pictures of MM attending an event sponsored by the cosmetic house NARS. I believe these pictures were taken during the Bad Guy days, prior to MM joining the production of PK.

Lastly, some pictures of MM modeling her Oh Ha Ni wardrobe behind-the-scenes, likely for her clothing sponsors.

[Credit: all pictures as labeled or from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


One More Batch of Playful Kiss Goodies — 46 Comments

  1. You know what’s really interesting and kind of funny? I somehow instinctively know when to check my email for updates on your blog. Like, I’ve somehow gotten used to when you post stuff, because there are certain times in the day when you give us updates. Yeah, so I don’t know where I’m going with since it’s totally random but just something interesting (?) to share. Oh, and I love the two BTS shots of MM with MA. So adorables!

  2. Ah…MinMin is so gorgeous! Love her dress in that pic with Min Ah. Just saw an interview of her for MBC section tv and was really impressed by how articulate and down-to-earth she is. And she’s a scholar at Korea National University of Arts too! Go MM!

    Its so funny because when I learned that her real name is Kim Yoon Ji, my fangirl senses was tickled…doesn’t it sound very similar to someone else’s name that we know? One step closer to being *ahem* Mrs. Kim, perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No…I kid, I kid. When it comes to MM, I actually feel like a protective unnie. She seems so innocent and unadorned. And as much as I love wuri KHJ, I’d be the first to wring his lovely neck if he does something that will hurt this sweet lady…(which I believe that will never happen, so your neck is safe, KHJ!). And she’s only 21, I’d love for her to pursue her passions and explore the world. If she chooses to do those things with someone, then that’s another story. For now, I really wish her nothing but the best.

    • hey there Koala… been refreshing almost every hour to see if you have updated and now you have… YES ^___^ love the BTS pics, first time I saw the pics with Hani and Min-ah.. they look adorable. anyway i still love and hunger for more PK updates….

      about the CNN interview. I got confused some people say that the interview happened on Nov 7 @ 2pm but some say that it was aired on that time.. which is correct..? airing or shooting…?

      anyway this is not part of the topic but since yeisha mentioned that the real name of jong so min is KIM yoon Ji, I just want to ask this isnt there are rule/law in Korea that people with the same last name can’t get married. as far as i know HyunJoong’s first love was also a “Kim” and he was sad as he told the story of how society was not accepting their love since they were distantly related (very very very distant, cr: YSMM back in 2006 or 2007). and they were only related cause they had the same last name…? does this law still apply.. so does this mean that our HyunMin couple can’t possibly be a couple in the near future due to some legal issues…?

      • UHH! that is just not right. They could be kissing cousins in a drama but not marry in real life? Won’t Koreans let that happen, kissing I mean in a national aired drama if that is the case. That is just creepy, me thinks.

      • @ girlie, the cousin’s plot line was inherently Japanese. Thank goodness they didn’t use that plotline in the Korean version.

        @ Czak. I believe that old law has since changed. Let me explain it this way: the old law stipulated that anyone from the same last name and ancestral linage (ex: Park’s from ancestral home town Milyang) could not marry regardless of how distant their “blood” relations were. In 2005 there was a revision of the law (effective the same year) that allowed people with the same last name/ancestral line to marry if they were 6 “chon” apart, that is as far as second cousins. Now as for KHJ, at the time he probably didn’t know about the law since it was new (YSMM circa 2006/07 after all), and of course one has to factor in the social stigma of marrying a “cousin”. But I sincerely doubt HJ was ready for marriage then, so it would be a moot point.

        Before this law revision there were times when the government allowed marriage between people of the same clan in 1977, 87, and 95 which allowed those people who otherwise didn’t get married and were living together to be registered as married and their children born of the union thereafter to have legitimate rights (unlike those children who preceded the registered marriage who were considered illegitimate.)

      • thanks for clarifying J.J.
        the interview was in 2006/07 & he mentioned that his first love happened before the warning/debut days.. so at that time it was still illegal. but i guess your right at that time he was not yet thinking about “marrying” but i guess at that time even having a relationship was still scandalous…

    • Yeisha, on that sobering note that you would wring his neck. I just wanted to say that I was doing some retrospection, all thanks to Lulybunny and our convos on FB, about how HJ’s finally *the* Namja.

      I’ll cut to the chase, in WGM he was learning to lead and be assertive from HB. In BoF he was learning that with popularity comes burdens and sacrifices. From his split with DSP and the backlash he learned to be steadfast in his decisions no matter how much people were turning their backs on him… and for PK, he was the Oppa he never got to be in WGM. He’s able to watch JSM’s back and have fun. And I think that’s why in one of his prior messages he was saying something about learning from BSJ about fun.

      I’m still working out the kinks to make ( :rolls eyes: ) essay cohesive. I’m sure I’ll have it done.

      • since i never watch WGM and only watch 2/3 of BOF (stopped because i can’t stand jihoo getting hurt-love jihoo’s character the most!! ^^) and i only watch PK and get hooked with KHJ and JSM….i really think your words… “and for PK, he was the Oppa he never got to be in WGM. Heโ€™s able to watch JSMโ€™s back and have fun” are soooo true… ^^

        in first interview…KHJ and JSM were so awkward…but we could see in BTS that KHJ took all the lead like a real sunbea… ^^ and his having fun!!

      • @ Cosmic_Gilz, I am pro-WGM. I definitely recommend it. has clearer (and if i can say better) cuts.

      • hehehe….maybe i’ll watch WGM next since KHJ in it.. ^^ thanks for the suggestion J.J… ^^

    • hahahahha… ^o^ you could say i’m quite panic when i read Czak’s comment…. i love these two so much and so sad if they can’t get together just because of the law….but thanks to J.J and the explanation…. i’m happy again!! ^___^

      true to yeisha’s words….
      “I actually feel like a protective unnie. She seems so innocent and unadorned. And as much as I love wuri KHJ, Iโ€™d be the first to wring his lovely neck if he does something that will hurt this sweet ladyโ€ฆ. And sheโ€™s only 21, Iโ€™d love for her to pursue her passions and explore the world. If she chooses to do those things with someone, then thatโ€™s another story. For now, I really wish her nothing but the best.”
      i agree to it all…. ^o^/ aja aja fighting JSM!!

  3. Thanks again for your update bst goodies. I am waiting since morning for the new post fm u of PK. We are not pusing u too much, i hope ha ha…. we love your play ground and expecting for exicting any news of PK everyday.

    I really like MM & Min Ah photo and I like most of JSM’s outfit style fm PK. I wish i am same as her age and I could wear some of the style I like…….hahaha…
    Jung So Min is such a cute and lovely girl. She is very bright student in real life which is opposite to OHN with her chatracter in PK. She is a top student in her major at Uni and she got there with Scholarship. ( I did read about her in google search of Jung So Min)
    I am quiet impress. I am looking forward to her next project.
    I wish every success in her future.

  4. Thank you OcKoala! I love the pictures. I can’t shake off the feeling that when JSM is herself she looks like a middle school classmate of mine and when she’s OHN she doesn’t. Hm…

    Thank you for the pics again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ahhhh.. anything playful kiss just pulls me right in and thugs at my heartstrings.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    MinMin!! what a beauty!! ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s a joy to look at. and i do like the picture of her with Min Ah. and the slippers! hihihihi!! so playful!!

  6. JSM looks so fresh, innocent and fragile in that pic with Min Ah (oh i love her dress and the slippers!)..she doesn’t look 21, but rather for me 16-18!..she’s indeed adorable. and yeah, hoping that KHJ will not hurt her innocent and fragile heart. thanks for the bts pics always you’re the best ockoala! =)

    oh btw, I saw in one video of that blurry bts pic, KHJ keeps on looking (or probably talking) to not sure if they were actually filming already at that time or not..our couple seems to be closer and more comfortable with each other.. (oh hoping for something real between them!)

    • Oh1! I like your comment that ” wish KHJ will not hurt JSM’s innocent & fragile heart. I worry for her too.

      In BST he teased her a lot. Then………

      You might noticed that 1st press conference in Aug,2010 he put his hand around her shoulder and 2nd press conference Nov,2010 for youtube special I think she did asked by him to put her hand into his (because as she was smiling and standing still he siad something to her, after that she moved her hand into his.)
      Anyway they were working together and now shotting was over ……..we wait & see what will be next……..

    • I know, right? Those over 1M hits on ytkiss? I must have contributed to it at least 50 times. PK starts off my mornings these days.

  7. The first pic ( honeymoon in Jeju ) never appeared in the drama. Is that an off-screen shot ? The ‘Love’s Lock’ sign board seems to to be screaming all kinds messages to me ( privately hoping for a JoongMin couple reality).

    • @pksotted : ^o^ omoo!! i just open this blog and saw the cute pic above and just want to write the same thing!! yup… the sign “LOVE’S LOCK” is screaming all kind of messages to me too!! one of it is that….couples which taken picture under the sign, will get their love and their love will be locked together forever!! kyaaa!!! (*o*)/

  8. Thanks Ockoala for giving us our daily doses of PK!! I was actually feeling a bit sad after reading KHJ’s message about how the filming has ended already. When all this is over…WHAT.WILL.I.DO? You guys are still going to be here, right? ๐Ÿ™

    • Yep! Will be here. Ockoala’s site has left an indelible mark on me. I have been reading her posts on other dramas trying to find the next drama to watch.

      • i really want to stay here too….T_T but…. i still can’t put my heart out to read about other drama then PK….but it’s ok…. ^^ since Ockoala always giving her best goodies….i somehow think i’ll find another drama soon…^^

      • same here comics_gilz , when PK ended , I mean the TV episodes ended I started watching SKK scandal , it’s a good drama , even funny sometimes but not CUTE the way MY PK and its OTP are , also I’m not liking the fact that the female leader of SKK scandal didn’t fall in love with one of the two Sa hyongs whom I think are cuter than the main male leader ( sorry , no offence to his fans , it’s just my opinion ) , anyway I really need a ROOOOOCKING drama to be able to forget PK and till now I’m not able to find any ๐Ÿ™

      • @ rainyrain : i also want to try SKK…but i think Runaway Plan B kind of good too ^^ but the no 1 still stand in my heart is PK…just keep thinking the story plots are really suited our own lives…

      • Runaway plan B is the next on my list since I’m also a big fan of Rain , SKK scandal hmmmm tell you the truth I wonder why people were so overexcited about it , it’s a good story and funny sometimes but still it didn’t steel my heart like some others Kdrama did before ( Prosecutor princess , PK , fullhouse , personal taste )

      • i haven’t watch any ep of SKK so i can’t judge… ^^ but maybe most of them out there did not like to day dreaming about cute-fantasy-romance like PK (that is me ^,^) so they prefer more adventure drama like SKK…

  9. thanks ockoala!!!
    its really fun to be here and just receiving goodies from you!!!
    JSM is so pretty!!!! Im having a girl crush on her!!!

    im having fun as well reading the comments!!
    keep them coming guys!!!

  10. Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic so I started to reread the first PK-snacks here! It’s funny to see ockoala started out with some reservation and scepticism, afraid that PK won’t grow on us and that KHJ will not suffice…
    Or how most viewers were trying not to anticipate kiss-scenes so much, just so we will not be badly disappointed…

    How PK, KHJ, JSM, the Lee’s, EunJo, Ommoni, the Dad’s, the friends and tennis Sunbae took all these doubts and anti-anticipations away (ยค^o^ยค)/!!!

    This playground exploded in visits and comments and we all diverted from our first opinion… Don’t remember where I read this, but several comments suggested people to do psychological and social studies on PK and its affect on the viewers ^^

    I just realised that throughtout these three “small” months… not only PK, its characters and actors grew tons… we grew along with them, letting it enrich our lives…. how happy I am to have found this little source of happiness…: PK=JJANGGGGGG!!! DAEBAK!!!

    • And ockoala…. thank you for having faith in PK and give us this playground full of snacks…. thank you thank you thank you; for this, for that, for everything!!

    • >_< I think I was one of those contributing forces for psychological analysis. But how could I possibly do that now when I'm biased and half-crazed from the HJ high? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • LOL, i really think you shouldn’t be the one doing the study ;)…. none of us actually buahahhaha

      • Hey! I can be VERY OBJECTIVE! ๐Ÿ˜›
        I’d have to be blind folded to be so because HJ’s just distracting. LOL

      • hihi…. somehow… i’m not convinced… especially when you started the blindfold thingy….

        anyways…. NEW YOUTUBE EP TODAY….. *expectation, anticipation… KHJ-ation* KYAAAA~!~~

  11. Thanks ockoala , always giving us goodies to help us to be patient , this couple KHJ-JSM , can’t get enough of them but I don’t want to have any high hopes about their possible relation so I won’t be disappointed after but those two really fit each other and the fact that he always makes her laughing is just too cute for words .

    • I read in Minjoong couple thread in Soompi that KHJ stalked his first gf for 3 years before he confessed to her. I am just thinking if KHJ likes JSM, he would probably do the same thing (stalk her), unless JSM is already in a relationship. She looks young, but already 21 so she might already date someone.

      • I wish she’s not dating anybody , I want her to be for KHJ and him for her , ok am I becoming obsessed or what , I’m worried about myself .

    • rainyrain…..i think u are not the only one obsessed with those two here….hehehe ^^ i really wish they could be together….

      what lovenk mentioned about KHJ stalked his first gf for 3 years…i also think if he likes JSM, he probably do the same because in reality, i think JSM got a stronger personality….i mean JSM studying in art with scholarship and all…so… KHJ needs to make sure he didn’t get broken heart right? hehehe…. ^_^ but if JSM already in a relationship with someone….think we just need to pray for their happiness….

  12. Who knows? I mean, JSM seems like she’s a little serious but sweet. KHJ as we know is kinda playful (I think, I don’t really know him) but sensible. Hmm… opposites attract? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • you know what , I think the only way to make forget PK is to hear the news about KHJ-JSM being or becoming a couple in real life ๐Ÿ˜‰
      LOOOOL I know I’m pathetic ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Perennial best drama actor Kimura Takuya who started out as an idol has been married for 10 years and continue to be popular. I guess it can work out?

    Hehe I know I’m contradicting my earlier posts but I can’t help but join the fun.

    Oh, regarding the BTS, I think it’s not the tap on the back that’s telling but Jung So Min’s reaction.

    • @a_fan:
      KimuTaku! Love him. Actually, I started out liking him by association, he reminds me of *my* Won Bin so much. Hee. Then I started watching his doramas and movies and fell in love.

      And yes, his story does give me hope. Both for WB and KHJ. In KHJ’s case, I guess we’ll have to wait for another 6 or more years or at least when he’s over 30 and that image of him being an idol isn’t as vivid as it is today.

      Speaking of J-pop, the on and off-screen chemistry between KHJ and JSM does remind me a lot of MatsuJun and Mao-chan circa Hanadan. You can’t help but smile when you see their interactions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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